Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Harvestmen, Ancient Communal Spiders

I have been overcome by fascination for this creature for the past couple of weeks.

They are arachnids of enormous antiquity who live together in colossal underground warrens with not only their own kind but also any mildly related species. This seems to be some kind of collective defense against cold temperatures, the same way ants use their consolidated body heat to warm their hives.

They have been large enough at times in history to qualify for monster movies and at other times not much bigger than your fingernail. They are the consummate survivalists of all the spiders, lasting through great extinction waves that got nearly everything else.

Although they are almost never venomous, they can exude noxious gases which would be of obvious utility in repelling invaders of their deep burrows.

They seem to go in for different varieties of food storage like ants, with the exception they wrap up meals in waterproof webbing cocoons so they can last many years if they need a snack.

All these creatures need is Vault-OS to organize their hives and they would doubtless rule the planet. Notice how species who pursue Vault strategies always seem to outlast every other approach.

Kwanstainia, Land of Fail and Decline

Because the true winnarz know they are winnarz.

They helped Asia to get on it's feet with their purchasing power back when they had money, good for them! Now everyone can be winnarz, except for the land of winnarz. Even the former communists are cleaning their clock.

Globalism proves that globalism works. Diversity is for winnarz who know how to be the winnarz. Keep listening to those Frankfurt school economics, Kwanstainia, just look how good it has been working out for you so far. You are truly the winnarz now. Great move selling off all your primary industries and printing more fiat currency.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Everything Is Fine

Sure it is.

That is why drone technology with crowd control mechanisms fitted is the hottest selling technology in the world right now.

Because everything is fine. Finally, a reverse atrocity the media can cover. Sometime necessary to wait a couple of decades or so.

IDIOCRACY in the White House

The Obamas are an incredibly tacky couple of people who have made an absolute mockery of the White House on a daily basis since they got in there.

UPDATE : Media has to edit her speech for her in order to conceal the fact she is severely retarded

I don't know if you have seen the pics of Michelle Obama getting aboard Air Force One in skintight leopard fur pants. You couldn't make this stuff up. The sheer vulgarity of these two is difficult to grasp when you compare them to previous "Presidents." (I don't consider Barack Obama to even be legally qualified for the office and he proves it with a wife who acts like this in public.)

Friday, February 22, 2013

VOS : More Experiments With Mongoose

I got up early this morning and tinkered with my hybrid Mongoose-VaultOS code a little more. I was able to get a simple Lua script to run as a daemon reading the CANBUS values at startup off the USB adapter.

It was working so well I sort of questioned the idea of using my much-lauded mailslots altogether. My primary reason for pursuing mailslots as an IPC has been the notion I would open source the code and let people write their own custom daemons for Vault-OS as they preferred for whatever hardware they wanted to support.

Once you have a Lua script running in a multithreaded scripted environment, the whole idea of mailslots (a box that receives messages from another separate process running on the same machine) starts to seem somewhat redundant. It is great for systems like PVBROWSER but in the code I have running now you have to wonder if people would much prefer the flexibility of writing their own Lua scripts instead of other processes.

It is funny how I worked on this for months in my own code (and provided ample evidence in screenshots I had this system running) and with only a couple of hours adapting Mongoose I have a far superior system operating now. Technically with Lua scripting it could be far more modular, as simple as looking in a file directory to see what scripts are there with certain naming conventions.

All I can say is that my extensive work on my own code enabled me to recognize that it was crap compared to what I have now. It also enabled me to further understand the basic principles involved in what I am trying to create and how to best implement it. Mongoose with SQLite and Lua is absolutely a winner. It is way better than what I was constructing using WebIO and mailslots.

More Huxley Than Orwell

I wish I was making up this stuff but in fact all I am doing is posting the link.

I think people with Neanderthal genetics grieve much longer and take a greater deal of time to absorb emotional insults of all kinds. It is because he/she is a small tribe animal designed for lifelong bonds, sincere attachments and genuine friendships. Emotional scars are likely to be deeper and never heal over as they do in Homo Sapiens. I think this is intimately tied in with survival in cold weather climates and smaller social groups that must be absolutely devoted to one another in order to persevere. Homo Sapiens might get over the death of a loved one in two weeks but I believe Neanderthals would definitely define a time period like that as symptomatic of some kind of mental illness for certain. If they knew a woman had lost a child to a predator or to a crack in the ice sheet and she was breakdancing and flirting two weeks later they would assume she had lost her mind.

