Sunday, July 22, 2012

IPCC Confesses To Entire World They Are Lying, Deceitful Bullsh*t Artists

A big shock to everybody on the planet except regulars at Vault-Co, no doubt.

With the very public defection of feckless, treacherous turncoat Lovelock last month, the rats are truly leaving the sinking ship.

As predicted on Vault-Co, these cowardly R-types will turn on their own comrades and cannibalize them to protect their own sinecures. They are people without any loyalty and honor and they would turn their mothers out into the streets if they thought they could pimp them out for extra cash.

Environmentalism is the last refuge of a scoundrel in the modern era.


theepilgrim said...


a genuine work of art.

Contrapundit said...

I like that you used the term 'bullshit artists' to decribe the climate loons. Here's my list of synonyms for alarmists:
Chicken Littles, Prophets of Doom, doomsayers, doom and gloomers, Cry Wolfers, Mumbo Jumbo Specialists, [mix and match {as "econuts"}: eco- enviro- climate- .. -clowns -nuts -deceivers -extremists -radicals -loons -fascists -freaks -tyrants -dictators], fear- or scare- mongers, bs artists, [peddlers or purveyors of: -bs -propaganda -deception -fear -mumbo jumbo -baloney -idiocy], leftists, masters of deception, propagandists, Orwellian double-talkers.