Monday, December 2, 2013

Geography Has No Intrinsic Character Of Its Own

Rather it is a function of the people who live there.

I'm a perfect example. I'm a terrible hoarder. There is scarcely any place I can live that does not rapidly seem crowded. My backyard was an eyesore formerly. The places I have lived were not inherently unkempt and covered with scrap metal and building materials. Those things were there because I put them there. It was not the land itself that was a mess.

Having said that, the front of my house was clean, regularly mowed, free of any junk or trash. I knew that the side that faced the street would be unacceptable to have it look like the backyard. Some would say even these standards were low. I suspect that if I dropped my standards on these things to 1% of what they are now, I still would not have surroundings similar to those found across the entire country of Mexico. The streets are impassable and so diseased that the water itself is never safe to drink despite Mexico having some of the deepest and cleanest aquifers in the world.

Places get their character from the people who live there. Nothing else. You can't blame inanimate things for altering that living space to what seems normal to the people who live there.

You can chase nature out with a pitchfork, sir, but she will always return. Rest assured that long after you are dust, nature will reign with each creature created by God acting in accord with the nature they were given. Nothing is ever going to change that and of any possible candidates to induce change I would put "culture" dead last ... since culture was never anything but gene expression running down a groove that was most convenient.

With that in mind, the Western nations could not possibly look the way they do in the modern era but for one reason : the people who live there have a death wish. This is not even subject to analysis, it is a given constant like gravity or the speed of light.

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