Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fictional Carbon Market Plunging To True Valuation, Which is Nothing At All

These people in the previous post are getting so desperate they are pushing for Soviet-style psychiatry to silence their opponents. Their fictitious market is worth nothing at all and investors can't help but figure it out. Should all investors in the world also be subjected to electroshock?

What amuses me about this is how modern sophisticates make fun of the madness of past generations and their crazed delusions, always assuming the current era is composed of soberminded pragmatists. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I see your tarantella or tulipomania and I raise you global warming. This planet has not seen crazy of this magnitude since the Salem Witch Trials or the Spanish Inquisition. Globalwarmthinkery is bug-eyed, frothing-at-the-mouth socially transmitted rabid insanity.

Empire of the Dysgenics

Fugly misfire believes people who disagree with her lunatic friends need to be treated for mental illness. I'm thinking you'd have to get a gorilla awfully drunk before he'd think about a closing hour round with this chick. Looks like the vet should have put that down after it got hit by a truck rather than try to stitch it up again.

When I think of globowarmthinkists I have always visualized a bunch of people who look exactly like this woman. Lady, if you're bitter about not getting a prom date I would advise you to get over it. The day after you successfully wipe out mankind, chances are you're still going to have to look in a mirror somewhere to brush your teeth. I'm a big believer in inner beauty and in your case I'd say it's all you should believe in.

You're probably thinking they just got a photo of her bad side. Well ... no. This woman is doing her part to control population growth by just existing in the presence of good light. Looks like a Basil Wolverton sketch. If I were the last man on Earth and this was the last woman - I'd get an unlisted number and pull the phone out of the wall.

Absolute Proof of Voting Fraud Against Ron Paul

Remember this when they reelect Obama as supreme leader of this failed regime in 2012. The election is not valid without independent international observers and open source auditing.

Earth Is Becoming The Boom-Boom Room

If you can remember any prior generation with constant reports from all over the globe of mystery booms and mysterious seismic tremors, please tell us. We want to know how our confirmation bias is manufacturing tectonic movements. If we watch old Oprah Winfrey shows will this make the booming stop?

Friday, March 30, 2012

Cure For Cancer : Cat Out Of The Bag?!?!?

A lot of evidence supports this DCA as being the magic bullet that does the job!

Cheap, unpatented, widely available! Less side effects reported than drinking a lot of carrot juice!

Make sure this goes viral! Tell everyone you know about it. They can't bury this one in the back room if it gets wide enough exposure.

Also pay attention to the conclusions about what cancer really is and what starts it ... Otto Warburg won a Nobel Prize for discovering what caused cancer back in the mid 1940's ... cells don't get enough oxygen and switch to sugar as an energy source. Isn't it disgusting that the "cancer foundations" have been sucking in billions over the past sixty years and never seemed to stumble across a conclusion that was already arrived at before World War II? Suspect their motives yet?

You have to read quite a bit before you find out just what a cash cow the chemo and radiation really are. There's never been any evidence they worked but the patient is always welcome to a full refund. Unfortunately using these "therapies" is a death sentence. There are doctors who plan their retirements around cancer patients and schedule their exodus out of the field based on the timelines for death.

Medicine is a racket and doctors KILL people everyday. Modern medicine in many cases is nothing but legalized murder you can't be prosecuted for.

Just imagine what a wonderful world this could be without these miserable, rotten sonofabitches running it. Think about what kind of wretch decides he'd rather have a steady stream of sick people to maintain his standard of living rather than see people well. I think they need to exclude people nowadays from the medical profession if they exhibit a desire to go into it. That's how you'd keep the riff-raff out.

Anecdotally, since I read Otto Warburg's papers last year, I have a routine I follow each night before going to sleep. After my niacin overdose wears off and I start to feel drowsy, I drink a freshly ozonated bottle of chilled water right before I go to bed. All I can say is, I think it is working. I have been adhering to this schedule since around February 2011 and I am convinced it has been restoring a lot of capacity to me.

The Real Motives Behind Women's "Liberation"

Double up on tax revenues. Smaller salaries all around. Make it impossible for the woman to stay at home and raise children or be a mother. Raise prices on everything else. Make life tougher, people pay much more for much less. Squeeze every penny out of those poor bastards. Longer hours, less and less time to compare notes or form community or do anything but travel to and from work. Better management of slaves by stealing all their free time away so they have nothing left but labor and sleep.

