Saturday, August 24, 2013

Accounts Of Giant Ruling Classes

All of them here very recently. This isn't ancient history. It was practically last week in historical time. The evidence is they were running the planet without much opposition until as recently as 3000 years ago when a lot of them were deposed from Sumeria and Mesopotamia and went into exile in Khazaria.

The indians showed blankets made of red hair to the newest arriving explorers from Europe and told them they had literally just missed these assholes, their ancestors had fought and killed or drove off the last of them only a generation prior. Their heads were shorn and thousands of blankets were made of the hair of these giants as a token of their victory. It was said to be one of the few things that could have united the disparate indian tribes and when they lapsed back into quarreling it was only because they no longer had a common enemy in these cannibalistic, highly intelligent red haired giants.


samhuih said...

I believe there were different types of giants. Chief Tuscaloosa and the other Indian types were large men 7 to 8 feet tall. The red haired ones I believe were Bigfoots. They sound like it anyways. Eating raw meat and going naked. I think the Bigfoots now are in hiding after they were nearly wiped out by coordinated attacks by smaller Men.

samhuih said...

This is a little off topic but people that read the vault will understand. I just ran across a good article. It's about melonheads in Peru. Archive link,

From this link,

Of great interest to me is that the book mentioned,"Peruvian Antiquities by Mariano E. Rivero and John James Von Tschudi, M.D." is on the web. I found two different scanned copies. Maybe this interest others.

Grognard said...

There's a lot of tales of conquistadors fighting them, too. I think one explorer kept a body of one supposed to be 9 foot tall on his ship til the smell was overwhelming. He should have salted it or put it over the side in the water to pickle (in barrels or something).

Almost all of the peoples of america were wiped out by disease and conquistadors didn't kill anyone who didn't fight them. But yet they still find uninhabited large cities in the jungles that were wiped out by disease though no one european has layed eyes on them til now.

If these giants were an ancient form of man they'd have even less resistance to european diseases. Even today for the remote tribes all it takes is contact of someone with the flu and BAM that's the end of the tribe.

Since even a lot of nonhuman animals in the americas got wiped out that way, no surprise it would happen to these guys. Even if they are not really human in the sense we think about it. That's my theory about bigfoot anyway assuming it's not all lies (and anything from last 30 years obviously is, bigfoot is just extinct now even if ever existed). Same would apply here.

If anything this has more credibility than bigfoot, though. How could these native americans from peru to the eskimos have the same kind of stories?

styrac said...

Fred Hoyle right again, scienmajists wrong. Life flourished on Mars billion years ago:

"This form of molybdenum couldn't have been available on Earth at the time life first began, because three billion years ago the surface of the Earth had very little oxygen, but Mars did. It's yet another piece of evidence which makes it more likely life came to Earth on a Martian meteorite, rather than starting on this planet," Benner said."

Grognard said...

I think it's more likely life came whole either through panspermia or mars asteroid injection. Lots of stuff can survive in space indefinitely and all evidence shows animal life evolved from a single cell that all life comes from (for example all dna twists the same direction).

Of course we also have macroviral cells now and similar weird stuff quite unlike standard life, but that proves the point of common ancestry of everything else.

Chunkations said...

Each tribe was ruled by a single male giant, so each giant wanted his own harem, so the giants just bred themselves out of existence. Where are the giant women?

Chunkations said...

After reading the whole article (oops)
I see there were women and tribes of giants.
Quite an amazing story.

Grognard said...

There's archaeological evidence of lots of 8 foot people as well. Which would be about one in a billion in height. But amusingly anthropologists poo poo this as being in the normal human range. Ok.