Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Improvamentation of Kwanstainia

We'll just embrace atheism and leave society to man's better angels. Except man doesn't have any better angels.

Increasingly, the 'Stain looks like a subterranean tunnel of foul, gray-skinned morlocks in the throes of massive genetic degeneration.

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Ghostwriter said...

Hehey Morlocks !! I always use that consept, i think of the Hoi Polloi as Morlocks and thats basically what they are, increasingly so. But anyway that was pretty fking unbelievable / bad, but not surprising. The 25 points. It´s probly more like 25million such points and growing, spiraling down, all the way down. I believe i will see America die during my life time, what will happend after that is an other matter. Interesting to see what you Anglos / bigworld whites / English speakers / Neanderthals will do next ! You have only Greenland left i guess to hop on to : )