Monday, December 31, 2012

Oliver Stone Tells Some Partial Truths

The 'Stain is an Orwellian society.

The most authentic thing in this interview is near the end where they describe the current inhabitants of that once great nation as people too mentally weak to concentrate on anything much longer than five minutes. That's a four-and-a-half minute exaggeration but it's still pertinent.

Russia today has more free men than the West and is a saner place

No nation that gets like the Kwa has any hope of reform. To reform itself it would still need people bright enough to walk and chew gum at the same time. The Kwa doesn't have the good basic root stock to restore their vineyard. The grapes that remain are there to be trampled by the wrath of God.

Something important I understand now about declining civilizations is that as a general rule the people who remain at the end are too out of it to even understand what is happening to them. The last men are too dopey to appreciate the depth of what they have lost. They are numb from emptiness. In a way this is almost a mercy. They are not capable of the really sharp emotional pain that would come from the awareness of the tragedy of their circumstances and what they have done to themselves and their inheritance.

Ten years ago I expressed it as a hunch that there was a kind of Bell Curve of biology and at the declining end the mammals born into abundancy became less perceptive, less cognitive and less likely to respond to negative stimuli with sharp emotional aversion than each previous generation. It is a twist on the ancient metaphor for the gods driving mad first those they intended to destroy. A decade ago my thoughts on this subject were very primitive stuff albeit pretty advanced relative to everyone else's but my understanding of the nature of these problems has matured remarkably since those days. Those of you who think I am a quitter, lack spirit in me or tend to avoid any chance to assert myself should know that I just don't believe I have a dog in this fight anymore. The truth is that I know even if I fought the decay that I see all around me, I don't believe there would be anything in it for me over the longer term. Our society is not a meritocracy and it rewards the valiant with scorn and alienation. I have seen it happen to so many others I know how futile this would be for me.

Recently somebody I knew about twenty years ago challenged me to return to the U.S. and try to struggle to restore my country. Amongst other things, it's not my country anymore. I'm an Australian citizen and would have surrendered my American citizenship by now if they had not made it so hard to defect. On top of that, I don't see anything left of the country I was born in. It's just gone. All those people there now are strangers to me, most of them born on foreign soil who I will never have anything in common with.

I don't think the bulk of people who live there realize how dire their predicament is.

For example, there is the comic instance of describing a society as "Orwellian" to people who have never read Orwell. It is futile to even try to explain to them their situation.

Celebrities = Turds In Human Form With Shoes Sticking Out The Bottom

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Gandhi Banned As Enemy of the State

Facebook is now censoring historical quotes by the father of non-violent resistance.

All those paranoid people warning that Obama's second term would be purely about seizing arms and taking away the right to self-defense? The paranoids were absolutely right, this was the agenda as soon as the election was over. Amazing timing with that Sandy Hook (?) occurring within weeks. It's as if Adam Lanza was working for the administration. A coincidence to be sure.

For those of you trained to believe Gandhi was a skipping flower waving leftist pansy you should know you have been the victim of another colossal historical revisionism. Gandhi was a hardcore racist, sexist, womanizing conservative who just happened to have the guts to fight the real pansy-ass fems in the British Empire for his nation's freedom. Gandhi's real accomplishment was being willing to fight to exist. If the British colonizers had their way they would have slowly squeezed India until it was dry.

I am of the opinion that land space doesn't really mean a lot to Europeans. Iceland took a chunk of rock in the middle of the frigid ocean of the North Atlantic and turned it into one of the world's high tech industries. Iceland doesn't have much of anything but hot and cold so they tapped into geothermal heat for their power generation. The rest of the planet needs whole continents just to grow subsistence diets. Europeans can grow more food in a single hydroponics lab in a week staffed by one man than an entire African village can raise in ten years on a hundred acres. Europeans don't need land masses a quarter the size of the globe just to eke out a survival. However, if they can do that with square foot gardening imagine what they can do given a sizable chunk of land like the United States. This is why there is no reason and never has been a reason that American (or Australia) needed to source any food from the outside.

