Monday, December 16, 2013

Magic Note In The Boat

Previously described on Vault-Co. This guy is supposed to have written a confession on the side of the boat when he was dying of a head wound.

That's just not something that happened. Period.

They found his friend and tried to get him to testify but when he asked them to leave his house, they shot him in the head.

This is not just a lousy false flag. It's a ridiculous false flag. This just was not credible. None of it was. It makes Sandy Hook look plausible by comparison.

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Publius said...

I recall the contemptuous dismissal I got from my mom-in-law when I explained all the bizarre pieces of evidence, and inconsistencies in the gov't story that led me to believe the whole Boston "bombing" was a false-flag psyop. All she said in response was "I think the brothers did it."

Why the complete lack of critical thinking from someone who claims to be a critic of the government, and claims to be skeptical? Wow. I was blown away. If even she was willing to buy the gov't lie hook and sinker, what chance is there that the average citizen, I mean caged monkey, will be skeptical.

What the sociopaths in the shadow gov't learned was that the average man will believe and buy literally anything. That's why the psyops are getting more blatant each time - they realize they don't need to make it look remotely plausible.