Thursday, December 12, 2013


... and prep again. 

No such thing as financial calamity without war. War follows on the heels of financial collapse because manboons gonna 'boon no matter the best intention of men. For Homo Sapiens, every problem looks like a nail (war) because the only tool in his toolbox is a hammer (conflict). Homo Saps has never encountered a problem he didn't try to solve unsuccessfully by killing somebody somewhere and so it goes, until it finishes him forever. The only good thing about war is that it can often cause temporary lapses of insanity in the aftermath as Sapiens sobers up for a few brief decades afterwards until he forgets everything that has happened going back to the day he was born. The people who survive can display enormously good judgement in many things for some time afterwards. A nuclear war would leave the fewest survivors and therefore would no doubt result in the greatest long term good when it was over. Scripture is right - the meek (well-vaulted) will inherit the earth. So double up that earth shielding and put another can of beans in the back while it is still affordable.


Ted Walther said...

Tex, 3 feet of snow in Jerusalem today, and snow in Cairo. This is going to kill a lot of the world's olive trees. Stock up on olive oil NOW, prices may very well skyrocket for the next five years until new olive trees in the middle east come online.

Olive oil is pretty much the safest and most nutritious food oil. Coconut oil and butter are good, but they can't replace olive oil. No other oils are worth considering as a food source, although some of the others may have benefits at a teaspoon a day.

Publius said...

Speaking of war, what do you think of the war on our health?
I got rid of the fluoride, and have recovered much mental capacity and emotional stability, and initiative.

I have personally seen a number of acquaintances children become autistic or have seizures immediately after receiving standard vaccines. What do you think of vaccines and their dangers?

I suggested to my nephew, who has a young child, that we screen the movie "The Greater Good," an award-winning documentary on the issue.

He didn't respond and is not communicating.

Does one often get ostracized or called loony when one no longer swallows the statist, elitist line?

samhuih said...

I hope not. I have food put back but a nuclear war would be devastating. The destruction of the power grid would be the biggest problem. Lucky for me a small hydroelectric plant and lots of coal are near my house. I believe the grid would be up soon where I live.