Thursday, December 5, 2013

Murderous Schoolbus Bomber Turns To The Wall And Curses God

Nelson Mandela Will Answer To A Higher Power For The Children He Randomly Killed When He Was Alive

The reason all psychopaths hate God is that he represents accountability. Remember, even if God doesn't exist, the single best way to irritate the hell out of psychopaths when they are alive is to keep reminding them of the ultimate judgement they will face when they are dead.

Even those who have faith for spite alone serve God in their way according to Saint Paul. This world posits sweet for bitter and bitter for sweet. Monsters and beasts they crown saints, saints they crown monsters, the wicked are the good according to them and the good amongst the damned.

A man who enjoyed trannies and was caught wandering disoriented with no pants on in public has vouched for Nelson as the greatest man of the century. Your opinion means a lot to me, Malcolm.


Amy said...

As a schoolgirl in the 80s I was taught that Mandela was just about the Best Man in the Whole World. Right up there with Jesus and MLK, he was.

The sins of the SA whites and apartheid were ingrained in me from an early age. When I found out just a few years ago that Mandela was a terrorist involved in murdering children, I was bitter. Bitter about being lied to by people I respected.

I am glad he's dead. Nothing can hold the ANC back now. I pity the Boer, and hope they get out while they have the chance.

Texas Arcane said...


If the ANC had targeted politicians, soldiers and government officials then I would have considered the man to be a gray area.

There's no gray area with a person who plots to puts bombs on schoolbuses. If the Pope canonized him I could care less.

Nelson Mandela and anyone else who would attack children to make his political points would be 100% bastard.

When people found out about the monstrous things that his wife Winnie did to people they tried to pretend this man wasn't sleeping in a bed with her for thirty years. As if he didn't know that she was killing people with necklacing and burning them alive. Many of these people were black file clerks who had done nothing but rubber stamped some document that had passed through their offices. Winnie Mandela confessed in parliamentary hearings she had a man who simply owed her money burned in front of his children. This is the man's wife. Imagine what things the man himself must have done that the world media has hushed up.

olebob said...

samhuih said...

The first thing I thought of when I heard this was, I hope they don't massacre all the Whites. All the Whites should be allowed to immigrate to England, the Netherlands or America to save them.