Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Globowarmthinkists = Expedient Food Larders For Large Mammalian Predators During The Coming Grand Minimum

Got trapped by the unprecedented ice and cold temperatures trying to document global warming changes in Antarctic

This is like the sixth time this has happened to one of their ilk and they do not appear to be capable of learning, repeating the same meaningless theatrical expeditions over and over again.

If you are wondering how people like these managed to survive the last million years of primarily cold temperatures, the answer is easy - they didn't. Cold temperatures produce hardy conservative K-selected ubermenschen with bigger brains, more muscle and superior cognitive powers. Guys like this don't last ten minutes in those kinds of climates. If these idiots weren't rescued by people who clearly have no respect for passive Darwinism they'd be decorating the inside of glaciers come the spring thaw.

If you want to see where all this is going, watch here. You'll be really grateful the next Ice Age is starting right now. Thank God for small mercies.


Some dude said...

For the most part you have them pegged right. But I think you are making a mistake that a lot of people make with leftists. They really aren't stupid. I think they are just ego tripping, like children. They just will not grow out of their egos.

There's stupid, and then there is beyond stupid. This global warming thing is beyond stupid. It's religion pretending not to be religion. Which they do because they can't handle a G-d that doesn't kiss their precious egos. It's daddy rebellion.

olebob said...

To me, Trevor and Carol look just as dumb as Clevon.

There are so many high IQ twits out there. Sure they are clever, but they do not have common sense. IMO IQ tests are missing something crucial.