Monday, December 9, 2013

Life Is Everywhere

If you're a Christian it is time you expanded on your opinion of the Supreme Being. He is much more Supreme than you may have previously estimated.

The entire universe is a sea of microbial soup from one end to the other. Life did not originate on Earth and the universe did not originate with a "Big Bang." All of that is pharisee rubbish and lunacy. The universe looks like an infinite hand-customized incubator for life. Good luck getting that idea past the Bolshi revisionists and their Krisschan fellow travelers. It would be too much credit to God and not enough to unemployable gimps in wheelchairs talking about black holes. A lot of people think if Stephen Hawkings had not developed a crippling illness there is little chance he would have been able to make an honest living as a tenured professor.


Amy said...

A few weeks ago I was listening to Neal de Grasse Tyson on the radio. He is atheist and seems to think belief in God is ok but hints that its childish and regressive. He said how do we know life doesn't exist, or that those life forms would think of us as too lowly to even bother with us? I thought of Star Trek: First Contact, and how the warp signature drew the attention of the Vulcans and ushered in peace on Earth...

I can understand this notion of putting human hubris aside and considering the possibility of life outside of Earth, but I disagree with the assertion that life outside of Earth means there is no God, no special creation, and that evolution is true. de Grasse Tyson used a simple argument: we're made of the four most common elements found in the universe, so what's so special about us, or Earth?

Something pretty special! Four common elements and, what, 30 or so others as window dressing, to use in infinite proportional combinations to make everything we see that is good? God spoke the world into existence, the four "letters" of our genetic code combine endlessly to make this varied wonder of life.

It's hubris to think we're the only, but it's also folly to think that not being "only" means we're nothing special. Why bother with life? The ultimate expression of the darkness of existentialism is suicide, why keep searching if you know the answer is nothing? I don't know the answer, but I know it's not "nothing."

Publius said...

Great link - it is very interesting how science is starting to show that the universe may be full of opportunities for life to exist. Or that life may actually exist elsewhere. One senses, sometimes, that it does, while looking up at the stars...

My son seems to have a great affinity for nature. When we left the northland after Thanksgiving, he cried a bit, because we were going back to the city. When we walked on the family land (where I hunted successfully this year), he stopped to point on moss growing on trees, types of trees. He's only seven. Most of the adults on the walk through the woods noticed nothing.

@Texas Arcane: what is your view of the threat that AI and "killer machines" pose to human and non-human life on earth?
I just ordered the book, Our Final Invention: Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Human Era, by James Barrat, from the library.

He claims that AI, if pursued, will achieve super-intelligence, and that this Super AI will certainly get rid of us.

I ask you, because you are a computer science type. I am an ex-neuroscientist and geneticist.

I see a risk.
I am a bit skeptical, because I see human-written code as inherently buggy, and don't believe that AI based on genetic algorithms or self-learning techniques have really achieved as much as their patrons claim.

Also, I don't think that the human mind, or the brain it is somehow associated with, is really a computer.

I don't think that computers can have souls.

Anyway, the killer AI issue is important. What are your thoughts?

Even if the super AI evolved, how would it physically eradicate humanity? Even if it could turn off the power, that would only eliminate the soft, hapless humans who are dependent on modern tech.

The AI would need some sort of controllable robot army and its own self-maintaining, self-replicating factories to really go on the offensive.

Of course, our sociopathic military and governments are probably working on such things already.

Lugh said...

Genesis states that God created the Earth. Perhaps that could be extrapolated to the Universe. But the Steady State Universe? No.

None of the other Religions accept the Steady State either. In Hinduism and Buddhism, it's Bang, Bang, Bang as Universes are created and destroyed one after another in the Days and Nights of Brahma.

Are you perhaps conflating God and His Creation? I do like your Vision of a Cosmic Christianity. C.S Lewis shared it.

Texas Arcane said...

I believe God created the heavens and earth in 7 different phases, just like scripture says.

I don't believe it happened 5000 years ago and I don't think it is the first time for the Supreme Being. I think he has much practice at this sort of thing and has bigger plans for everything than we can possibly comprehend.

I think of it like bacteria in a petri dish. They know the light above the dish as somehow where "God" is, like we have cults of solar worship. It is all they could really understand. It seems to be where the warmth comes from. What little they know of their surroundings in the petri dish, it is probably much more than we actually know about the universe we inhabit and our creator.

The only thing that translates well across the vast gulf between our intellects and his is that he must really like us or why else would he design things to be so? If we accept he must really like us, what is so much harder to conjecture he might send a living word to us in a form we would recognize and then die on our behalf, for all the things we deserve death for? Faith is not so big a leap as people might have you believe.

Unknown said...

Seven different phases = "The Universal Law of Seven." The Trinity illustrates what could be called "The Universal Law of Three." When you said,"He is much more Supreme than you may have previously estimated" you said a mouthful! Babbling that the Big Bang created the universe is little different than hollering that some gaseous vertebrate did the same thing.

Russell said...

I've seen the scientists swing from we're nothing special because life is so utterly rare we're basically pollution, to we're noting special because there are so many places where life could exist.

Never ceases to amaze me how much these people hate God and humanity.

"I don't think it is the first time for the Supreme Being. I think he has much practice at this sort of thing and has bigger plans for everything than we can possibly comprehend."

I agree, Tex. "In my Father's house are many mansions"

live and learn said...

Tex, what do think about pre-destiny? do you think the creator created us knowing exactly what we would chose to do beforehand? also, do you think the scripture, especially the gospels, have been changed drastically over the years?
I'm confused by the concepts of free will and pre-destiny.

Texas Arcane said...

@Live and Learn

If God knows what you are going to do but you don't know what you are going to do, does it mean you have no choice when you do it? Or does it simply mean God is omnipotent and knows everything?

I seriously doubt if the Supreme Being is bound by time and has to wait until tomorrow to see what happens next.