Saturday, November 30, 2013

When Does Fred Hoyle Get His Nobel Prize for Panspermia?

Hoyle was right.

All the orthodoxy was wrong. When you discover how easy it was to demonstrate you will never again revere people who crave authority and infallibility. It is the craven wretch who climbs high in the declining society in all the professions, including science.

When you start to understand what the real universe is like, you will realize how wonderful it really is. It is awe-inspiring and so big and so old it cannot be fathomed. Life is seeded throughout the cosmos which is infinite and unbounded by anything anywhere including time.

The mainstream acts as if they can comprehend life because somebody else invented an electron scanning microscope. They think they understand it. The truth is that nobody anywhere can understand it. Tampering with it is identical to letting a chimpanzee pull parts off a truck engine. Life is so much more than merely a higher organization of matter. It is magical, miraculous, stupendous and a certain sign that the creator is something we can appreciate but none of us will ever fully know. Whoever and whatever the supreme being is we can say with certainty that our minds are too tiny to ever describe him with much accuracy.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Vault-Co Was Way, Way Ahead Of The Rest Of The Pack

We foresaw all these developments.

This is why Vault-OS is worth finishing and deploying, not just for my own personal use but everybody else's as well. I will make my money on the master lexicon that describes how to install it and make it automate anything and everything having to do with civil defense.

Do you know what will be the different between Vault-OS and the multimillion dollar systems installed by high paid price gouging opportunists described in the article? My stuff will be free, operate on junk computers with free components and run faster and be far more robust and fault-proof. During a civil emergency, if these millionaires call their security company and get a line disconnected message, who fixes their high-tech system if it goes down? With Vault-OS, you just pop another floppy in and reinstall it - anywhere, on anything that looks remotely like a computer. No specialized hardware for SCADA, stuff you can pull off old automobile engines and scavenge together from scrap electronics.

One server for a couple hundred terminals, all of them running the barest minimum browser that was current in 1999. I have learned so much since then from simple experimentation and elimination of flawed approaches. I think back to my early experiments with these systems and I just could not see the woods for the trees back then. I have it streamlined now down to a system that is just scarcely even there.

Soon as I finish my game, big things are going to happen with Vault-OS. I reckon three weeks of intensive work and I could have it up on SourceForge as version 1.0 for review.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sapiens, Master of Genocide and Slander

Saps Scienmagists found some of the earliest bones of Neanderthals cannibalized outside of a Homo Sapiens campfire and conclude that this is proof that Neanderthals were cannibals.

What ugly slander of the dead, who cannot defend themselves and seem to be replaced by the very creatures who seem most motivated to malign their memory.

Oh, wait, has anybody ever told you that wherever the bones of a cannibalized Neanderthal have been found they were usually right in the middle of a confirmed Sapiens campsite, usually right in the fire? No? I wonder why not. Twenty seven confirmed kills in Europe alone and not one mention on public television or those cable documentaries? Wow, that is a very big omission. I wonder what the motive could be for covering all those vicious murders up in the ancient past? It paints a very bad picture of Homo Sapiens, that's why. It makes him look like a savage beast in the shape of a man who terrorized the real humans of Europe when he began his campaign of genocide in the south.

How would you feel tomorrow if you read in the paper that a couple million spear-chucking cannibal savages had appeared in the south of your country and were marching north, killing and raping and eating everything in their path, regimented like zombies, attacking by ambush in overwhelming hordes? You'd probably read about national guardsmen and heavily armed policemen overwhelmed and killed by the sheer numbers of these monsters. What would you do? Probably try to move to some remote caves high in the mountains where these creatures lack the endurance and toughness to reach. That's exactly what Neanderthals did.

They found an entire family that had been eaten right at the start of the "kill zone" (49,000+ years) and since these bones were in a cave at El Sidron, not a confirmed Sapiens site, all of a sudden it is in every newspaper on the planet as of today. An entire family eaten. The horror. So, who ate who? Read the article carefully. It looks like the entire family was eaten, so perhaps the remainder ate themselves when they finished off the others.