Europeans simply don't need anybody else. All they need is to be left alone to thrive and they do very well in a short time. The other breeds of man do not have it so good. They do not have the Midas touch where everything they put their hand on turns to gold. This is the reason they feel compelled to migrate. If you see another nation where everything has been changed into gold and you're a simpleton, your first thought is ... "How do I get into that other land where all is gold? Those lucky bastards who were born there don't have a right to all that wealth!" The problem of course is that not long after you have arrived, everything seems to start transmuting back into lead. Sucks to be them.

When you can't create, you can seize the reigns of power and simply destroy. In order to prove all mankind are a bunch of failures, you can force Europeans to fail with central control over their resources and economy. Preventing progress and destroying prosperity is what they are all about. Those who can't create will always seek to destroy. They are sterile men who will never rest until they drag all mankind down to their level.

Europeans have this magic touch because they have the highest concentration of residual Neanderthal genes. Europeans without a substantial Neanderthal contribution are nothing special, they are merely Africans with smaller penises and no rhythm. They can't transmute lead into gold with their touch.

Must be confusing to be looking into all of this from the outside when you don't have Neanderthal genes. Must seem like God cursed you from the day you were born. All I can say is, those people need to take their anger out on God for making them thus. The European only acquired those genes through the cannibalism and rape of the Neanderthal people so it is not like he has anything to be proud of, either. The only man who can take pride in these things is someone who himself identifies as a Neanderthal. The rest are just what is left behind in the absence of the good.

Our biggest hurdle right now is the traitors inside our gates actively thwarting us from improving our own lives. We have all the technology we need to live in great abundance inside our own borders forever with God's help but first we need to pull the parasite leeches out of the head of our society. These people are standing between us and real happiness and will continue to do so until they are expelled from our institutions permanently.

Dead Sun For A Dying World

Like Vault-Co said 12 years ago. This will be the last Solar Max and it will signal the end of the Holocene.

This site was right. About many, many things. I'm not a prophet. It's just that in comparison to everybody else, I end up looking like one.

Now all the grasshoppers get to see the conditions that the ant genome was forged in. A little tougher than what you may be used to, Sapiens. Your lackluster, haphazard train wreck genetic code simply won't do in these kinds of environments. You have to possess a certain internal biological purity or you will never stand a chance. There's no room for all that crazy listless bipolar confusion that you call a brain. A nervous system like that will get you killed during a new Ice Age. Sorry, sucks to be you.

Every Neanderthal upon awakening in the morning should thank the Lord for not making him a Homo Sapiens. They're like a clock that is broken in shipping and damaged goods upon receipt. Other than fighting, rapine, pillage and rioting they are not much good for anything outside of killing Neanderthals.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Great Depression II Leading To World War III

There are more government dependents than people with jobs in 11 U.S. States

All of them are states that have emphasized diversity, multikult and improvamentation policies for the past thirty years. The wages of sin is death. The penalty for being stupid is extinction. Self-hatred leads to self-immolation. Self-Destruction results in extermination.

If you tolerate people who tell you that you are inherently evil for being born and everything you do is evil and everything your ancestors did was evil when these same people are living on your land mass, eating your food and feasting off your largesse while doing so, you will be destroyed. No animal who is unwilling to fight for territory can ever hope to survive. You will be displaced by hook or by crook and simply committed to the dust. If you are dumb enough to fall in love with your destroyers you will be destroyed.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Good Roundup of the Sandy Hook Hoax

UPDATE : Excellent summary of why Sandy Hook is the strangest, most Orwellian story we have ever covered on Vault-Co in the past 12 years.

Sandy Hook is the weirdest and most contradictory of all the massacre stories that have come out of the Federal Government. Is it possible that this administration is simply not competent to carry out false flags? Have they slipped really, really badly on this one?

Attack of the Amygdala-Damaged

Funny to watch these fruits picking fights with gun advocates. Better hope your opponent isn't carrying. Damage to the amygdala prevents people from seeing hazards and consequences of their own actions.