As with everything, slower, deeper, more meaningful and longer lasting. Everything was like this with the Neanderthals. Bonds with other people were not transient affairs and there was no such thing as a disposable friendship.

I am convinced this is the exact reason that people with "Aspergers" have such a deep conviction that their own kind are "coming back to get them" for the first thirty years of their lives. They knew the Neanderthals never leave a man or woman behind, ever. If somebody was lost, they didn't move on. They camped right there, for years if necessary and searched under every pebble in a hundred mile radius until they found that missing tribal member / child / elder. They would persist in this effort until every soul was accounted for, either dead or alive. Nobody was ever willingly abandoned or regarded as a necessary casualty. To the Neanderthal everybody in the tribe was of the same worth and anybody who got lost could count on all their fellows searching for them ceaselessly until they were recovered or it was known what had happened to them.

In contrast, a tribe with several thousand people in it likely wrote off disappearances on a weekly basis. Homo Sapiens probably had the attitude easy-come, easy-go. "Where's Biff? We are moving camp in the morning. If he doesn't show up, that's his loss. We can't sacrifice our schedule for one meaningless life." Pretty transient connections to each other that were forever changing in real-time. "My kid vanished last week. He probably fell into a ravine somewhere. Ah, I can always make more. I just dumped my wife for a new young girl I've had my eye on, she is plenty fertile."

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dictators Do Not Need To Explain Themselves

A Kenyan is a Kenyan is a Kenyan. From Kenya.

He will tell you what you need to know when he thinks you need to know it. Until then you will obey executive orders. Congress is dismissed, please go home y'all.

Vatican Begins Making Attempt To Reach Wider Audience By Multitasking Churches

Like this.

It is a slow unification with Satanism. Eventually they will host orgies for the black mass at midnight. It is all part of what the church considers "outreach" to the needy.

Steve Sailer on Intelligence

Sailer states the obvious.

In some circles, you can say the exact same thing that Sailer says in this article and you will be castigated as a worse monster than Caligula. The next day, you can say as much in a different context and people will barely blink an eye.

There's a reason for this.

Ordinary people aren't very bright.

Which is sort of what Sailer is talking about.

A lot of this is too little too late. It is not going to make a difference one way or the other. America is finished and this post-mortem of telling morons why their moronic qualities have doomed them beyond all hope is really pointless. Really pointless. In fact, sometimes I feel it is a moronic pursuit. Nothing is to be gained from the exercise.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Owning Media = Owning Brains

The mass media doesn't sell assets for a billion dollars here and a billion dollars there in order to provide owners with the privilege of telling the truth. If all you could do once you owned a newspaper or a television network was to disseminate truth, you could buy a media company for one dollar. Nobody could be found who would be interested in purchasing.

People pay a billion dollars for a media network for the privilege of spreading their lies. It is a privilege that the Founding Fathers did not want to see monopolized, in fact it might have been the only market intervention they advocated. They never wanted to see all information controlled and issued through central bottlenecks. It is pretty obvious why all laws regulating media ownership were dissolved or discarded in the late 90's. They were getting in the way of the new Bolshevist empire that was forming.

The same people who own the media also own the politicians, judges and courts. They donate more money to political campaigns in a day than most people will make in their entire lives. The idea that there is freedom of the press is ridiculous. Modern media is far more controlled than PRAVDA in the heyday of the Soviet Union.

All of the people in the cartel that controls the mass media would fit into a single boardroom and anybody who wasn't in that room would not be relevant to the mass media. All the ideas you are exposed to are first carefully filtered to make sure people like me are thoroughly weeded out.

There is hope in the internet but they are moving on that as well. Wikipedia is essentially a gigantic scam in which every single article is filtered through one specific ideological lens promoting whatsoever is good for one single nation on the planet. No difference of opinion on any subject is permitted on Wikipedia. The owners of Wikipedia have confessed repeatedly in public to that very fact again and again. They are not afraid of much in the way of alternatives because they know people consult with the sources they promote.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bolshevism II : Barbarian Invasion Force Dialectics

The true face of the madness that has consumed the 'Stain in the second Bolshevist revolution can be seen here.