People who inhabit cold climates, like the Eskimos, have the strongest taboos against cannibalism you can imagine, much stronger than those of "civilized" people. Eskimos will starve before they will eat one another. Who was more likely to be the cannibal, the paleskins from the north or the new dark invaders from the south? Think about it.

There was an article in the paper today in Australia where the journalist who got this press release took wild liberties and concocted a fantastic narrative of a wild story about a family eating it's own members over a feud and added all kinds of rich details that are nowhere to be found in the original press release. Hey, who is going to fact-check this stuff? These people have been extinct for a long time and are not around to correct anyone, right? We could say they flew around on vampire wings and bayed at the moons like dogs and who would be the wiser? After all, it is in the newspaper.

Read carefully. See the little bit about the last ones making their final stand on the Iberian Peninsula? I was planning on saving these little details for my book when I write it, THE THIRD HOMINID. Back to the sea, they probably fought to the last breath to stop the Sapiens zombie onslaught. One man killed a hundred by himself and three hundred more of the devils were right behind him. Neanderthals tried to match the spears filling their air with his superior bows and it was likely hopeless. For every arrow he could fire back, fifty spears were thrown at him. The greatest archer in the world could probably not survive long under such an attack. They fell, were eaten after the battle and their surviving women and children were taken into captivity.

Everything ... and I mean everything you think you know is wrong. Can you think of any other truth that could be a bigger threat to political correctness than the one I have just described? I can't. It overturns the foundations of all modern claims by the race that genocided these wonderful people. Their illusions about themselves cannot be sustained as more of the evidence emerges.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Media Blackout : LA Central Style Shooting Statistics in Sydney, Australia

All the crime that isn't fit to print

Prohibition didn't work either.

Manboons are not a learning animal.

Vault-Co Vindicated 25 Years After I First Said It

If you're an athlete or just a human being who enjoys living, replace your nightlight with a blue light.

It is the only frequency of light that won't disrupt your biological processes, including critical release of growth hormone, if you get up at night to go to the bathroom. I cannot overstate this enough. You need complete blackout in your room at night when you sleep and all nightlights should be blue spectrum. It won't matter to you until a couple decades later when the doctor tells you that you have cancer which I suspect is a direct result of the introduction of the electric lightbulb.

The risk of ovarian and breast cancer in women who have a streetlight outside their window that shines into their bedroom is six times that of a woman who smokes a pack a day of cigarettes. Government calls them public infrastructure but street lights should be considered sheeple killing rayguns because that is what the statistics say they are. Trust the facts.

John Ott wrote about it in the 70's and I read his obscure books in the early 90's. I noticed my results from weight training improved substantially when I replaced the light in the bathroom with a cool blue bulb. I felt bigger and my muscle tone was obviously improved within a few nights after simply putting a .99 cent blue light in my bathroom socket. Within two weeks I had put an inch on both biceps and an inch-and-a-half on both legs. When I met my wife the first time she said my quads looked like pickle barrels and I only discovered the truth about light and health five months beforehand.

Ott was possibly the greatest amateur scientist who lived in the 20th century but you notice his Wikipedia entry barely mentions it. He earned a Nobel prize about ten times over but was not of the right ethnicity/clique to receive one, being a white Christian. None need apply.

Friday, November 22, 2013

China Hits Eject Button During 'Stainian Nosedive

It should be okay. The only problem now is everybody in the 'Stain will be left holding paper that is worth less than old Chinese newspapers. Otherwise, no change.

Terminal Madness of the Endtimes Entry #82930

Sandwich bread is racist.

What if they were eating human flesh at home? Is it in poor taste if we refrain, as though there might be something wrong with that dish as a choice of entree?

Tell me why they migrated to begin with? Was there something wrong with the soil back home? Did it exude fail gas and they felt they needed to breathe win gas instead from lucky soil somewhere else? You look at some of these places they migrate from - they are pretty fantastic countries. They have fertile soils, good access to seaports, resources easily harvested for sale and pleasant weather. The only problem back home was not with the soil there at all. The soil was just fine. The problem lay elsewhere.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Does the Western Seaboard Of The United States Have A Future?