As H.G. Wells Said ... In Plain Sight

Agenda 21 being implemented in all the Western nations without a vote or representation permitted or any alternative offered.

No votes except by local bureaucrats, many of them not elected but rather unopposed at elections because ordinary people are too busy working at jobs to spend much time concerned with local politics.

These constitute international treaties made without approval of Congress and as such they are high treason. No treaty can be signed except with the express approval of elected representatives in Congress in writing.

The reason they do these things in plain sight is that they know that modern people are slack-jawed, dribbling halfwits who do not even possess the means intellectually to pose any opposition. They are right. The mass media tells everybody they are all geniuses and we're all brilliant because it keeps the barnyard animals placid while the ramps for the slaughterhouse are assembled.

This guy is not the most literate in the world but his writing is powerful because it is the truth.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

God bless us every one.

Shrinkworld is a Scam Invented By Bums

That's right. Statistics don't lie. The people who treat others for "mental illness" are themselves the most suicidal, disturbed and unstable members of the population.

It's a job for people too lazy and useless to do anything else. Analyzing people and deciding what is wrong with them is a neurotic pastime that permits innately confused people to project their internal turmoil onto others. It is avoidance of one's own problems, which are likely unsolvable for most of these shrinks.

As an arm of the State, they get special protection to justify prescribing drugs to nearly everyone. Soviet psychiatry was a joke, it was a cheaper, economically more efficient means of chemical and physical lobotomization for dissidents to avoid paying for their upkeep in prisons. Western psychiatry has devolved into something even more toxic, with a drug for whatever it is they say ails you and not a single one of them worth a damn for treating anything. That garbage should all be thrown out the window except then the birds might eat them.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

IDIOCRACY Headline #1

This is what the Supreme Court in "America" thinks fair workplace law consists of.

Gives you a good idea of what kind of country this is now.

The photo of the balding middle-aged insecure dentist with bloodshot eyes is what really makes it for me.

Official Story of Sandy Hook Is Nonsense

This is consistent in the majority of mass shootings in the past couple of years.

You look a little closer at what didn't get printed, you find again and again that the facts were whittled down and nearly all the conflicting information was shaved off before officials settled on an explanation.

Why do they do this? Well, the cops on the scene are lazy as hell. They want to do the minimum amount of work they can possibly get away with. This is why they appreciate "narrators" with Federal authority who show up and "explain" to them what happened, complete with corroborating anecdotes. This allows the police to go back to doing what they excel at, which is staring through a glass cabinet at Krispy Kreme trying to decide on what donut they want. They are after all, merely human beings and as a rule the majority of human beings are unbelievably incompetent at their jobs. The police are no different from lawyers, teachers, soldiers and doctors in the modern era. They're lazy and they avoid situations which cause pain, like crime scenes that present a lot of confusing evidence that might require them to do a lot of work to untangle the facts and figure out what actually happened.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Whistleblower Exposes More IPCC Criminal Fraud

The IPCC has discredited modern science and made a laughingstock out of the entire scientific establishment.

Have you ever heard those kinds of criminals who continue to protest their innocence even after the police have put them at the scene with their DNA and brought forward their own accomplices to testify against them in open court? That's what kind of criminals the IPCC is. All of their enablers in Western countries should be deported to Antarctica, since they claim it is warming and will soon be a tropical paradise.

"Downwardly Mobile"

I can't believe the kinds of Orwellian phrases the media masters come up with sometimes.

The Kwanstain has been openly looted, stripped down to bedrock and the crimes enforced by government protection and Kwanzanians are still easily led to believe this is about economics.

It isn't. It's about organized crime taking over the reins of government once and for all. The results speak for themselves.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Hollywood Pukes Call For Trashing Constitution

These people make me sick. It never occurred to them to just leave? If you don't like the country, what is stopping you from simply moving somewhere else?

All these assh*les are adolescents who never grew up who think they know how to solve human problems. They're celebrities. Actors. That's what you do when you can't do anything else.

They think they understand the world and can fix it, when they can't even fix their own lives.

They made the nation into the hellhole it is and now they can't stand it. Sucks to be them.

