Tuesday, July 3, 2012

'Stain Gets Early Preview Of Solar EMP

Millions without power during heat flash that is bound to generate more storms

Get used to the "Derichos" because they are going to become a feature of life. Ancient patterns of weathering on temple external walls in India show that "normally" outside the interglacial it is common for this planet to get storms with 300 mph winds. The only safe place to be in that scenario is deep in a vault belowground. Now you know why all those "burial tombs" also had convoluted right-angle entrances and were built a lot deeper than any resting place for Mom and Pop's bones ever needed to be.

The 11,500 year long Holocene, which is the bubblegum circus popsicle rose-colored glasses feelgood G-rated movie of paleoclimatology ... is coming to an end. Default weather will now resume on this planet. Our entire civilization is like a club of miniature rainbow smurfs who built cities on top of a subway rail which was decommissioned on Long Island for the summer which is set to be restored to regular service in the next 24 hours.


Dave, RN said...

In spite of so many in DC being without power, they are being pretty civil.

Dave, RN said...

That being said... My solar panels will be here Thursday...

giovannidannato said...

I was there.

Three days without electricity in 100 degree temperatures, scalding humidity.

Lost all my perishables.