Thursday, January 31, 2013

Poor Island of Japan

In addition to radioactive contamination, they may now be looking at a major eruption of Mt. Fuji in the near future.

When it rains it pours. You couldn't make this stuff up. The poor Japanese people may end up evacuating their own country permanently. That is one tough break. If one of the greatest sorrows in life is the loss of one's native land the Japanese have gotten thrown some pretty cruel curve balls by fate in recent years.

It must irk China to think they intended to return Taiwan to the mainland in coming years but after nature gets done with this region there may not be any land left for their own people to live on safely there.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Experience At The Gym Tonight

I have been in terrible shape. I've been sleeping poorly, staying up too late, sleeping in, barely making it to the gym once a week. I have not been healthy at all. It is all I can do to make sure I get a little sun each day and try to eke out at least 8 hours of sleep.

Tonight I managed to get to the gym and I just tried to break it in without injuring myself. I was not trying to do anything other than get my body back in the swing of things.

So I was doing overhead press and I tried to work in with a really huge guy when he was resting. He was a nice guy and he asked me if I needed to pull some weight off when he finished with his set. He was doing three sets of 180 kg super-slow, very good form. He was roughly twice my size, obviously a professional body builder. 22 inch arms, probably a 52 inch chest, I would put him somewhere well over 320 pounds or thereabouts.

I asked him if he would put another 45 kg plate on his side for me. I told him I was trying to take it easy because I was coming back from injury. I then managed to knock out 11 reps with good form of this overhead press.

When I finished, he giggled really loudly. "I don't understand how you could even move that. You don't look big enough. You should stand over here where I am, it looks like some kind of optical illusion. I am at least twice your size and I don't think I could even budge that. If I didn't know better I would think it was some kind of magic trick you were doing. I've been coming to the gym about 8 years here and have never, ever seen anybody that strong. I don't want you to think I'm winding you up, dude, but frankly you just don't look strong enough to lift that kind of weight that easily. It's the most incredible thing I have ever seen, hands down. If you are taking something, please tell me what it is so I can get some of it."

Hyperplasia was lost to Homo Sapiens. It was present in every single species of hominid up to that time. It is also found in the big cats, the large mammal predators like bears and sabre tooth tigers. It enables a person to double up on muscle fibers without doubling up on mass. An increase in muscle mass always results in an increase in strength it is just that the Neanderthals, Homo Erectus and Homo Giganticus could have increased their strength exponentially with much smaller gains in size than Homo Sapiens. Their density of muscle fibers was much greater than that of Sapiens. I believe I have retained hyperplasia. You might think I am crazy but I am just sticking to the facts. I am fifty years old and I am certain I have retained hyperplasia. Considering all the other screwy physical traits I got that leave me so out of sync with modern civilization I don't know if I got a fair trade or not. The other crap effectively cancels out the hyperplasia. Fail to get enough sleep and there isn't a gym in the world that will keep you healthy. Without proper sleep not even a Neanderthal can ever operate at his best.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Converting The Kwanstain Into North Korea

... that's exactly what Barack Obama is doing to the United States.

I was wrong. I thought they wanted a managed police state with corporate socialism.

That's exactly what they don't want because it still permits individual initiative to some degree.

Their actions since they won the election make it obvious they plan to introduce a draconian regime that completely sweeps aside the Constitution and all limits to government power.

It is truly incredible that they face no more opposition than what they have. Fifty years ago there would be open secession, impeachment proceedings against Obama and arrests made for treason within weeks of the beginning of the year.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Melonheads Found in Mexico During Construction

They were digging an irrigation ditch when they discovered the peculiar skulls.

Note the assumption that this is artificial deformation is just that - an assumption. Whether induced or natural, the fact is that people with heads shaped like these have ruled the planet since the most obscure beginnings of time. To have a head like modern men meant you were a slave in the ancient world.
“Cranial deformation has been used by different societies in the world as a ritual practice, or for distinction of status within a group or to distinguish between social groups,” Moreno told ABC News. “The reason why these individuals at El Cementerio deformed their skulls is still unknown.”
Fully developed men at 32 million years ago? The mysterious origins of the two footed biped we generically label "man" is pushed back on an almost daily basis now. Now we know where our ancestral memories of "dragons" come from - it is obvious we coexisted with dinosaurs for long, long periods of time.

Neo-darwinists and creationists have egg all over their faces every time somebody breaks ground on this planet. They want you to think the only debate going on is between their two dichotomies but the truth is that both groups have something in common - they're morons.

Beating Bolshevists With Tire Irons Does Not Cure Them Of Being Stupid

Here the Milwaukee sheriff encourages people to be responsible for their own self defense. An honest man breaks through the holograph to tell people the truth - calling 911 is something you do to make sure you get a reasonably tasteful funeral.

More amazing is the retort by the Milwaukee Mayor, who barely escaped with his life after being beaten at random with a tire iron by one of his constituents. The mayor is lucky to even be alive at all and still frowns on the notion of self-defense. That is worse than stupid.

God made men unequal. Samuel Colt gave them the means for peaceful coexistence. The mayor tried to punch his way out of it and was clearly in a situation where he was overpowered by his attacker. A concealed carry weapon flashed as soon as the perp got hostile would have stopped this situation dead.

Manboons are not learning animals.

The Majority Are Always Wrong

New Genetic Study Confirms Suppressed Truth That Is Centuries Old


All races of people with strange mythologies about being descended from a ruling class who worshipped serpents, were noted for their large melon-shaped heads, changed names frequently and survived by large scale criminal enterprise. Refused to do honest work even living on some of the richest soils in Europe. Survived by means of all sorts of graft, rent-seeking, tariffs, extortion and grifting. All three peoples maintained a monopoly on the world slave trade by force. Attempted repeatedly every few centuries to switch religions, alter their names and reappear in other parts of world pretending to be completely unrelated to the previous generation of their people.

A history parallel to the Hebrews but not intersecting it until 800 years ago when Khazars could not leave their country for fear of their lives. The Khazars at this time had phallic serpent statues dotting their country at such frequent intervals that writers of this era said that standing near one of these statues you could always see a dozen more in any direction. The Khazars were said to physically resemble snakes because of the preference amongst them for mates with serpentine features. They wore armor designed to look like snake scales, had helmets like snake heads with fangs, hissed like serpents when they charged in battle.

A tapestry from the Middle Ages shows knights having their ears sealed with wax before a battle and the writing beneath it reads "To mute the lies of the Khazars when they go to war with them." It was believed that the Khazars could whisper to their enemies in the heat of fighting and cause them to attack their own comrades.