People who have never demonstrated any ability to create, sustain or foster any kind of civilization whatsoever now enter Kwanstainia with the high moral ground according to the new Bolshevism. Remember, racism is evil except they are innately morally superior because of the color of their skin and if you so much as doubt it then it can cost you your job, livelihood and subject you to complete ostracism. In Russia anyone who questioned the Bolshevist regime or even hinted that Communism could never work found themselves living on the streets or confined to a labor camp or mental institution. The crime of being brighter than average was the worst crime you could commit under Bolshevist rule.

Back home they are rabid monstrous lawless human beings ... gang rapists, drug dealers, mass murderers, agents of chaos and ravenous lunatics. The instant they set foot in the 'Stain, they are now the "good guys."

I've been reading the shameful history of the occupation of South America by the Conquistadors. It was one of the ugliest, vilest genocides imaginable conducted by the Spanish under the banner of the Catholic Church. The incredible irony of this massacre conducted by European invaders is that it absolutely paled in contrast to what they had been doing to each other long before the Spanish arrived. The people of South America were the most brutal and inhuman beasts you could conceive of. It could never make what the Spanish did to them right but it is difficult to feel sorry for them. They would have to be one of the cruelest regimes that ever existed and the Spanish conquistadors compounded their bizarre and vicious history with a bizarre and vicious occupation of their own. What was meted out to them was the same meter they had treated others with. They were hideously evil and they were destroyed by a mob of invaders who were even more evil than they were.

If you don't have the patience to read up on the subject I highly recommend Mel Gibson's brilliant film APOCALYPTO for a rapid education on the subject. It gives you some idea of the haughty mercilessness of the ruling classes in South America who were certainly brought low by the Spaniards. The great offense to be taken is the usual appeal to Christian love and fellowship by the psychotics who looted the continent. That would have to be the most demonic aspect of the whole affair.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Been Saying This For Decades

Nobody has listened. I think most people never understood what I was talking about, period.

It is a hell of a thing to be admitting to the damage that fluoride does at this stage of history. With America eclipsed by China and the United States fading rapidly from relevance on the pages of history, does any of this post-game analysis really do anyone any good? Of course fluoride makes you stupid. It is too late for the people of the Kwanstain to do anything about it. They and their children are all morons and have been for generations. There is no policy initiative that is going to reverse any of this. It was no accident about fluoride and corn syrup. The elites like it that way. The brutish untermenschen of the 'Stain have no options left to them other than to grunt and wail a little but there is no going back. The damage done to the human brain by fluoride is probably not reversible.

We're not talking about a lost generation. We're talking a lost century. Nothing is going to fix any of this. What has unraveled in this way cannot be easily restored. A millennium of wisdom stored in the Western tradition has been wiped away. The people of the 'Stain might as well have been raised by wolves for all the reform they are capable of at this point in their lives or even their children's lives.

Of course there are exceptions. There are pockets of intelligence scattered around to this day in the U.S. but they are the exception that proves the rule. The rule is people who have largely descended to the level of beasts. These critters are not going to be walking on the moon again. They don't have that in them anymore. I see them covered in ashes and sackcloth, picking with their ape-like fingers through the ruins and trying to pronounce the words in books none of them will ever be able to read. The Kwanstain is already a post-apocalyptic nation.

Would You Trust A Creation Made In The Image of Man For Advice?

This is a really important subject.

I feel this is the new frontier for socialists and communist scum. It is their dream come true ... to replace God and the priesthood with computer operators and "AI" which will serve the same monopoly function allotted to priesthoods in the past.

The State will do what it wants and anybody who objects they will silence with their AI gibberish. It is the fulfillment of the dreams of Edward Bernays and the domestication of the masses. Where formerly rulers sought validation in augury for their tyranny by looking into birds, tomorrow they will do the same by supporting a formal priesthood to communicate with "AI" entities.

When a person resists, they will say everyone concerned found that the best solution was offered by the "AI." Rest assured the "AI" will conclude we will all be safer by turning our arms over to the government and allowing them to sleep with our wives on their wedding nights as the right of the elites. It is not us looking for this power, they will say. The "AI" has produced the solution.

What they try to do now with peer pressure by manufacturing consensus, tomorrow they will manufacture through esoteric "AI" systems. Anybody who disagrees will be accused of going against the "new gods," which will now reside with the computer systems. Anyone who varies or protests will stand convicted of failing to respect the temple which will now house a computer.

