Saturday, August 3, 2013

Fascinating. Must Listen To This Guy!

Excellent summary of the battle between orthodoxy and the evidence.

Terrific points raised by this guy:

1. We know the original pyramid casing was used by locals to build structures with - but did they crawl up there and peel it off, or was it laying around the base of the pyramids when they arrived?

2. One of the truly far out theories that circulate amongst ancient nuclear war advocates is the suggestion that conquering armies detonated mini-nukes inside of pyramids to destroy the tombs of their rival pharaoh melonheads. If you listen to the guy, he points out that the evidence says some very powerful bombs were set off from the inside, not the outside of these granite, not limestone structures. People might have cut precision blocks from limestone with bronze age tools (perhaps) but they sure as hell did not cut hairline granite custom fitted blocks with those tools. Egyptologists want so badly to assign responsibility to the primitive people who live there today they go to great lengths to prevent any examination of the walls of deeper tombs.

3. Something happened about 12,000 years ago to give the whole planet a massive case of amnesia. Humans act like traumatized domesticated slaves who were suddenly cut off from their real masters and had very little capacity to survive on their own. They are very similar to servants who have fled a burning house and have been so badly traumatized they can't explain to you what started the fire or what happened to the original owners.


Grognard said...

I like the world history version where people go from most advanced civilization in the world to goat herders better, much more far out there.

Yep, everything has been just like it was the last 20k years, endless barbarians and natural disaster have had no effect on the middle east, indus valley, etc. etc. And all those huge stone cities were made in the middle of deserts for some reason, how wild.

samhuih said...

Just so people know. Large granite perfectly cut stones are easily explained. Search for Geopolymers. Here's one link of many.

Bombs inside the pyramids? Militarily that just seems silly. To what end?
The burnt look inside the pyramids would easily be explained by 2000 years of torch soot.

It appears that the pyramids were made of rough cut stone in the lower portion with cast stone for the upper, hard to reach areas and the casing. In breached areas of the pyramids you can see the different stone types.

As for moving heavy stones this guy does it all the time and made a hobby of it. He has estimates of time for moving large stones that show that a small number of people, compared to wildly inflated estimates, could have moved all the rough cut stones.

There does seem to be some massive destruction about 12,000 years. What about all the crush mammoth bones? I think some have been mixed with fish bones showing a huge flood. Terrible no one really researches these things in a systemic manner. A few people write down what they see but there seems to be no follow up.

Grognard said...

There's a theory the granite is a kind of concrete because it has some unusual properties like an aligned matrix and sweating which granite doesn't do but concrete does do. Would make pyramids go from nigh impossible to easy in a few simple steps.

Of course when you realize these were not deserts but lush edenlike mass population center it makes more sense, too.

Grognard said...

speaking of orthodoxy this one made me laugh. Look at the haplomaps and you will see how obvious it is that r1a radiates out of anatolia in spite of a big dead spot where the arabs wiped out the original inhabitants, and look at the lame apologists.

Similarly, the Dieneke guy himself is blind to how the thracians were nordic. Like blondness just randomly happens, just like red hairedness randomly happens, too. Nothing to do with the original inhabitants of those areas. The Y-DNA is basically your father's father's fathers. So if you have the same ancestry as nords or central europeans it boggles my mind you claim to be something else.

Penrose said...

Have you heard of this?

Edward said...

Yep, seems to be a similar story.
But Jaynes estimated that the great loss occurred only ~3000 years ago, not 12,000.

Is everyone left just groping in the dark, or do some people still have 'it'?
Are the people that appear to have
'it' just pretending?