Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Inflammation : Just Now Being Recognized

I knew this twenty years ago. It is only now becoming a popularly accepted idea.

I had a feeling that almost everything that goes wrong in the human body begins with swelling of one form or another. It is funny how you just know this instinctively for a long time but whenever you try to explain it to somebody else they don't register it until some doctor is on television telling them the same thing many decades later. I can remember sitting in a diner in New York City attempting to transmit this idea to some guy who sold books with me and him just staring at me like I was talking about UFO's. It was really important, I knew it back then. I suspected back in those days it had something to do with cancer and today most doctors are headed in this line of inquiry. The cancer cell is a cell that gets sick of being inflamed all the time and anaerobic and it decides to switch to a sugar diet. Sunlight plays a huge role in all of it, I knew it back then. The cells in your body need sunlight to set their regulatory clocks and when they don't have it they easily slip into a sort of Mad Hatter topsy-turvy internal world where there is no source of truth.

I suspect the worst damage to people with various sleep disorders is swelling in the brain and in the heart from lack of sleep. I believe that insulin then does different types of damage to inflamed tissue if it connects when it is swollen like this. Snoring and lack of oxygen both cause inflammation, making sleep apnea one of the biggest killers of them all. Seriously, sleep apnea is more deadly than smoking a carton of cigarettes a day.

I noticed again and again when lifting weights that whenever I did things that helped reduce swelling and inflammation, my recovery was always quicker and I rebounded much more strongly. I always felt that sunlight and vitamin D played some vital role in controlling inflammatory reactions. I knew the worst sign you were overtraining was swollen feelings in muscles that persisted many days after your workout. This was a sign you had not recovered and should not exert yourself again until these symptoms abated. The important thing was not to simply train when you could, but rather when your body had fully charged itself again and all swelling was gone. I made great gains using these ideas in my late 20's, increasing my strength by 5%-10% a week sometimes for months in a row. Funnily enough, at a time when protein was villified as the food of the devil and heart disease, I knew a big shot of protein, particularly from eggs or fish, made swelling go down all over the body quickly within an hour or so of eating. Steamed vegetables were nearly as effective or better at making that hot and sore feeling go away.

I was able to apply these notions to myself but it was always wasted time trying to elaborate on these concepts for other people. It frustrated me, like everything else in this life. I have had Cassandra Complex for so long it has become a sort of comic relief in my personality.

Nietzsche said that some men can learn everything they need to know in life by noticing the smallest reactions of physiology in themselves - their feelings when eating a long or a short egg, the sensations they get before a storm is coming, their emotional reactions to sunlight and sunset. Other men spend their whole lives learning and never really learn anything because they never acquire any self knowledge. You understand what is going on inside of you, the rest of the universe is downhill from there.


njartist said...

Good article.

styrac said...

Neanderthals had knowledge of plants' healing qualities.

Dave, RN said...

Inflammation inside arteries causes small particle cholesterol to adhere to the inside of the artery, causing atherosclerosis and heart attacks. It is NOT caused by elevated serum cholesterol. So what's the arterial inflammation caused by? Sugar, wheat, and an imbalance of omega 6 VS omega 3, usually in the form of industrial seed oils.
(There are going to be a lot of sick fat preppers from storing and eating all that wheat and "vegetable" oil).

But the TV shows a doctor trying to play the violin, poorly, and how they should not do your job so don't try to do his! AND TAKE YOUR DAMN STATINS!

How freak'n arrogant.

live and learn said...

nice post, I notice in myself that lack of sunlight causes both eating and sleeping disorders. Plus a overall feeling of being somehow, "Off"
Then when I realize this, I get frustrated with everyone else around me because I had decided to listen to them and follow their ways to a degree. But like you said, if you listen to your own body and your own reactions, then you will learn the truth., not what somebody tells you. Allot of it boils down to "trust yourself".

Rowan said...

+1 Tex, have been reading and practising an anti-inflammatory diet. It allows me to sleep only 4 hours a night without many bad side effects, also taking real kefir has done wonders.

Check out these two. The first explains how almost all diseases are caused by inflammation, the second almost all mental disorders.

Texas Arcane said...

Sorry, Dave, but doctors are just camp followers walking along in the wake of alternative medicine. Chinese medicine was addressing inflammation as a primary ill countless thousands of years ago.

Doctors like to run ahead of the mob and pretend to be the first on the scene but they are like flies on sh*t just landing wherever they smell something. Doctors had their chance and they blew it, nobody is listening to them seriously anymore.

Anonymous Conservative said...

Wow, this blog covers a lot. Not many people know about Traditional Chinese Medicine. Interestingly the way they deal with a lot of inflammatory disorders is through laxative teas, designed to wash the bacteria out of the GI system.

It's not a long term fix, but in some people, where a bad microbe has gained a foothold in the microbial ecosystem down there and is stirring up inflammation, it can reset things, and facilitate a re-population without the bad microbe. Interestingly, there is some evidence those bacteria can alter neurotransmitter activities, alter systemic inflammation, trigger vascularization, and maybe even alter the structure of organs, such as the heart.

Brilliant insight on self analysis, too. those who know the most usually are learning it through examination of the little things in themselves first. It is weird when you run into people who just ride the waves, and never even try to understand where they are going, or why.

Rowan said...

@Anon: I highly recommend kefir, I've been drinking half a litre every night. It certainly does "wash out your system" and populates your gut with 20-40 species of gut biota.

I recommend getting some kefir grains. They are quite odd, apparently no one has been able to reproduce kefir grains in a lab, they have just been passed down generation to generation and come from the Caucasus region.

Dave, RN said...

I hate "best practice" (what docs HAVE to do becuase it's "proven"). What "best practice" really means is "insurance pays". This of course has nothing to do with curing a disease. It does have a lot to do with "managing disease". This translates to "big profit center".
I sickens me daily how our cardiac patients are treated. Suck the system for as much money as possible before the patient dies of his treatment.