Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Winter Is Coming, "Party On" Says Ultimate Doomer

This guy concludes it is better to keep printing fiat money right into Weimar-style collapse than to even try to do anything sane or prudent at this stage. He specifically indicates we "may squeeze another ten years out of this civilization" by doing the historical debauchment-onto-death. Seriously, you don't understand what is happening in the world until you understand what could give rise to that sort of fatalist, nihilist advocacy. Civilization has been well and truly botched up, so badly it is hard to remember what sanity even sounded like.

This is grasshopper logic. This is where it always ends up. Grasshoppers wreck civilizations.

Those of you who think this is a minor hitch which will clear right up shortly are part of the problem. You virtually are the problem. These problems arise when people like yourselves attain any kind of leadership or authority over others. You are not leadership material. If you realize that these problems come from a totally schizophrenic worldview that has drifted so far away from sound practices that it constitutes mass lunacy, you would make for better leadership than the crop of quacks we have at present in the West.

If the amygdala in your brain is working, you know that there are consequences for actions. Positive thinking and group consensus don't matter and they don't affect outcomes. The really crazy thing about all this self-referential logic is that when people differ, self-referential arguments and self-referential references are used to refute them. "America is number one, so that means she will always be number one."


Amy Haines said...

So, douse the phoenix rather than let him burn and be reborn into glory.

Even IF? Ten more years? Do these types even hear the words coming out of their own mouths?

Just1X said...

I wasn't born to nihilism, I just had it forced upon me by reality.

So bearing that in mind; ten years? cool!

Ten years will see me through everything I'm worried about experiencing. Senility? chronic bad health? no thanks. No kids; no worries.

I had no part in making reality FUBAR and see no way to fix it in my lifetime; let's party like it's 1999

JimBob said...

Just1X said...
"Ten years will see me through everything I'm worried about experiencing. Senility? chronic bad health? no thanks. No kids; no worries."

Nothing you have just said is original. The electric joo has been repeating those exact statements in white countries, for as long as I have been alive and I am pretty old.

I wonder if they have been telling whites to suicide, because they are anti-white? Someone should ask them.