Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 : Itz Coming

2014 is going to see an acceleration of decline leading to World War III in the near future

Kwanstainia, once the linchpin of world stability, has been converted by the elites into the principal engine of destruction. As long as Kwanstainia exists in its current state there will be no peace anywhere. Once it ceases to exist there will probably be even less as China asserts hegemony over the surviving nations.

Guess what kind of false flag the Feds are planning

Globowarmthinkists = Expedient Food Larders For Large Mammalian Predators During The Coming Grand Minimum

Got trapped by the unprecedented ice and cold temperatures trying to document global warming changes in Antarctic

This is like the sixth time this has happened to one of their ilk and they do not appear to be capable of learning, repeating the same meaningless theatrical expeditions over and over again.

If you are wondering how people like these managed to survive the last million years of primarily cold temperatures, the answer is easy - they didn't. Cold temperatures produce hardy conservative K-selected ubermenschen with bigger brains, more muscle and superior cognitive powers. Guys like this don't last ten minutes in those kinds of climates. If these idiots weren't rescued by people who clearly have no respect for passive Darwinism they'd be decorating the inside of glaciers come the spring thaw.

If you want to see where all this is going, watch here. You'll be really grateful the next Ice Age is starting right now. Thank God for small mercies.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Camille Paglia On Western Civilization Performing A Kevorkian On Itself

Really worth reading.

All the evidence of the past 5000 years points to a society which has annihilated itself from the inside like so many before it. As before the majority of the population is completely unaware that it is being hoisted by its own petard. The same euphoric obliviousness is seen in all declining civilizations and it grows frantic at the end in terms of sheer desperate rage to avoid thinking in favor of platitudes and pleasant sounding ambiguity.

Terminator Components To Be Mass Produced in 2014 To Accelerate Development

A new arms race to produce the smartest 'bots with the greatest autonomy, within the budgetary reach of all the developed nations

The first units ten years ago were what you would expect. As Moore's Law kicks in, they are going to improve exponentially. Anybody who thinks they are going to remain simple drones under the control of an operator is living in a dreamworld. They are going to fulfill the worst nightmares of science fiction writers over the past fifty years because human beings are vicious, nasty, crazy creatures who love to kill other human beings with minimum risk to themselves. It is horrible to contemplate and also true. That is the way they are. This is not the way Neanderthals were and that is why we all do not live in mud huts and eat our meat raw because of the 5% of the population who are the descendants of Abel and not Cain.

Some military think tanks will make strong arguments that they should not be built to look like human soldiers. These will be very rational, well thought out reasons they should remain looking like machines. The military brass will ignore these arguments because manboons are not rational or learning animals. Third and fourth generation will start to look as close as possible to real human soldiers because it makes killing the enemy more fun and more personal and therefore it is an inevitable development. I know how Homo Sapiens thinks and it isn't pretty at all. They are bad eggs and they will want human shaped robots because it makes the game of war much more fun for them, in the way they crave "fun."

Friday, December 27, 2013

Vanished Nation - Video Tour Of Dallas Civil Defense Emergency Center

It is pretty awesome, have a look at the video about halfway down the page.

I want my next shelter to have an entrance exactly like the one shown at the start of the video, except inside the home to access the shelter from the pantry.

Something very telling I noted during the video is that the keys to this site are now controlled by a clueless immigrant who has little interest in any of this and can't answer any questions about this superb shelter, built at a cost of millions of dollars to U.S. taxpayers. He might as well be conducting a tour of the Egyptian pyramids for all he can tell visitors.

2014 : Mother of all False Flags Is Being Prepared

The government has been working towards it since the 'Baminator was installed in office.

You will live in interesting times. Sheeple, the ramp is off the back of the truck and they are playing the soothing classical music. Follow the cow in front of you when they start to move.

Long March Through The Institutions

Creation of an anti-Christian, anti-Western culture to destroy the West from the inside

Where did the money come from for all this? Out of thin air? It takes a lot of cash to sell a dog on dogfood it simply does not like to eat.

