Sunday, July 1, 2012

Utah Commissars Call For Registration Of Vegetable Gardens

You couldn't make this stuff up.

The driving force behind the rapid drone deployment is likely the government's need to swiftly outlaw all private gardening of any kind. Controlling food is controlling people, period.

I have known this was coming for ten years and it is why I have always concentrated on technology for covert, secure hydroponics gardens. This is where the future really is going. Sowing big gardens aboveground is not going to work for a variety of reasons unless they are concealed from the air. Those carrots and spring peas will put you on a government watch list of suspected terrorists before you know it.


Rowan said...

I'm surprised you haven't had any no-summer-yet in Europe posts. It's been a complete non-starter so far. Had to wear a thick coat because of the cold today.

JimBob said...

I have come to the conclusion, the elites see us as a resource, much like we see cattle as a resource and they would kill us all, rather than let any of us get away.

Why else did the elites that controlled the North, attack the South, commencing the US Civil War?

The Southern population was a taxation base, a source of free money the elites could milk, whenever they wanted and they were not going to let them just leave if they wanted to.

To these psychopaths, we are mere farm animals, or worse, just fields full of crops, waiting to be harvested.

Ghostwriter said...

Indeed, this stuff one could not even make up. What a shame and how obnoxious is the totalitarianism running rampant everywhere. I think these ..things have much to do with the sun and magnetic-field etc. the loonies become loonier !. And they seem to be pretty desperate too, i think they know they are on the way out and want to pull everything possible down with them (TPTB).
Ps. Is the MultiCult propaganda still alive and well in the hot country (Aus) ?? Here it seems to be mostly dead. Atleast the most ardent Commies/Naziz/Greens/whatever are weirdly silent at the moment. Calm before THE storm ?

JimBob said...

Israel and United States reject world heritage status for the Church of the Nativity

Sitara said...

Kwa fast on the track to achieving third world status.

Wow, not even Rome collapsed so fast...

Sitara said...

Where is your 'freedom' now Kwans?


LOL, I wonder how many Kwans knew what they were signing up for when they saw and agreed with Bush back on 9/11 that 'they hate us for our freedoms' and promptly ok'd the patriot act.

How long now before captured tweets and facebook status upgrades on protestors leads to a hellfire carrying drone zooming in on a protestor's house, with pathfinding provided via google earth!

John D. Wheeler said...

Better learn how to forage for wild edibles....