Wednesday, July 4, 2012

"Doggerland" - The British Atlantis?

This makes so much sense in terms of context. It's in the right place with the right relationship to the mainland and if it was the seat of Teutonic rulers over Britain it explains so much about why this period is so shrouded in mystery.

Whenever they discover something like this you begin to get a sense of the scope of history and how little we have really known about what happened in the past.

If the Teutonic ruling classes had actually occupied this central peninsula to reign over the Britons around them and then were subsumed by a tsunami, it leaves you once again with the theme of slaves surviving the death of their masters. You ask them "what happened here?" and all they can do is shrug and give you dumb looks 5,500 years later.

This is almost becoming the core of my understanding of Homo Sapiens. Don't bother speaking to the help that survived, like servants running from a burning house while their master perishes inside. They don't know anything and can't really narrate the story for you of what has transpired. You just see them mulling around outside later in the ashes and wailing but they are otherwise too feebleminded to bother with.

If Homo Sapiens is the original man, why is it he seems engineered to simply follow instructions with no more consciousness or awareness than a domesticated animal? It is a very reasonable question. How did this creature become so accommodated to obedience? Who was it that gave him his orders? Perhaps these people are no longer evident although we can see echoes of them. Homo Sapiens tells you, "I am the original. Those other people were the clones," sort of like Arnie in The Sixth Day. There is something wrong with your story, Sapiens-man. It didn't make sense to me for about fifty years until I began to see what had been right in front of me the entire time. How did they become ingrained as so servile and whence comes their occasional bright flash of inspiration in the otherwise undistinguished sea of drones?

Do you see how discovering we had Neanderthal ancestry made it all click for me in an instant? Fifty years of questions, all answered in milliseconds. It was the Rosetta stone for people like me who had always known the orthodoxy had provided no real explanation at all.


njartist said...

Hybridization: A genuine type of evolution we don’t often hear about – and not magic either

Premise: an hybrid successful enough to replace its parents.

JimBob said...

If only they had a "Carbon Pollution Tax" down in Doggerland. It would have saved them from climate change, for sure.