Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bolshevism II : Hammer Coming Down

You get control of food distribution and then arms, you have people right where you want them. You can kill'em all slowly just like they did in the Ukraine from 1920-1930. Blame it on "crop failures." The Nazis were held accountable but these monsters rig things so nobody who lacks courage can finger them. That means the majority of all human beings can't finger them. I remember when I was younger and I used to hear Americans disparage the lesson of Bolshevism, claiming that Americans would never be frog-marched into their own extermination. Yet, here we are. They have nearly entertained themselves to death.

Notice America's "leaders" are talking about surrendering the nationwide registry of arms to foreign powers. Who needs fifth column quisling traitors with leaders like these?

Now you know what those "conspiracy nuts" were talking about twenty years ago. This is it. They were right, the vast majority had no idea of what was going on all around them. Deep in outer space thinking about Paris Hilton nude and reality television shows.

I remember when Australians mentioned the gun registry back in 1997 when they were confiscating them. They were laughed at by the majority of corn syrup suckers here. In the great struggle for existence, Australians do not register in the grand scheme of things. They are unable to put up much opposition to anything the government does. They are more like domesticated beasts than people, sweating quietly under any yoke that is lowered upon their shoulders. The capacity for resistance was lost in them a long, long time ago. As has been said about them since ancient times, "A beast made in the shape of a man so that we should not have to be served by beasts." How that resonates in the modern era, when people have virtually proved the truth of the maxim.


Dave, RN said...

Corn and soybeans eh?

Food for prey, not preditors.

I havn't eaten that feminizing estrogenic "food" in a very long time.

Meat. Fat. True vegitables. Berries. All you need.

styrac said...

Basically what's happening on local-national level with the government going after farmers, gun owners or labeling survivalists as potential "terrorists" happens on global level too.

Russia, Iran and other "rogue" nations are the survivalists of the global map. They are rich enough in resources to be self-sufficient and want to defend this self-sufficiency and their right to exist outside the increasingly totalitarian Kwanstanian-globalist world system. They know that in order to be part of this system they will have to turn against their own citizens by imposing carbon taxes, by bailing out banks and bringing in the IMF to impose "austerity" (codeword for genocide and population control). They will have none of it, that's why they are attacked either directly or through proxies and vilified by the "western" press as "dictators" who run "corrupt regimes".

Thumbs up for all the rogues of the world whether individuals or nations, our only hope.

Texas Arcane said...

Ditto 100%.

I've talked to my wife about moving to Russia but she is afraid of all the unknowns. Hilarious a rabid anti-communist seriously considering a move to Russia.

styrac said...

Indeed, the irony boggles the mind: