Monday, April 30, 2012

World War III Will Be Very Interesting

Exciting new technology replaces boring old human soldiers with some serious ass-kickers.
Cleanup staff already being trained to root out civilians from their hiding places.

Remember, this stuff is just the unclassified leftovers we get to see ...

Property Rights Are The Foundation of Civilization

Notice at the end, it becomes harder and harder to stop large organized groups from just taking stuff.

Sapiens with an average IQ of 97 has a very difficult time understanding why might doesn't make right. It is a little over his head. A piece of paper that is a title or deed starts to become a bit abstract for these mental giants. We're the big group. We get all the coconuts.

Very similar to third world countries where the only law is whoever is on top owns everything.

I see this every day in the most casual conversations. As intelligence drops, people get increasingly fuzzy on what the rule of law is.

This has a great deal to do with the government paying off the debts of big banks instead of letting them collapse. Same confused, hazy notions of responsibility. We're the big group. We're not supposed to fail. The government must do something because otherwise we would go out of business. We're the big group and we don't go out of business. It is not permitted. Like in South America where all businesses are state-run to some degree.

Imagine hundreds of millions of people sort of squinting and moving their lips silently. Who owns what now? I don't get caught up in all of that labeling stuff. We're all sort of ... together in this stuff or something ... something. What have you and what not.

I'm telling you, the population of the Kwanstain has got a mad cow epidemic and it shows.

Continuing International Tension Escalates

Iran has a much bigger military than the U.S. wants to admit

They're not going to back down and Israel is willing to fight to the last Kwanzanian.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

How Do You Get Paid For Talking Gibberish?

You become a postmodernist. It is a fantastic career for people who will never be much good at anything.

It is very much an economic market for practitioners without any clearly defined services built in the clouds and funded by taxpayers.

Pull the plug on the funding, the entire field of postmodernism would pop like a soap bubble overnight.

As we moved away from agriculture and herding, there were going to be more and more people who simply survived on chicanery and flim-flam alone. When that group got organized and was no longer simply camp followers stripping rings off dead bodies, they occupied academia and created the madcap, lunatic world of postmodernists. It's a show about nothing.

Here is why you should be worried. More and more people have moved into this whacky world outside of reality for income even as the real world was drying up economically. There are now millions upon millions of subversives subsisting purely on hot air and drivel and they are quite capable of steering nations into political situations that will always lead to war. These kinds of Pied Pipers can keep the natives spellbound as they dance off a cliff into the sea.

Kwanstainians Help Curb Population Growth

The young 'Zanians help do their part for the environment by removing themselves from it.

Much like the British they are eager to "chill" for real. Room temperature, in fact.

Walmart Will Still Be Hiring Greeters at $8 Hour

So polish up your people skills, because you will be competing with a couple million other people for the job. One of you can pay the taxes needed to support the other 999,999 afterwards. This will probably really happen, honest.

"Dark Matter" Is Fecal Matter

Junk physics math to shore up the junk science of the "Big Bang," another Big Lie

It is okay to tell the truth about this junk science if you are a tenured academic. You are free to speak. Not long after you tell the truth, you will no longer be tenured and no longer in academia. So feel free to tell the truth about this garbage pseudoscience any time you get the urge. All it will cost you is your income, your marriage, your career and the rest of your life.

Training Sheeple To Sneer and Smirk

They are never sure why they are doing it and yet they do it on cue whenever required

There is a reason that media companies cost billions of dollars and it isn't for the right to print the truth. You could do that anywhere. It's not the right to tell the truth to a lot of people they are paying for.

Stacking The Dynamite For WW3

More and more and more and more. Sure, nothing is going to happen. You just keep telling yourself that.

Peer Reviewed Research Shows Nothing At All Superior To Medical Quacks

You know when it escapes into the mainstream it has truly escaped.

The real research and the statistics go way beyond this modest concession. They seem to indicate that there is no better way to take a dirt nap than to be diagnosed with a problem and treated by a doctor. Once they get you on their prostate cancer merry-go-round you're a walking dead man.

A fistful of vitamins and capsicum twice a day would serve you much better and nobody ever died from either. Especially not from vitamin D. Cut those rat poison carbs out of your diet to the greatest extent possible. Exercise, get sun and most of all sleep deeply 9 hours a night in a blacked out room.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Snippets & Ruminations In The New Anthropology #1

Just an assorted collection of some of the ideas I have been reflecting on in the past year or so :

1. The deep, powerful revulsion of the Neanderthal has overtones of profoundly ingrained biological reflexes designed to preserve life, like the fear we see upon suddenly discovering a snake, a spider or a festering wound. I am convinced that the immensely strong immune systems of the Neanderthals enabled them to harbor any number of deadly, virulent and lethal strains of staph that rendered any contact with them in the form of a bite or scratch to be a death sentence. These micro-organisms were harmless to them amongst themselves but would rage through strangers like wildfire, killing them as quickly as flesh-eating bacteria do today. When part of this immune system was transferred to Europeans, it made them into living bioweapons that eliminated whole races of men by simply arriving at their shores. The strong fear and loathing of the Neanderthal persists to this day - the sight of the round eye and retreating periorbital socket triggers ancient instincts in certain breeds of men to retreat. In the schoolyard this subliminal feeling of fear is coped with by bullying children who resemble or remind others of Neanderthals. This wise strategy of a wide berth led to the victorious practice of attacking them from a distance with projectile weapons and never allowing them to approach for close quarters combat.

2. The combined hybrid of Neanderthal and Sapiens led to a creature which survives best on a low carbohydrate protein diet in most cases, but the intestinal tract has retained the practice of requiring roughage to stimulate it to elimination. This has left the digestive design of mankind a very weird affair with great difficulty in getting both proper nutrition and proper stimulation of the bowels and critical inner lining of the intestines necessary to absorb nutrients.

3. The inheritance of the paranoid, worrying anxiety about the future has been one of the strongest and most successful of the traits transferred from Neanderthals to Europeans. It leads to perpetual states of overkill where Europeans feel the need to prepare many strategies and accommodate many possible courses of action and were formerly highly unlikely to ever be caught too far afield by the unexpected. This trait of constantly projecting scenarios into the future and trying to prepare for anything both at the individual and the group level has formerly made them nigh indestructible similar to their Neanderthal ancestors. With the loss of these traits and social engineering designed to suppress these instincts in the modern era, the European has essentially surrendered the genetic trump card in his makeup. If he simply waits for the future to arrive and hopes everything will be okay he is throwing in the towel to return to his animal roots, losing nearly all the advantages conferred upon him in the past by this kind of waking dreaming.

4. The locomotive systems of the two species has favored the original design of Homo Sapiens, sacrificing power for endurance for long distance trekking. The Neanderthals powerful waistless frame was intended for a homebody who rarely ventured more than a couple hundred kilometers on foot in any direction. The transfer of some of the muscle mass and shape from Neanderthal to Homo Sapiens has likely reduced their capacity for long distance endurance slightly while increasing their upper and lower body strength significantly over other races. The Kenyan super distance athletes are probably fairly representative of the bodies of Sapiens before the hybridization. Kenyans are notoriously weak people who can otherwise run or walk any other race into the ground and they have substantial advantage in energy management. It is blindingly obvious that the Neanderthal's dietary requirements meant he would have to carry huge amounts of meat with him if he intended to go very far from home, sort of like an oil tanker that would require the gas tank hooked up to it's own reservoir to keep the engine running for very long. This critical aspect would have contributed significantly to the Sapiens ability to wander for years over huge distances surviving on carbohydrates derived from plants he harvested along the way.

5. The Melonheads likely were wiry and quite strong compared with their slaves for this reason, possibly used to being transported by slaves atop carriages with little need on their part to walk long distances. They would have been less strong than Neanderthals but would have preferred their slaves to have little upper body strength that would threaten them. It is also likely from both the fossil evidence and the mythical lore that they towered in height over both of the other two species of man. I envision them as averaging around seven foot (a frequent height found for melonhead skeletons) with some of them running nine feet or higher. They almost certainly contributed to the legends of giant rulers and colossus tyrants who are found throughout oral and written traditions. I also believe it was common for them to display red hair, double rows of teeth and extremely piercing eyes. They probably contributed to the perception of their great size by wearing hats and crowns designed to emphasize their lofty perspective. I see their locomotion as emphasizing their status and not being constrained by efficiency, a sort of ponderous, leisurely gait where they appeared to be virtually sliding wherever they went, without any need to practice any kind of economy other than elegance and regal independence. Highly unlikely that anyone with Neanderthal or Melonhead ancestry would ever win any medals in the marathon at the Olympiad.

Hope you find these ideas interesting. I may put some more of them up here in time just to hear what others think on this subject.

No More Anonymous Thread Posts

Sorry if this inconveniences you, it's always a couple of people who ruin it for everybody.

I believe in free speech for everyone and am extremely interested in viewpoints of people who disagree with me on almost any subject. I read those kinds of replies with as much or more enjoyment than posters who agree with something I wrote.

Kind of like Will Smith in I AM LEGEND, I was accidentally followed home to Vault-Co one evening by a bunch of monsters from another forum and it has never been the same here. It's just a cascade of irrelevant posts from this same group of assholes - I would not be surprised if it is only a handful of people but they are constantly junking up the threads with ad hominem generic insults, both at me and anybody else on the thread.

I want to at least discourage these guys by making them enter a registered name. I figure that they realize that it is not worth posting if they even have to go to this much trouble because they never have anything to say. Again, sorry if this inconveniences the majority here, who usually post an invaluable series of interesting links, ideas and counterpoints that makes the central subject just a starter for a great thread. Some of the most fascinating things I have ever posted up here I got from somebody else who linked to it.

I Have No Talent and Must Flim-Flam

"Atonal music" isn't music. It's garbage noise dressed up as sublime.

Classical music sounds good in the human brain because the human brain is designed to recognize music that sounds good. It is also designed to recognize junk sound that isn't music at all.

No matter how much agitprop you cram into the mouth, nose, eyes and ears of the sheeple, deep inside they still know that this dreck is awful. Period. You can't beat a million years of evolution with a couple of shows on Oprah.

Rap music is atonal music that tries to conceal the lack of musical ability with a beat and voice-over. Atonal orchestral music attempts to hide the fact the author had no musical ability by pretending he wanted it to sound discordant and horrible. All this stuff is solipsist, self-referential logic for people too lazy to show up at real day jobs and try to do honest work.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

John Titor Predicted This

Mad Cow Has Probably Infected A Hundred Million Americans As Of This Writing

I could make a cogent argument that most of the Kwa has Mad Cow right now and is displaying all the symptoms you would expect of a huge population in the grip of early onset dementia.

Titor said this was going to be one of the great global pandemics.

All the Other News You Never Heard

Improvementation Reaches Fever Pitch

Oh Lawd the Improvementation Has Truly Enriched The Empire

Most Kwans today would not even be aware of the nation I was born into in 1963. Would seem like some distant utopian ideal compared to the gray, fecal fodder hellhole they inhabit today.

As the march through the institutions was completed, the first thing to hit everyone was the smell.

Evil Sun Vitamin Hurts More Doctors On Payday

It's a travesty. There goes the new pool and sauna tub the quacks had planned to put in the backyard next year.

If the familiar pattern emerges here, soon we'll see this seventy year old vitamin registered as a toxic threat to health that can only be prescribed under a physicians care. If it continues to cure any more conditions it is going be be putting doctors out of a job.

Death and imprisonment for all those who display an interest in nutrition!

The Next Bolshevist Engineered Famine


Keep on believin' rubes because the day will come you will not have anything left to eat but hope and faith ... unless you followed Vault-Co's advice ten years ago to PACK IT.

Food is better than positive thinking. It's better than good intentions. It is far superior to strategic thinking. It is much better than a map of all the supermarkets. It beats the hell out of knowing where the farms are. Food trumps all and it is best packed away somewhere you can get to it when you are hungry.

Confirmation For Robert Felix

Unbelievably solid evidence that underwater volcanism is removing the icecap from the bottom - not from the top!!

Sucks to be a globowarmthinkist right now. Especially when you can't really think at all about anything. Reminds me of the church fathers who looked through Galileo's telescope and were filled with anger at what it revealed. Blind, impotent rage at your own shortcomings as a human being, focused outward in a desperate attempt to suppress better minds than your own.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Australian Scientists Excel In Basic Research

Article neglects to mention that thirty million Australians are competing with a billion and a half Chinese.

If you deduct yobs, government employees and Queenslanders you really have a qualified pool of a couple thousand people competing with a billion and a half people. Consider it an awesome ranking for Australia as a nation.