Just as the natives were leaving, California may be returned to Coyotes and Crows

Get out early! I did!

The West Coast was already turning into the third world, Fukushima may just finish it off.

Civilizations Are Organized To Provide Security For Women And Children

When they stop serving that purpose it is time to get rid of that civilization 

If the point of civilization becomes concentrating the people in one area and subjecting them to a host of restrictions that clearly compel them to be genocided, you don't need that civilization any longer. You drop it and go back to the rule of tooth and claw.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"Deformed Heads" - Always Found in Tombs of Royalty

A woman in Neolithic France.

My big breakthrough came about six years ago when I concluded that none of these skulls of Caucasians were "deformed," - they were simply the skulls of a third race that had previously gone unidentified. As long as people cling to the single race theory they will never stand a chance of comprehending any of the fossil evidence. Their own assertions are blinding them to the obvious every time they break earth looking for something.

Everything Is A-Okay In Kwanstainia

Sears is where nice affluent middle-class families used to shop. Since there are no more of those in the 'Stain, Sears is going out of business with its stock plummeting like a stone.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dogs Just Another Ripped-Off Neanderthal Asset

After cannibalizing the males and taking more than 100,000 Neanderthal females as war captives, Saps took all his domesticated animals and raised his children as their slave caste.

Homo Sapiens likes spearchucking, rape, cannibalism and fighting. He doesn't have the brains, patience or persistence to do difficult things like domesticating animals. All he needs is a can of beer and sports jersey and he's happy, being not much brighter than a shiny red button.

Those brains he stole with gang rape of Neanderthal females is fading fast. Saps is going back to that mud he came from.

Saps is a weak imitation of a real human. The real humans were the Neanderthals. Saps is just a pale shadow and he only has any tenderness in his heart at all for animals because he has a couple genes from 'Thals he acquired from rape. Like the ghoul who temporarily takes on the characteristics of those he eats, Saps has felt himself to be a man for a short while during the Holocene but this glamour won't last much longer.

Tony Abbott Kicking Commie Ass

This is my idea of leadership.

Preppers Laugh Last And Laugh Best

Preppers can afford to turn out to be wrong - can everybody else afford it when they turn out to be right?

This Is Like That Thing Vault-Co Was Talking About

Back in 2004.

It's all In Your Mind

Soon it will all be in your cellular tissues.

It is news like this that makes me want to finish up the new shelter and then weld the door shut from the inside.

Quantum Scienmagistics Is Useless Rabbinical Gibberish

Yes, we found the fundamental building block of matter, here is a Nobel Prize like Barack Obamas except bigger for twice the scienmagistical power

They didn't find a damn thing. Read the article carefully.


Physics doesn't work like this.

They are shutting down the CERN accelerator and now the usual suspects have to gin up a new round of funding somehow whilst simultaneously admitting that their entire model has fallen apart.

Sub-atomic particle physics in general is one of the second biggest scientific hoaxes in recorded history. The first is global warmthinkery.

Where is my hoverboard? I won't be holding my breath.

Higgs Boson Gets Nobel Prize, But Physicists Still Don’t Know What It Means


Nobel prizes come in cereal boxes nowadays. They give them away like party favours. Literally, anybody could get one if they could talk enough useless crapola. A Nobel prize means less than nothing they have so debauched the award.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Skynet Assigned Responsibility For Nukes

Read between the lines and you see that there is a revolution going on in military strategy and it involves long range unmanned nuclear armed bombers

Russia is having a hard time keeping up with the innovation by China and the United States.

The big difference between the fading hegemon and the emerging dragon that will destroy it is that China has a civil defense program and the U.S. doesn't. This is a huge disadvantage for the United States and has been for the past forty years. When a nuclear war exhausts itself and your team has no survivors, it means you just lost playing nuclear war. Good luck next time. Except there is no next time.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Been really busy trying to finish my game up but I had a chance to install and test this OS last night :

Real-Time Executive Manager

The Vault-OS source code is currently targeting FreeDOS, Win32 and Linux systems but this OS fully supports POSIX and BSD standards which are the only requirement to compile VOS source.