Atomization of society into isolated individuals by attacking all the other institutions and undermining them, ending with the root of all institutions in the West, the nuclear family unit. Once you can make marriage into anything but the union of a man and woman to raise children you can tear it to pieces. The family unit was the last bulwark against the advance of the State and they are taking it out now.

Wonder Why Nobody Talks About 9-11 Anthrax?

It is because it was so obviously the work of the government it is forbidden to discuss.

Remember the fake letters purporting to be from Arab terrorists with deliberate misspellings?

What makes you think that anything else connected with this date was not also faked, since the anthrax attacks were synchronised with it?

Declining Civilizations Can't Do Anything Right

In 1925 they built appliances that were useful, not just obsolete or broken within a year

Everything used to be like this in the West.

Illuminati Subliminal Programming + SSRIs = Murder Machine Massacres

Video games aren't even trying to conceal it anymore.

I first saw this stuff when my son showed me the sequence in BLACK OPS when you go through an airport killing civilians. You're supposed to tacitly cooperate as part of game progression.

Looks like this new PAY DAY is pulling out all the stops and openly training people to shoot unarmed civilians begging for their lives. The sheeple are happy to buy this satanic garbage for their own children.

When God abandons your nation, you are turned over to every conceivable uncleanness and corruption imaginable.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Working On A Rebuttal For Political Opposition

The problem of sheeple whining will be resolved soon. 

Keep'em busy with something else. It never fails. Practiced by all tyrants throughout recorded history.

The Obama Body Count

Here is a great list of the trail of tears left behind Barack Obama. This guy makes the Clintons look like the Cleaver family in comparison and that couple nearly depopulated Arkansaw with their roster of the dead.

Gates Foundation Is The Creepiest "Charitable" Organization of All Time

The thing about this "charity" is that it only gives money to huge megacorporations who have absolutely no need of it, not people

The primary drive of the Gates Foundation appears to be mass sterilization of the third world and a final phase for the planet's poor people. Previous regimes moved them into camps, this one delivers the final solution right to their door in the form of vaccines and GMO foods. They are going to kill them in-situ as quietly as possible. Make a desert and call it peace.

China Ditches ZOGBUX for Good Hard Gold

The sensible choice for currency exchange.

Zany cash is entering the final death cycle that all fiat currency goes through. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Israeli Tail to Wag the Dog

Long overdue. The colony will be stripped of it's executive rights and future decisions for the military to be made by the empire from now on.

Kwanzanians are as dumb as stumps. That is what makes things like this possible.

Slack jawed, dribbling halfwits. Melons say jump. Saps says how high. Never even occurs to them that they could refuse.The new legislation effectively bans the 'Stain from even negotiating its own treaties.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Autism Epidemic In Somalis Raised In First World

You heard that right the first time.

Science is not a consensus. It is usually the opposite conclusion of the consensus, in fact. The consensus is always driven by feeling and politics, not reason.

Of course Asperger's Syndrome is not epidemic in this same group because it has almost nothing to do with autism. It is a completely different brain physiology triggered in people of European descent only in response to epigenetic triggers, many of them similar to traumas that can trigger autism as well. The reason it is only found in Europeans is that "Asperger's Syndrome" is simply different degrees of Neanderthal gene expression.

The opposite of thinking scientifically would be concluding this has nothing to do with vaccinations. That would be pseudo-science and white voodoo to assert. How much do you want to bet that these Somalis were given a broad spectrum of cheap vaccines as soon as they entered the country to "protect them from illness" since they "missed out" when they were younger in Somalia without access to "modern" health care?

They should follow up to see if they also suffer an incidence of gender confusion and effeminization from living in the West and being exposed to our "healthier" surroundings. I could form a hypothesis on that subject in advance.

