Sunday, July 15, 2012

Biggest Unreported Story of 2012

The comical, complete and utter collapse of globowarmthinkery.

Typical that Australia ends up being one of the only countries in the world that gets the carbon tax literally ramrodded down the nations throat with brute force at the same time that the whole fraud has fallen to pieces worldwide. No taxation without representation except in Australia. There is no idea so lousy or so crooked you can't find an audience for it in Australia. No matter how bad it stinks if you tell them that it originates in America they'll pinch their noses and open wide.

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styrac said...

Off-topic but I think you might be interested in this:

Very informative thread about Neanderthals and gene influx in Middle East and Europe. It's far more likely that instead of exclusively "coming out of Africa" to interbreed with Neanderthals, new human genes would be coming from islands isolated for thousands of years and when the sea levels dropped their inhabitants were able to exit their islands and enter the mainland where the interbreeding (and probably a lot more) occurred, and where they established outposts along the coastline that served as bases of operations for inland expansion.

Not sure about the identity of these islanders but I think I suspect what breed of people they were. Wouldn't it make sense that the Flood that cleansed the earth from the wicked would have the bigger effect on island and coastal areas that these people supposedly inhabited? Would it be an exaggeration to assume that the Flood's purpose was exclusively to wipe those island/coast inhabitants and their culture out?

Doesn't even the story of Atlantis and the description of its inhabitants make much more sense this way?

"It may very well be the case that those passing the story on had heard of or witnessed events in which coastal buildings went underwater because of earthquakes; beachfront towns were flooded during tsunamis; islands were created by underwater volcanic activity. There may be that grain of truth that lent legitimacy and a certain reality to the legend of Atlantis."

Now, combine the following discovery with the Doggerland find in northwestern Europe:

Once-fertile landmass the size of Britain found on bottom of Persian Gulf, believed to have existed from 100,000 to 8,000 years ago.