Tuesday, July 24, 2012

You Weren't Imagining It

Females and leftists seem to be interchangeable for a reason - neither one of them has an amygdala functioning correctly. In females the healthy capacity may be present but it is suppressed by oxytocin, the hormone that makes life worth living. That's because females are not complete unless they are being guarded by males somewhere. That is the way nature designed it all to work.

Leftists are like that because their amygdalas are damaged/broken/absent. Not suppressed.

You know when the left wing giggles instinctively at people raising objections because they are afraid of consequences? They are always asking "How can you live your life in fear?" and you know how it is so flabbergasting you always have trouble even responding to something that incredibly stupid? It is because you understand emotionally that consequences of certain behaviours can get you killed. Where that part of the brain is supposed to go on a human, the leftist has a shriveled walnut which qualifies as clinical brain damage. They don't "feel fear" because their brains are fried, malfunctioning, missing the central core and completely unfit for purpose as intended when they were issued by the factory.

In the lab, animals that have their amygdalas burned out experimentally with surgery or chemicals act exactly like leftists. They don't live their lives in fear either. They don't demonstrate anything like healthy organic natural responses. They seem insane. They rut wildly, neglect their offspring and abandon them to starve, approach their deadly enemies without any kind of caution and in general act like they are rabidly crazy.

In the natural world, this results in a strong case of death and ends with the faulty brain reaching room temperature. In human societies, this can land you some sweet grants, lifelong tenure and guaranteed income for life spouting gibberish while you completely wreck your own nation and welcome exterminating invasion hordes with open arms and a euphoric smile. It's all good, everything will be fine, snicker. Have you ever seen the leftist doing that sneer? They really do believe it when they say it. Of course they do, they have brain damage. Actually, this will all end in naked blood-covered men swinging machetes and a booming market in babymeat. You can smell the cordite and busted sewerage mains right now. The left will be grinning right up to the end when the long knives are all around them. What, this? Man, I can't live my life in fear.

I really wish I was making all this up. Unfortunately, I'm not.


Rowan said...

One of the most popular current articles according to facebook, 219k 'likes'.

theepilgrim said...

The terms "liberal" and "conservative" are far too prejudicial and arbitrary to have any real scientific value. Even conservatives and liberals often can't agree amongst themselves what constitutes "conservative" or "liberal" values.

Really, the primary difference--perhaps the only difference--is that conservatives believe government is evil, and liberals believe that it is good, but both ultimately agree that it is necessary.

At the end of the day, they are both statists, and both agree that government coercion, extortion and initiation of force are required to keep social order (i.e. "the social contract") and provide "needed" goodies for the public.

Conservatives/minarchists at least acknowledge that using government force is evil, unprincipled and immoral, and should be limited, but the problem of course is: how limited? Wherever they draw the line will inevitably be arbitrary and self-serving, making them no better than liberals.

The "lesser of two evils" is still evil.

Texas Arcane said...

thepilgrim -

You literally missed the entire point of the blog, the link that was on the blog, the purpose of the blog, all the implications of the blog and the reason for the blog. Everything.

theepilgrim said...

the point of this blog? neanderthal genes finding expression in a sapiens world. k-types trying to create some semblance of sanity in a system increasingly run by and for r-types. a noble but losing effort (at least in the short-run, in this environment) which is why k-types are increasingly 'tending their own private gardens'.

am i warm?

MY point is that any differences in brain chemistry and biology between many self-styled "conservatives" and "liberals" are likely small compared to the differences between statists and anti-statists.

i'm sure there are key differences in romney and obama's brains, but i wager the differences between ron paul's brain and romney's OR obama's are much, much more significant and informative.

that was my point. didn't think i needed to spell it out for ya, tex. or maybe you just have a low opinion of me, i don't know.

Texas Arcane said...

Pilgrim -

The link on the blog and the discussion that follows are about the dramatic, remarkable biological differences between liberals and conservatives which are so prominent they show clearly on X-Rays of the brain.