Oh and flawed expression of the long form of DRD4-R7 will leave you a raving moonbat. This Neanderthal gene when properly grafted in should make you an ultra-conservative k-selected vigilant realist like me but 9 times out of 10 when you splice it in it will simply turn the unfortunate recipient into a lunatic leftist with almost no amygdala whatsoever. I suspect this is because when the two disparate genes for the amygdala fight for control over their own unique development the net effect is usually to simply prune the development of the amygdala altogether. This defect is unique to Europeans so I expect living in the West will turn very few Somalis into self-destructive r-selected suicidal madmen, even if they do end up dressing in high heels and fake wigs from the water supply.

Total Worldwide Tyranny Over Humans

I can't believe they could print this stuff with a straight face.

If they suggested some vitamins don't work or some are less effective than prescription drugs that would have given them some credibility.

Making these outrageous claims is asking people to doubt their own five senses and instead believe in whatever they invent out of thin air.

The difference between this garbage and Pravda during the heyday of the Soviet Union is that the average Russian knew perfectly well that Pravda was State-sponsored propaganda. This rubbish is printed as though it were something to be taken seriously.

It is as if the newspaper ran a huge "expose" that debunked the notion of grass being green. People can look in their front yard and see that grass is green but the newspaper printing that it is an often repeated urban myth and experts and scienmagists have discovered that grass is actually orange. You would have to decide between what you are reading and what you can see out your front window.

It was funny reading this study last week in tandem with the announcement of the total ban on sunlight machines coming in 2015 here in Victoria. You won't be able to buy ten minutes of sunlight in Victoria in a solarium in a year because these genetic misfires have decided that they know better than I do what is best for me. I cannot even begin to tell you how good two sessions a week in a solarium is for me. My muscles get bigger, my eyes are clearer, my skin glows and my sleep cycles are almost normal. In addition I start to feel cheerful and optimistic instead of like the living dead. Solariums are the only thing standing between most people and depression year round. The government. Some people know what the government is.

If government officials were really serious about making the world a better place, they could start by running mass suicide rallies for all government employees around the clock with gigantic tubs of cyanide-laced grape koolaid. In six months we'd all be living in the earthly paradise with rainbow stew served on every corner and a guy flying around in a helicopter chucking out gold bullion and free butter. The government. This is a damn fine planet to live on and it might even be a decent place to live ... if the government went over a cliff in a bus into the sea, god forbid. Who'd miss'em? I reckon we'd work it out. They are not special pets. All mankind probably has some better purpose possible to their lives ... except for the sorts that are attracted to government.

When I was in the Army, the U.S. War College determined that the people most likely to be attracted to positions of authority were the most inferior human beings in every single metric they could apply. They were working on a policy under Reagan of avoiding recruiting people for officer school who were strongly motivated to apply despite having insufficient aptitude for the job. Obviously, they went the other direction and today the whole military is staffed with the usual suspects. They're not the best and the brightest. They're the worst and the least. For those who fail at nearly everything, there is still the option of getting government work or running for politics. People like this fancy themselves great architects of human happiness.They don't even know what they don't know and they don't know that they never do know that they don't know.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mystery Babylon

The new pope is exactly what was expected by Christians who believe we are in the End Times I would love it if this guy just tore off his robe revealing he was naked except for a G-String and huge spray-tan and then he jumped on top of his Pope-Mobile brandishing a pitchfork with a hooker under each arm while he rode around the Vatican courtyard waggling his forked tongue while "Highway To Hell" was blaring from the speakers. Finally, a Pope who is not ashamed to show the whole world how he really feels and what he stands for.

Monday, December 16, 2013

U.S. Pushing For WW3

Paul Craig Roberts succinctly summarizes the Vault-Co position for the last ten years.

All empires go out insisting they are critical and history cannot roll on without them. They aren't and it always does. With the Kwa the big problem is they will not go gently into the long night and fade away like the undead terminus they really are.

If they cared at all about humanity, they'd just dry up and collapse into a third world hellhole. They won't do that.

Sheeple Can't Win On Toxic Planet

This angers the hell out of me. I drink only bottled water wherever possible and I am like a combination of John Wayne and Lee Marvin compared to the other males of my generation. According to this report, I should still be dressed in nylons and walking around in high heels with all the crap they found even in bottled water.