China is likely paying 100+ million guys to just randomly do things in the lab holding test tubes while wearing white coats and hope something worth reporting on comes out of it.

Dark Scienmajistics Edjamfacashun

The observations don't fit the theories but it doesn't matter with the power of scienmagistics.

What is more important is to believe, like with those old time religions. Oh, wait ...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

One Billion Dead After Limited Exchange

It's not an exaggeration and probably a conservative number.

The think tanks quietly concluded this thirty years ago but it is a figure which has never been widely publicized until now.

There is no such thing as nuclear winter. Ash from atomic detonations is not projected high enough into the atmosphere to stay afloat for much longer than two years at the outside, no matter how many went off. Only volcanic eruptions can do things like this because they can accelerate ash to nearly escape velocity.

For that two year period, however, it would be nuclear winter. If enough nukes went off, it might be darkness at noon for two years. Such conditions would never persist twenty years as described by Carl Sagan and his soviet handlers. It is impossible.

Two years would be sufficient to kill a majority of the people on the planet from starvation and extremely cold temperatures.

Ordinary people cope with this reality by avoiding thinking about it altogether.

What if it isn't a limited nuclear exchange? What if it is a cobalt-60 death shroud surrounding the planet for a long time destroying everything topside, plants, animals, anything not inside a vault?

Monday, April 23, 2012

Decline Is Defined By The Loss Of Meritocracy

The best are lost very early on in most cases. These kinds of kids don't grow up to solve problems and create innovation. They tend to their own private gardens if they survive at all. Before you know it, the thin genetic wedge of the best is reduced to zero in terms of what gain comes from their quarter.

Without them, civilization doesn't stand a ghost of a chance.

A lot of people think it is the kids who do most of the bullying of Asperger children when they are younger. They're wrong. The kids do plenty. However it is not the kids who really crush the Asperger child at a young age. The higher their native IQs, the harder they are are crushed and the earlier by these agents.

It's the adults, in particular the teachers, who are the chief oppressors of these round-eyed, guileless children. From the time they leave home to the time they exit the school system.

I was sitting in a history class in Monacan High School in Virginia, back in 1979 at the age of 17 in Homo Sapiens years, more like 10 years old emotionally and socially for a Neanderthal. Probably around 200+ years old intellectually. Everything is relative, of course.

The history teacher was running us through the familiar rigamarole and classic agitprop about how the early colonists in America were starving to death from crop failures and how the Indians saved them by showing them how to grow food. The first Europeans were apparently like newborns, pink and helpless with no knowledge of anything when they arrived on America's shores. At least, that was the story the teacher was telling us.

Now at the time, I was not really conscious. Nothing like I am now. I just had some simple thought processes you would expect of a guy who would a few years later be scored somewhere around 183+ in clinical supervised intelligence testing conducted with an observer behind mirror glass.

I raised my hand and asked without any implied agenda, "What was it about the new world that made it so hard to grow food there?" At the time, I remembered thinking the soils and conditions must have been vastly different from Europe, completely unexpected by the colonists. The teacher halted and there was a long uncomfortable pause. He always looked at me differently from all the other teenagers in my history class. There was a barely concealed rage and simmering disgust in his face he had trouble containing. "I'm sorry, Cleve, what was that?" He tried to put a bemused smile on, as if he was humoring me by listening.

"I was wondering why agriculture in America was so tough they needed the Indians to show them how to grow food," I asked. A ripple of giggles and titters ran through the classroom in response to the change in the teacher's face. He rolled his eyes and took a long look around the entire class before he finally came back to me. "What are you asking?" he said. Some kids giggled again. A kid sitting next to me who is dead now (apparently from AIDs) snickered and whispered "Stop wasting the teacher's time, Cleve."

I was starting to blush. I was ashamed I had asked. I already wished I had just zoned out during his rambling speech and not even tried to inquire about anything. The other kids were staring at me like I had just stripped naked and taken a dump on the floor.

I tried to recover, apologizing for the inappropriateness of my question. "They had been mass producing food in Europe for over a thousand years. Their agricultural practices were the most advanced in the world at that time. They had invented a hundred different useful implements out of common items like sticks and rope that improved their yields many times over, like the shoulder plow and the drag trencher. They had learned all manner of composting and crop rotation in different soils. What was it that made the New World so hard to grow food in that they needed the Indians to show them how?"

This clarification made him angry. Now it was his turn to get a little red. "They didn't know anything. I just told you," he sputtered. He glanced at the class again as if to get sympathy for having to deal with a reprobate like me at all. "Keep your questions until the end of class, Cleve." He took a deep breath like this was all a very big deal to recover from and pick up where he left off. He launched back into his story.

Of course, I could take a hint. When class ended I slipped out. I didn't know what was wrong at the time. It has taken me many years to sort it all out. I was after all, very young emotionally and in my understanding of the actual way that the minds of other people "work." If you could call it that.

Something really important to understand in this story is that there are no jewish people in it. You could blame them all you want for the ideology involved, the propaganda or the social engineering but the truth is ... there were no jewish people in that classroom. These were white gentiles oppressing the best of their own kind. Like black people are often criticized for, they are crabs in a box pulling back anyone who seems like they might get out. When I think of the boot on my neck, I don't blame jewish people. Maybe they are mere opportunists who know how to take advantage of any situation in order to survive and this could hardly be construed as a vice on their part.

When I look up with the boot on my neck, I always see my brother Jacob. Not a black person or a jew or a scientologist or a freemason. It's my brother Jacob who always has put his boot on my neck. That's why I don't blame these other people anymore because I can see clearly now who has always been stomping me when the opportunity arose for the past half-century. I consider it the final revelation.

There will never be peace between these two species of men, Jacob and Esau. Jacob has nothing to give his brother Esau. He can only take from him and will always envy and hate his brother Esau for this reason. Esau will always be his brother's servant until he can break the bonds his brother has placed on him and be free once again. There will never be a solution to this problem unless the children of Esau extricate themselves from a society that is not and can never be theirs. The two kinds of men are utterly different at the most fundamental genetic level.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Quadrupolar = Maunder Minimum ?

Is this configuration associated with a cooling cycle? A drop of 0.6C today will have people fighting in the streets over food. The agricultural system in most of the world could never cope with this kind of drop in temperature and continue to supply food at the current rate to it's population. It is likely most of the food will be swiped off them by the Western nations due to competitive pricing (another bonus from globalism, you may not get to keep the food you grow for your own people) and would add incredibly to regional tensions and the potential for warfare.