The useful idiots thought they were getting liberated, even as their chains were being forged. The best sheeple are the ones you can train to lock themselves into their own stables at night.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Preview of Technology That Will Soon Be Used On Citizens At Home

You're probably thinking that these robots will need a human operator to tell them who to kill and how. You're wrong. New software will simply identify troublemakers and mark them for death without any human agency involved.

Remember how people in the West believed it is okay to kill human beings for moving-while-Muslim? Well, these 'bots will get orders to kill human beings for moving-while-warm-blooded. We'll see how you like it then when all that tech that was tested on women and children in Islamic countries is perfected at home.

Why the Kwanstain Will Fail Catastrophically

Read this if you don't understand.

The fundamental underpinnings of American life are ruined. The prevailing orthodoxy rules with terror. The economic alternative of flight is no longer available to most of the cowards who would otherwise be asserting their moral superiority from a safe enclave in the suburbs. Those days have come to an end.

Quite simply, there is no place left to run to.

A civilization with citizens who kill 9 month old infants because there are not enough seats at a baby shower is not a civilization. It is deluded to claim as much.

An interesting review of THE HUNGER GAMES.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Terminal Madness of the End Times

This isn't just in the Kwanstain. I experience these things every day in Australia. I try to keep a straight face and show no emotion like Donald Sutherland in THE BODY SNATCHERS. If you react they will know you are not one of them. Crazy, crazy stuff. Gotta keep a straight face. Right, I see what you're doing there. Makes perfect sense. Okay, I have to keep moving along.

There were kids skateboarding in the carpark underground a couple days ago. I got out and told them they could not play there. I asked them, "Wouldn't your parents miss you if you got hit by one of these cars? It's dangerous to both you and anybody driving in here who may have to swerve to avoid you." A security guard came up to me and asked me why I was harassing the kids. I asked him, if he thought his job was to keep the private carpark free of kids using it as a skateboard park. He said, "They're not hurtin' anything. I like to board myself." He was in mid-sentence as a car entering slammed the brakes on with a rending screech and almost nicked a concrete column to avoid the kid doing tricks right in the entrance of the blind corner. I just sighed, got in my car and left. When does Darwinism kick in?

Control Food, You Control People

Along with Codex Alimentarium there seems to be a coordinated worldwide push to destroy people's ability to raise and provide their own food.

Identical to the first wave of Bolshevism in Russia, except this time it appears to be planetwide.

I saw The Hunger Games today. Highly recommend it to all vault dwellers.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Homo Sapiens Is Not A Learning Animal

The current period is nearly a perfect mirror with modern trappings of the turmoil right before World War II.

Remember, the weapons were essentially stone age in World War II. Tanks and artillery.

The Third World War is going to be many exponential magnitudes of order greater in civilian casualties. It is likely they will be the primary targets where formerly the second World War was fought "over there" by the military for the 'Stain.

Mankind never learns anything from history. Whenever you think they have learned, you yourself have failed to learn from history. Learning that humans don't learn is one of the most important lessons you can learn.

K-Stainians Pounded In Ass, Hard, Forever, If They Do Not Elect Ron Paul

Monday, March 26, 2012

First 3 Months of 2012

Flaxseed Really Is Good For You

I have been drinking a shake once a day with whey, LSA, brewers yeast, flaxseed, a banana, a scoop of ice cream and some vanilla essence. I am sure it is improving my results in the gym. It also seems to be helping my lower back injury to heal up.

Between this and vitamin D you got errant cell behaviour policed pretty tightly in your body. Have some pineapple once in a while.

They are never going to stop giving chemo to the rubes because there is too much money in it. Their own research says it doesn't work but they don't give a damn. They are laughing all the way to the bank.

I did have a weird feeling that the flaxseed was suppressing my testosterone production a little. Lo and behold, I saw this article today confirming there are some plant estrogens in it. I had a hunch because I only added flaxseed a month ago and noticed the next morning I was a little less rampant upon rising, if you know what I mean and I am afraid that you do. Guess you have to factor that in for your weight training.

Hidden Camera Catches Naked Confession Of Voting Fraud In America

You gotta watch this. Unbelievable corruption in the United States.

Spread this video around. Everyone needs to see it. The election this year is invalid. The results have lost credibility. The gutless Pukepublics insist on running a losing candidate instead of Ron Paul, who would kick Obama's ass out of the park.

Anybody supporting Ron Paul is cut off, booted out or asked to sit down and shut up here in Nevada. The police had to be called to eject the Ron Paul supporters for supporting Ron Paul instead of some other approved ass puppet.

Naked tricks including shutting off the lights when the ballot boxes are collected so some of them can be discarded.