It was said of the Khazars that if they suspected any of themselves to be too clever or intelligent they would decide it was better for this one to serve the serpent, so they would take him to the nearest tree and hang him. This was said to be one of the reasons they were crafty but never what you would call bright. The truly bright ones died at a young age at the hands of their fellows.

Most historians believe these people came from deposed rulers of Akkadian-Sumerian ancestry who fled Sumeria when they were overthrown in a slave revolt there. They became wanderers because they refused to settle anywhere and be subject to the people who lived in that country, feeling their destiny was always to rule and subjugate others.

The Scythians wore large pointed caps to suit their large pointed heads. They believed that they had come from a race of rulers separate from the rest of mankind and it was beneath them to ever do common work, rather they were justified in earning their living through crime, slavery and domination over the other races. The Scythians believed the great serpent had given them power over all the lower races, making them the "true men" but all other races were poorer siblings created to serve them. The Scythians have also been traced to deposed rulers from Sumeria and much earlier kingdoms. It was said of the Scythians both by Roman writers and New Testament writers that Scythians could cause conflict amongst other people simply by being in the room. It was said by many that a Scythian was always capable of raising points of contention between people and amplifying their animosities to bring about dissension in their ranks.

One wonders if it was these men "who do not wish to be named" and "those who go unchallenged" that the mighty Enkidu defied and was punished for helping to overthrow.

The most important thing to know about all three races of people is that they are all considered different flavors of European Caucasian. Real Hebrews, men who trace their lineage back to the original Hebrew priesthood and therefore the only people we can say for certain are children of Abraham, are extremely rare. Even the majority of Sephardic people are converts from the Spanish Berbers. The tiny percentage of Sephardic people with levite ancestry are the only actual "Hebrews" we know of that can be genetically identified as a distinct group.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Why Academics Always Go Straight To The Top Of The Roster

They sell their offices in exchange for favor with power.

This is why intellectuals have always been the first people lined up in front of the firing squads. They prostitute themselves to the ruling elite to give a quasi-legitimate sound to whatever arbitrary notion the government decides they want to pursue that week. They are handmaidens to psychopaths and they never contradict. This is why they get no respect from anybody.

One law for thee ... another for me. Some animals are more equal than others.These are special people whose lives count for more than yours does, you see. This is what psychopaths and sociopaths actually believe.

They can fly over your airspace in a military exercise firing their guns anytime they want to in clear flagrant violation of Posse Comitatus. So you need to quit imposing your old dirty piece of hemp paper onto them, it doesn't apply any longer because they have a big chopper and a machine gun. You can't be trusted with any of these things lest you act irresponsibly.

President of Iceland breaks through the academic-supported hologram reality and tells people there is clean air and a better world on the other side.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Get Out of Here, Stalker

Radiation is survivable. Hormesis can keep you from getting sick. Everything the left has ever volunteered about the aftermath of nuclear war has been all lies.

It is never the end of the world. It may just be the end of you. The world will roll on without you. Most people by the time they reach 9 years old have begun to figure this out. The world is tough but humans are expendable. Humans should worry less about what will become of the planet and worry more about what will become of them.

There are some indications that moderately high levels of alpha and beta radiation actually prevent instead of encouraging mutation.

Remember, if you heard it from the left (all television and media is owned by them) then it's an ignorant lie that is like something made up by a disturbed child. Easy rule of thumb.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bolshevism 2013 >= Draconian Bolshevists 1918

If you varied at all with any of their doctrine, they would attack you at your place of work, at home and make you a pariah.

This guy has basically had his automobile confiscated. Without insurance, how will he get to and from work?

But of course ... one standard for thee, another for me ... that's what "demockrassy" is all about ...

If they can't repeal the 2nd Amendment, they will whittle away at people through other means until they surrender their right to self-defense. Then Obama can send his new military command to purge them once and for all from his new Amerikwa with bullets or imprisonment in his own Siberia, the burgeoning FEMA camp industry.

I've always been amused by people who think the Russians passively accepted Bolshevists in 1918. The Russian people fought tooth and nail against the worst gang of inhuman terrorists the world had ever known. The Bolshevists attacked women and children of their opponents, killing them at home when their father was at work. The Czar and his family were gunned down in a basement, girls with babies in their arms.

Everything about the amygdala-damaged reeks of failure. All their ideas about how to fix what is wrong with the world will never mean anything when they cannot even fix what is wrong with them.

The last time is going to seem like a brownie scout singalong jamboree compared to this time around.

Communist fifth column cheers Obama Administration.

Bolshevists. Bolshevists never change.

Van Jones is a funny lad. He will often try to have a thought but he tends to get mixed results. I could have predicted in advance he would be unable to define what a "communitarian" is, exactly. All he knows for certain is that it involves disregarding the Constitution, the rule of law and anything that smacks of sane. I understand these people better than they understand themselves. They are truly human train wrecks, biological implosions, the elephant graveyard of biped genetics. Nothing is really ever clear for them and they have a kind of euphoria overcome them when they attempt to explain why that is. Nutty as a three dollar bill.

Jimmy Savile, A True Member of the Illuminati

Classic evening entertainment in Britain. Unprosecuted, unreported, unrecorded and unknown until Savile died. If you believe this guy was not part of a much larger group which covered for him all the way to the top, I have some bridges in Brooklyn you may be interested in.

Remember, the evidence shows the cops were in Savile's back pocket, meeting with him once a week at his home to get briefed on which babies would get buggered that week with their protection. The BBC knocked back investigations on Savile at least three times that they will concede but it is likely the entire BBC staff knew exactly what was going on and he had people running interference for him throughout the organization.

Dumb people don't believe in conspiracy because the television makes fun of people who believe in such things. Turns out, television is mostly owned and run by people who conspire. What luck, that.

Imagine A USB Stick That Holds The Contents of Every Library On The Planet

Yes, it sounds beyond the pale but it is soon to be a reality at room temperature.

Obama Restructures Military With Monsters

As many people have suspected, the war on the U.S. military and traditional leadership is being conducted for the sole reason of restaffing it with psychopaths.

I pity anybody in the 'Stain stupid enough to think gun control is about increasing public safety. Governments have killed more of their own people than soldiers in wars have killed the enemy. If there is anyone who cannot be trusted with arms it is the government.

Funny how just a short time ago the police in Australia and in England went about unarmed. Those days are long gone.

North Korea Plans To Super-Enrich Kwanstainia

With the gift that keeps on giving, dirty salted weapons.

North Koreans are not stupid. They know a cheap, substandard atomic weapon can be turned into a real troublemaker with the addition of some dirty salts into the bomb. What used to take a 25 megger to depopulate an entire city can now be done with a 220 kiloton weapon and some cobalt.