These people are just smart enough to create problems they can't solve and don't understand that they caused. That's worse than being too dumb to make any kind of trouble.

Chi-Coms Call For Immediate Gun Confiscation

If you can't trust Communist China, who can you trust?

The 'Stain is destroying itself from the inside. The fifth column internal to the Kwa is a thousand times bigger than all the spies they have on U.S. soil put together.

The Chinese just need to wait the 'Stain out and the subversives inside it will reduce it to an unconditional surrender in no time at all.

Australia already disarmed all the law abiding, now if China can get the termites in the U.S. to follow suit they will find WW3 to be a walkthrough. There may not be a shot fired.

People with missing amygdalas are suicidal and self-destructive. They call it "progress" but a short time ago it was called high treason.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"Action T4" Back On The Table For The West

"Action T4" applied to anybody the Nazis didn't like. If Hans Asperger had not intervened to save them this would have included thousands of sullen, alienated, withdrawn, reserved, high IQ Neanderthal children the Nazis had decided did not represent their Aryan ideal. They probably would have given the first injection to Wernher Von Braun and the second one to Konrad Zuse. Hans Asperger changed all that by informing the Nazis that all these "depressive" children they were grumbling about were the only ones who were going to be able to build "secret weapons" for Der Fuhrer.

Most leftists don't understand why the right fights euthanasia so hard.

This is why. Euthanasia has nothing to do with relieving the suffering of the ill. It's about the State acquiring the right to kill people arbitrarily because they don't like something about them without fear of any challenge from anyone in the judicial system.

Unbelievably, Belgium is introducing right-to-die for minors in addition to the usual straw men suffering from dementia. Not old enough to drink but old enough to exterminate, I suppose.

This is all getting too crazy. You couldn't make up a story like this. Nobody would believe it. I imagine myself trying to explain to people in 1975 what the West would be like in 2012 and most of them would not believe it could tumble that far that fast. If you blinked you would have missed it.

France taking the first steps to institutionalize it as an assembly line the way the Nazis did.

Every single time this has become legally condoned it has immediately led to 95% of cases applied for motivated by a desire to bump off old people and take their money. Nasty-good-for-nothing kids promise a cut of the inheritance to the doctor if he signs off and before you know it they are killing them left, right and center.

Mankind is crooked timber from which no straight thing can be made.

Euthanasia has been silently accepted for the past fifty years in most hospitals. They feed the patient higher and higher doses of painkiller until they simply drift away. They pump the ill full of morphine and the doctor writes "Do not resuscitate" on their chart when they are ready for it to finish. You give so much as one inch on this beyond this point and they'll just be capping old folks in the head for target practice in ten years and melting their bodies down for cattle feed. It is worse than a slippery slope. It's greased rails to hell.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Global Media Ban On All Stories Like This One

Not "the kind of narratives" that "journalists" want "to tell people."

Anybody on this planet who thinks there is any other way to stop spree killers doesn't understand the human condition or human psychology and should best remain silent on this (and any other) subject.

Here's another murdered child that the coward who took his life didn't have the guts to do it himself. He ordered it done the way you swat a fly. Makes a down-low brother proud.

Speaking on behalf of the Neanderthal people, the original people of the Earth who have dwelled here over a million years, I just want to tell you that we consider all males who kill children for whatever reason to be damaged goods. Runts of the litter. The ugly puppies left in the basket when the good puppies have been taken. They are the botched and the bungled and they all must go on the long walk. No healthy male would ever kill a child. Any male who would rationalize such a decision for any reason is a genetic misfire. Such a man must never have a son of his own, he must be denied a mate and he must leave and go into the wilderness. What becomes of him is not our concern.

Men who harm children are damaged people and they should not be trusted. It doesn't matter how they bring it about, through chemicals or other stealthy means. Males who harm children are not fit to reproduce. If you allow them to breed you will end up with an animal that looks like Homo Sapiens in the end.

More on the success of gun control in Australia. Country is turning into a shooting gallery in the urban areas. Crime spiraling out of control with no checks and balances, thugs armed to the teeth. Apparently law breakers don't care what laws you pass. I knew all this would happen when they rammed the new laws through in 1997.

