Sunday, December 15, 2013

If Anything Can Stop A Third World War, This Will Be It

Solar paint is going to change the world if/when it arrives

The need for global governance is based on myths of scarcity and the need to centrally control resources.

Do you know why psychotics always love talking about lifeboats, lifeboat captains and the need to decide who will survive and who will die? They dream about the sensation of throwing people overboard and the rich flood of dopamine it triggers in their brains when they visualize doing so. It is that simple.

No scarcity and human beings could get by on about 10% of the government they have now. Would never miss'em. Simply reform drug law to the standards that were held in 1910 and the government could not justify its large standing internal armies of law enforcement, either.

Once you've got free electricity, everything else quickly becomes free or nearly free. Free electricity and desktop manufacturing and in ten years, politicians will be pushing shopping carts along the highway full of dirty linen with hand-lettered signs on the front reading WILL GOVERN FOR FOOD. I would laugh last and laugh best to see it on that day.

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Melonhead said...

More info for the curious:

If you want to fund a Thal homeland, work on this tech.

Or, work on developing plants that can be planted directly in the Martian soil (jumping-off point for info: and patent them. You aren't going to be shipping tons of food via rocket for people and livestock in large extraterrestrial colonies, and large greenhouses that cover thousands of acres seem unrealistic. So, you'll need to plant it outside, in essentially a desert, that can get very cold, with low atmospheric pressure, and able to withstand exposure to increased UV and other cosmic radiation. I would use potatoes as a base for starters.

If Martian settlement proves unfeasible, Thals can settle Marie Byrd Land with minimal violence. And, the potatoes will grow there. If ITZ comes to pass and the glaciers creep back down the continents, the super hardy potatoes will be useful everywhere.

Both projects will generate $$ and have long term utility.