The differences are not metaphysical or abstract. They are clear-cut organic differences in the size and health of several critical brain structures. Did you read the link? The link was about how oxytocin accounts for this difference in females by inducing artificially the condition that is native to a liberal's brain. Native, innate, visible to the naked eye.

theepilgrim said...

tex, you're simply not reading what i'm typing.

i'm not denying the study's findings or your analysis. as i said, obama and romney's brains likely are different in many key areas. conservatives and liberals very clearly think and perceive reality in much different ways. i am not disputing that at all.

but i'm saying that there is an even better comparison that i believe would garner even more interesting and telling results: statists (which includes both conservatives AND liberals) and anti-statists (libertarians, voluntaryists, anarchists, etc.)

i think the differences between ron paul's brain (an anti-statist) and mitt romney's (a statist) are likely even greater than the differences between romney and obama's brains, and i would like to know what those differences are, specifically. but for the purposes of this study, both ron paul and romney would be labeled "conservative" and lumped into the same category. that's the issue i have.

FrankNorman said...

Hello Tex.
That blogpost you linked to looked like yet another heavy-handed use of the Ad Hominem tactic that Leftists love so much - ignoring an opponent's reasoned arguments in favour of speculation about his motives.
Consevative: "The economic policy you are proposing would be very harmful, for the following obvious reasons..."
Leftist: "Oh, you're just afraid of change!"
Conservative: "Enforced ethnic integration is not only a violation of people's freedom, it clearly increases inter-racial hostility. We have studies here that show..."
Leftist: "Oh, you just hate black people! Stop being such a bigot!"

And yes, often it seems almost as if the Leftists really know that they are "full of it", and are treating the whole thing as a joke.

FrankNorman said...

But genetics are only one factor here. Have you considered another possible explanation: a history of drug abuse?
If, in their younger days, these people had been smoking weed, or taking too many anti-depressants, over time it could seriously mess up their ability to react normally to external reality. So they behave as if nothing really matters, because on an emotional level they cannot feel that anything matters.

Look at all the symptoms: Thinking in soundbites and slogans, unable to follow a serious line of reasoning, a complete lack of common-sense, a near-sociopathic detachment from the effects of their actions on others...
Where they born that way, or is it something they have done to themselves?

Texas Arcane said...

I would say you are correct for many individual cases, Frank. For example, Clinton-Bush-Obama are all lifelong drug and substance abusers and it is possible they damaged what little brain capacity they were born with by putting these toxins into their bodies for years.

So it is correct to say it is difficult to tell the difference with the left between people born damaged and those who damaged themselves.

Hannah said...

Tell me, did you even read the study you linked to in this blog entry (the one titled "Trust-Building Hormone Short-Circuits Fear In Humans")? Because that study has nothing to do with a person's political leanings. So I don't understand why you seem to have linked to it as proof that liberals' brains are somehow damaged.

Plus, the Republican party is the one that seeks to make people afraid, which means that study has a lot more to do with conservatives than liberals. For example, Fox News uses fear tactics all the time, as does Rush Limbaugh. Furthermore, the Republican party operates on an "us versus them" view of the world, which encourages fear of those who are part of the "them" group, since they're supposedly diametrically opposed to everything you live for.

So, mind explaining yourself?

Texas Arcane said...

Hannah -

Leftists (because of their heavily documented brain damage and smaller frontal lobes) have trouble using critical life preserving inductive and deductive association. This is why both forms of thinking are so widely disparaged by them. It is like a person with bad night vision who insists on looking for his lost car keys under the street lamp because it is easier to see there. It's not as if they had other options.

I'm not a Republican, Hannah. I think they are uniformly inferior for what are often different reasons than the Democrats, nevertheless, they are grotesquely inferior people in another sense.

Hannah, down at your end of the Bell Curve they probably believe all information is atomic and isolated. Actually, all information is connected to some degree.

Oxytocin creates the same effect in women by suppressing the action of the amygdala that occurs naturally in leftists because they are born damaged or damage themselves early on with chemicals.

A person without a developed amygdala cannot distinguish between harm and benefit. In the wild or even in lab conditions they have a much reduced lifespan and rarely survive to breed - quite the opposite of modern people, who have a dysgenic society that promotes reproduction of the very worst people.

No person capable of independent judgement and action is inferior. Leftists are herd animals and capable of neither. Lacking these abilities, the only solution they can offer when anything goes wrong is more power to the State. It is what rushes in to fill a vaccuum. Leftists argue about who should get what power and how it should be allocated but they never suggest anything but an increase in State power. This is symptomatic of people with severe damage to the amygdala of the brain.

The constant talk of "progress" and "advancement" that comes from such creatures is an expression of what is essentially bad biology. Civilizations fall apart as these kinds of "improvers" occupy the institutions when good men vanish and they talk of "progress" right through to the bitter end.

Such creatures never progress anywhere. They are the opposite of civilization - they are the end of it.