World War III is going to be an ugly war. It will be one of the first wars we know of where the majority of all casualties are non-combatants and civilians. The cost will be incalculable and the effects will last many decades.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Dogs of Atlantis

For those of you who have not figured it out yet, these are domesticated animals that escaped back into the wild at some point, just as the cheetah did.

With sonar and collective communication, they would have been invaluable at flushing schools of fish for men into nets and then sharing in the haul, just as sheep dogs assist in moving cattle inside pens.

They know so much about humans, the same way that common house dogs do. Where'd they learn all this from? It goes way beyond their unnaturally high native intelligence.

There are too many animals on this planet who seem to recognize us on sight. Wild breeds don't act this way at all.

The "domestication wars" are running very hot in anthropology right now. Despite clear evidence that dogs were first domesticated 250,000 years ago in Europe by Neanderthals, professional obscurantists and misinformation peddlers continue to cultivate other impressions. Basically, whoever domesticated the dog almost certainly domesticated all the other major breeds as well, making that race of men clearly the dominant species of hominid responsible for securing Europe as a safe place to live. Once the wall of silence breaks down and they start to concede Neanderthals all these key points, it leads inevitably to the recognition that Homo Sapiens is a pretty slack excuse for a biped, essentially famous for nothing much outside of rape, genocide and cannibalism. Pretty big stakes here with the essentially vain and futile premises of Sapiens reality at risk of being completely annihilated.

Cyclic Error Returns Cyclically

Women to serve on frontlines of combat (happens every ten years until they get feedback from first battle)

Between this and recognition of homosexual marriage, the U.S. military has been effectively dismantled permanently. Leaves room for world government to step in. Good job, Leo, there will be a bonus in that covert pay package this week. The Bilderberger group will have you in their awards ceremony this year.

Notice the standard endorsement at the tail end from the ultimate Manchurian Candidate, John McCain. This commie turncoat is about as conservative as Al Franken.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Panspermia : Fred Hoyle Was Right

The majority are always wrong. Hoyle was right.

You show me a "scientist" nowadays, I'll show you a fraud.

Hoyle was right about everything. They owe him a half dozen Nobel Prizes or thereabouts, even if they are posthumous. The man was far ahead of his time.

Fred Hoyle was one of the last great astrophysicists before the whole field became a huge joke. Oy vey, a nice living, itz. Astrophysics turned into a bizarre blend of religion, hyperbole and voodoo by the 1970's, with  the field dominated by men who were not good enough to shine Fred Hoyle's boots. The man was one of those once-a-century brains like Linus Pauling. He was surrounded by morons his whole life who couldn't even be bothered to try to understand what he was actually saying. I know the feeling.

Our Society Worships Monsters As Heroes

It is not a civilization when you glorify murderers, madmen and baby killers.

You'd think these idiots had thrown themselves on a live grenade to protect their friends. What you have here is a collection of incredible scumbags.

Remember, no matter how much you may hate these people, God hates them a lot more than you do and he doesn't forget. Children survive early deliveries in the third trimester all the time.

I was speaking to a man with children about Nelson Mandela the other day and asked him if he thought it was a good idea to idolize men who organized bombs on schoolbuses and killed dozens of children deliberately for political reasons. I wanted to know if Nelson was a hero as long as he was killing the kids of strangers he had never met. He just stared at me like the circuits in his brain had fried.

All of the elite are death cultists determined to eliminate their "enemy" which is mankind.

Society needs this kind of gangsta cut down in the prime of his life  to deface our public infrastructure. We need other young men to fill his shoes and take up this noble work where he left off.

Really Good Article About Sandy Hook

There is a more horrible alternative to contemplate than the fact that all those parents seemed to be actors.

This guy has captured my sentiments perfectly on this subject. Always open to other explanations, I have considered this same thing about these parents.

There is the possibility that they weren't acting. They are television zombies who are like this all the time. It hasn't dawned on them what actually happened to their kids because they are like Peter Sellers in BEING THERE. So emptied out by the idiot box that their link to the real world is permanently severed.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Obama Is Typical of the Left

His entire life is a fraud. Everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. He cannot face his own reflection in the mirror like a vampire.

I've known a lot of people like Obama. You'd be surprised. In New York and in Los Angeles. These kinds of people are averse to reality itself. If they admit to anything in the real world, their own constructed delusionary world will come crashing down.

This demagogue is a beacon of hope for dope-addled, recalcitrant moral reprobates, mumblers, classic wannabes and ne'er-do-wells the world wide over.

When the amygdala is damaged, it leaves a person less than human although appearances can be deceiving.

The Left : When Natural Selection Fails.

These kinds of people pretend to be excellent at everything. Part of them even believes it. That's how they convince others. In reality they aren't much good at anything. They lack so many basic competencies in life it would be impossible to enumerate them all. Most people would probably concede that you should have a solid background in the Western pantheon and a deep grasp of history. I have these things. I am sure as hell not qualified to be President. You couldn't give it to me, I'd turn it down.

My son at 17 has read a couple of the Western classics, he knows a bit of history, he can speak well enough to be understood, he can reflect deeply enough on a subject to understand the true core of the issues around it. I can see my son as President if Obama could be President. In fact, I'd say my 17 year old son is far more qualified than Barack Obama to be President. All he would lack is the confidence and do you know why? My son's capacity for self-criticism is sufficient to imagine how he might not know enough (yet) to hold that office and do a good job. That's because his amygdala is developed enough to have some self-awareness. Obama would run for President for the very reason that he will never quite understand he has no qualifications at all to be President.

Listen to this natural born nation wrecker lay out his hardest of hardcore subversion schemes :

"For our journey is not complete until our wives, our mothers and daughters can earn a living equal to their efforts. Our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law, for if we are truly created equal, then surely the love we commit to one another must be equal as well. Our journey is not complete until no citizen is forced to wait for hours to exercise the right to vote. Our journey is not complete until we find a better way to welcome the striving, hopeful immigrants who still see America as a land of opportunity, until bright young students and engineers are enlisted in our workforce rather than expelled from our country. Our journey is not complete until all our children, from the streets of Detroit to the hills of Appalachia, to the quiet lanes of Newtown, know that they are cared for and cherished and always safe from harm."

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Holocene Ends With Shutdown of Gulf Stream

Hot air trapped in the south, cold air circulates in north. This is exactly what Robert Felix predicts in his book NOT BY FIRE BUT BY ICE.

There is reasonable evidence to believe a magnetic excursion or reversal occurs every 12,000 years in synchronization with this shutdown. Is that what comes next?