I don't trust the government with $5 to go down the street for a pack of potato chips. There is no way I would ever willingly let them install a nanobot interface to their computer logic in my bloodstream. This is not as far off as you might think. The political pressure is building for these sorts of impositions once the technology is ready. "Nuts" who object, as with vaccines, will be accused of mental illness for failing to comply. They have laid so much of the groundwork for this madness with their existing vaccination schedule.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sandy Hook Interviews Mostly Green-Screened?

If you look at Anderson Cooper's face at several points in this interview, it appears he is being green-screened in at the location ... quite badly. I don't know if he was ever actually there. It is common nowadays to have a remote unit do the interview and then intercut it to make it look like a broadcaster was there in person but this goes a step beyond that. In these shots we have Anderson Cooper actually being made to seem like he is at the scene speaking to parents during a candlelight vigil.

The deception in this one act alone makes a mockery out of the subject matter altogether. To engage in this kind of chicanery for what we are told is a remembrance of the victims is so over the top it would be comical if it were any other situation.

If you look on YouTube, you will find all kinds of evidence of compositing in media reporting from Newtown when it was supposed to be happening. These images look like they were shot at the scene and then brought back to the studio, where they were "sexed up" by sticking phony police cars in the foreground complete with officers sipping coffee inside (while the shooter is killing people inside the school) and actors aimlessly circulating through the firehouse and back around to the parking lot with no apparent destination in mind. None of it looks authentic.

At one point, CNN was broadcasting police officers 14 kilometers away at another elementary school with the caption "Sandy Hook Live" underneath the footage. There was precious little footage of Sandy Hook itself at the time and many stock shots of other schools with police rushing inside.

The "Sandy Hook Choir" that sang at the super bowl and is now touring the country singing at public events in America is unknown to any Newtown residents, none of the children in it ever attended Sandy Hook and the teacher leading this choir claiming to have taught at Newtown is currently being sued for fraud by Newtown residents. There exists no record of this woman or any of the children in her choir ever having even visited Newtown.

Zero Taxes for Facebook

Taxes are something that happens to the little people in the world. The most important people know they are optional even if you clear billions on what is nearly a zero-overhead business.

The corruption of the United States far, far exceeds the corruption present in the late Roman Empire.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Good Summary of the Sociobiology of Politics

Found here.

Ever notice how the left never stops talking or writing and yet they can never produce any great orators, great writers or great essayists? They have to resort to polemics because it is the only tool in their toolbox. Any sound arguments from other people and they get angry the same way a man who has suffered a stroke grows more emphatic as he makes increasingly less sense.

That's because the amygdala is close to the median insular cortex where outgoing language is processed. Whatever caused their amygdalas to develop incorrectly also stunted this region of the brain as well. Because their social center develops abnormally to overcompensate for what happened to their amygdala, they have an innate compulsion to speak, talk and communicate. They just lack the neural hardware to ever be any good at it. It is also the reason they resort to ambiguity and ambivalence, hoping somebody will mistake them for bright if they never make it exactly clear what they think on any subject. Many a leftist icon has exposed himself as a horrible mediocrity by finally publishing a manifesto, it happens all the time. Everybody was told that Barack Obama was a great constitutional lawyer until he published his autobiography with the help of a domestic terrorist ghostwriter. Reading his book, you can see he is an appallingly lousy writer and thinker without much concrete to say on any subject.

By contrast, the greatest writers in human history are invariably great individuals and nobody can ever be much of an individual with a damaged amygdala. Loss of the capacity to evaluate risk means they can never afford to stray far from the human herd, knowing they cannot rely on their own instincts to afford them much protection from what to them seems to be a hostile outer reality they will never be able to comprehend.

Kwanstainian Comprehension of First Amendment

Runs about this deep.

Demographics is destiny. You can write whatever you want on a piece of paper. If nobody is left who is bright enough to understand it, what does it matter what you wrote?

What good is a piece of paper to beasts made in the shape of men when they can no longer even read it?

When your nation only has beasts left, who is smart enough to know what right and wrong is?

"Globalism" is about anarchy and the destruction of law and order worldwide. It is promoted by criminals who want all restraints on their conduct removed. "Globalism" is the utopia of barbarians and international crime syndicates pretending to be companies. Who will restore the rule of law when there is nobody bright enough to understand what is meant by the "rule of law?"

Back in the fifties in New York it was a running joke to say all the "steakhouse" restaurants owned by the mob served horsemeat and told their patrons it was finest quality steak. Now the mob has gone worldwide and serves horsemeat to everybody on the planet. That's what "globalism" really means.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Only The Government Can be Trusted With Guns

Because they have edjamafacashun powers.

Intelligense is also a guffamint monopoly. If you don't have their permishun you can't be intellamajent without it. It is given out by universities to people with the right political opinions.

Black Pope. That's right.

I don't place much faith in prophecy outside of scripture. Neverthless, as I have said many times before, you have to wonder if there is a collective consciousness that transcends time and on occasion conveys the future before it happens.

I've mentioned the significance of "The Black Pope" before on Vault-Co.

As mentioned in Nostradamus, Native American Apocalyptic Visions, Hildegarde and Malachy.

I'll let you make up your own mind. I think the coincidences are creepy as hell on this subject.

I wish I was making this stuff up.

The Black Pope according to Malachy will sit in the Vatican as the Pope when the apocalypse end-time tribulations begins.

Coastal areas are supposed to be hit by a succession of tidal waves, each one worst than the last, triggered by undersea volcanos. A terrible poison will travel worldwide on the winds and anyone who breathes it will die. The sky will be darkened and there will be no sun. Anyone who goes outside in the dark will hear a terrible whispering of shadows and be snatched away.

Many centuries ago, Malachy said the Black Pope would be named Peter. He said he would be an anti-christ. You notice from the article above, the guy is practically talking wholescale surrender to secular forces, even using their vernacular to describe their sins. This will essentially invalidate the Catholic Church completely as a force for any kind of conservation.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The West Is Gone

The existing order has been wiped out. The majority of the Western populations slept through it.

How much opposition do the elites really expect if most people have only just begun to figure out their nations were looted to the bone, stripped butt-naked and left lying unconscious in the middle of the highway for dead? 90% of the West doesn't even know what happened to them yet.

Stock market is booming because the insiders are selling off all their shares at basement prices.

The men of the West do as they are told. They have lost the capacity for any kind of resistance.

Monday, February 11, 2013

"Legitimate Media"

Did you get your information from one of their State controlled media outlets? No? Then your source is not legitimate. The only information you need comes from us or the institutions we control.

Joe Stalin would have loved these guys. A big thumbs-up from Joe Stalin.

Orson Scott Card Feels The Jackboot

These would have to be some of the most intolerant people on the planet. They are miserable tyrants, every single one of them. Their practices in private are only the tip of the iceberg of a personality obsessed with power, domination and cruelty.

It is not what Card has done, has said or what he has advocated. They hate Card for what he thinks. To simply oppose their political objectives or even get in their way will incur their wrath. These hideous misshapen creatures are not really equipped to live under democratic governments. They don't respect the right of others to disagree with them. If you even think poorly of them it fills them with rage. In all things, every human being must be subject to them, stripped of volition, reduced to a mere yes-man to whatever it is they decide impulsively they want today.

A Republic and these critters don't go together. You can have one or the other but not both. A Republic requires every man to respect the right of another man to disagree. They do not even concede that right to others.

The Vedantic scrolls say "they are tyrants who refuse limitations on their conduct and can exercise no restraint of passions."

Here are some of the "breath stanzas" from the Vedantics. Read them and decide for yourself. There are "breath" metaphors to describe how their "breath" affects things around them.

"Their breath issues out an unclean spirit that suppresses the rightful expression of law which is a function of the mouth."

"In speaking, they corrupt the natural relationship of men to women, of women to children, of children to their parents. Every unclean word they speak is like the whispering of demons which enters in through the ear of men."

"They are the spirit of confusion, that draws the man from his place in the field at his plow and leads the woman away from her place at the hearth."

"Their breath is an air of mockery of all sacred things and all kind sentiments. They draw a separation between the divine and the earthly with their words so that no one can lower his head in humility any longer."

Pay attention to the incredible parallels to this following stanza which is remarkably like passages in the Old Testament. "An unclean spirit is breathed from them that is like the paralyzing venom of serpents to excite confusion."

The big new agenda they are pushing right now is that they actually want to go in and revise scripture to suit their preferences. They do not wish to permit the free practice of religion and are unwilling to tolerate anything but praise from anyone and have any offense to them made an offense against the State by law.

Corinthians 6:9-10: "Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God."

1 Timothy 1:9-10: "[T]he law is not made for a righteous person, but for the lawless and insubordinate, for the ungodly and for sinners, for the unholy and profane ... for fornicators, for sodomites, ... and if there is any other thing that is contrary to sound doctrine. ..."

