Monday, July 9, 2012

Sun Charging For Super Chizevsky Event

Solar flares getting stronger as we approach the maximum

... following on a long period of dormancy, the exact sequence described by the Russian Chizevsky for the EMP super event(s) that coincide with massive warfareepidemic and economic collapse.

If Chizevsky were alive today and he knew what we know now about cyclic magnetic reversal, he'd be warning people that this coming maximum is a likely culprit for a reversal or an excursion, the first of it's kind in at least 5000 years, maybe the big tamale 11,500 year event. The last one saw diamonds raining from thin air worldwide and it wiped out the last Neanderthals, the Clovis people in addition to megafauna all over the planet. The fresh water supply became a poisonous toxic soup of blue-green algae killing anything that drank from it. We find Clovis people with their bones stained green because of it.


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theepilgrim said...

Reading the article about the diamond rains, it's really amazing to see what lengths they go to to blame it all on some implausible meteorite impact. It made me realize just how important it is to them that everything be completely "random" and chaotic. Even the possibility that there might be a significant pattern or order to things must scare the crap out of them and have them waking up at night drenched in cold sweat.

They say that they don't believe in God, so why do they fear Him so much?