In any event, the Holocene is over. That is a mouthful when you say it and you know why if you have been reading Vault-Co for any length of time.

UPDATE : It is so simple even British people could figure it out.

Sydney Shooting Gallery

Sydney is really starting to look improvamented, enriched and diversified. You can tell by all the blood running in the gutters. The government made a law. That fixed everything, you see. Manboon logic. Improvamentation means criminals running hogwild without fear of reprisals everywhere you look.

When we first moved to Australia 20 years ago, Sydney looked like Heritage U.S.A. at Disneyland. The main street, George Street, was so clean you could have eaten off it. Somebody getting shot in Sydney was like a report of a UFO abduction or Bigfoot sighting. It just didn't happen.

There is no better way to create anarchy, crime and insecurity than gun control. It is the shortest distance between two points.

Manboons are not learning animals. They never learn anything. All that crap about human learning is an urban myth spread by professional confidence artists like Oprah Winfrey. I'm a half a century old and I have never seen any evidence to indicate there are many others like me anywhere. The rule amongst the human race is that they are incapable of learning anything. It really galls me that humans simultaneously hate my kind and in the next breath pretend they are like us. They are vain and foolish creatures.

The Media Is Controlling Your Reality

If you want to know what is happening in the real world far away from the schizophrenic madness of "globowarmthinkery" look at the photo on the bottom of this page.

End of January, half the planet is covered in snow and ice above the equator. That photo is starting to look like previous Ice Ages.

The article above is also very supportive of theories by Robert Felix that previous Ice Ages may have extinguished species by literally burying them alive overnight.

The thing about snow is that it is expanded, not contracted, water. The atmosphere is composed of water vapor. So there is really no arbitrary limit on how much snow can fall in 24 hours. Robert Felix claims there is documented proof that up to seven stories of snow (and more) has fallen in a single night. If that happened in the United States it could kill 100 million people in one day in a single, grisly silent snowfall without warning.

If you've been reading Vault-Co I am sure you are familiar with numerous recent stories of teams of clowns dispatched to the north and south poles to document "warming" effects and then needing emergency rescues from bitter cold they came utterly unprepared for.

This Ice Age business is a kind of wrapper around Vault-Co that has provided the ongoing theme for the past ten years. We were right. Itz coming. It was obvious ten years ago if you were good at paying attention to the signs. Lots of people like to imagine for the sake of their vanity they are perceptive but it in fact is a very rare trait, like winning a lottery ticket. Where it does appear, it is a genetic leftover from the ancient past.

Newtown Emergency Radio Protocol and Reporting Was Altered 5 Hours Prior To Sandy Hook Shooting

Read it. You couldn't make this stuff up.

Looks like the changes were added to control the flow of information on the incident in advance.

Did You Know STDs Have Wiped Out Nations?

It is a fascinating hidden part of human history.

Syphilis and gonorrhea have destroyed or sterilized entire populations, changed demographics, caused mass migrations and weakened a nation's ability to field boots on the ground in their militaries.

Kwanstainians rattle on about "liberation" without knowing the history of these epidemics in Greece, Rome, Europe, North America, South America and huge swaths of the Middle East, Asia and Africa. I read a very interesting book a couple years back about it. Colonizers have killed and sterilized more natives with transmitted sexual diseases than the ones that are okay to talk about like typhoid and cholera.

As America acquires the profile of a third world epidemiology it is going to wreak terrible horrors on the inhabitants in coming years the likes of which they cannot possibly imagine. You see, another one of the virtues of Christian faith is that it encourages sexual modesty and monogamy. For those idiots amongst you who say "Yes, but it doesn't work 100%, people violate these precepts anyway," do you really claim to understand what happens when this salt and light is taken away? Even the pretense to some unspoken social protocol like keeping a mistress or lover outside of marriage alters drastically once Christian social mores fade away. Sex was never available as a commodity, by it's nature it implies obligations and once you "liberate" yourself from these restrictions you will find that your society will unravel with crazy, exhilarating wild dizzying speed.

When somebody tells you that you have been diagnosed with incurable gonorrhea, you're going to be seeing clearly for the first time in your life. Unfortunately it will be too late to do you any good.

We've talked about the "cascade" phenomenon in social collapses before on Vault-Co. I am of the opinion that we are seeing this right now in the Kwa. Exponential problems mounting on top of other problems which cause more problems at exponential rates at the same time the country is losing the resources and options to do anything about these problems. These conditions always lend themselves to the rise of various tyrants and dictatorships but they never really solve any of these problems either.

Disease will return as a major scourge of mankind. Manboons can do nothing to stop it. You have to seek health as an individual and rely on good sanitation practices to avoid it for yourself and your loved ones.

50 Questions You Need To Ask Anybody Who Doesn't Seem To Get It

Send them these.

Vault-Co was just a little ahead of it's time, that's all.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

This Is The Reason Politicians Want Your Guns


They want to do what they want to do however they want to do it without anything but straw opposition to their policies. The last thing they want is "democracy" and they certainly don't want it to be representative.

From the crooked timber of mankind, no straight thing can be made. The only way to attain any safety in life is to have all men capable of self-defense. The most evil of all sins is the desire to take that right away. Monsters throughout history have always wanted more security for themselves, not everyone else.

The Majority Are Always Wrong

Now even the Washington Times has conceded. That's the end of the line for the new druids.

Why? Because stupid people outnumber humans ten-to-one, that's why. Anything that everybody agrees is self-evident is meaningless because ordinary people are too dumb to draw accurate conclusions about anything. This also makes them ripe to believe any crap some special political interest wants them to believe.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Hard Data Suggests No Merit of any Kind in Flu "Vaccines" and other Medical Snake Oil

That's right. No value whatsoever in getting a flu vaccine and real evidence it damages the immune system through inflammation.

Don't worry, though. The new untested insect retrovirus recombinant DNA vaccine will certainly work where the others have failed.

Left Wing Fruit Waves AK-47 Around Inside Capitol With His Thumb on the Trigger

Some people just shouldn't be allowed arms. They demonstrate they are too stupid and have forfeited their right by reckless, impulsive behavior with firearms. This clown waves an AK-47 around with his thumb on the trigger guard, a recipe for a serious tragedy. He probably didn't even know how to check to make sure it was unloaded before he borrowed it from somebody else.

He is right in a way, the Founding Fathers did not have pathetic weaklings like him in mind when they wrote the Second Amendment. They believed that if men like this ever constituted a majority it would be time for another revolution.


