Saturday, August 10, 2013

World War Z

Kwanstainia, Land of the Undead

Flatlining mentally. See if we can get the relatives to grant permission to pull the plug. 100% brain dead vegetables cradle to grave.

Forcible relocation and genocidal depopulation programs percolating in White House, a clear violation of existing law both in the Constitution and the United Nations Charter of Human Rights.

Just making up legalese off the cuff that is crazy as a sack of ugly cats

A third world sewer you would not kennel a dog in

The State : Murderer of Children, A Home Wrecker and Nation Destroying Machine

I don't use drugs and I cannot believe a child could be taken by force from their parents because they engaged in casual marijuana use. It is not that I approve, rather that knowing how imperfect the world is I am astonished to think the State could be a monster capable of such arrogance to think that would give them the right to separate a child from her parents.


olebob said...

This is what they are doing to Whites in America and everywhere else:

AntiRacist Hitler

Grognard said...

One step from forced interracial marriages.

I was poking around and learned that the melonhead prime e1b1 haplogroup identity is the samaritans.

Now "good samaritan" is meant to be an oxymoron that makes the story more poignant, so this really makes some sense. If you trace back then you find they are...worshippers of nergal. Also the sun and snake and plague god.

Which is obviously the same as your serpent priests.

Also, it occurs that saint patrick drove the snakes out of ireland in legend but there were no snakes. I always thought this was a bit of dramatic license except guess what? With this new info I found even more links to sun worship and perhaps to nergal, in Ireland.

Mind. Blown.

I thought maybe you were kind of on to something but it is seeming more and more to simply be 100% unmitigated fact. I don't think there's anyone who was more looked down on in the bible than the samaritans and looking at the hittites and nergal and the stuff they did in egypt under another name, no wonder.

Edward said...

The Ancient Mystic Order of Samaritans
"We never sleep"

hmm, wouldn't a fez would be good way to cover up an elongated skull?...

Grognard said...

Wow, that would be bizarre. Take off the hat and the head remains the same!

Grognard said...'s your third hominid.

Similarity to skulls in ancient malta, and eaters of human brains and mutilators of females.

When they say "negroid" they are talking about neanderthallike features.

The defining characteristic of real africans are easy to spot. Long legs. Teeth with NO striation/perikymata. Globular skull shape.

So this is just like the skulz and qualfaz skulls, by the description.

Which must be the e1b guys who were later on universally despised as the samaritans and whose modern members include hitler and stalin. Though this is modern day jerusalem the Js which include jews probably developed in east africa and south arabia.