Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Freedom of Speech Not Tolerated In Kenya

In Kenya, the idea of commoners being allowed to satirise and ridicule public figures is anathema. You don't speak anything bad about your rulers.

On the other hand, it is a tradition that is centuries old in Europe and America. Notice where people migrate from -> to.

You'd think a "constitutional lawyer and teacher" would know that. At least, if there was any evidence he ever attended a college or taught a class. I have seen no such evidence. I have seen no evidence he ever showed up at any of the colleges he claimed to have graduated from. We don't know because his first act was to seal his own records in the interest of "national security."

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Grognard said...

This is what happens when you can't separate your emotions from your thought process. It makes any semblance of civilization or progress impossible.

Been reading a lot of archaeology lately and it amazes me how out there people get trying to justify the awesomeness of their tiny slice of the world no one cares about. For example the west readily acknowledges all of europe was totally conquered/colonized by the indo europeans, but suggest they moved an inch east and oh how they scream.