Friday, August 2, 2013

VAULT-OS : Does Microsoft LAN Manager for DOS have fastest TCP-IP access in the world?

There's a trick to it. When you know it, it flies. It seems faster and more responsive to server requests than anything in Linux or Windows. All that top-heavy crapola does not get in the way. There is not much of an operating system to the Disk Operating System. There is also not much to break down or go awry or lock up.

If you go to this page, you will see the secret is using a parameter called a CHAINVEC for the DIS_PKT shim you insert into LANMAN to provide packet driver access.

Once this has been turned on, web pages in my DOS-32 server pop up as quickly as the Lua-based cgi can write them into the buffer. They pop on the browser whether the server is running as localhost or remote. The speed is remarkable. This also goes for the UPNP network running in the background over UDP.

I have talked about this before. If you have never heard this rant you may find it interesting, otherwise you can ignore this post.

There are DOS machines that have run gas pumps for 25+ years without ever failing. DOS applications in Desqview were built by Admiral Rickenbacher for the most important Cold War devices, including navy buoys in the North Sea designed to detect submarines. DOS has run on elevator systems for 30+ years without a hitch in some buildings. DOS based embedded boards have monitored pipelines in remote areas without maintenance for decades at a time. People have discovered DOS machines running underground in mines literally forgotten by everybody at the site because they simply kept doing the job they were intended to do without requiring any patches, upgrades, maintenance work, replacement parts, reboots or redesigns. If the squeaky wheel is the one that gets the grease, DOS must be a frictionless system because nobody ever has to oil it.

DOS is the quiet achiever. It is the operating system everybody has forgotten about. Everybody is too sophisticated for it, it has fallen into the wake of the embedded industry. Always all this pseudo-marxist "progressive" crap when the only thing that counts is this - what is the MTBF? (Mean Time Before Failure) DOS clearly has all of them beaten by a wide margin.

Advocates of Linux, Mac and Windows all constantly argue about how less error-prone, fault-proof or reliable their systems are without realizing that all their operating systems are dwarfed by the monolithic power and stability of DOS based dedicated devices.

As a contractor, I can assure you that one of the most important reasons that engineers keep insisting that this or that new thing must replace the old is that they need to keep churning up business. If everybody built with DOS, a lot of embedded engineers would probably starve. It simply doesn't fail.

I have been working with embedded devices for eight years solid now and have spent hundreds of hours experimenting with every configuration you could think of. It is true that Linux or FreeBSD are far superior for high availability than any other operating system ... except DOS.

My motivation is not to make money by creating work through contrived complexity and then to charge money for the time it takes to sort through all this complexity. It's a good living for a lot of people but if you were to look closer you would see their interest is in manufacturing a livelihood.

My motivation in the design of VAULT-OS is to answer one simple question :

If I wanted to design a post-apocalyptic computer that is intended to run for a century as a general purpose vault manager without failing and keep it supplied by parts that are found everywhere, how would I do it? If I was really serious about the simplicity of it, the elegance and plain vanilla accessibility of it? Without requiring any special parts, accessories or sensitive devices? A computer that would run from scrap, scavenged parts, automobile relays, thermistors made from copper wire?

This has been my overwhelming obsession for a long time. I have coded up and experimented with many, many samples to determine exactly what to expect from various approaches.

In my opinion, nothing exceeds DOS. It is the ideal bedrock upon which to construct a post-apocalyptic computing device.

My build of Vault-OS also currently compiles to Windows, where I do a lot of my work out of convenience. I personally plan to deploy it in my next shelter as a DOS-based military grade hardened board with EMP shielding. I will probably use the ancient of days, the NCD 451 Explora thin client devices as my remote terminals. I aim to install it and leave it running for 20 years without even having to reboot it, that's my target for MTBF.


Online Predator said...

Cool. Cool summer( i just wanted to say that!). Anyway, thats true in many fields / things, that TPTB simply want to make money, so they keep producing Noo Shite just because, and also from this comes the plaque called ; planned obsolescence. I also wanted to ask you or anyone here, if you could recommend the best possible Anti-Virus program for me ?!. Norton is a disaster.

Texas Arcane said...

Norton is junk! I am taking it off all my machines and have switched to VIPRE. It's excellent, non-obtrusive and gives you a lifetime license instead of renting you security for your own computer until your money runs out.

Online Predator said...

I see. TY, i´ll look into that then !. And ps. i have been "expired" or without a license for about 2 years. That is indeed low, to keep ppl hanging on like this. It´s like having to pay monthly for the tires on your car, no money = no tires !.

Grognard said...

I've done a lot of network programming. It's shocking how bad people are about it and how much more bloated everything has become.

The Great and Powerful Oz said...

Since you are constantly looking for reliability, have you taken a look at Elixir yet? It runs on top of the Erlang VM and provides an easier syntax to write in as well as lots of very useful tools.

Keep up the good work!