Sunday, July 15, 2012

Misleading Headline From Media Madmen

The evidence now indicates that average male IQ has plunged until it is on par with that of females. Tell me something I don't know. Better yet, add more endocrinal disruptors to the water.

The democratization of incompetency is now universal. There is no leadership left and what leadership potential was there has retreated to tend it's own private gardens.

The West has plummeted to the degree that somebody like Barack Obama starts to seem bright to the surviving dregs. Ultimately, every nation gets the "leadership" it deserves.


Willdogz said...

I would have disagreed with you a year ago. But the empty headed sheep are actually talking of reelecting this presidential piece of shit. They see the polls, suggesting that barry o is leading, and go right along with it. You are correct sir... this nation deserves what it's about to get.

The Great and Powerful Oz said...

Too many male children on are serious drugs. If you beat down those with IQs over 150, the mean is going to go down in a hurry.

JimBob said...

We have hardly any women studying hard core science and engineering at Universities. So if their IQ is higher, how come they choose to study soft subjects in overwhelming numbers?

When the Zionist controlled mass media, pushes memes like this,
Bob Whitaker teaches people to look deeper and ask:

"Why is this information being produced?"

hitfan said...

Oh good, if the media can talk about differences in IQ among the sexes, then let's talk about those differences among the races, shall we?

ray said...

just more lies from Medea

the serpent is still the most subtile of critturs!

there undoubtedly is an (intentional) dumbing down of the western male, inescapable considering the degradation and marginalization of masculinity in the past fifty years of feminist hegemony and gubbermint

however, as larry summers made the (brief) mistake of pointing out, males still dominate the v high-end of intelligence on the curve (despite their disenfranchisement) by their gynocratic k-k-kultures

at median, however, the forcing-out of males from education, esp, higher ed, has undoubtedly resulted in a general decline in both raw and applied intelligence... is not the evidence all about us?