Thursday, December 5, 2013

Denisovans Pushed Back By 400,000 Years

Four species of Neanderthal, three of them that looked like modern humans, not Mousterians

When we say a male or female is good looking, we mean they look like Neanderthals. When we say somebody is butt-ugly bufferilla hideous, we mean they look like Cro Magnons. People don't know that is what they mean but nevertheless that is what they are really saying. The three species of Neanderthal had wide socket receding eyes and highly symmetrical skulls, far more so than Homo Sapiens has ever had.

If you see somebody who even appears to pass some test of bisymmetry in the face, that is always Neanderthal gene expression. If the Denisovans were around 400,000 years ago living alongside the other three breeds, this simply expands on a mystery that is already demolishing the orthodoxy.


Amy said...

Why ARE the depictions of prehistoric Europeans afrocentric or akin to what modern Australian aborigines look like?

I used to think it was a form of flattery, to distinguish modern Europeans from their brutish, nasty predecessors.

Then I saw it as support for Out Of Africa and in service of negro worship.

Now I think it's a smear campaign against the people who gave rise to all of Western civilization.

Either way, it doesn't make sense that they would have african features or such dark skin. It's just not consistent with the population genetics of modern Europeans. Am I missing something?

aeolipera said...

In Koanic's forum Polymath made a facial morph for "antisocial cro mags" and someone pointed out that the morph was asymmetrical, despite averaging.

Really interesting thread.

Texas Arcane said...


Amy, there is no longer any support for Out-Of-Africa.

The original proponent of the idea has confessed in public he just made it up for political reasons.

You can generally ignore it when you see it in these articles, it is just a requirement of reporting on anything that you append the Out-Of-Africa assumption. I don't think anybody really takes it seriously any longer who is informed.

Amy said...

Then I know a lot of uninformed people. EVERYONE I know IRL believes it and believes it as the reason to let blacks run rough-shod over everything.

Rousseau's myth never really died. It infected every branch of "science" we know.

OOA is still being taught in Anthropology 101. When will academia allow it's research to filter down to the undergrads they're duping out of their future earnings for pieces of paper? I already know the answer but had to say it.

styrac said...

Here's another one

"The finding suggests that the Denisovans’ split from the Neanderthals may have occurred from 170,000 to 700,000 years ago...The sample is so old that it may have preceded the Denisovans’ split from the Neanderthals...It’s also possible that the DNA found was passed to Neanderthals and Denisovans, and then disappeared from later Neanderthals"