This makes me wonder if my sleep disorder and other health problems are related. As of tomorrow I am going to switch to glass bottled water from now on, even if it costs more. This plastic is bad stuff. They say if you can smell it off-gassing then you can imagine what sort of chems are leaching into that water. It didn't really strike me as a problem until I read this article just now. I wonder what would happen if I could drink from a fresh spring every day as I once did on my father's homestead at the end of high school.

Vault-Co & Robert Felix : Lone Prophets In The Wilderness in 2002

I never decide anything is true because people say so. I assume people are morons and cowards without nerve or integrity and always have little interest in the truth and assume all their ideas are motivated by deep internal biological compulsions. I just estimate them to be nothing like that which they imagine themselves and in possession of all the worst qualities they only believe they must have dodged because they are average and conformant.

With Homo Sapiens, turns out these ideas are the best guidepost to the real truth of the matter no matter what the subject is.

Google Is Hideously Evil

Scum purchase military robotics concern knowing it is going to be a very profitable industry

They bought the original Blogger (and this site) a while back and I have been deliberating whether or not to switch to another blog provider other than Satan's children. Are there any regular readers of Vault-Co who would oppose such a move? I will simply redirect the URL to my new site and put a redirect at the old location for a while.

I uninstalled Google browser a while back and replaced it with a neutral version of Firefox. I think I have just been procrastinating. I should have jumped Blogger earlier.

What is really creepy about it is that these supervillains control all my passwords, track all my movements on the internet and have access to all of my posts across several different media. I have just been too lazy to switch up until now.

Funny, if you snuck around peeking into the windows of strangers and recording what you saw while you spied on them, you'd be considered a pervert and a criminal. Google does same and calls it information harvesting.

Magic Note In The Boat

Previously described on Vault-Co. This guy is supposed to have written a confession on the side of the boat when he was dying of a head wound.

That's just not something that happened. Period.

They found his friend and tried to get him to testify but when he asked them to leave his house, they shot him in the head.

This is not just a lousy false flag. It's a ridiculous false flag. This just was not credible. None of it was. It makes Sandy Hook look plausible by comparison.

Sheeple Not Permitted To Escape Anywhere

Paid up home and land? Paid all taxes? Who cares, you're evicted for refusing to attach to the teat.

The public officials involved should be dragged through the streets, tarred and feathered in public and thrown onto the next train out of town. They should consider themselves lucky. Think what kind of bastard evicts a widow who has done nothing wrong from her own paid-off home.

Almost All Mass Shooters Invariably Left-Wing Occultists

It's true, whatever that really means. You would be hard pressed to find a single conservative involved in a mass shooting in the past 100 years. 

Leftists have a problem with impulse control and gauging outcomes because they have damaged, stunted amygdalas at the core of their brain. Despite their efforts to paint the world differently, they are the ones who are the most likely to lack compassion for their victims. If they encourage the government to steal from strangers to give to others they deem more deserving, what on earth makes you think they would feel anything for their victims when they go on a murder spree? Leftists are cruel, nasty envious people who pretend to be beautiful altruists on the surface. They are no such thing. The evidence says they are something else altogether.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

If Anything Can Stop A Third World War, This Will Be It

Solar paint is going to change the world if/when it arrives

The need for global governance is based on myths of scarcity and the need to centrally control resources.

Do you know why psychotics always love talking about lifeboats, lifeboat captains and the need to decide who will survive and who will die? They dream about the sensation of throwing people overboard and the rich flood of dopamine it triggers in their brains when they visualize doing so. It is that simple.

No scarcity and human beings could get by on about 10% of the government they have now. Would never miss'em. Simply reform drug law to the standards that were held in 1910 and the government could not justify its large standing internal armies of law enforcement, either.

Once you've got free electricity, everything else quickly becomes free or nearly free. Free electricity and desktop manufacturing and in ten years, politicians will be pushing shopping carts along the highway full of dirty linen with hand-lettered signs on the front reading WILL GOVERN FOR FOOD. I would laugh last and laugh best to see it on that day.

