Sunday, July 15, 2012

Kwanstainia : Post-Apocalyptic Urban Desert

The improvamentation has run it's course and improvamented everything.

It was all historical inevitability, you see. They were chanting that from the start of the 60's cultural wars right up until the present day. You can't fight it, it is going to happen. Specifically, the complete and utter destruction of the United States from within by a fifth column.


styrac said...

Rowan said...

Even men who travel around the world screwing whores and reviewing each city, get it.

styrac said...

Civilization collapse:

Reading this article I recalled what you said a while ago commenting on a Jane Jacobs book about city centers being the citadel that once it falls the retreat begins:

Texas Arcane said...

That Jane Jacobs was an incredible woman. I read some more of her stuff, it was mind bogglingly good. It shows you how stupid feminists are that they are always bolstering these stupid cows as literary geniuses like they hope saying it enough will make women the equal of men. All the while, there is a real female genius compatible with some of the best economic thinkers the country ever produced that most people have not even heard of. Jacobs was almost clairvoyant. I'm ordering her final book (prophetic) off Amazon.