Manboons are not a learning animal.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

I Knew It Was Something Like That

UPDATE : Choom-Bama has killed more children than Lanza did with drone attacks. (Thanks Garry Joe) Weep those dopefiend tears, Choom-Bro, we knows you be really feelin' it bro. Your constituents may not be keeping track but God has angels numbering each one of your victims and they will testify against you at your judgement Choom-Bro.

Prepping makes you a homicidal killer.

Respect to this article, which manages to vilify preppers, homeschoolers, geniuses and whites all in a couple of paragraphs. Those creepy whites, sneaking about with their canning jars and Izod Lacoste shirts, planning to destroy us all. Since anybody with an IQ above room temperature in America is engaged in some form of preparation (it always has to be for DOOMSDAY, you see!) this pretty much includes all American citizens who can walk and chew gum at the same time. It has been said that all that separates a homeschooling mother from other mothers is a deeper love for their own children, so I guess people who love their offspring could also be folded up into this catch-all definition of what creates "homicidal killers." Wait, I understand this guy was jewish, does that mean ... nah, I have a feeling somehow that won't make the press.

I thought it was the Muslims we were all supposed to fear? Did I get the memo? I can't keep up with who is supposed to be the enemy of the hour. Why don't we just say the enemy of the people is whosoever opposes the government's political aims in one fashion or another. That should cover it.

If the government is really interested in saving lives, they need to start with the medical profession, which murders 200,000 people a year and no doctor ever sees the inside of a jail cell.

When doctors can't do it with their bare hands they program others to do it for them with chemicals.

The real preference of mass murderers is that old standby, "Satan's Little Helper," also known as the baseball bat, which kills far more people than guns each year.

Homo Sapiens proves he is a manufactured chimera by virtue of his aversion to the real world in all it's manifestations. No human being produced as a result of natural adaptation to the real world for over a million years could possibly suffer from an aversion to reality. No way. That's impossible and so is the notion that Homo Sapiens originated as a natural strain of man. As Voltaire, Schopenhauer and Swift have all intimated in their writings, there is no evidence for Homo Sapiens being anything other than a domesticated slave. Amongst so many other things, there is his incomparable love of killing. It's a waste of metabolic energy in most circumstances and ultimately is counterproductive to his own survival.

I never understand why Yanks would continue to cling pathetically to their right to bear arms, especially seeing how good gun control is working out in Australia. I actually feel safer at night in South Central than I do in Sydney. I can remember when this quiet little town had a homicide once or twice a year with a gun and it was a big deal. In the twenty years since then it has truly gotten enriched and diversified. Sydney residents can thank gun control for the random cracks and pops they expect to hear at night nowadays. Another victory for the State. No sane person would want to raise children in Sydney, it's an open sewer. When I arrived there two decades ago the main street looked like Heritage USA at Disneyworld. Nowadays it looks like a night time brothel strip in Thailand except with better street wiring.

Homo Sapiens is not a learning animal. Neanderthals create, build and fix ... Sapiens tears down and destroys.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Doctors Know Best For You - Stay Out Of The Sun!

Slap on as much sunscreen as you can whenever you go outdoors! That evil sun is a real killer. If God had wanted people to get sunshine he would have set it high in the firmament each day to shine down on you. Oh wait ...

All doctors should give away free toe tags with every visit.

New World Order Ghouls Prepare Their Feast

They can't wait to bring it up. Fake crocodile tears for dead kids is just another shtick they do.

Monsters and perverts never saw a child corpse they didn't savour as a political tool. They can't even wait for the bodies to go in the ground before their miserable sibilant whispering begins.

Give us your means of defense and we will see to it another child never dies. That's our promise we're making and we'll keep it as sure as we kept it to the people of the Ukraine in Russia in the 1920's.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

California Got Maximum Improvamentation

It got enriched and diversified. That's why it smells the way it does.

I knew when I moved out of that toilet to Australia twenty years ago that it was going to end up just like that.

