Monday, December 16, 2013

Google Is Hideously Evil

Scum purchase military robotics concern knowing it is going to be a very profitable industry

They bought the original Blogger (and this site) a while back and I have been deliberating whether or not to switch to another blog provider other than Satan's children. Are there any regular readers of Vault-Co who would oppose such a move? I will simply redirect the URL to my new site and put a redirect at the old location for a while.

I uninstalled Google browser a while back and replaced it with a neutral version of Firefox. I think I have just been procrastinating. I should have jumped Blogger earlier.

What is really creepy about it is that these supervillains control all my passwords, track all my movements on the internet and have access to all of my posts across several different media. I have just been too lazy to switch up until now.

Funny, if you snuck around peeking into the windows of strangers and recording what you saw while you spied on them, you'd be considered a pervert and a criminal. Google does same and calls it information harvesting.


lj3 said...

I would not mind. I'm surprised you've stayed on blogger this long.

I was pretty dubious about google already, considering they've done work for the state department and the NSA, but the fact Google now has military contracts terrifies me. Anyone who still believes in the "Don't be evil" mantra isn't paying attention.

Publius said...

I decided to completely leave Google a few months ago, and go to an infrastructure that I create and run myself. It's taken me longer to get there, though: I need to completely go through my google-based archives to save what I need.
Maybe I should just torpedo the whole thing, though - what % of our electronic archives is really important?

Regardless, I think it is important to take control of one's IT and information. They hook us on convenience, that is for sure.

Russell said...

And it's not just Google. All the major players are doing this.

Post-Christianity America is a breeding ground for new despots and tyrants.