Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bolshevism II : Enforcing Korrect Thought With The Economic Power Of State Regulation

Son of vicious terrorist uses government authority to enforce political ideology on formerly free men

These guys don't know right from wrong. They don't understand the Constitution, the government of the United States, free expression, freedom of speech, the right to liberty and freedom of association.

They're full on raving nuts. Rabid, foaming at the mouth lunatics incapable of maintaining the rule of law.

They'll never get it. They just pretended to until they could seize the institutions and enforce their own agenda. They will never really understand what it means to be tolerant or to respect the freedoms of others. They are not compatible with republics and free peoples. They do not permit others to go their own way and this means they don't belong on U.S. soil. It's not the country for them.

Damaged goods. The nasty little runts of the litter. About as degenerate as human biology gets.

MEGAFAIL : Obama's administration does face stack into smoldering pile of dogsh*t in public. Poor losers can't identify the recognized capital of Israel. Question #1 to understand policy, failing to get this one right disqualifies you from talking about the situation at all. Answer : Tel Aviv. Not knowing the Israeli government wants to have Jerusalem declared the capital indicates you have no understanding of what is going on here. Therefore all aid should stop immediately.

Here is hoping they have a country of their own they can go to and run the way they would like to see it organized. They should not remain on U.S. soil, they don't belong there. Walking away from them or their bizarre notions of what government consists of is not an option, they don't permit it.

They lie a lot, as do all busted people. They lie about almost everything and anything. In fact, it is not really lying when they do it because the capacity for truthfulness doesn't really exist in them. Every word that comes out of their mouth is a lie. Notice in the last link that Obama argues weapons belong in the hands of soldiers. I guess they would need them with all the wars he has started since he took office and is still priming all over the world. So soldiers fighting where Obama sends them is good but private citizens don't need to have the right to defend themselves unless they are fighting in the wars he started. I could substitute any marxist dictator in Africa with this guy and nobody would notice. You should remember that when he is hinting that James Holmes was a mentally unstable person who should not have had access to these weapons (I agree wholeheartedly) that Holmes purchased all his powerful military weapons with grant money given to him by Obama's government. I wish was I was making this all up. Seriously. I am not imaginative enough to have invented this story, it is too incredible.

Here Bernanke doesn't think he should be audited because he doesn't want "politicians second-guessing his decisions." You mean elected officials determining if anything you are doing is even legal? This sort of talk could come from Commissars after the Bolshevists ground Russia beneath their heel in 1918. Mega-crazy gammy-eyed wacky speech.

The Founding Fathers would escort all of these guys to the nearest port and wave them off with a request they never return. Free nations are not for them. I only hope they have somewhere to go they can live with a majority of people as screwed up as they are. Everybody deserves to live amongst their own kind in the way that seems best to them. At least, according to the United Nations they do.


The Lab Manager said...

I'm not a devout Christian, but I'll go buy from a business the liberals don't like just to be disagreeable.

live and learn said...

Dictator governments love gays. By nature gays are unable to survive on there own in the natural world.