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Infomercial for Gun Control

Best dramatic reading I have heard in a long time. I'd like to see this guy get more work on late night TV selling ginsu knives. I expect we will see him soon on CSI in various character roles. He has good voice and pitch control, it really sounds like he is almost not an actor.

Yeah, this only accidentally sounds like it was written by an administration insider.

Check out this footage of Sandy Hook crisis actors walking in circles to simulate frenzied activity at the "crisis" site.

I like the guy who is supposed to be a "K-9" dog unit but in the close-up you can see it is a local dinner theatre guy walking a dog on a leash because somebody told him to go around the parking lot doing just that trying to look like a policeman. In the close-ups you can see it is really badly faked, this thing. Badly coached and recruited from many sub-par amateurs they probably got to sign non-disclosure agreements about the role they played in this drill.

You couldn't make this stuff up.

Return To The Neolithic : Anglo-Saxons Once Again At The Mercy of Wild Animals

With new regulations coming into Britain on knives and machetes, castrated Brit males can't even defend their families from foxes coming to eat their children.

These people portray Neanderthals as ridiculous savages with six inch brows and prognathic snouts. Sir, I can assure you there isn't a fox on the planet that ever threatened a Neanderthal infant that didn't end up a coon cap by the following day. Technically speaking, the Neanderthals were more secure in their homes and possessions than you British will ever be again in this lifetime. Even barbarians don't tolerate that kind of barbarism. The criminals and politicians take what they want from you and now it looks like even the foxes are getting in on the action with some baby fingers.

If I had a time machine I could take this headline back to 1939 Britain along with some other articles and within 24 hours the entire British Army would have defected to the German side to fight alongside them against the ruling classes of Britain. Guaranteed. The news would race through the trenches that a man from the future had been walking amongst them showing what would happen to their descendants if they fought for the degenerates back in the rear. A million men would swell the ranks of the Germans by nightfall.

Life under the Nazis would start to seem like a paradise compared to the Britain of the future I would show them. A single glance at the wedding shower with the two men kissing as one of them throws the bouquet to the crowd and a million soldiers would throw off their helmets screaming to the Germans they surrender and seek sanctuary with the Reich. Sorry but you know it is the truth.

What are Vaccines?

They are filthy, vile collections of charnel house flesh that is saturated with so many diseases it would be impossible to enumerate them all.

There are diseases we know about and then there are unknowns that may not be understood a century from now. They are bad, bad stuff. They are above the law. There is no accountability for what they will do to you and until your doctor can give you the name of who you can sue you should refrain from getting them. The vaccine business is a miserable circus of errors and things have been structured so you have no course of redress if they ruin you or your loved ones.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

It's Not Fraud If The People Voting Are Too Stupid To Know What Voter Fraud Is

A continuing issue in third world countries for centuries, now a major problem in the United States

Obama voters are quite nonchalant about it. They'll all giggle and admit they voted several times. You multiply by a couple hundred thousand here and there and you've won the election despite the fact your candidate only had minority support. So much for "demockrassy."

You hear things like this so often nowadays it is patently obvious that the people involved simply don't grasp the difference between right and wrong. Sails right over their heads. There is only what they want and what they can get away with. The rule of law is something you figure out how to circumvent.


Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Dark Shadow In The Brain Where The Frontal Lobes are Supposed To Go

Many people know this instinctively. This scientist has been able to document it.

You can make a monster out of a person in two different ways:

1. Damage or stunt the growth of the frontal lobes. (Psychopath who claims to be motivated by altruism)

2. Damage or stunt the growth of the amygdala (Sociopath who claims to be motivated by altruism)

You'd be amazed. At least 1 in 4 people is damaged goods this way. Stuff doesn't fire correctly. As a social creature, these people are not reciprocal and actively work at spreading pain and chaos.

Homo Sapiens calls these people leadership material. Neanderthals call them damaged goods.

Homo Sapiens showers these types with women, wealth and prestige. Neanderthals would give them beef jerky and a stick and send them on the long walk.

Guess which of these two races has the largest brains?  Go ahead, guess.

Next up ... Vault-Co predicts many academics will lose tenure over coming years or be driven from their professions when they begin to document the irrefutable evidence that the ratios of these kinds of people differs according to demographics. They will show that some races have higher percentages of these people either one way or the other.

