Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Vault-Co Called It In 1997

Thank you. 

The elite have always been instrumental in building up potential enemies from rags to riches for centuries. You can't have proper enemies unless you are willing to fund them as startups. The great thing about enemies is that you can position them between yourselves and angry peasants seeking to storm the Bastille and find out where all those mortgage payments went.

The melons keep the big enemies in reserve for big wars when the shadow of their crimes starts to grow too long over the nations they rule. The difference this time around is that the enemies will be packing nuclear weapons instead of spears and they have deeper vaults than any of the peasants they will be deployed against. The only loser in this equation is the rube in the middle. Everybody else around him wins big time when they open the floodgates of war.


The Lab Manager said...

I think this sums it up:

Grognard said...

And each of the generals involved, for each meeting, flies in his own personal jet. With personal bodyguards that make the secret service look like nancy boys, personal secretaries and an entourage that puts snoop dog to shame.

And that's all they do, whiz around to conferences and stay in accomodations better than 5 star hotels like they are celebrities or something.

styrac said...

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