Thursday, December 12, 2013


... and prep again. 

No such thing as financial calamity without war. War follows on the heels of financial collapse because manboons gonna 'boon no matter the best intention of men. For Homo Sapiens, every problem looks like a nail (war) because the only tool in his toolbox is a hammer (conflict). Homo Saps has never encountered a problem he didn't try to solve unsuccessfully by killing somebody somewhere and so it goes, until it finishes him forever. The only good thing about war is that it can often cause temporary lapses of insanity in the aftermath as Sapiens sobers up for a few brief decades afterwards until he forgets everything that has happened going back to the day he was born. The people who survive can display enormously good judgement in many things for some time afterwards. A nuclear war would leave the fewest survivors and therefore would no doubt result in the greatest long term good when it was over. Scripture is right - the meek (well-vaulted) will inherit the earth. So double up that earth shielding and put another can of beans in the back while it is still affordable.

Missile Defense Will Lead To A Third World War

Vault-Co said it first ten years ago.

It is an act of aggression. A missile defense installation in Europe is tantamount to a declaration of war. If the United States can intercept Russian missiles as soon as they come out of the silos then Russia needs to install a missile defense system in Canada. All of this will lead to an unprecedented clash of interests that will make the Cuban missile crisis look like a mere spat over tariffs in comparison.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Life Is Everywhere

If you're a Christian it is time you expanded on your opinion of the Supreme Being. He is much more Supreme than you may have previously estimated.

The entire universe is a sea of microbial soup from one end to the other. Life did not originate on Earth and the universe did not originate with a "Big Bang." All of that is pharisee rubbish and lunacy. The universe looks like an infinite hand-customized incubator for life. Good luck getting that idea past the Bolshi revisionists and their Krisschan fellow travelers. It would be too much credit to God and not enough to unemployable gimps in wheelchairs talking about black holes. A lot of people think if Stephen Hawkings had not developed a crippling illness there is little chance he would have been able to make an honest living as a tenured professor.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Amazing Real World Averaging Yields Archetypes

It was pretty incredible for me to see this. For the past seven years I have only imagined these facial shapes in my mind. I have wanted to do something similar to this but my time always seems to contract according to my ambitions.

 This has been produced by averaging photos of people who self-identified for each of these genetic groups. In my opinion it is startlingly accurate. The most important thing is to pay attention to your gut feeling as you look at each face. Notice how deep your instincts run in terms of recognition? You know which is the master, which the servant, which is the ruler, which the slave. You can even identify the different orders of the ruling classes. Where on earth would you have acquired these instincts? Maybe because these races have been around a long, long time.

The next time some simpleton tries to portray the Caucasian as some monolithic entity race of people who are drawn from the same family, you can point out that the genetic differences between these groups of whites far exceeds the differences between many whites and blacks. The gulf there is enormous in terms of speciation.

When looking at the characteristic faces of the Owls and Serpents it brings to mind the demonstrable worship of both species of animals going back 70,000 years or more. Did people who belong to these cults not only interbreed with other members of their temples but also selected for mates resembling the statues they worshiped in those temples? Did melonhead families encourage their children to only pursue relationships with other devotees of the snake or the raptor bird? That would explain these facial types quite readily.

Exact same types represented in Asia : Ruling class, slaves, rodeo clowns. You have mostly the cold, soulless look you'd expect the descendants of Genghis Khan to display and right beside these people you can see men with deep souls and a certain emotional intensity in their faces that is not found in the majority at all.

I believe the two divisions of Cro-Magnons are easily explained. One of these races was primarily destined to push a plow and perform manual labor, the other was intended for martial actions and warfare. Both groups could be tasked to do either at various times but some of them come from genetic lines primarily engineered for one or the other. The ugliest and most vicious Cro-Magnon probably comes from the strain that was engineered to kill Neanderthals.The Alpine Melon would be the easiest to explain - Teutonic ruling classes who violated the caste system and interbred with their anglo-saxon slaves. The resulting melonhead is the closest to being a crossover species between the two castes. These often produce the melons you see in politics who are clearly motivated by some desire to help people even as they seek the power to do so.