Even after doing everything in his power to confiscate American arms by stealth, this redcoat still can't find any viewers. Keep ignoring him and rest assured he will soon go away. Where he goes doesn't really matter because this is a man who was never really going anywhere since the day he was born. 

The only reason he is still on the air is that he is playing the tune the globalists want to hear but they ain't made of money. Be time to sell him off to the knackers for glue shortly because he cannot bring in the advertisers.


FOXNEWS FIVE 2,323,000
FOXNEWS SHEP 1,813,000
CMDY COLBERT 1,360,000
MSNBC MADDOW 1,096,000
CNN COOPER 604,000

CNN PIERS 592,000

Thursday, January 17, 2013

2025 : Why Britain Will Live Under Sharia Law

When you are utterly empty as a human being, Islam as an organizing principle comes to seem a very attractive substitute for the vacuum where your soul would normally go.

If you just compare the two ideologies, it is always obvious which one is going to win:

1. Cosmopolitan secular atomized consumerism, anti-nationalism, cultural dissolution, mardi gras, high quality streaming porn, post-industrial nihilism and negative growth birthrates.


2. Simple but firm universal principles for conduct and social order, high birthrates, sexual modesty, rigid purposeful hieriarchy organized under central religious orthodoxy.

Islam will win every time. Trust me, I know human history. The guy arguing we all need to be left alone to manstrubate versus real men as patriarchial leadership over a family oriented society. Islam will win.

They are winning the war where it counts, in the bedroom. They can put enough boots on the ground to end opposition by simply waiting for it to grow old and die. Islam will win.

Stupid, stupid people. They kevorkianed themselves in their own country by importing a far superior ideology to the bleak, meaningless gibberish they were offering as a value system.

Line Up For Your Flu Virus This Year

It sounds like the start of a really campy low budget zombie movie but unfortunately you couldn't make this sh*t up ... it's an insect retrovirus that has been modified with recombinant DNA technology. Oh yeah, that sounds really healthy for you. I'll be sure to get at least three of those in both cheeks of my ass tomorrow morning right after I finish my tofu and granola.

Only a paranoid nut would hesitate for an instant to get in line for one of these ... hey, this sort of thing sounds like it might have needed some pretty lengthy trials to determine if it was safe ... yet, completely isolated from any previous standards of practice in medicine, it appears to have gone through none at all. Unless you count the prologue of the film in the secret biowarfare lab when a chimpanzee injected with the stuff grows antennae and pincers and bites off the heads of some of the security staff. Yep, it works alright.

I'll never forget when I called the Australian Vaccination hotline to ask a simple question about where I could see the .PDFs of the peer reviewed research on the vaccines with triple-blind control groups. They put me on hold for an hour, a "senior officer" got on and talked in circles for another 20 minutes before he conceded there was no such research and he had never seen anything in printed form other than the script he had been given to read to callers.

Untested recombinant DNA insect retrovirus? Where do I sign up? I'm going to have to get my sleeping bag to make sure I don't lose my place in line overnight for that needle. That's the shizznit. I fully expect to be able to dissolve my food with my digestive juices within 24 hours of getting that vaccine.

Instead of "FluBlok" I would have christened it "LifeBlok," because that is what it is going to do for you.

Check out these amazing success rates :
"Flublok was about 44.6 percent effective against all circulating influenza strains, not just the strains that matched the strains included in the vaccine."
 Oh snap. Gimme some of dat. They forgot to mention that the control group that took 4000 IU of Vitamin D, 500 mg of C and garlic capsules was 100% effective against all strains of the flu, period.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sandy Hook : Absolute Rubbish

Something stinks so badly it is reminiscent of poorly staged false flags by Adolph Hitler & Josef Stalin

Check out this agitprop photo released of Emily Parker pasted in behind two other little kids nobody seems to be able to attach to any matching family. Poor bitch has a right arm six feet long, to add to her troubles. You couldn't make this sh*t up, seriously. Soviet fake photos for wartime propaganda in the 1940's were better than this and they didn't have Photoshop back in those days. Vault-Co invites you to laugh your ass off at this crap because otherwise you would have to cry at how stupid it all is.

In previous totalitarian regimes we have seen stories almost as lousy as this one and the public believed them because they were terrified of expressing doubt. Much to the eternal infamy of the population in America they believe these stories because they are incredibly stupid. They should have combined the raid on Bin Laden into the raid on Sandy Hook and said they killed Adam Lanza and Osama Bin Laden working together, it would have made more sense.

The story for Sandy Hook is ridiculous and outrageously contrived. Not a word of it makes any sense at all. Either the government has not bothered to correct itself and clarify what happened there (a possibility however remote) which would make it incredibly, unbelievably stupid ... or the entire thing was a false flag so badly executed they have tried to close question time on it altogether ... which would also make it incredibly, unbelievably stupid.

Either way, the Kenyan's government is unworthy of any credibility outside of your usual Kenyan dictatorship and just as in Kenya, simply issues blatant infantile lies that are an assault on the human dignity of anybody who takes them seriously. I think at one point Zimbabwe was blaming food shortages on dust demons conjured up by practitioners of voodoo. That explanation was actually more logical than the one they offered at Sandy Hook.

Here's the real helicopter footage that morning of what was described as "total chaos." Looks like a crisis drill scheduled at the school where half the participants are still trying to wake up with a cup of coffee before they start. There is no chaos of any kind in this footage and not a single sign there is any sort of real seige going on inside the school. Notice the casual saunter about the parking lot of police "participants." With "hundreds of shots fired," they are not even using cover, simply rambling about with all the time in the world. No ambulances in sight or paramedics, no emergency personnel.

You can never watch this clown too many times. He will also be appearing in a dinner theater production of "DEATHTRAP" at the Holiday Inn this fall, please enjoy a steak and buffet dinner with free drink refills as you are entertained just off Interstate Exit 91. I would check to see if this guy puts this credential on his resume. He is an appallingly bad actor.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Melonhead Roundup

I like it when people who don't know me, have never visited this site and had no contact with me reach very similar conclusions to mine completely independently with no influence from me.

If anything, you notice these guys have not made it quite as far down the trail as I have in recognizing the implications of these things. I'm not trying to blow my own horn, I'm jest sayin' is all.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Chinese Leadership Reads Vault-Co

China stockpiling rice, essential precious metals for armaments and other scarcity goods in a time of war.

They don't believe in the multicultural diversity globalist paradise. They anticipate another kind of future, the one we have been talking about on Vault-Co for the past ten years.

The big emphasis for civilian targets for the Chinese military is expeditious use of the neutron bomb where applicable.