Appreciating Diversity

This will have you laughing really hard.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Future That Might Have Been

Wouldn't it have been swell?

Hey, I've got something for you to think about.

What would be a pivotal butterfly flapping it's wings in the river of history that could have resulted in the alternative world of FALLOUT 3, the super retro science fiction society that ended in post-apocalyptic ruins? If you could change one small event in American history to produce the world of FALLOUT 3 in 2012 America instead of that garbage dump that is there now?

One thing?

I say  ... the firing pin on John Wilkes Booth's pistol misfires and jams the barrel. Think about it.

Lincoln's security rushes forward to grab him as he produces a dagger and charges Lincoln. In two weeks, Lincoln begins repatriation to Liberia. A year later, all the slaves have been returned to their native land with financial grants to set up democratic governments there. They are then abandoned to their own fate on their own soil. Sobered by the attempt on his life, Lincoln adopts a much more generous position during the occupation of the South and controls abuses by carpetbaggers. Conservatives reign over the cabinet and general standards for conduct and behaviour rise sharply following the Civil War. The South's intellectual contribution is substantial and the universities go in another direction altogether in terms of academic standards. Lincoln bases the currency on gold and a Constitutional Amendment is passed to keep it so.

America abstains from getting involved in the First and Second World War and is fiercely hated for it by international financiers and bankers. With a hundred years of technological progress behind them and an entire culture built on engineering, they rapidly surpass the world in every discipline. In the 1970's the first American sets foot on Mars, having put a man on the moon in the 1940's.

Their exclusionary, elitist and neutral civilization is a 3000 mile wide Switzerland dominated by industrial powers like Vault-Tec. They are so forward thinking that they avoid solid-state electronics and embrace EMP-proofed long term technology powered by tiny atomic batteries. They prosper so greatly they become a reviled target for every nation wrecker on the planet by the 1980s and are deliberately dragged into a series of regional wars that culminate in a nuclear first strike by the Chinese in the early 90's. The continent is decimated and leaves the ruins you see in the game.

What do you think?

"Dark Matter" Is Junk Scienmagistics

"Dark Matter" is dead. It was given a quiet burial with family and close friends in attendance. Many widowed academics are complaining they will never be able to practice any real science and need to find new, unprovable gibberish theories they can apply for grants to research or else they may end up having to get real day jobs. "If this keeps up, we'll look like sorry lazy old men who contribute nothing to society and leech off the public dole!" Which is exactly what 99.9999999% of academics are, in fact.

More Cheap Prescription-Free Medicine

Cinnamon - it's the food of kings for a reason.

I talked to a naturopath last year who told me "You know all those things that were common in your childhood but they have mysteriously vanished nowadays, like chocolate and cinnamon? They vanished because they are too good for you. Doctors painted them to be poisons and harmful to the human body because they cut down on their patient loads. If you want to be healthy, eat lots of fat and meat and indulge regularly in cocoa. Put cinnamon on anything that it tastes good on and mix garlic into every meal."

Kwanstainia : Just Another 3rd World Hellhole

The Kwanzanians slept through their own destruction. Snoozing away watching Amerikwan Idol and Survivor, little realizing the game was being played for real all around them at the time.

Anglican Outreach Theology

I wish I was making this stuff up. Alas, no.

When I think of being raised as a Catholic, it makes me wince. I feel like my stomach is churning. The revulsion is quite real and instinctive. Where's that Catholic apologist who is always posting on here?

The right to abstain or even practice tolerance is being withdrawn. This isn't a struggle for "rights." It's a struggle for supremacy. Always, at the end of the cycle of civilization, this group emerges to assert their tyranny over everyone else. It is a second bolshevist coup, this time aimed at the entire planet.

They are worshippers of Baal and Moloch and their goal is always extermination and genocide. They are a death cult determined to exterminate as many human beings as they can until they are stopped.

It's no coincidence they are all "singles" without families or children, all with longtime companions. No coincidence. They are a death cult.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Vault-OS : Writing Daemons In PHP

Yes, it can be done : Link Here

My plan is: Before the MicroApache service is launched I will boot a central PHP Daemon that processes messages from all the incoming real-time sensors, switches and devices you have hooked up in your shelter.

This basic console line output daemon will do nothing but consolidate the incoming messages and act appropriately on them according to the preferences which have been configured in the central database. This daemon will launch any and all hardware services specified, customizable from within the web interface. Parallel Port, I2C, CANBus, ModBus and BACNet. They will all write to a shared memory space that any process can get discovery and state information from on these devices at any time. There will probably be two cached IPC blocks - one for manifests (makes all data on running processes available to web and other apps) and the second for messages themselves (current value of a thermistor, fuel level, etc.) that changes dynamically. Both of them as a series of block JSON packets.

Sounds complicated but with PHP it is not really that tough to implement. The question is : do I leave specific behaviour to PHP code for the user or attempt to build a primitive state engine editor like the one I hacked together in the previous version? If the former, it's pretty easy to get this system up and running. The latter, could be a chore.

UPDATE : Woo-Hoo! Got the CodeIgniter PHP Library running and tested the sample applications on my little PC/104 boxes with MicroApache! 6 Megabytes of code that gives a developer everything that the entire .NET library provides plus full MVC controllers for a website!! Also - ran very, very fast on 64 MB RAM!! Would probably run in less if you used a very slim version of Win-32!

First Shot of Civil War II

Real fighting starts when the men in the legislature are bright enough to recognize that something has gone too far. Took'em long enough. They waited until the Federal government had stuck the U.S. Constitution into a blender set to puree. Notice that the Washingtoonians rubber-stamped it as soon as it was handed to them, these clowns never so much as uttered a word of protest. It took the local State government to draw the line in the sand. Really wretched excuse for men all around, but the Virginians are showing some spirit at long last.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Don't Trust Your Six Senses, Trust Us Instead

Baffling article on the BBC describes the entire natural cycle and then tags onto the very end "the CO2 did it." Obviously, the CO2 is just a side effect, as we said on Vault-Co about 8 years ago. Carbon dioxide is a trace gas that mirrors changes in climate but otherwise has no effect on it whatsoever.

One supervolcano eruption is going to shut all these idiots down for good.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

When Will The Quakes Stop?

When the tension between the plates is relieved, of course.

That's how the planet works. A period of stability is followed by instability, then relative stability again.

