Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Paradigm = Shattered

Read this.

Thanks to Vault-Co visitor who posted this link.

Seriously, I would have thought 100% correlation. Shows how much I know. I have always thought it 100% genetic. I've never met anybody I didn't think must have been born like that.

Also, the studies revealing shifts over time in practice. Wild stuff. I actually enjoy it when my preconceptions get changed around. Will have to think about this a little. Notice it is the combined conclusion from three independent studies.

11% is nothing, it is not even statistically significant.

Also, turns out scripture was right after all. That's not the first time it happened. Whooda thunkit. It is a choice. I notice that scripture always turns out to be right, except not necessarily in the way that men claim. It turns out to be right in a much more profound sense than humans could have even imagined.


sykes.1 said...

It's still not a choice. Over at West Hunter,

they propose that is the result of an interuterine infection.

Gays are so obviously gay, even those who haven't come out, that the free choice idea simply won't fly.

Edward said...

Far more likely it is intrauterine hormonal variations and epigenetic expression than straight DNA.

That doesn't make it a 'choice', and more than digit ratio is a 'choice'.

You said yourself you reckon your exposure to Drano altered your gene expression.

Sure, it's a choice whether they act on it or not, but the feelings are probably not something they can do much about, and it seems like it causes people more harm in the long term to have to live a lie.

Some dude said...

If the twins are raised in similar environment then that kills the nurture possibility as well.

It's a choice, but like everything else, a choice based on other factors.

Some dude said...

If the twins are raised in similar environment then that kills the nurture possibility as well.

It's a choice, but like everything else, a choice based on other factors.

Jonathan said...

There's also the "gay germ" hypothesis, i.e. "obligate male homosexuality is caused by a pathogen, likely a virus." For the reasons why this hypothesis is plausible:

olebob said...

Senator Lyndsey Graham certainly has that quality:

Mex Arcane said...

Shouldn't an interuterine infection affect both twins?

This finding will make the usual suspects a little madder at Putin's recent ban on the promotion of homosexuality to minors - now all the more significant.

Grognard said...

Neanderthal attributes include a higher likelihood of homosexuality and bisexuality. Neanderthal derived traits such as hand and arm strengh, left handedness, morton's toe, red hair, ambidexstrousness, extra vertebrae/long torso with short thick legs etc.

But genetic correlations are never 100%. Hair and eye color can vary a lot even in people with the exact same genes.

Height and IQ also vary with the same genetic code. There's only about a .5 correlation for any intelligence related genes. So genes should probably be seen as a potential to grow in a certain way not a guarantee.

For most mental illness it's also 50% or less correlation between twins. For crap like depression and anxiety the definitions are wishy washy but for schizophrenia it's pretty easy to tell someone is hallucinating.

There's also a big correlation between being 3rd 4th 5th child and homo tendencies.

Put this together and you figure out it's developmental. Also neanderthal genes that survive in greatest abundance are the ones relating to the immune system. There's a complicated and very effective process of gene imprinting that goes on in some western europeans that is absent from most of the world and strongly protects the child from illness.

In general this is probably the biggest reason you get a higher IQ in many children and less fuckups, but the price of this is that epigenetic gene expression can lead to homosexuality which increases the more children the mother has had and therefore the more chance the process can go awry.

So it seems it's more of a developmental thing like in how your brain grows. People would scream to call it a disease but really that's exactly what it is, a developmental disease that's not curable (maybe treatable a bit?). But for me they can do whatever they like, just stop with the hate and bitterness towards religion etc., honestly no one even cares or notices them. Guess what? Teenagers are mean to everyone, get over it.

Grognard said...

Also there's the greek toe with short big toe, there's the egyptian toe and there's the roman toe which is in between.

All peking man (the only REAL homo erectus) are egypt foot. All "cro magnon" are, and all neandethal are greek foot.

If you look at the faces that seem highly stylized in french protraits that are NOT or royalty ie the saints, joan of arc, etc you see all the basquelike neanderthal derived features. I used to think that was an artistic style but that "style" is similar everywhere there is high neanderthal DNA %, it's just the same as the classic greeks.

Now the preclassic greeks and macedonians were admixed with the nordic invaders with I2 lines, but the heraclian greeks were re conquering lost territory when they took down the mycenanians and formed classical greece, or really, reformed it.

You can tell this by skulls, toes, and now it's confirmed but hilariously disputed by all the greeks, who claim they were always short fat bellied toads with bad complexion and who would want to be anything else. And good complexion WITHOUT being delicate and dry skinned is also a neanderthal attribute due to the much superior immune system.

Whole of anatolia, before that was the same lineage. You can tell because though it's now overrun with J2 and E1b1 and other random stuff, on haplomaps all the ancient low level r1a and r1bs radiate out RIGHT from the center of anatolia. The kurds still retain that same linege as well, showing how things used to be before 1500 years of arabian penninsula manboon congo party.

olebob said...

Gay sailor proposes to boyfriend during Conn. dock reunion; social media comments say ‘Yuck’

lol at Amerika.

olebob said...

Airmen Punished for Objecting to Gay Marriage

lol @ Amerika