Monday, December 16, 2013

U.S. Pushing For WW3

Paul Craig Roberts succinctly summarizes the Vault-Co position for the last ten years.

All empires go out insisting they are critical and history cannot roll on without them. They aren't and it always does. With the Kwa the big problem is they will not go gently into the long night and fade away like the undead terminus they really are.

If they cared at all about humanity, they'd just dry up and collapse into a third world hellhole. They won't do that.


samhuih said...

Speaking of the big throw down, your gonna need something to eat. I ran across a link I had forgotten about. Excellent advice on survival foods from the Grandaddy Kurt Saxon.

His thermos cooking is very relevant. He points out a low cost source of food. Using wheat and other grains from your local feed store. Get the feed type for animals and not seed type(seed type may be coated). I doubt there is any difference between it and super expensive store bought grains. Sprouting grains provides vitamins that will be sorely needed. Very cheap in 60 lb. bags.

Speaking of grains. A lot of people recognize the danger of grains. Too many carbs. Have you ever wondered why people who have a low carb high meat diet are healthy but also people who have a very high carb diet with no meat are also healthy? A bit baffling but I think someone has found the answer. Resistant starches(RS).
There's a guy who has diabetes so he has to watch what he eats closely. He heard about resistant starches and did some experimenting. Even better he's not not selling anything. Here's a link to a guy selling bodybuilding books but it's a good link on resistant starchs facts.

Here's a couple of links to the guy who experimented with resistant starches.

Maybe this is a key idea. It's cheap using potato starch as the resistant starch. Combine this with palo and it would seem ideal. From the peoples blood glucose test level(BGL) reported on the blog, RS could be used to loosen restrictions on eating carbs.

There's a lot of talk these days about gut bacteria and how it can be beneficial or not depending on what types are in the gut. The RS seems to promote a type that lowers blood glucose levels, dampens BGL swings and reduces inflammation.

One thing I like about the link is the people there seem to mostly be diabetics and they are anal about testing BGL and they post their results. Mostly seem positive. It would be wonderful if a little potato starch every day could vastly improve Americans health even keeping the same diet. Anyways look at it if you get a chance.

Grognard said...

China and russia are the ones doing the provoking. China is violating international waters to stop and search vessels at whim.

There was no georgian invasian of south ossetia (lol) it was a flimsy pretenxt to invade them. They have done the same with chechnia as well. These places were never "part of russia" as the ludicrous article contents. The russians have not changed their tune much.

This is not that US is provoking anything but that China and Russia have grown much stronger and US has grown much weaker. NATO did not even defend its member, Georgia, when attacked. Europe is complete paper tiger more than ever, and US will not be far behind if it keeps importing immigrants and exporting nothing but paper money.

Texas Arcane said...


Classic behaviour when the young new contender is about to devour the old dead empire and all it's satellites and colonies.

When the Romans knew that Carthage was enemy #1, they began to pay mercenaries to attack the ports and do all sorts of things to provoke them, test their defenses and see what kind of military they could still field. Once they had enough intel they attacked it and defeated it. Carthage lasted long enough for them to be disarmed house-to-house and then the Romans killed all of them and genocided the entire civilization.

China is feeling them out now and they know this is a senile, confused old man run by a Kenyan. Its a joke. Meanwhile the Chinese are digging nuclear shuttle tunnels 24/7 and manufacturing nukes like sausages. They obviously have plans but the old man can do nothing but frown and make a scared face. Almost time to vaporize the remains of what was once the greatest nation on earth.

styrac said...

@ Grognard

China has every right to regard the South China sea as vital for its interests, much as the US does... with the entire world. It is the US that arms the nations surrounding China to the teeth in order to contain China yet it's "China doing the provoking"?

The US has consistently betrayed and lied to Russia in all its dealings ever since the collapse of the Soviet Union. They lied by promising no NATO expansion east of Germany. In the 90s the US run a genocide program in Russia known as "reforms". Ever since Putin's rise to power the US and the ZOG that controls it have been trying relentlessly to ZOGify ZOG-free Russia by interfering in its affairs, spending huge amounts in supporting "liberal activists", and fomenting dissent with the hope to desovereignize Russia, fragment it and eliminate it as an independent strategic pole. Russia's response to the US-Israeli sponsored Georgian invasion showed great self-restraint given that the appropriate one would be to nuke this puppet-nation out of existence and hang Saakashvili by the balls in Red Square . The Missile Defence system is designed to strip Russia from the ability to respond to a first strike and upset the balance, exactly because the US plans a first strike against Russia, but somehow it's "Russia doing the provoking"? I welcome Rogozin's and Putin's remarks that Russia will not hesitate to use its nuclear weapons and that Russia will never allow anyone to achieve military advantage over her.