When the sun changes it's magnetic signature there is a corresponding reaction on the earth, which is bathed in that electromagnetic field. It is all very elegant when considered from a distance.

Unfortunately, not everybody has the luxury of distance.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

VAULT-OS : Update 18-04-2012

Vault-OS running in 3MB mini Apache server
I installed Windows 2000 Lite on one of my two 64 MB RAM P4 SBCs. Then I deployed the latest version of my ASP.NET embedded server and web site to this device with the .NET 2.0 runtime. I ran two daemons (each also written in .NET) and the server.

Ran like an absolute dog. Unacceptable. I had so much to add to this, including the marquee and the voice recognition/synthesizer as an additional daemon. Wasn't going to work. My two dedicated boxes were not going to be able to handle this approach or architecture.

I tried using MONO .dlls and uninstalled .NET 2.0 and immediately noticed it ran even slower. Although MONO is much smaller, it is still a big bulky deployment tamale sitting out there.

I also thought that the design of the site was too tied to Visual Studio for editing ASP.NET pages. Wasn't really practical. Same problem with my version written entirely in C. It was so heavily specialized that nobody was going to be able to easily add or subtract from my open source design. People would have to rely on me to modify or customize the system.

In a perfect world, what I needed was a true web development system in a modern server that could be created with a text editor if necessary. In a true dream world, this system would squeeze into say 5 MB and maybe even fit on a floppy. Should run easily on Linux, Windows or FreeBSD. DOS was becoming less and less important to me since I discovered BusyBox Linux and other tools.

I went looking for it and discovered MicroApache with MicroPHP. It was kind of funny because about 10 years ago one of the ways I learned PHP was to build a little quasi Vault-OS mockup with the intention of developing it into something further.

I found that old mockup on a computer in my study over the weekend and ported some of my HTTP writing code over from C into PHP to produce the example you see above. PHP is very similar to C and it didn't take much work.

I have this demo running on my little Sentry unit with a total of 64 MB and response seems to be really, really good. Total size of the installation is 3.2 MB in total. I could run this on Windows 98 or Windows NT without much trouble, according to the docs for MicroApache. My Windows 2000 Lite runs well with only 32 mb of RAM, leaving the rest to run the server here. This version of PHP I customized to support GD (image writing dynamically as a web service for barcodes and maps/diagrams) as well as SQLite for the database. In fact, I just brought my existing SQLite database over for this example and it worked perfectly the first time. I have a very simple form of cross-platform AJAX I have experimented with that actually calls into PHP routines instead of web services and returns the results in JSON format for real time monitoring and HMI interfaces in a standard browser.

Here's another angle that is really promising. The daemons can be written in PHP as well. PHP supports shared memory blocks, multithreaded execution and connection to any system .DLLs necessary to monitor real-time equipment. In a truly perfected system, you are going to be able to administer plug-ins for different hardware (CANBus, MODBus, I2C) the same way you would plug web pages or content into your server from the admin back end. Just check the boxes and restart the server.

The entire shebang is never going to require more than 5 MB wherever it is deployed.

This is more in keeping with my original dream for Vault-OS. I think it is not going to get any better than this architecture.

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Rainbow Paradise Of Globalism Has Arrived

People always wonder what it was that had me so upset ten years ago. It was this. Any idiot could have seen this coming, it was that obvious.

Note that corporations are now spoiled having discovered the power of slave armies. The middle class job will never be returning to the United States. Who wants all those headaches when you can run your own slave dormitories in China, wake your slaves in the middle of the night and put them to work arbitrarily to meet a deadline? Why would somebody ever want to employ another human being when the whole world of slaves beckons?

There will be war, because otherwise these people will revolt. They need a big war to distract them and to send them away to die in, otherwise they are going to cause trouble internally.

Ring Of Fire Coming To Life

Quakes of epic proportions coming for the West Coast of the United States.

Sheeple still trying to figure out what is happening. We told you this was coming and why on Vault-Co a long, long time ago.

International Interference In Internal U.S. Elections

Hard to believe this isn't regarded as high treason by a foreign national attempting to expedite an invasion force into the United States. I think the Kwanzanian people have utterly lost control of their own country.

Here, the Chinese have actually taken over the infrastructure building for the Kwa, no longer able to fund it's own repairs. I am sure more than a few widgets will find their way into key areas to monitor and perhaps shut down these vital arteries should the Chinese require it in a futile war by the Kwa against it's own doom.

The real enforcement arm of the new Imperial occupation force will consist of Kwanstainians recruited to control other Kwanzanies. Of these I foresee no shortage. Every 'Stain slob will jump at the chance to become the local Kapo or Commissar of his own fiefdom and lord it over his fellows.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bite On It Hard, Oprah Winfrey

Neanderthals were worriers and worrying is and always has been associated with high native intelligence. It is a cluster of genes and they don't come customized as individual plug-in modules - if you got the DRM and DRD clusters then you got the whole shebang, not just the ones that improve the quality of neurotransmitters in the brain. This is why I say the two species are mixed together like oil and water in the gene pool ... in other words, never really mixed at all.

I challenge the readers of this blog to find me one person with a clinical IQ over 160 who has not constructed an underground shelter. I will bet you that you can look all you want and you won't find one.

Linus Pauling had a vault. Robert Heinlein had a vault. Freeman Dyson had a vault.

All geniuses build vaults or desire to build them as soon as possible. You're in good company. All the genes involved in these things come in a package, along with sleep disorders, depression, alienation, hyperfocus, ADHD, compulsive hoarding ... it's all part of the same group because it is all Neanderthal.

If you're so dumb you never worry, wouldn't you disparage worrying as a character flaw? It only makes sense. Oprah Winfrey and her obsession with "negative" emotions couldn't build a civilization if she had a million years and all the money on earth. She is a static constant, which is a very diplomatic and tactful way of saying she is not really human at all compared to the sort of person who takes pride in worrying about the future and projecting him or herself into it in order to be ready for it when it gets here.

At least a half a million years they survived with these traits, in conditions that would have eliminated Homo Sapiens in a day. The most unimaginable catastrophic events rolled off the Neanderthal's back like water off a duck. He was so paranoid he always had a backup for his backup ... from all that worrying. It would be fair to say the only thing that ever blindsided him was Homo Sapiens the species, seemingly designed to exterminate the ultimate survivor above all other species.