God preserve us all from improvamenters and enrichers.

The worst thing about Californians is that they are permitted to leave the hell on earth that they constructed. They need an earthquake like the one in ESCAPE FROM LA to cordon it off from the rest of the country. The scumbags there should live in the filth they created and not be allowed to exit. The problem with people migrating out is the luggage packed into their shoes, not their suitcases.

I can't tell you how many of these brain damaged leftists I listened to when I was there telling me about the coming utopia they were building. Everybody was going to be eating that rainbow stew in twenty years, they assured me. Look at 'em now.

There Is No Energy Shortage. Never Was.

There is a serious, critical brain shortage but no energy shortage.

Western populations are stupid and they are getting worse by the hour. Their own leadership is their worst enemy and they are inside the gates. 

So are a lot of other enemies of all flavors. The majority of law abiding people in the West are now cast as the villains just by waking up in the morning, paying taxes and going to work. Something is really wrong here and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see it.

Stupid people can't solve their own problems. They can whine and waffle, organize committees and discuss the problem forever ... but they can't do anything about them.

China is leaping ahead of the West on a daily basis even as it degenerates back into a third world hellhole. The question is not if China is going to rule the world. The question is if the United States is going to let them. The West already lost that battle a long time ago. Now we will see if they slip into meaninglessness gracefully or go out in a fit of destructive war the same way empires have always gone out.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Civilizations Decline As Soon As Everybody Else Can Get Their Boots On

These guys take about 100 years to get off their backs and seize the institutions. After that, it is all downhill.

One thing that all psychopaths have in common is a desire to limit the information available to everybody else. Information like that at the link above, for example.

The most important side effect of psychopaths running everything is that almost anybody who wants to merely survive will be forced to act like a psychopath themselves. Before you know it, everyone will act like a psychopath just in order to get by and of course there is no such thing as a civilization when everyone in it acts this way. Psychopathy only pays off with a majority of rubes to pluck.

For example, nearly all psychopaths pretend to be altruists interested in universal principles of right and wrong. They cannot succeed in this ruse when everybody else is merely pretending to adhere to these standards themselves. They also cannot succeed where people have a strong instinctual sense of what constitutes universal altruism and can apply these principles. They recognize the psychopath as a fraud.

They thrive at the helm of a declining civilization on it's way out pretending to be altruists and later after it has collapsed they thrive as openly barbaric people in the wreckage that remains. Psychopaths thrive because Homo Sapiens is a busted animal who doesn't work right.

I believe firmly there was no such thing as a Neanderthal sociopath. They never existed. If Neanderthals were psychopaths they would have gotten zero traction with their general tribes and would certainly be sent on the long walk with expulsion. Sometimes Homo Sapiens has expressed the opinion this system sounds cruel ... they never think to look at their own societies to see what results when this genetic hygiene is not adhered to. Before you know it, the rejects will be running the place. Fact.

Monday, December 10, 2012

10 Days To The End of the Mayan Calendar

It's the end of the Holocene in ten days and the last summer bloom that our generation will ever know. The long winter is approaching.

This is what the end of the Mayan Calendar represented. The ancient worldwide seafaring culture that taught the Mayans that calendar had figured out that the Holocene lasts 12,000 years and plotted the end of it so that future generations would know when the long summer would end.

The time of the grasshoppers is coming to an end. They had a good run of it and it was all a bit of a show about nothing. The time of the ants is returning, as it always has.

Our planet's natural state is much, much colder than this. The grasshopper thinks the sun will last forever but it must recede and go dormant again for long, long periods. The ant returns during this time to reclaim the earth, which he never really vacated.

The grasshoppers are Homo Sapiens. They jump around, mate, fight and die for a brief season but they must always be replaced by their sober, conservative, hardy and reverent cousins represented in the Neanderthal genome.

All of the paleoclimatological cycles  are determined by magnetic cycles in the Sun that are reflected in the Earth which it shares a magnetic field with. Nobody knows what other changes accompany the ends of these cycles, at least nobody knows for certain. Not even Texas Arcane knows for sure what happens at this end. I have a hunch it won't be boring.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Modern Science Moves Backwards, Not Forwards

A review of the Boskops, discovered a hundred years ago and better understood then than today, when they are almost forgotten.

