Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Blathering "r"-Types Get A "K" Response

Iran must have been getting tired of all this "signaling" and "messaging" and "making overtures" and "statements" and other obfuscational confusion that distinguishes the r-Types from actual human beings. They decided to blow some sh*t up to show how easy it is.

The "r"-Type is denoted by his/her lack of quality, virtue, courage and integrity. Any war of nerves, these touchy-feely wafflers are going to lose. Jacob means "to disseminate" in Hebrew. Esau means "Man of Action." In a world with atomic weapons, not being specific is a character flaw and an invitation to a misunderstanding that could lead to global thermonuclear war. Fifty years ago our nuclear arsenal was in the hands of the K's. Today it is in the hands of the "r"'s, a type of peacenik who simply cannot avoid conflicts or maintain the peace.


Anonymous Conservative said...

Hey brother, great post on our enemies (both of them), and thanks for the link.

If you ever need anything, just drop me a line, though I have to say, from the looks of things here, I'd say you're set. Then again I have picked up a basic knowledge of aquaculture, which might fit nicely with hydroponics.

Either way, awesome site. I have gotta learn more of that electrical engineering/computer programming.

ray said...

Jacob means "to disseminate" in Hebrew. Esau means "Man of Action.

uh huh, well Esau ended up getting all the action he could handle, and then some

Charity said...

Did you see this?