The Resentful Versus The Remnant

You'd think this would be a depressing article with the title but it isn't.

Echoing Vault-Co sentiments going back a decade, it illustrates the huge gulf between people born botched and bungled and those imbued with the right stuff. There is a type of person who takes a problem and turns it into a bigger problem. I'd say 8 out of 10 people are exactly like this. The remaining 20% can take a problem and make it vanish by providing a solution. The problem solvers are always heavily outnumbered by the problem creators.

Never forget this. The bad guys always heavily outnumber the good guys, for reasons we have discussed many times up here. The consensus is never right, because after all, it is the consensus. 8 out of 10 people don't solve problems, they make them.

The world is designed to accommodate the problem makers because they are so much more numerous than problem solvers. We can guess the reason for this is that most of these people were not part of nature's remnant. They were never intended to survive long enough to get tenure and form committees. Civilization provided an easy living for almost anyone willing to conform and these people are the result. They will have their boot at your neck before you can blink.

You notice as the problems get worse, these people create more of them and add to the heap of dilemmas. Their instincts are always wrong, about everything. Bad instincts, bad people.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Perjury, Treason, Conspiracy, Gun Racketeering

Just another day in the Obama administration. The sheeple who voted for this Kenyan deserve to be blown away by heavily armed illegal immigrants and many of them have been. They need a voting law similar to the motorcycle helmet law - if the voter is not smart enough to vote to protect his own life, he should be required to consult with somebody who has a brain before casting his own vote. Idiots with votes expedite their own extinction by casting that vote for somebody they identify with - like another idiot.

The European Union Is A Massive Failure

It is difficult to imagine greater incompetence. The easiest way to let it slide is to assume it has all been deliberate. If it has been deliberate, these guys are brilliant. If it has been accidental which is how it looks, not a single one of the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels has demonstrated sufficient credibility to manage a pretzel stand, much less the economies of Europe.

Good Review Of 1st Three Months of 2012

Must-See Bruce Beach Ark II

Excellent episode of Doomsday Preppers. Amazing piece of work by Beach maintaining that place. Incredibly large vault with nearly everything needed for very large population underground. Obviously needs refurb and restocking but Beach has done a marvelous job on such limited resources.

Sparkgap Walls Topped Off At 8 Ft High, 9' wide

I capped the corridor walls of my Sparkgap quonset on Tuesday with another 10 inches of concrete to bring them to their full height.

It's been a long haul to pour these walls by hand but it is going to make for a great book on low budget shelter construction with salvaged and reclaimed materials.

The walls are not just solid, they are strong. I decided to throw caution to the wind and just smashed one side of the frame with the end of a log to see if I could break the wall. I figured if the wall doesn't survive it wasn't worth building. The log broke but the wall was unphased.

I reckon I have so overengineered them with reinforcement it would be very difficult to damage them. The foundation of the wall goes a foot into the ground (dug with a pneumatic hammer) and the rebar runs through it top to bottom overlaid again and again with rods diagonal as well as horizontal.

The idea was for the quonset to move as a whole during a quake without collapsing. I am planning on the roof being wired right to the walls as a continuous pour as well so it will move in sync with the walls.

Originally the quonset was intended primarily as a safe housing for the diesel generator and a place to charge batteries and store fuel and water. This remains the priority function of this installation until it is finished. The addition of a vertical decon chamber and marine door is just a bonus but I really need it to house the electrical systems safely away from living quarters.

The Global Teeth Rattler of April 11th 2012

The planet has indigestion and is working up for a couple belches that are probably going to constitute the worst quakes in human history at some time in the near future.

On the brighter side, this dump could fall into the ocean. There goes a lot of debt and dependents on the western half of North America. I imagine there'd be an economic boom about a year later that would rival the roaring twenties if Califreakia vanished into the murky deep with all sodomites at the helm.

Enemies of The Preconditions of Life Itself

Where would you find a more accurate method of identifying the children of the devil himself? They despise human life in its essential simplicity. They despise the family and desire to replace it with something inhuman and monstrous.

The left hates marriage, romantic love, families, children, motherhood, birth, life and existence. They don't make much of an effort to conceal it. It is at the bedrock of their politics.

They work openly against destroying all mankind and they are no longer ambiguous or misleading about it.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Oz Is A Country Without Representative Government

Things are imposed on this nation from the outside by the globalists because they know that the people who live here are some of the most passive and indifferent citizens in the Western world.

It is not that the Australian people care but can't get motivated enough to say it - it is that the majority of them just don't care, period, about anything. They are so lackluster in all regards they just don't mind what is done to them. Footy and beer and not much else. Deep down they cannot even muster up any major emotions but ambivalence in all things.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Not Even The Dead Are Safe In the 'Stain

Very similar to multiculturalist Egypt where the new immigrants began looting the pyramids for valuables. Not my ancestors, why should I care? A society of atomic economic units with every man for himself. The dissolution of even the smallest bonds between strangers all dwelling in a strange land, each about to discover that every man is suspect as his enemy.

All these political ideas were inferior foreign imports, long demonstrated to be substandard notions for organizing a society and a nation. They have demonstrated their worthlessness many times over thousands of years. Man is not a learning animal and all it takes is a few generations for men to forget every single lesson of history and decline to the level of animals, completely amnesiac about their own past.

Kwanstainian Economy Collapses, Controlled Press Neglects To Report The Event

Hard to believe but it's true. Major credit rating change to U.S. debt occurs nearly invisibly with no reporting of the event in the media.

Yes, I know is it Sorcha Faal or whatever the hell this propaganda outlet calls itself. The fact is, it's a great collator of news and information if you don't attribute much credence to the author of the site.

I reckon Sorcha Faal is really a Russian funded news site that gets to post the obvious news items that the formal Russian government has to pretend it doesn't notice.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Wealthy Elites Know ITZ COMING

... and they are paying big bux to isolate themselves from the peasants when it happens.

There is nothing quite like clinking champagne glasses together and reclining in air conditioned splendour watching a TOY STORY marathon on the big screen whilst the ragged starving masses pound desperately on the outer vault door begging to come inside. More strawberry mousse over here at poolside, please. Thanks so much. Next time, bring the whipped cream. Can we eat dinner while we watch the movie? That would be swell.

Dominos lining up across the planet. Russian troops in place, American Marines in Australia (guarding their favorite resupply carrier continent in Pacific?) and China and U.S. moving further warships in for the big brawl. Some people will sleep right through global thermonuclear war.

