Sunday, December 1, 2013

Secular Rage At Reality - It Never Ends

It would be sad if God did not exist, because he is so good for all of his creations it would seem they were tailored by him to benefit from his presence.

Remember, whether you "believe" or not, when you act as if you had faith, things mysteriously take a turn for the better.

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Amy said...

Can you say "DUH!"?

Even in the times when I wasn't sure about God and religion, I would often pray, sometimes just a "please, God" to comfort me or help me find a solution. Now that I pray daily and with greater focus, life is so much more peaceful, and ordered. I have a handle on things like I never used to before.

I've been meaning to write about this matter of prayer, but haven't fully organized my thoughts on it yet. I call it the "Prayer Diet" and it has two meanings, as in the daily habit of prayer to feed the spirit, but also prayer to help with weight loss (and many other aspects of self-control and self-improvement). I've been up-and-down with eating lately, the holidays always wreck me, and stress due to husband's very long work hours. But prayer helps me not eat. I'm usually not hungry, I'm stressed or distracted, so a few prayers, that take less than two minutes of my time, focus me on what I really need to do. I usually find that the stress is relieved and the mindless snacking goes away.

This is pretty standard diet advice that a trainer or nitwit who writes for women's catalogs (magazines, I mean) will tell you: stop, think about what's really going on, and then eat if you need to. Meditate to relieve stress, for self-improvement. What is prayer but the ultimate meditation?