If you are constructing a Vault you should design it accordingly. This means not just three feet of crushed rock overhead but extremely good shielding at all entry points both vertical and horizontal. Water is the best shielding pound for pound but you can also use beans and rice because they have a lot of water content.

I purchased cube-shaped water vessels that lend themselves to easy stacking. This is one of the simpler ways to protect a shelter from reflected neutrons, seal it behind you by stacking these up and of course you can always drink the water.

The reason the neutron bomb is so much more effective at killing people in underground shelters is not the way it penetrates the usual shielding but rather the way it bounces around conventional 90 degree turns. So you could be inside a conventional shelter and be fully shielded from the nearby detonation by your overhead mass and at the same time receive a full dose because of the way the neutrons reflect around corners and spray inside the shelter area. These entrances must be sealed after you are situated inside the shelter with some form of expedient mass, water being one of the best options.

Of course the reason that the Chinese got the neutron bomb is that the design was sold to them by Albert Gore in order to acquire sufficient funds to get Bill Clinton re-elected along with many other classified military secrets back in the 90's. It was possibly the highest level espionage operation ever discovered in the history of the United States. These two actually sold out their own countrymen to get a foreign power to subsidize their re-election campaign. I challenge you to find a single instance of treason this monstrous in the history of the late Roman Empire. Even Nero would have balked at madness on this scale.

Jerry Springer : Top of the List

Jerry tells the truth for the first time in his misbegotten life.

You lose the war first spiritually and everything else follows. Once you surrender the spiritual war you find all the other things practically surrender themselves.

Jackie Chan : U.S. A Criminal Den Run By Thieves

He's right. China has corruption under the communists but it can't possibly even begin to compare with the United States, which seems more and more like Late Rome under Caligula.

This is why I find it truly repugnant to listen to Westerners criticize the regime over there when their own regime at home operates with carte blanche. Their ability to tell right from wrong is damaged. China has it's own psychopaths running the joint in China but they are strictly amateur hour compared to the supervillain thugs running the U.S. with little opposition from within. So don't tell me about how the Chinese people are too passive. Western civilization has become associated with taking it up the a** from crooks with a smile.

The Chinese government shoots people who embezzle over there, but in the West the government actually pays off the losses of the looters to enable them to continue looting. Which is worse?

Friday, January 11, 2013

In Plain Sight

If you do these things in plain sight and your audience is dumb enough, there is no such thing as a conspiracy to do them. You simply do them and your mark is too big a rube to realize he has been played.

When your sucker is stupid enough, it doesn't matter how many slip-ups you make or verbal gaffes.
“There will be a bill. We’ve been working on it now for a year,” Feinstein said.

“There will be a bill. We’ve been working on it now for a year,” Feinstein said.

“There will be a bill. We’ve been working on it now for a year,” Feinstein said.

“There will be a bill. We’ve been working on it now for a year,” Feinstein said.
“There will be a bill. We’ve been working on it now for a year,” Feinstein said.
 Well then, Adam Lanza must really have a gift for timing, given he staged this massacre right after the Obama-Thing was "re-elected." It was a perfect match for your bill, Diane. What good fortune for you. We are told it was against school children, supposedly with an "assault weapon" that was in fact found in the trunk of his car, not on his dead body. Seems like the whole thing really worked out for you and your cronies after you had been working on the matching hysterical counter-reaction legislation for over a year prior.

The Beauty of Rousseau's Unspoiled Nature & The Natural Uncorrupted State of Man

All leftists base their entire paradigm on it. It forms the core of their philosophy in regards to everything from Marxism to Collectivism.

Nowadays I recognize it for what it is - what rushes in to fill the vacuum  left behind where the amygdala of the brain is supposed to go.

If you can't recognize threats in the environment, how do you cope with fear? You can't. You are at the mercy of everything around you. So you retreat into a fantasy world where you tell yourself the natural world was a harmless, edenic, sylvan place before all those evil (healthy amygdala) people started to warn you about possible hazards and dangers of things you yourself cannot perceive. It is all the fault of people who are normal, therefore normality must be waged war upon.

Guffamint Will Protect Us

That's why they work closely with pedophiles in high places for the duration of their lifespan.

They are protecting the right of access to baby ass for pedophiles. The government is standing firm on the distribution and protection from prosecution for professional peds.

Authority figures - they are infallible and here to help.

Jimmy Savile was like a survival horror boss. No, seriously. This guy was nearly a kind of demonic presence. His power over the candy-ass Briton fembots was astonishing. They literally did not dare to contradict him when he was alive.

Remember to multiply by ten to get his actual number of victims because you can be certain most of them will not come forward and will take it to their graves. Still scared of Savile somehow even when he is dead. 

Why do you think that is? Because they knew Savile was a made man protected by a much wider network of people in the elites. I reckon Savile was a respected procurer who broke them in and passed them on to the wider ring for distribution. 

Check Out Flu Vaccine Efficiency

Every guy in the article is sick with the flu and then urges other people to get the vaccine to protect them against it. I was actually laughing out loud reading this piece.

Manboons are not learning animals.

Reminds me of that old lady in Brazil whose doctor has almost reduced her to ribbons but she keeps putting her faith in him. Every time we see her in the movie she is progressively worse. "My complication has had a little complication but the doctor assures me I shall be up and about in no time." He starts to avoid her as an embarrassment but she is still completely confident his treatment is working.

These guys would be hilarious if they were not in authority positions. That is what makes them a**holes. Killing yourself, you might still get into heaven. Killing others is not something you are going to be forgiven for if you kept ignoring the evidence for fear of simple shame at having to contradict the orthodoxy. Inexcusable.

May they be paid the wages they earned.

Why on earth would anyone need to own a gun?

Obama reminds flyover herds that only important people need arms

The rest of you need to buckle down and rustle up those tax revenues. Especially because we're increasing them soon. You are going to have to work really hard to provide me with the full time bodyguards for life that I deserve. It is your destiny to make everyday a payday for me, beeyotch. My sham wife keeps threatening to talk to the press if I don't buy her some new furs and diamonds.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Depopulation Is The Biggest Risk To Mankind

When I was younger (about 25 years ago) I was worried about overpopulation. I am embarrassed to even speak about it but we accept the reality we are trained to believe in. I had read too much of the hebephrenic squealer Paul Ehrlich who was promoted to me by a friend of mine at the time. We often find ourselves attracted to ideas that are offered to us by those we respect.

My mind has changed so radically since those days that nearly every major idea I had back then I abandoned. Do you know why? I realized these ideas were not the product of my own reasoning but notions planted into my head through social engineering.