Remember, you can lose your wallet anywhere on this planet in any country and if you can tell me the demographic statistics on that region I can tell you the exact likelihood of your wallet being returned to you with the money still inside it. The likelihood depends precisely on what percentage of Neanderthal genes exist in that population. Nothing else matters. A Neanderthal, even if nobody saw him pick up that wallet, will return it to you with the money still inside it. They are just like that. The Neanderthal is a good sort by nature. It is not calculated or anticipating rewards or a theatrical gesture. The Neanderthal is fundamentally good at heart. That's just the way they are and the way they have always been and the way they will always be. They have a million years of adaptive responses which have left them basically upright. Sucks to be without Neanderthal genes. Abel is blessed but his brother Cain will always be accursed no matter where he goes or what he does. This is something baked in, not created by environment or upbringing. Left to their own devices the Neanderthal will always tend to turn out better than other peoples. As many of you who read Vault-Co know, it is my belief that the Neanderthal was genocided for precisely this reason. The rulers of this planet did not want this sphere inhabited by a bunch of good men and women. They wanted bastards to rule over and they needed to get rid of the rodeo clown for this to happen.

Mongoose + VOS Controller = Win

Hey, I know I am supposed to be working 100% on getting the demo of my game out so what follows is probably wrong ... I got up early this morning unable to get back to sleep and I ripped the Vault-OS controller code out of my previous build and was able to compile it in with Mongoose. It was just an experiment to see if it would work and it did. Around 212 K (!), I could likely get it to compile under DOS if I wanted to using my cross-platform sockets library. There is so much power packed into that 212 kilobytes executable that it is hard to put it all into words.

Mongoose comes with SSL, Lua Server Pages integrated and SQLite so it is a complete web server in it's own right. If you add my little piece of code to grab incoming hardware data in JSON form and make it available to any web page for sensor control you have a system that is already much more sophisticated than my last working version of VOS code. Once you are using Lua successfully you can attach any other .DLLs you need to your Lua scripting functions and make them available. This is already much further along than I was able to get VOS as of last October when I quit working on it and went full-time on my game.

I have written tons of little scraps to display real-time embedded controls using Javascript that port right over into this setup so my idea of using this as a portable format for controller graphics was a good idea.

I had considered Mongoose in the past as the foundation for VOS but my existing web server code was tighter and more integrated. Once I saw the guy had compiled in LSP pages along with SQLite I knew I was going to chuck the VOS web HTTP server when I got around to it and replace them with this. I did it this morning just to see if it worked and am looking at a VOS page right now on my development machine measuring CANBUS data.

My IndieGoGo campaign for VOS will have to wait at least a few months until after I get the demo of my game out and have finished all remaining scenario work.

Solar Fury In The Near Future

30 Minutes of Warning At Best

It will be worse than a new Dark Ages. The average person during the Dark Ages knew how to survive without electricity.

People don't know it but the entire fabric of modern life hinges on satellites for almost everything.

Not mentioned - our magnetic field appears to be balanced on a knife edge preparatory to a flip/reversal/excursion and everything that entails. These events are triggered by flashpoints like solar storms.

Japan, The Flashpoint for WW3

Russians send a message the way nations do when they prepare to go to war.

It disgusts me the way grown men make these passes at one another as a ceremonial challenge. Deliberate violations of airspace, sabre rattling ... it is like two cowardly schoolyard bullies shadowboxing at the air to try to work up their courage for a fight.

If you going to start a war then start one if it is worth fighting over. Otherwise stay out of the airspace of other nations. All of this crap illustrates what a stupid race of chimps Sapiens consists of. They are not much for decision making even when war is involved which is their specialty.

In primates this behavior can be seen in any Jane Goodall documentary footage. The chimps get a running start and dart into the territory of another tribe of apes, grab some useless foliage and run back out to show they can, screeching and hooting. They make these territorial incursions to challenge the other group of monkeys to fight. There is no real rhyme or reason to any of it. Nations wrap the same behaviors in a thin film of rationalizations but the instincts that drive this are the same.

The Only People We Can Trust With Guns Are The Governments, Military And Police

Because they have edjamafacashun.

They are the good guys. They will kill you and make it look like an accident so they can sleep with your wife.

It doesn't matter if you live in the first world and think like an inhabitant of the third world. Sooner or later your first world country will look like a third world country. As a man thinketh.

Third world people think only the police and military should be trusted with guns. Of course, they are then mass exterminated by the military and the police.