Neat to think about Vault-OS running on the same OS as satellites and military hardware. Compiles to ARM targets as well which is a very cheap 32 bit board at the moment.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Unprecedented, Undeniable Apocalyptic Changes To Solar Output

Read this article. It is full of mainstream orthodox scientific hardliners rehashing things we said ten years ago on this site.

Convinced yet? Vault-Co and Robert Felix were right. Everybody else was mostly wrong, about everything.

I have a clinically tested IQ of 183. My mind is very good at sorting through huge swaths of information which can only leave ordinary people baffled and unable to distinguish anything but the interpretation of the data given them by authority figures. My mind is better. It runs faster, cleaner, cooler and more accurately.

Everything is relative. I'm not trying to rub it in. I'm telling you that 12 years ago I developed a very active curiosity about this subject, read everything on it and the only person I found that I thought was focused on the information, not what humans said about the information, was Robert Felix. I'm not running a cult of personality about Felix or for myself. I'm telling you I read everybody else and almost all of them were full of sh*t, they couldn't see the truth even when it was under their noses. The only person I read that I knew wasn't faking it was Felix. He was also the only person I read that I guessed had studied this subject more carefully than I had. All the degrees and references and testimonials didn't impress me. Robert Felix educated me more on the way the whole system works than any other author I had ever read. I thought that his first book was incredible but his second was so transcendental he should've gotten a Nobel prize for it.

The Holocene is over. We are entering a Grand Minimum. I said it 12 years ago and have not changed my mind once in that entire time. If new information becomes available maybe I will change my estimation of the severity of the coming Ice Age.

Check out the little blurb about how this may ameliorate the effects of "global warming." I'm stuck on this planet until the mothership comes back and these are the kinds of intellects I have to share the surface with. "May help alleviate the effects of global warming." This is what these people actually believe. People wonder why I think I am brighter than these clowns. I don't think I am brighter. I am brighter. However, look at the competition I have. It is exactly like winning a gold medal at the special olympics. It doesn't prove you are not retarded. It just proves you beat the other retards.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Superstorm Hits Phillipines

10,000 Feared Dead In What May Be Worst Natural Storm On Record

Energy From The Ether

Imagine a shelter powered by background radiation

You'd be hoping for the wind to shift so you could get a heavier fallout distribution on your shelter. Finally you could run the microwave and tabletop arcade machines. Cobalt-60 salted weapons would be a major boon to shelter dwellers, permitting them to turn off power saving modes and run the lights without worrying about conservation.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Marxist Crybabies Whine About ManBearPig Hoax Exposure

Tony Abbott, our new Prime Minister, is kicking commie ass. Nice to have a warm blooded mammal for leadership for a change. 

Whiners will whine, lacking day jobs or anywhere meaningful to go during daylight hours.

When Winnarz Win : A Kwanstainian Victory

If this is what they choose for their leaders, imagine what the senseless, inert, mindlessly obedient followers are like. You can't tell me there aren't a lot of people who will breathe sighs of relief when they see incoming missile contrails in the morning sun. Finally, they will think.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Another Breakthrough In Solar Paint!

Sounds like this stuff is really going to make it to market.

Between innovations like this and the newly patented water desalinization chip, I can't see any way the same assholes can stay in charge without whipping up a bunch of wars, each one worse than the last to justify their existence. The technology is going to push decentralization of resources right into the backyard of each individual human being and they just are not going to need as much government as they have in the past. If they can also provide for their own defense, shelter and long term food the entire rationale for big government starts to evaporate and a world government would be simply unnecessary even for the most devoted adherents of the State.

If they don't start wars they are going to end up pushing shopping trolleys down the highway with hand lettered signs on the front reading WILL GOVERN FOR FOOD. They will go from the most powerful to the least powerful people nearly overnight.

The truth about government is that it consists almost entirely of people who simply aren't good enough to get real day jobs. All their grandiose central plans and legislation for the betterment of mankind are the desperate ploys of the runts of the litter to convince themselves they are not as helpless as they seem.