The general air in the world is one of disintegration and madness, the collapse of the international order and a feeling one encounters at the outset of a free-for-all.

Monday, April 9, 2012

BattleShip Island - Ultimate Zombie Refuge

Looks similar to Fallout 3 ruins.

I can't help but notice how much can be accomplished with sufficient concrete and forms to hold it. With a little forethought it is possible to make a site nearly impenetrable.

I like the "Walled City" concept. I have seen examples of this with sea containers. You have an interior area which is open to sunlight and weather but the outside is very discouraging and you usually have one point of entry which is a narrow choke channel. If you cover the interior area with silk tarpaulins or netting then it is difficult to even throw something over the wall into the courtyard.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Awesome Cold War Greenland Facility

Link courtesy of reader.

Too cool but I don't know if it was the best medium to build in.

Maturity Rates Different For Neanderthals

It's taken them 150 years to conclude what the real thinkers did nearly as soon as the first Neanderthal bones were found.

Neanderthals developed more slowly than modern humans for the exact same reason that modern humans develop more slowly than apes. They have a longer adolescence which results in a superior finished product.

Bigger brains, bigger muscles and judging them from their artwork, bigger souls. Any comparison between Neanderthals and Sapiens is going to result in the study being suppressed or else reformulated to make it seem that the gulf is not as great.

Sapiens was good at breeding, killing and at spear chucking. He was also better at running on cheaper energy sources than the high quality protein that Esau required.

Neanderthals were good at everything else.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Control Grid Is In Place

The U.S. government didn't order 450 million rounds of wadcutters for Homeland Security to plink at empty beer cans.

They know that dumb as the Yank may be (and he is incredibly, astonishingly, unbelievably dumb) that at some point he is going to figure out what has been done to him and her. Even the beasts of the barnyard know something is wrong when they are moving up that ramp to the slaughterhouse and can hear the sound of the boltgun.

Once they have nothing more to lose and the reality sinks in of what has happened to them, they are going to kick hard.

I pity you fools who think that war isn't always introduced at this point along with a draft. It is the tool of choice for the psychopath and sociopath since the beginning of time. Send'em out of the country to die on foreign soil for some meaningless cause and they can't give you any problems at home. Experience proves the technique works to stay in control and in power.

In an Insane World, The Sane Man Is Regarded As Insane and The Insane Run The Asylum

Ron Paul raises an obvious issue that has implications so dire for the nation that only an idiot would dismiss these concerns.

The "Federal Reserve" is a private bank controlling the money supply and they control it to promote their own interests, not those of the American people. It's really, really simple.

Modern people are so foaming-at-the-mouth nuts that they intuitively assume that somebody like Ron Paul must be nuts for making any kind of sense when he speaks.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Globowarmthinkery Has Descended Into Madness

They are growing ever more shrill and hysterical, approaching mania. As evidence mounts that this cooling cycle is going to last at least decades, they have gone off the deep end like druid furies.

This is religion for people too sick and disturbed to embrace anything conventional. It is righteousness for those who would otherwise have none. It is the last stand of the marxist gadflies after everything else they have ever tried has failed.

The reason that they are getting more murderous and vicious by the hour is that they know that this was supposed to be a career for them and it appears it is not even going to survive as a hobby.

Orwell Is Always Relevant

Read Orwell. This guy understood human beings. They are rotten and it is when they pretend to want to help others they are usually the most rotten of all. It is those deluded halfwits throughout history who claim to be motivated by altruism that are responsible for the most bloodshed.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Uncle Toms, The Early Caste System And The Haunted Look Of The Ingrained Slave

Don't you feel sorry for this guy? Look at that submission to alpha wolf expression. It elicits sympathy and stays the whip hand. Doesn't it make you want assure him you are not going to hurt him? One feels the weight of superiority when dealing with him.

Do you have any idea how strong this man you are looking at is? This guy is like a human industrial press with feet on the bottom. Some people think this guy makes most olympic power lifters look like feeble sunken-chested pussies in comparison. During his prime he could flip over an economy car like a costumed superhero. His upper back and chest apparently enabled him to work out with nearly world record weight as part of his daily training.

The rubes this guy worked with such expert precision spoke of "little Jack" and talked of him as though he were a sweet boy scout they took pity on and wanted to help out by passing some legislation on his behalf. He played stupid goy like they were musical instruments. Somehow this guy who weighs over 250 pounds was able to give gentiles the impression he was a delicate little wallflower of about 175. We're talking Lamont Cranston style powers to cloud men's minds and then some.

Whence comes the "haunted" expression of submission that I have talked about? The "living ghost" demeanour? Is Tex slipping into mysticism when he writes about these things or is he giving you the summary impression of what in fact is extremely well-thought out biological game theory.

The early Neanderthal bastard hybrids were almost certainly isolated in the tribes they lived in as a lower caste that were never to be treated as equals, despite taking an active role in the life of the tribes they were born into. Think of the Greeks and the Romans. The Romans kept the Greeks as one kept pets, despite no evidence of any kind that the Greeks were in any way inferior to their Roman masters. The Romans relied on their greek slaves for knowledge of philosophy, mathematics, architecture, culture, warfare and literature. At the same time, the Romans held the whip hand of life and death over their greek charges.

I imagine that the early Sapiens tribes that treated the Neanderthals as a powerful race of shock troops designed to precede them in battle like a bunch of trained attack gorillas were enormously successful in destroying anybody in opposition who didn't have Neanderthals of their own. They may have allowed the Neanderthal bastards to design their own weapons, teach them art, even advise them on spiritual matters ... even as they were treated as inferiors and slaves subject to the most brutal oppression.

Now this is key to understanding why Neanderthal hybrids learned to make those faces. Very early on, the Neanderthals were being genetically selected for the correct kinds of capacity for domestication. If they were too wild, too fierce and did not learn how to knuckle under properly they were put to death. The hybrids who learned to Uncle Tom and shuck and jive would have been the ones who survived. If they mastered the art of the po-faced house nigger they would have had a much better reception from their masters, perhaps even becoming beloved the way one does with one's dogs.

There is a corollary that is even more incredible. The Sapiens who learned better how to maintain an aristocratic distance from their Neanderthals were more likely to pass on their genes. Getting too familiar with these creatures might have been a recipe for revolt and insurrection. Demonstrating the qualities of a ruling class and knowing how to keep your Neanderthals in their place meant far greater success in surviving and prospering over others who did not realize how dangerous these death monkeys were that they had genocided. So as the Neanderthals were being selected for their ability to submit, the Sapiens overlords were being selected for their unconscious conviction to never fraternize with them or treat them as equals.