The reason the Founding Fathers put the 2nd Amendment into the U.S. Constitution is that mankind has no better angels. There are no "officially good people" because of a piece of paper that says they are supposed to obey certain rules. The military, police and politics attract psychopaths and sociopaths the way you know what attracts flies. They are drawn to it like a moth to the flame. When you advocate taking arms away from the law abiding you are advocating putting them solely into the hands of psychotics.

Manboons are not learning animals.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

All Civilizations End This Way

Sanskrit writings by the Vedantics authored at least 9000 years ago describe the exact same terminations of their own societies in the exact same way.

If you do not learn anything from history you can never really be considered to exert any control over your own destiny. You are like one of those little metal toys that travel along a little rail when wound up. You are genetic clockworks that imitates life.

To learn anything from history is to begin to have some real control over your life. Learning from your own mistakes and resolving to do better next time in spite of your habits is certainly some degree of real control however modest.

The bulk of mankind are biological automatons, no more capable of changing their fates or their actions than any animal.

Funny that how it came on the agenda in all Western nations at the same time with the same arguments and the same funding with the same urgency. Funny that. The exact same media blitz orchestrated worldwide costing billions. Funny that. Suddenly a new political opinion was manufactured, deployed and implemented all top-down. The Saps fell in line with the new policy like androids just given new firmware.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Manufactured Authority From Criminal Underclass

When the people on the top are simply the people from the bottom with a name change and a good haircut you know the West is suffering for lack of leadership.

Most of the leaders of the West today were commonly regarded as mental defectives and miscreants only fifty years ago. Some of them have even achieved the office of President.

Homo Sapiens : Not The Animal He Believes Himself To Be. At All.

What is really sobering about this is that Australians have even lower productivity than they do.

Do you want to hear something from me that is brief but summarizes decades of observation in the workplace?

It's not the guy who admits he doesn't care, openly loafs on the internet or wastes time at work you should be worrying about. They have problems but they are already doing better than the other 99% of the people at work pretending to be doing stuff.

The people you want to worry about are the people always talking about "industry best practice," "proven methodologies" and "world class standards." These people are the biggest time wasters of them all. The reason they are always offering these platitudes is that they believe it lets them off the hook if they claim to be adhering to some protocol. They first invent a standard they then pretend to advocate. Then they claim to conform to that standard. At which point they will accomplish nothing in the workplace, ever, right through to retirement. I have seen these people coast through years on the job without ever getting anywhere or doing anything. They usually migrate to management. They always present the appearance of frantic activity all day long through to close-of-business. Total output measured over decades? Zero. Nothing. I've got a century of research to back me up on my assertion.

As far as software development goes, never trust those guys who pretend to be experts at it who have reduced it to paint-by-numbers formulas. These are people who never, ever accomplish any meaningful work. They use social engineering to conceal the fact they have no aptitude for any of this work and are incapable of ever getting anything done.

Ordinary people are equipped to be employed in manufacturing either as line workers or else as supervisors. All these millions of people who recently pretended to migrate over into the I.T. industry in order to earn a middle class living just were not born with the right genes to do work like this. Somebody misinformed them when they told them they were of the right disposition. They aren't, never were and never will be.

I have never really been able to comprehend this whole idea of anti-rational, anti-intellectual people who eschew any reasoned approach to anything in life coming into work and sitting in front of a computer at nine'o'clock in the morning. I don't know what these people expect to happen as a result. It is obvious they are going to use them to entertain themselves with because they are not going to be doing any work on them anyhow. They send you emails and you can see at once from looking at their grammar they read and write roughly around a second or third grade level at best. I don't get any of this. Honest. These people can barely read and write but they are going to be doing high grade abstract problem solving with computers? I don't think that is ever going to happen.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Somebody Is Telling Some Whopper Lies About The Snowpack In Antarctica


We covered this a couple years back when the winning design for the new stations was revealed.

It is the "big lie" described by Adolph in Mein Kampf. It is to tell a lie that is so big that anybody who hears it decides that no one who was sane would attempt to tell such a whopper and therefore conclude there must be some truth to it. You apply a little social pressure by telling people it is the "consensus" and they will believe nearly anything.

The new stations are only practical on stilts because otherwise they will be buried with a few short years by the ever mounting ice pack.

Something useful you might be able to glean from their research in the article is the color scheme, derived from situational testing and feedback to be the most soothing range for long term inhabitation. I have a good idea how to paint my next shelter inside. I always wondered about that blue because I had read it was depressing but I think it is more relaxing than anything else.