All the armies of the earth and all the soldiers and their generals will never change history as much as the day you can go down to Home Depo and buy a bucket of solar paint. Honest. They all start to become irrelevant when this happens and seem like nothing more than troublemakers who cannot homestead and develop interests in life outside of killing others and stealing their stuff.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Couldn't Make It Up

Kwanstainian Krisschannity

On the other hand, she is still better than Ted Haggard.

Damn, they used to say Lutherans were confused but I never understood why until I read this.

A few short years ago, this exact same article could have been a parody piece in The Onion. Kwanstainia has fallen so far, so fast it boggles the mind.

The distance that Rome fell in 150 years, the Kwa has taken only 10.

Next up, marriages to goats and geese with the honeymoon in public.

Check out some of that doctrine she is espousing.

Also, notice how it is always individual interpretation rather than the gospels themselves, as if group consensus counted for much more than what the book actually says.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Lies, Damned Lies, Scienmagistics

The bastards have lied every word that ever came from their mouth from the cradle

It used to be just Vault-Co and Robert Felix. Now it is the whole damned planet. Who turned out to be wrong? We have not changed our stance on this issue in 13 years. The other 7 billion people changed their minds. We didn't.

Global warming is a communist fraud and the planet is on the verge of a new Ice Age. We have not changed in 13 years.

For those of you with a 13 year comprehension curve, skip the rest of this blog. You're probably still trying to lip-read your way through that bit about global warming being a communist hoax.

Ice Ages are associated with high levels of volcanism. They are dramatic conflicts of fire and ice.

Super eruptions usually kick off in responses to changes in tectonics around the time a new Ice Age begins. Ice Age transitions are associated with megafauna extinctions.

P.S. This is so stupid we couldn't make it up but were you aware the Federal Government gave permission to frack Yellowstone?!?!?

Friday, November 1, 2013


If the Western seaboard is almost uninhabitable (rumors alone could cause enormous evacuations overnight) then the Chinese will walk through the remnant of the American empire in the third world war like it was burning cardboard Potemkin villages.

Empire Of The Preverts

Jimmy Savile was the spearhead of a huge degenerate aristocracy ruling over Britain

Britain's children were their playthings

Sh*t like this doesn't happen on business premises in a vacuum.

There would at a minimum be dozens if not hundreds of people aware of what was going on. Seeing 12 year old girls going into a man's office after dark or being put in the back of a limo doesn't occur without witnesses, especially when it happens thousands of times. There was a silent majority working at the BBC, those moral paragons, who knew perfectly well what was going on. They valued their jobs much more than the lives of the peasants children. Sickly, unsound weaklings and fools. Easy to see why they'd be attracted to scumbag low-hanging fruit professions in entertainment and journalism.

If you read these accounts carefully you will understand why Homo Sapiens sexuality is so utterly busted, as if it ever worked. Runts of the litter like Savile, who would not make a good warrior, a good provider, a good mate or a good father run a sort of spoils system and have been doing so for 40,000 years. The way that Saps sexuality works assuredly promotes the survival of the weakest, most unfit and most damaged at the expense of the better. It is also the reason that Saps could never have produced what little brain mass he has as a result of that kind of breeding selection.

New Generation Vault Suit Jumpers Will Be Quantum Leap Over Early Prototypes

They will heat and cool wearers in a variety of settings.

Can't wait to get to work on this next gen stuff after I finish my game up. My early experiments in biometrics with Vault-OS integration were very cool but I know how to do it even better the next time around. New biometric sensors have complete integration with simple CANBus interfaces and do everything except send the data.

China Announces Cull of Kwanstainian Herd May Be In The Cards

Poor yanks are like horses, so dumb they are happy

Goofy smiles all around at incoming ballistic trails.

The John Birch society warned people about all of this. They were laughed at. People thought the very idea the Chinese would someday have a nuclear fleet of submarines to be in the realm of science fiction. The only part left of the proposition is the far-out fantastic notion that the Kwa has a future.