A conclusion to draw from these faces is to ask yourself ... how good would these various races be at knowing their places and doing what was expected of them? The longer you think about it the more likely you are to conclude that the masters would know what to do, the slaves would know what to do ... it's that damn Neanderthal who is 99% likely to be the fly in the ointment. As the demon Humbaba said to Enkidu, they never quite understand their place in the scheme of things. They are natural born disruptors because of who and what they are. The master commands, the slave follows - what does the Neanderthal do in all of this? It would be so easy to get rid of them all except those rodeo clowns are so damned smart - they always seem to know how to fix things and solve the intractable problems that are a daily occurrence in any society. Just when you're ready to liquidate all of them it suddenly hits you ... you may need some of these guys. They are the only ones who ever really get any meaningful work done.

P.S. Somebody I was corresponding with about this post asked me to mention the strange incongruity that the three guys on the upper left all look a little bit milquetoast or much softer in comparison to the two guys on the far upper right. Nevertheless, the three guys in the upper left, despite how they may "look," would have greater upper and lower body strength than both the guys at upper right on average. It wouldn't just be physical strength, however. They'd also have stronger immune systems, more powerful stomach acids, thicker tendons and much greater tolerance for pain and extremes of temperature. Markedly so in most cases, in fact. The archaic 'Thal in particular would be a million times tougher for real than the "tough-looking" Cro-Magnon on the right. In fact, except for their warlike and fierce visage and constant passive-aggressive menacing personalities, the Cro-Magnon is a dog's breakfast of physiology who is not even comparable with the friendly looking, open faced 'Thals. There is fossil evidence that Neanderthals folded these guys to the sizes of shoeboxes with their bare hands. That's why the Cro-Magnon never got close to the Neanderthal and always attacked with at least 300+ people. The majority of the world's record holders for weightlifting always tend towards the Mousterian and the Archaic with the occasional Amud.

P.P.S. I was just thinking about how much trouble that Neanderthals tend to have in succeeding at something in life despite often being the most innovative, creative and intelligent of any of these species. I also thought about how the melonheads seem to succeed sooner or later almost inevitably.  They just know their way around the logistics and management of power structures from birth. The "big-eyed melon" made me think of Jeff Bezos starting from thin air. There are a million Neanderthals with the brains to have built and deployed but it was Bezos who  had the acumen to do it and make it succeed. It is all very interesting to me to think about.

P.P.P.S. Whereas the three tribes at the upper left all lived at the same times in the same places, (Koanic has called them "archaics," but I think of them as "Denisovians," and sometimes I think his term is better) there is almost no concrete evidence they ever fought with each other. Rather, consider these two facts … the Amud always seem to be wearing charm bracelets or jewellery made by Mousterians, almost like they regarded the Mousterians as elders. The Amud were moving closer to sea level and the plains whilst the Mousterians still seemed to hold the sacred sites at higher altitudes and visited regularly the growing camps of the Amud. The archaics found in the Iberian Peninsula lived to the very end and there is no evidence they were ever attacked by Mousterians or Amuds despite often using the same hunting ranges and fishing the same lakes. So now compare with the two assholes at the right side. As soon as they ran out of Neanderthals to kill they immediately began to fight each other and have been doing so for 40,000 years scarcely breaking for longer than a few years before they start a newer and bigger war. Since most of our "enemies" in the modern world are simply manufactured to create an excuse for another war we can safely assume that as Nietszche said, the good war hallows any cause with the Cro-Magnons. Okay, finally I want you to imagine you are somewhere in that second row around 100,000 years ago looking at three races of superhumans who get along like brothers, never fight and spend all their time making the world a better and better place. What would you do about that "problem?" Think about it.

