Saturday, July 7, 2012

Where The Kwanstain Is Going It Won't Be Coming Back From

Too late to do anything for the failed regime once known as the United States.

If you ever wondered what I was going on about for the past twenty years, all that ranting was when America could have been saved. The reason I don't much care anymore is that moment has passed.

When it was still salvageable I knew that a difference could be made even at that late state in their decline. Twenty years ago, I knew what the future held for my country back then.

I knew it would end up like this. I also know it will get much, much worse in the 'Stain. Much worse than most people could possibly comprehend.


Ghostwriter said...

I thought yall, might like to read these :


Texas Arcane said...

Amazing, both of them.

styrac said...

It's official, enviro-looney admits:

Peak oil proved to be another made-up failed druidic religion endorsed by dysfunctional individuals who could not find anything better to believe in.

styrac said...

Their reaction to this? Since we're going down let's take the rest of the world down with us:

Kwa Conducting Global Campaign of Violent Destabilization:

JimBob said...

The first article felt very familiar, because of my time spent at Whitaker Online. Ole Bob teaches these methods in a no nonsense, practical way.

We are going to keep disseminating the white genocide mantra, until the anti-white system collapses. :)

Sitara said...

In other news, Higgs Boson particle has been confirmed. Also, Dark Matter has also been confirmed.

What do you make of this Cleve?

Also, what do you think the real reason for the Hadron Collider was? Is this some sort of European/NATO super weapon, to get the edge on Russia and China? But if that were true, why hasn't Russia said anything about it, like they are adamantly against the missile shield?

Texas Arcane said...


... er, no.

Nothing was confirmed. Neither the Higgs Boson nor dark matter.

A kind of convoluted statement was given about finding some particle at the right frequency. Kind of talking at a right angle to the subject in a sort of oblique approach.

A bunch of primates, mostly non-technical people who do not even understand what science is, got a sort of consensus about a statement that was very generic because the scientists at the Hadron Collider have reached the end of their rope. They have not located anything.

This vague proclamation should keep people confused for another ten years until they can make retirement age.

Texas Arcane said...

Sort of like "Peak Oil" and "carbon" taxes. So generic it is possible to avoid accountability for having said anything at all.

Ghostwriter said...

Yea indeed they are / arent they?. That to me explained a lot about them Yankees or Kwanstanians.