Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Kwanstainia 2013 A.D. = Rome 410 A.D.

Listen to this.

Right before the Visigoths under Alaric threw the mother of all bongo parties on the steps of the Capitol.


Ted Walther said...

Tex, I think you are out by 300 years.

According to the prophet Daniel (vs 8:14) the Temple won't be rebuilt in Jerusalem for another 423 years. A bunch of Revelation and other prophecies can't take place until that happens.

Emperor Nero, AD 50, was practicing gay marriage in public, to widespread approval. Until now, none of the American consuls have openly come out as gay. I think we are reaching the AD 50 point. Still another 400 years to go. The Roman Empire didn't peak until 50 years after Nero, in the reign of Trajan.

But, every cycle of time has its variations. You may be right. But I'm not betting on it. We are not yet at the point where people are so obsessed with football that they'd ignore foreign armies rolling in just because the game is on. That really happened during the Visigothic march through the empire. You could travel for days without finding a living person or animal, or a structure that wasn't burnt to the ground, so thorough was the sweep. Yes, it would have been very nice to have a vault during the fall of Rome.

Ethiopia used to be a feared world power. The next wave of Barbarians may well sweep out of Africa. I've kept my ear to the ground, and the rumblings in Africa are similar to the rumblings that came from the Goths and Huns before they swept through Rome.

samhuih said...

I keep hoping people will wake up but I'm not so sure they will. It's very close to the time when White's become a minority.
Still haven't finished my vault yet. My backhoe is such a piece of junk, though it beats a shovel( I keep reminding myself), that it's taking forever. I'm beginning to panic that I may not ever get it done. Should be able to get it running this week then pull it for another job for a couple weeks then hopefully back on track.
The negros will never be organized enough to dominate. They are dangerous as mobs though.

Louis said...

Cleve: have you seen these yet? Russia knows which way the wind is blowing.

Ted: what sources do you rely on to keep up with Africa?

Ted Walther said...

samhuih: look up "mfekane". read up the history of Shaka zulu. Look up "Ethiopia" in the Bible.

Finally, read what the Roman historians had to say about the Germans of their day. They described them the same way Westerners described the American tribes and Africans.

Louis: personal contacts, black and white, combined with historical awareness.

Ave said...

Louis : very interesting video.

The project is exactly what is needed to "win" a nuclear war, even with no humans around.

Problem is, in 3D everything works fine.

In reality, helicopters are being pushed to the sea to make room on the aircraft carrier for more from Saigon... Just sayin' (Not even mentionning Afghanistan or something)

So the guys looking at powerpoint presentations may well think "we don't need humans after all, let's first make them harmless theough slums, and then kill them off. (Standard NWO stuff)

Except it doesn't work that way.