P.P.P.S. The "Starchild" in the middle row at the far right? If I ventured a guess … the root ancestor of all four guys on the left mixed with various humans? The original melon heads, the Atlanteans, the progenitors? This is Koanic's wrinkle and I confess I have not thought much about this type - and clearly, he is a type. I don't know guys, because all I am is a good guesser and maybe have a few dim racial memories about all of this.

P.P.P.P.S. Why are the Neanderthals so much more expressive in their way? They come from tribes of around 12-80 people. There was no need to be guarded, passive-aggressive or conceal one's feelings and motivations. In a tribe like that of Cro-Magnons that can run into the thousands, one has to have a mask, not a face. In the modern era, one of the ways that Neanderthals try desperately to fit in is that from a young age they try to turn their face into an emotionless, blank slate. This only makes them more disturbing. Cro-Magnons can still see the open quality of their personalities compared to their own guarded and ambiguous faces and the Neanderthal only gets himself more contempt by trying to make his face look like theirs. When two Neanderthals passed each other for a million years, why would they need anything more in their faces than a reassuring, genuinely friendly and benevolent look? It would be critical to their survival. One sees this in primate compounds amongst bonobos, where one chimp looks around and is met by a sea of smiles and kind loving glances. They grow up in these environments where faces are used to convey love, support and security. Imagine taking one of these genetically superior organisms and throwing them into a society of millions of chattering, facile, ingenuous and insincere apes who never mean what they say and often display faces that represent the opposite of what they are feeling. A horrible situation for the Neanderthals. No wonder they have such a high suicide rate, is it so difficult to see why?

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Murderous Schoolbus Bomber Turns To The Wall And Curses God

Nelson Mandela Will Answer To A Higher Power For The Children He Randomly Killed When He Was Alive

The reason all psychopaths hate God is that he represents accountability. Remember, even if God doesn't exist, the single best way to irritate the hell out of psychopaths when they are alive is to keep reminding them of the ultimate judgement they will face when they are dead.

Even those who have faith for spite alone serve God in their way according to Saint Paul. This world posits sweet for bitter and bitter for sweet. Monsters and beasts they crown saints, saints they crown monsters, the wicked are the good according to them and the good amongst the damned.

A man who enjoyed trannies and was caught wandering disoriented with no pants on in public has vouched for Nelson as the greatest man of the century. Your opinion means a lot to me, Malcolm.

Denisovans Pushed Back By 400,000 Years

Four species of Neanderthal, three of them that looked like modern humans, not Mousterians

When we say a male or female is good looking, we mean they look like Neanderthals. When we say somebody is butt-ugly bufferilla hideous, we mean they look like Cro Magnons. People don't know that is what they mean but nevertheless that is what they are really saying. The three species of Neanderthal had wide socket receding eyes and highly symmetrical skulls, far more so than Homo Sapiens has ever had.

If you see somebody who even appears to pass some test of bisymmetry in the face, that is always Neanderthal gene expression. If the Denisovans were around 400,000 years ago living alongside the other three breeds, this simply expands on a mystery that is already demolishing the orthodoxy.

Monday, December 2, 2013

The Authority Figures Have Everything Well Under Control

Because of scienmagistics and edjamafacashun.

Edjamafacashun is the key.

No saboteur would have ever thought of just punching zeroes as a test. These brilliant spooks thought of everything.

Geography Has No Intrinsic Character Of Its Own

Rather it is a function of the people who live there.

I'm a perfect example. I'm a terrible hoarder. There is scarcely any place I can live that does not rapidly seem crowded. My backyard was an eyesore formerly. The places I have lived were not inherently unkempt and covered with scrap metal and building materials. Those things were there because I put them there. It was not the land itself that was a mess.

Having said that, the front of my house was clean, regularly mowed, free of any junk or trash. I knew that the side that faced the street would be unacceptable to have it look like the backyard. Some would say even these standards were low. I suspect that if I dropped my standards on these things to 1% of what they are now, I still would not have surroundings similar to those found across the entire country of Mexico. The streets are impassable and so diseased that the water itself is never safe to drink despite Mexico having some of the deepest and cleanest aquifers in the world.