Good news is that hardly a day passes without the US getting pwned by Russia on something, be it Snowden, Syria and now Ukraine (that come on top of the previous ones in Chechnya and Georgia). An impressive record in such a short time given we're only in the beginning of Putin's return to power, makes you optimistic that by the end of his, hopefully long, presidency he'll push America and the disgusting ideology of "liberal democracy, human rights and tolerance" that it represents back to where it belongs: the irrelevancy of her little isolated corner of the globe as it was always meant to be.

His Majesty said...

Good riddance to bad rubbish. "The United States" was a mistake from the beginning and has been leading the destruction of western civ for at least a century.

My recommendation to Americans who desire to survive the dissolving Moloch is - Australia. Hopefully in alliance with Russia.

His Majesty said...

Good riddance to bad rubbish. "The United States" was a mistake from the beginning and has been leading the destruction of western civ for at least a century.

My recommendation to Americans who desire to survive the dissolving Moloch is - Australia. Hopefully in alliance with Russia.

styrac said...

Well worth a read

Pat Buchanan: "Is Putin One of Us?"

styrac said...

Texas Arcane said...


Every day, China is acting less and less like a coolie working on a rail line for 10 cents a day and more and more like a dynamic, highly intelligent race that is determined to become the leading hegemony. Can you blame them?

So China asserting its own rights to the South Seas is labeled "provocation" when in fact China simply senses that the Kwanstain is finished and knows this is the opportunity to begin acting like a real nation in this region.

I don't have a dog in this fight and I am certain there is going to be a fight. I have no doubt the Kwa is going to lose, my question is whether or not they are going to leave a Cobalt-60 death shroud in their wake after their country is defeated. If they don't, will Russia do it instead?

styrac said...

I don't believe that the actions by China are driven by sensing that the US is now weak or, despite the sabre-rattling , are signalling any intent to overthrow US hegemony but rather to make clear that it will not allow any meddling in its immediate vicinity.

My view is that - at least at this point - neither China or Russia perceive the US to be weak or have any plans dominating the world and replacing the Kwanstain as the dominant power and they're definitely not willing to cause nuclear Armageddon in order achieve that - only if their existence as nation-states is threatened. What they want is their interests and sovereignty respected which the Kwanstain of course isn't willing to grant them at all since its sole purpose of existence now is to "remake" the entire world in its image meaning no independent sovereign nations caring for their people's interests left on the planet, and it is the Kwanstain willing cause nuclear Armageddon in order to achieve that - he who rides a tiger can never dismount. But for Russia and China or even Iran to remain independent and defend their interests they have to take measures to counter US aggression that to the goy susceptible to MSM pro-US and "Western" propaganda look like aggression on their part.

The Sino-Russsian alliance, that is affirmed
more and more often and is firmly grounded on their shared views about how the world should be, forms an impenetrable wall that even the might of the US Empire cannot penetrate as we saw recently in Syria and now in Ukraine. So I don't know if anyone is going to overthrow the US anytime soon but the strategic balance of the world has to began to shift away from the US-West and in favor of Eurasia - with Syria being they decisive moment for this re-alignment. Whoever would come out as the winner in Syria would gain the high ground.

samhuih said...

I can sympathize with anyone exasperated with the US's attacks upon the world. The fact is Americans no longer control their country. Israel does. It's very.... slowly.... changing. The non attack of Iran is a first step. Slowly the message that Israel and top officials of the Bush administration did 9/11 is getting out. Proof, the Israelis are now trying to blame it all on Bush. Two Representatives in the House of Representatives said so recently after reading classified documents.

It's difficult though. They own ALL the major news and publishing here. If a politician goes against them they use huge amounts of money and the media to destroy them in the primary election process. Maybe people will realize it in time but I wouldn't bet money on it.

As for China taking control of all the international waters in the China sea. They can have it. We'll take the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Indian ocean. I don't actually mean we should do this but we could. China might have the power to expel or a least make it hazardous for the US in the China sea. Just because you have the power to do something doesn't make it a good idea.

I hope they don't start a nuclear war. No one would win. It would just destroy both countries.

Wouldn't the Israelis love it. Kill off two big goys with one big boom. I wonder if the press about Chinese aggression in the China sea is even correct. Maybe they're just making it up. Maybe China did say they want to control it but the Hebs blow it up to ridiculous proportions that the Chinese never intended.