Saturday, August 31, 2013

In a Sea of Evil, Sometimes Good Still Wins

It has the power of the truth on its side and all the lies in the world cannot stand against that light

All psychopaths and sociopaths have the truth as their enemy. It is anathema to their aims. No matter how dumb people get, you still can't fool all of the people all of the time. Not yet, anyway.

Finally, the British people just got fed up with all the bullsh*t. Wish we saw more days like this one.


Grognard said...

It's like people praying to god when they are at the brink of a cliff. They always knew what was right but it takes near-inevitable doom to bring them in line, and frankly I think it's too late for EU and for UK in particular. I don't think nukes will be going off any time soon, they'll just wish someone would nuke it all and have done with it, and the progenitors of all this will be wiped from the earth more surely than most. All those london bankers have set up an environment their children's successive generations will have no hope to flourish in.

olebob said...

Wave goodbye to global warming, GM and pesticides

This is why the left always gets it wrong. Even if they are right they always base their scare arguments on technology standing still.

Chunkations said...

Sorry to be off topic, but have you seen shaun of the dead?
For someone who has aspergers it seems like the movie is about a heroic guy called David whose questioning of stupid decisions leads to hostility and derision from the sapiens.

Grognard said...

olebob don't fall for the idea that GMO foods make higher yields, that's a lie. They were high yield before there was any sort of genetic engineering. They have sort of tacked themselves on to prior work done by a lot of good people. The only "positive" thing GMO does is to add roundup resistance, encouraging farmers to blast away with roundup to their heart's content. Of course it's a fool's paradise as not only does roundup itself cause issues, and not only does the modification make it harder to absorb nutrients when you eat it, and not only does it stimulate glial glands and make people hungrier and fatter, but of course the weeds eventually catch on and having 100% roundup resistant pokeweed means it's soon to be 100% useless.

And high yield is not what we need anyway. We have plenty of farmland, we don't have enough water for it though, and high yield plants use way more water. So again it doesn't benefit society, or even farmers, just monsanto at the cost of everyone else.

olebob said...

A croco-whale washed up on the beach in Japan.