Those primitive Neanderthals with their primitive Neanderthal dentistry and primitive herbal amalgamate fillings. The primitive Neanderthal dentist accidentally put the primitive herbal amalgamate treatment right on a cavity, the knuckle-dragging, no-speaking, no-fire-making gorilla bastid.

It seems that year by year, scientists get less and less relevant to anything in the real world outside of their own little cappuccino-sipping circles.

This is what modern science sounds like. A guy runs around in solipsist circles saying nothing, referencing his own non-conclusion he then appeals to some imaginary "consensus" and concludes anything nobody has talked about for a while can't be all that important or else they'd be talking about it. Therefore it isn't worth talking about. This inferior product is passed off as "reasoning" nowadays. This guy is one of the rare birds who gets access to the bones now and again and he still can't draw any worthwhile conclusions. This fellow looks at pristine Neanderthal teeth everyday, knows that they had to eat 6000 calories a day of protein and yet has never put forward the hypothesis that these people may have been cheese-eaters, a very sound theory until proven otherwise. That hypothesis arose on this site with the help of a visitor here, far outside the orthodoxy.

The Boskops skulls, just like those at Malta, are the most important crowning discoveries of anthropology. They are the single most relevant finds in the history of the study of mankind. Three skulls of Boskops have been found inside tombs clearly designed for royalty with their servants buried alongside them, much smaller sized human skulls for all of them.

Not far from where some Boskops skulls were found, they also found a couple of nuclear reactors that had accidentally built themselves and had accidentally run for a couple hundred thousand years after they accidentally refined some uranium ore and then accidentally ran a water coolant system around themselves accidentally putting out the same amount of power accidentally with perfect accidental frequency.

Here's an exact scale drawing of a Boskops skull reconstruction from the man who dug it up. Does that look like normal variation in human skull size to you? You be the judge.

At no less than 8 locations in Africa they have found the Boskops depicted in rock wall paintings, so as to make this process as easy as possible for scienmagistic types. Here's one of them:

Ask yourself why you can't find one of these skulls on display in any mainstream museum in the world? The people paid for these skulls to be dug up with their tax revenues, why don't they have a right to look at them in museums? They were only discovered a century ago, I understand, "more study is necessary" according to a half dozen monographs I have read. They end up in that warehouse you see at the end of RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK.

Remember these are the same guys who suppressed evidence of European presence in the Americas for the past 25,000 years and told us until recently we were all descended from Africans.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The New Inquisition

International Druids Conference Throws Lord Monckton Out For Opposition To Virgin Sacrifices At Winter Solstice and Other Delusional Hysteria.

The U.N. is a kind of global welfare system for psychotics and other malefactors. It consists of creating phoney positions and make-work employment out of thin air based on nonsense and imaginary rubbish for people who would otherwise be incapable of obtaining real day jobs. It is all done with other people's money, who had their hard earned wages ripped from their bloody hands to give to halfwits like these.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Neanderthals Brought Dogs Forward With Them

They inhabit a very special place in the natural order and it is likely they will always be with us from now on.

The Neanderthal plucked them from their place in the wild and turned them into something quite remarkable over the course of a quarter million years.

If you have ever seen comparative studies of dogs and wolves raised in captivity, their pattern of development is analogous to that of humans and apes. At a very young age they seem quite similar in abilities and design. It is only as they grow that the neoteny that is the pivot point of their biological cycle begins to produce remarkable effects in real capacity. By the time they are fully adult they are differentiated in an extraordinary fashion.

If you look at the changes required in terms of organic modifications that would be required to genetically engineer dogs to be capable of doing much more complex tasks like driving and speaking, they actually involve less alteration than would be needed to make men into better men. This is one of the reasons I am certain that Neanderthals developed much more slowly than Homo Sapiens - it is the simplest way to produce a better result in the end - by delaying maturity.