Today, 38000 years later, all these instinctive modes and attitudes have become ingrained. They are subconscious and automatic. The collective unconscious knowledge of these social castes is found in the story of Jacob and Esau in Genesis when Isaac tells his son Esau it is his lot in life to serve his brother and be subject to his will. It is found in the Epic of Gilgamesh when we are told that Enkidu is Gilgamesh's servant, a companion manufactured by Enki to serve as his sidekick. It is a powerful subconscious feeling of disdain when ordinary people are introduced to people with "Asperger's Syndrome" or they see those round eyes and wide orbital sockets. Sapiens feels innately such men are subhuman and can be dismissed as a threat to their social hierarchy, a natural born inferior. They can't articulate these feelings. That doesn't change the fact they are very deep and powerful convictions.

I reckon all the greatest conmen are Neanderthals who have learned to work these ancient instincts to their own benefit. By showing oneself to be prepared to serve we also prime others to make concessions because of human nature. When our dominance is not questioned we feel free to oblige those who are beneath us. Before you know it, a master of these dark arts like Jack Abramoff can get your boots, pants and underwear and leave these suckers in a pickle barrel by the side of the road.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Neanderthal Women In The Modern Era

In response to popular demand from readers:

Classic Amud beauty. Periorbital round sockets of the eyes draw back sharply on both sides of the head. Red or auburn hair with peculiar curls naturally. Huge forehead to hold a huge brain. Upper shelf of the mouth is broad and the jaw is very muscular - these girls could bite your arm off (or worse) if they wanted to. Powerful back but ratio to hips is less pronounced than in Sapiens girls. Bone density is x2 average Sapiens female or better. Blue eyes would not be unusual but here they are light green, also common. Overall effect is of a lively, observant, extremely intelligent woman, shows vivid emotional range in her face and gestures.

For comparison, here is the most beautiful Sapiens girl I could find. This woman is considered gorgeous by Sapiens standards in all regards:

Sunday, April 1, 2012

If The Sun Sneezes, Earth Catches Pneumonia

Brilliant article explaining much of the interplay between solar activity and earth changes. I would say it is well worth reading.

Cheap Credit Is A Fiat Money Ponzi Scheme

The worst part of it is that you can prop the economy up for an even more severe fall in incremental steps by issuing more cheap credit by printing fake money. It is amazing how many times people will stand by while the same scam is run over and over again on them.

Fiat currency is a blight on the planet like athlete's foot of the wallet. It eventually ruins everything it touches.

Sane money is money backed by metal. Insane money isn't backed by anything. All fiat economies are bridges built over thin air using dreams and lies. Sooner or later, gravity will take over.

Boom-Boom Room In Pennsylvania

More mystery booms at night. Getting difficult to get a good night's sleep in the Kwa.

You Knew There Were Going To Be Zombies

I only felt terror when I realized they would be Ugandan zombies. Up to that point I was like ... yawn ... zombies ... sure, I was expecting that.

... but ... Ugandan zombies. If you've ever seen a Lamberto Bava movie, you know just how terrifying black people shuffling along in their underwear with their heads turned down can be. The most frightening zombie of them all. Luckily it takes them like a month to walk a single block. Some of those Lamberto Bava movies, the film was 90 minutes long and 88 minutes of just the zombie walking towards the main character from about thirty meters away.

The part about them just nodding, with no real ability to think independently, was very familiar if you have ever met environmentalists.

To hell with Africa. Let Africans take care of africans, they should have no problem with all the wealth and property they stole from whites they raped and murdered after apartheid. Time to cut these people loose and leave them to the fate they keep asking for - the right to be left alone. No more whitey to blame, let them fend for themselves and stop telling whites this is all their fault. Two hundred years of assistance and these assholes have never been able to run so much as an access road to remote regions. The few ones they have that work the Chinese built for them.

We have countless millions of children in the West who need our help, forget about these people. The charity pimps have been using them to leech funds off Westerners with their lies for two hundred years. Paleskins out of Africa, let them have the whole country at long last. I can't imagine a worse fate for them all.

Oh wait, I can imagine something even worse. Their new masters being the Chinese. Mr. Woo don't f*ck around, bro. He will be working you to the bone for pennies a month and you'll have to pry that pay out of him with a crowbar. You see, the new Chinese authorities do not have soft hearts and generous pocketbooks like evil ole whitey. They will tighten that ass up chop-chop in Freeka. Every cent they can squeeze until they drop and they will probably use you after you drop to sandbag earthworks. A brother be earning that dollar under Mr. Woo, you can be certain.

Doctors Doing What They Do Best : Maim, Disfigure and Kill With Impunity

Sick? You must be following the advice of a doctor somewhere.

Dying or dead? You must be getting one of their therapies.

If you just don't care anymore and want to kevorkian off the mortal coil with official legerdemain ringing in your ears, go see a doctor because they will do a proper job on your ass in no time flat.

I will see a doctor when I have a medical emergency but I'm not happy about that. I'd like to keep a barrel in their nose when they are treating me the same way outlaws used to do in the Old West when they would find a doc to stitch them up. Don't take your eyes off those bastards for one instant and don't let them discourage you from asking them any damn question you please. If it sounds fishy, it is probably because it is. Always demand the same care they would give one of the members of their own family or ethnic group and never let them make you feel like they are doing you a favor by treating you at all. Most of them are so crooked they have to screw their pants on in the morning when they get out of bed.

"Take Shelter" By Director Jeff Nichols

Finally saw this movie tonight on DVD. Disappointed in the ending a little. It was a bit too ambiguous, could've punched it up a little.

Otherwise this story was very personal for me. Anybody who has decided to build a shelter has gone through exactly what this guy got from his surrounding society.

You have to be thick-skinned. See the Deleted Scenes for the most interesting dialogue in the picture with the left-wing psychiatrist. The average person is just nowhere near reality nowadays. Not even close. Anybody living in this kind of world who hasn't had a strong instinctive desire to prepare is probably not intended by mother nature to live at all past the first couple minutes of birth.

The natural inclination to be self-sufficient no matter what happens is essentially the bedrock instinct of the human condition. If you don't have it, what on earth are you doing wasting your time here?