Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The 'Stain Prepares For Final Mega Winnarz Victory

The crows will pick at their radioactive skeletons for a century.

Constitution meaningless, emperor declares war at random without congressional approval

Empires always die this way, but this time the barbarians will be packing nukes

Next shelter is emphasing shielding over blast strength. I'm driving this one deep, too. When they hit 3 meters with that backhoe I'm going to tell them that is a good start, come back tomorrow and finish digging it out another 6 meters. The Russians are rumored to have upgraded the Death Hand with more cobalt recently as a deterrent to U.S. aggression worldwide. For the first year you'll be able to suntan your teeth by just opening the hatch and smiling.


samhuih said...

You had mold problems last time. Maybe you need to plan for extra ventilation. A good idea would to put a cyclone dust separator into the ventilation intake. Like the ones in vacuum cleaners.

Also think about making the exhaust higher than the intake for a chimney effect. You may not have electricity. A tubular pipe to extend higher up in the air added to the exhaust would help this. The exhaust pipe wouldn't have to be installed all the time. It could be stored and installed if power goes out or needs to be conserved.

Kearney(Nuclear War Survival Skills" book) fans could also be stored in the shelter.

olebob said...

You guys seen this website? Opinions?

Matthew Richter said...

Tex, I've been doing a bit of mold patrol on a few farm houses lately, I'm charging $25ph. Anyhoo I guess you would have tried this, first scrub the surface with a 50/50 mix of Chlorine and Water or undiluted Chlorine if money is no object, then rinse the surface then scrub again, rinse. I then wait for the surface to dry. Finally I fill an atomizer with undiluted Ammonia and spray a generous coat across the dry surface. I use this method at home and it keeps the Black Mold well at bay. But then the environment you're dealing with is different to open air surfaces.

olebob said...

War is a Racket by Smedley Butler

Texas Arcane said...


In darkness without air circulation, a single spore of mold can survive to restore the original colony and more as soon as it finds something to eat which can sometimes be nothing more than some damp air.

This is why for underground spaces the only thing that is reliable is ozonation. Even after you ozonate to kill a bad infestation you have to keep air circulating through it after that or it will usually come back somehow.

Texas Arcane said...


Passive circulation is going to be built-in this time. This way, even if powered environmental control goes down, there will still be passive air flow no matter what if the valves are open.

I made this mistake the last time by assuming powered ventilation would be on around the clock.

You have to give a huge leeway for the unexpected in these things, like the fact one of my hatches leaked in the rain. I will also be designing my entrances this time around to make sure that never happens again. No hatches facing the sky, ever again.

samhuih said...

Oops. I guess I should have added info to those who don't know about the book," Nuclear War Survival Skills". It's a great book. It has a lot of useful information. Good to look at if you go camping also.
Here's a link to the "Kearny Air Pump" an easy to make air pump.

On this page is blast shelter design and a very nice blast valve that automatically closes(3/4 way down the page for the valve).

Even very simple low cost shelters can protect you. Simple. cheap.

The whole book is available for free in many places. I bought my hard copy in 1982.

PrairieSage07 said...

Anyone got ideas for shelter designs for those of us on budgets?

We are set for food, defense, books, etc... just lack a shelter (other than a huge basement)...