Places get their character from the people who live there. Nothing else. You can't blame inanimate things for altering that living space to what seems normal to the people who live there.

You can chase nature out with a pitchfork, sir, but she will always return. Rest assured that long after you are dust, nature will reign with each creature created by God acting in accord with the nature they were given. Nothing is ever going to change that and of any possible candidates to induce change I would put "culture" dead last ... since culture was never anything but gene expression running down a groove that was most convenient.

With that in mind, the Western nations could not possibly look the way they do in the modern era but for one reason : the people who live there have a death wish. This is not even subject to analysis, it is a given constant like gravity or the speed of light.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Secular Rage At Reality - It Never Ends

It would be sad if God did not exist, because he is so good for all of his creations it would seem they were tailored by him to benefit from his presence.

Remember, whether you "believe" or not, when you act as if you had faith, things mysteriously take a turn for the better.

Traitorous Gillard Government Sharing Its Own Citizens Private Information and Records With Kwanstainia!

Please put a stop to this, Tony Abbott. Please. Be loyal to your own people.

Julia should be considered for deportation. She was not an elected official and had no mandate on any of her actions. The new Australian government needs to roll all this Orwellian madness back.

The article does not describe it explicitly but it sounds like the Australian government provided unlimited access via ECHELON of all the private lives of Australians, including me. What an abomination.

Julia we knew what you were but for you to stoop to this level proves you are a fifth column operating inside our nation acting against the interests of your own people.

The News Just Reaching Some

I had a lurker ask me about a familiar urban myth debunked back in the early 90's, the assumption for 50+ years that Las Caux was painted by Cro-Magnon people. These things are all the result of a big misunderstanding.

It was just assumed that the victors of any "evolutionary" struggle must also be the most physically beautiful, artistically gifted, have the largest brains and the most muscle mass. This is the legacy of 200 years of Neo-Darwinism. Even classical darwinians know this is not how things work in real life. Tapeworms wipe out whole species. Nit-Lice harry certain small mammal species to death. Fungal and bacterial infections have victimized whole phylum and crawled on their graves.

For 150 years, since he was the one who survived, scientists just tacitly assumed he must have been responsible for countless miracles worked by hominids in Europe. They just assumed it was the Cro-Magnon who had domesticated animals, drove out the dire wolf, produced these marvelous works of art and survived the Ice Ages. After all, what was the alternative? Something that could not be described in polite company it was so horrible to contemplate. The truth is often like that. It is not welcome in civil society because it offends the vanities.

Cro-Magnon is famous for nothing and never did anything. That's the truth. He was a bloody jawed rapist who enjoyed eating babies. He is the direct line ancestor of Homo Sapiens. He couldn't organize a bowel movement. His weapons were inferior to those that modern children could make and his general strategy for everything was to attack in huge waves of warm bodies without much of a plan other than to keep coming until the enemy was defeated. He was not so much a human being as a kind of virus made in the shape of a biped. He was a creature without a soul.

Once you understand this a lot of modern history becomes transparent to you. All of a sudden, lots of stuff just makes sense. What was formerly a mystery appears so obvious it is hard to believe there was ever any contention over the root causes. All that endless war now appears to be nothing more than simply the expression of the basic nature of the survivors. When the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

You will know what is meant when anthropologists whisper to each other, "The second mouse gets the cheese."

Quote By George A. Henty

"It seems to be the fate of all nations, that as they grow in wealth so they lose their manly virtues. With wealth comes corruption, indolence, a reluctance to make sacrifices, and a weakening of the feeling of patriotism. Power falls into the hands of the ignorant many. Instead of the destinies of the country being swayed by the wisest and best, a fickle multitude, swayed by interested demagogues, assumes the direction of affairs, and the result is inevitable—wasted powers, gross mismanagement, final ruin."

- George A. Henty, The Young Carthaginian, 1887