Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mystery Babylon

The new pope is exactly what was expected by Christians who believe we are in the End Times I would love it if this guy just tore off his robe revealing he was naked except for a G-String and huge spray-tan and then he jumped on top of his Pope-Mobile brandishing a pitchfork with a hooker under each arm while he rode around the Vatican courtyard waggling his forked tongue while "Highway To Hell" was blaring from the speakers. Finally, a Pope who is not ashamed to show the whole world how he really feels and what he stands for.


njartist said...

Amazing either Francis didn't define what he meant by ideology or the reporter didn't. By not defining what he meant, the word becomes diffused, an amorphous word which can be taken to mean what the hearer wants it to mean. Of course, he is not referring to his own sect; nor is he referring to socialists or liberals; he is referring to the only group that focuses on the bible and not the traditions of man: the Protestants.
How nice of the Bloody Bastard.

BTW: you mention Mystery Babylon in relation to Rome. Have you read "The Two Babylons" by Hislop?

H├ęctor J. Mendoza said...

Hah the Protestants...the DECLINE and death of the West started with the Protestant Reformation. Were it not for Catholics you seem to hate so much your name would be Mustafa, Tex Muhammad and we would not be having this conversation. Protestant have been busy these few centuries butchering the teachings of Christ, murdering REAL CHRISTIANS and everyone in their path who disagreed with their particular interpretation of the Bible and making things easier of the destroyer of the West, (Zionism everyone).

Thousands of interpretation and each of them of the holy Spirit...Blasphemy I say.

The funny thing is that there hasn't been a single validly elected Pope in decades and organized Catholicism has been destroyed and infiltrated by the usual suspects, so today the Vatican can be called a den of snakes, house to every unholy spirit, the Seat of the Antichrist...Hence we can all witness the idiocy and heresy of the latest cadre, with Frank at the head.

If you wish to have a whisk of Christian values, REAL ones, you have to go at least more than 100 years ago, before the great infiltration began. P.S. It would have to be of the "catholic" persuasion by the way.

August said...

He is not referring to the Protestants. He is a charismatic and has more in common with the evangelicals than he does with any traditional Catholic. His administration is already persecuting one traditional order, and he's making some really bad picks for various positions.
Turn on your protestant contemporary christian radio station and listen to the syrupy goop- the crappy love songs so bad that they need to brand them as Christian just so they've got an audience. These are the people that are winning. Those of us who can think, however much we disagree with each other, lost the real war, because these people don't think, they feel.

He may actually do good, and there are ways to interpret his 'ideological' and 'decentralization' as good. If he really decentralizes the progressives won't be able to go to the Vatican and subvert the entire globe anymore. But due to some of his actions, I don't think he my charitable interpretation is going to be accurate.

deadman said...

Hector, would that be the same Catholic church that made up it's own random dogma along the way throughout European history, that had no Biblical basis whatsoever?

Coming from an absolute non-denominational Christian guy by the way.

- deadman.