Thursday, August 8, 2013

Asymmetry in Systems is a Sign that They Are Behaving Unusually

Sun's magnetic reversal is apparently due, this time it is curiously lopsided in a way scientists have not seen in recorded memory

Do lopsided solar reversals trigger magnetic excursions or reversals on Earth? Of course they do. Exactly when and how, nobody can be certain of. What is known is that the entire system is acting in a unique, chaotic and unexpected way that has not been previously observed.

We are headed for a Grand Minimum. It is underway right now. In retrospect, historians will howl with laughter at the global warming cult. If they had only known what was in store for them.

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Grognard said...

Interestingly, even though it's generally warm in east asia chinese and japanese show the greatest signs of cold-acclimitization than anyone else on earth.

There's also a single "asian" gene which causes the differences to their hair, eye, and breast size that came under recent heavy selection. All of these are just side effects to the main purpose which is to provide more sweat glands to help with heat.

That implies that they came from an extreme cold environment and had to suddenly adjust to great heat. Which makes no sense except if you remove the 23 degree tilt, what happens? The north pole is suddenly in tibet....