I realize now that this planet could easily support 500 billion people, as long as those people were of the right constitution and makeup. All that gibberish I believed in when I was younger seems to me to border on religious dogma and superstitious drivel these days. I don't take it anymore seriously than my upbringing in Catholicism. For me it has come to represent the absence of good reasoning and perception, not the summit of it.

The real dilemma facing mankind is rapid and unrelenting depopulation. Good news for the haters of mankind, who lurk all about us planning to dominate a much smaller subset of people than we have alive now on the earth.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Kenyan Oligarch Announces Dissolution of Congress and the Republic

Biden says that the Obamination will simply do whatever he wants by fiat with the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Those "executive orders" established by simple gradualism now trump the rule of law apparently.

The country is really disintegrating right before our eyes. It is truly falling apart in real-time now.

Just like we told you, IDIOCRACY was science fantasy. Any nation as dumb as the one depicted by Mike Judge in his movie would collapse within a very short time. They would never last 5 years, much less 500 years into the future. Get your popcorn and watch this turkey burn.

Manboons don't "think," they emote. They inhabit an essentially irrational world no matter how rational their government system may have been originally. Irrational madness will always trump the best "systems" because it is easy for somebody as stupid as these people are to ignore whatever the law says and just do whatever feels right at that instant.

Death Dealing Suicide & Homicide Pills

America is drugged from coast to coast and it shows in the number of people committing random, spontaneous murders from the effects of these poisons on their neurochemistry.

Alex Jones was right. If you wonder why he was so angry about it when he was on Piers Morgan, I'd say it is because he knows the truth. What you don't know is happening to you doesn't have the capacity to disturb you. It is the cow in the slaughterhouse who figures out something is wrong in this place that starts to kick at the walls of the stall. The other cows have their heads down in the grain troughs they provide to give them something to do while they are waiting their turn to go up the ramp. They're probably wondering why that other cow is making all that fuss. What is that Alex Jones so angry about, anyway?

If I didn't know better I would think modern medicine is pursuing a campaign of genocide directed against mankind itself.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Wretched Little Man Gets His Ass Handed To Him In A Bag During His Own Interview

They cut away before this effete Briton began to cry

Alex Jones refused to follow this little poofter's script and screamed him down the entire segment. It was awesome and so overdue.

Take a hint, Piers. Time to go back to that third world sewer you have the gall to call a country. GTFO.

My ancestors left your ancestors behind in that toilet a couple centuries ago because we just wanted to get away from you. Stop following others around. It is time for Piers Morgan to crawl back into that socialist rat's nest with his own kind and suffer under the regime he helped create. Piers Morgan himself fled to get out of the hacking scandal so technically he should be extradited back to fair England for trial.

These dirty bastards are bereft of any human feeling whatsoever and that is why somebody as passionate as Alex Jones is so disturbing to them.  These reptiles have no convictions about anything and that is why they are going to lose in the long term. It is the short term that they have the capacity to do so much damage to any nation they curse with their presence.

Monday, January 7, 2013

The Rainbow Utopian Paradise Will Be Here Soon

(This is what it will look like)

Obama has to pass a law in order to get intelligence from his own military.

Winnarz are starting to sweat at possible approaching lose and fail

Plenty of places for winnarz to man up and do some real fighting if they think they can win

There are no winnarz in a nuclear war, only survivors.

It has taken the rest of mankind about 100 years to figure it out but here it is.


Quakes Synchronized With Earth's Magnetic Field

Read to the end of this article.

Robert Felix, confirmed. The Sun is the prime mover of all tectonic activity through the changes it induces in the magnetic field around the planet.

We could be saving lives with this knowledge but globowarmthinkists want to keep the Inquisition in place to punish all sons of Galileo for stating the obvious.

Globowarmthinkery is nothing but a twist on Catholicism. It has it's own cardinals and bishops, monks and scribes. Al Gore is the pope. Heretics and apostates are put to the rack.

Bolshevist Coup Is Joined By Corporations

The socialist corporations have made their decision and sided against the Constitution regardless of the rule of law. They simply support Caligula and owe no further allegiance to the Roman Senate which has become largely ceremonial.

Traitors better make sure they are backing the right horse.

Notice how the rule of law has simply been abandoned for tribal alliances. These are the seeds of civil war being sown in the 'Stain right now.

Congress has little to no popular support. This is not representative government. It is tyranny imposed top down.

Holocene is Over. Time for Grasshoppers To Go.

1000's of vessels trapped in ice off the coast of China

China's coldest winter in records

Korean Peninsula freezes solid

New Mexico is covered with snow

Russians freezing to death in coldest winter on record

Mongolia becoming untenable even for herders

India shatters historical records with lethal cold snap

Globowarmthinkery is the new Catholicism. It's junk science wrapped in bolshevist psychobabble.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Gun Control Makes Us All A Lot Safer Say Professional Criminals, Psychopaths, Rapists and Various Enrichers

Just look how good it is working in Australia.

The Oz man-chimp lives off a diet of Fosters and beer peanuts and it lacks the genes required for awareness and learning. It thinks it is thinking but it is really just imitating human behavior. The reality is that the average Australian knows absolutely nothing about anything of any consequence whatsoever and therefore has no frame of reference other than what it's government gives it. The Australian edjamafacashun system has dumbed the population down to the level of single-celled amoebic dysentery germs. They believe they have never been brighter and it's all that wind whistling between their ears that makes them feel like singing.

You may pity the Kwanstainian but wisdom says the Australians have it harder because they don't even know what they don't know. They don't even know they don't know what they don't know which is a lot like knowing less than nothing about anything. If they knew they didn't know what they don't know at least they'd know that but alas that is just something else that is blissfully unknown to them.

You can put man-pants on a man-ape but you can't make him smart enough to merit wearing them.

Original Incans Were White European Ruling Class

With huge skulls.

Reading this article basically left me speechless. I verified it with three other sites.

The original melonheads look to have been overthrown by their slaves not long before the Spanish arrived to overthrow them.

This synchronized so perfectly with my existing theories about how these civilizations started that I was shocked. Here are the bones that prove the theory was correct.

Notice the look of terror in the woman when she died. Slave revolt.

Man is not a learning animal

All that populist rubbish about ordinary people being capable of learning is a folk legend. 99% of mankind do not learn from history, keeping in mind history can be something that happened ten minutes ago.

You can shorten this like I have done by saying "Humans don't learn, period."

Saturday, January 5, 2013

If You Hate Your Kids, Get Them Vaccinated

It's the easiest way to bump them off legally. After all you were only doing as you were told.

Modern medicine is a spree killer. What a toxic inversion of words, ideas, meanings and intentions. In our declining society, everything does the exact opposite of what it says it does.

Now onto the next crisis. Barack is really digging into his agenda for the next four years. Coming up ... mandatory vaccinations/lethal injections with no exceptions. The people who paid to put Barack in office again are going into overdrive.

Nobody likes an I-Told-You-So

... but I did tell you so.

Holocene is over. It's time, grasshoppers. The long party is at an end.

How Microsoft Kevorkianed Itself

You put an idiot in charge and you get what you deserve.

Ballmer has mostly concentrated on moving operations to Israel while the company literally falls apart. It has been his consuming obsession.

Frankly, after buying a new IMac for Christmas, nobody would be happier than me to see the entire Microsoft company dumped from a cargo carrier into the desert outside Tel Aviv. It's all yours fellows - do what you want with it because we don't want it anymore. Another thing that becomes worthless once you get it. Pick through the scraps of office furniture and drag off whatever you think you can sell.

Election Then False Flag Then Reaction

All within a month of "winning" the Kwanstainian election.

Barack Obama isn't just an amazing creature of unlimited religious-like superpowers, he is also so lucky that spree killings happen at the exact moments he needs them to for policy reasons.

All those "paranoids" who guaranteed that Obama would go after guns if he got in again? They were all right. Everybody else was wrong.

Obama is supposedly a "constitutional lawyer," so surely he must know he has to call a constitutional convention to change the 2nd Amendment. Apparently they are just skipping right over that whole "rule of law thing" and going straight to the stuff they want to do like Oliver Cromwell. See how boring history is? It just repeats over and over again. If you know anybody who doesn't think history is boring, it is because they are not sufficiently familiar with it. History is a drag because it is just the same play over and over again with a change of actors.

I talked to enough people from the former United States before the election to know they did this to themselves. They either supported the media selected candidate Mitt Romney or they were actually stupid enough to vote Obama again. They rejected Ron Paul and now the pain is coming. Ron Paul was the last chance gas station.

Civilizations are dysgenic by nature and rarely last more than 200 years. That's just enough time for everybody else to "get their boots on" and get involved at which time the entire society goes straight down the drain.

'Stain government now to provide direct assistance and logistics to criminals to wage war on the law abiding. 

Manboons are not a learning animal. Melonheads made them beasts in the shape of men to work behind a plow or fight in mass battles as sport. They are not complete human beings, rather a fraction of a real person, a replicant, a simulation of the true man of the Earth, the Neanderthal. Homo Sapiens is a like a pale washed out photo of a human.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cheese Eating Is Not Even An Innovation

It's something that happens accidentally. It is not really a discovery.

If you can simply harvest an animal's milk, be it a goat or auroch, sooner or later you are going to have a misfortune which results in cheese. It is literally a product of spilled milk in the right temperature environment.

Far from being a gigantic leap of faith, it is the only theory that explains the bones of Neanderthals and the teeth in their jaws. If the orthodoxy is right about those teeth chewing mammal meat at the rate of 6000+ calories a day for a lifetime, there is no way that Neanderthal teeth could look the way that they do.

The reason people would fight the cheese theory is that it is like a piece of wool and when you pull on it, you are going to find you have suddenly unraveled the piece of whole cloth that is modern anthropology. All the assumptions made by the orthodox start to appear really absurd and untenable.

Why, you ask.

If the Neanderthals survived off cheese protein as a major staple in their diet, it means herding was a mainstay of their existence. Right there, you have basically tossed a live fragmentation grenade into the maw of modern science. That is all it takes. The whole edifice begins to crumble apart into gibberish.

Far from painting the Neanderthals as supermen who traveled around in hovercraft, it portrays them in an entirely different light altogether. It depicts them as fairly placid, abundant and stable populations who really had no pressing need for fantastic innovation in their lives. There are a variety of reasons to believe that individually they may have been pretty spectacular but there would have been very little cause to develop militant regimentation of their ranks or specialization of labor. All the pressure for Homo Sapiens has been a direct result of his unending, ceaseless warfare.

If you think about it long enough, you will see a bunch of really bright people who rested on their laurels and pretty much mastered existence without much warfare for long periods of time. People essentially coasting on their own superiority. People who had domesticated all the existing breeds of animal husbandry and had so conquered famine and need that they rarely found a demand to investigate new avenues.

Now imagine these people suddenly facing a tidal wave of invasion of spear-chucking zombie hominids from the south who outnumbered them a thousand-to-one. These zombie replicants didn't need to be smart or innovate or domesticate or exercise long term strategic thinking. All they had to do was chuck spears, rape and cannibalize and they could inherits hundreds of thousands of years of accomplishments by default.

It is truly an instance of "the second mouse getting the cheese," literally. Neanderthals had fought and eliminated all the big predators, cleared the continent of most opposition, developed all the breeds critical to the foundation of larger population societies and solved all the big problems of achieving abundance in almost any conditions. They had "set off the trap" and cleared the way. All Sapiens had to do was to crawl forward and  nibble on the cheese.

The explanation fits the facts because it explains amongst other things why the human brain has been shrinking for more than 20,000+ years. Their completely opposite and incongruous sexual selection criteria never selects for the same kind of brains or intelligence and they cannot maintain the windfall they fell ass-backwards into. What they stumbled into by chance they lose by design.

In terms of the r/K ratio, it also explains why the human race appears to be a blend of 80% sex-crazy polygamous war monkeys mixed with less than 20% monogamous, conservative, stable and long term strategy thinkers. It explains why everything that the 20% build up the 80% will immediately endeavor to tear down. Once you can explain this, you have explained almost everything important. Deep in his heart, Homo Sapiens is a rape ape who wants to kill everything and the Neanderthal remnant will never be able to hold the line against these lunatic creatures. That's why civilization is always in decline. Saps always has bloodshot eyes and a euphoric expression talking about "progress" and "openmindedness" because he is insane. There is nothing that lasts long with mankind for this reason. Mind you, the evidence is that the worst change-revolutionary-junkies come from different strains of Neanderthal gene expression itself (Mousterians) but it is the general madness of the Sapiens breed as a whole that makes him so receptive to all of this agitprop and so eager to listen to it's message of self-destruction. Part of his innermost essence resents all these restrictions on his "natural self" and principles of conduct that are so innate to Neanderthals. He wants to be "liberated" from whatever temporary organization that the Neanderthal remnant is able to assemble and go back to his "real self," which is a bloody vicious warlike chimpanzee who answers to no law but tooth and claw. The two breeds don't belong together and are no more compatible than oil and water in the same bottle. You can't mix them no matter how many rapists insist otherwise.