Treasonous, criminal ballot fraud and corruption:

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Prepping In Kwanstain Gears Up

The Planet Doesn't Need Kwanstainia Anymore

... or their bogus zogbux fake currency. The question is, will the Kwa do the right thing and crawl off, eat sh*t and die? Or will they go out in a grand ragnarok?

I think everybody on the planet knows the answer to that question.

North Korea About To Fire A Test Missile Over The Northern End Of Australia

Wait, I thought we didn't need a military since our geographic "distance" (modern missiles can hit anywhere on the globe in two hours) protected us from foreign threats. At least, back in 1912 it did.

Wake up, Australia. Military spending needs to be our highest priority purely for reasons of self-defense, not "expeditions" and "regime change" in other countries. We lack basic defense of our own borders, forget about other countries. Gilliard has starved the national defense to the point of emaciation, directing the money to important government programs like giving lips surgically to chickens and running prawns on treadmills.

Go Aussie! Oy Oy!

This vile, repulsive NWO hand tool got wiped out along with the entire labor party in Queensland yesterday. It was an absolute massacre of her and her ugly bolshevist lapdogs. Finally the Australian people showed some sense, I was so proud of them.

This is the creepy bitch who brought in water fluoridation with widespread majority opposition, she did it by fiat in addition to selling off most of Queensland's greatest assets in a fire sale she ran to drum up a few dollars for her administration. She was like a one-woman demolition squad. Everything seemed to go downhill from the instant she took office.

She was very much the Queensland arm of the Canberra coven so this gives you some idea of what is in store for the redheaded witch when she stops stalling and calls a national election. With any luck Gilliard is going to get vaporized and set the Australian labor party back for the next thirty years as a viable party.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Propaganda Push On To Repeal The Right To Even Defend One's Own Life

You heard me right.

You couldn't make this stuff up.

This Martin case is just being used by the inner elite to repeal the simple right to go on living. They will criminalize the act of self-defense itself, in defiance of the laws of biology.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The government took away pursuit a long time ago, in the past ten years they have taken away all liberties and now they are working on life.

UPDATE: Of Course, here's what really happened. You knew this was the story behind the scenes. Whenever they start calling them an honor student and paint this ridiculously trite picture of a young naive kid jumped by a savage racist wearing a Nazi uniform with jackboots, they're making it up.

More on this upright brother. His feet barely touched the ground. I'm sure the media account is true.

Shake It Up, Start Me Up, I'll Never Stop

Adelaide gets monster quake luckily centered in an area nobody got hurt.

Dead Sea feels a little more lively.

Rockin' and Rollin' In Armenia

Montserrat, another old supervolcano site, starts to pop again

Arabs not spared the pulse puree setting in the earth's crust

USGS Confirms Vault-Co theory, refuses to send us cookie in the mail

Remember with any quake activity if people are avoiding the use of the word "swarm," it is because they are scared.

San Salvador blows. Oh, they also had a quake there.

It seems like all this stuff kicked off with gusto after the Mexican quake.

Get a globe (I have one in my study) and use a pencil to plot trajectories straight through the core to the other side from some of these quakes.

You'll see they are happening at the same time, just different sides of the planet. That means this is not a local phenomenon.

Brief, Concise Chart of Food Storage Life

This chart at the end is really good - covers most of the staples and shows you the real story on how long food will last instead of the legally calculated safe life.

Stored correctly many bulk foods can last decades.

Excellent Article On Digital Shortwave

Minimal resources using a simple SSB receiver and a laptop with some free software.

Almost as interesting as the Shortwave Dongle we posted about earlier.

Wijun Infant Magic In First World

The barbaric practices of chopping up infants to use in voodoo rituals are considered abhorrent when people in the third world do it, but as you will see from this article, no baby goes wasted in the first world either. Grinding them up into sausage for medical experiments has now been validated as legal by the Obama Administration.

Seriously, the horror on this planet somedays is so far beyond the pall it is difficult to even talk about it. Nietszche was right when he said civilization is simply the refinement of human cruelty and therefore naturally inclined to slip back into barbarism with nothing but time and circumstance.

If God doesn't do something about the 'Stain soon, he is going to be vulnerable to lawsuits for reparations to Sodom and Gomorrah.

Remember that these practices always represent an incremental approach to reducing you to sausage as well, all within the full scope of the "law." Under this "law," you are as nothing more than meat whether dead or alive to international financial concerns. This is the "progressive" agenda they have been talking about for fifty years. It has progressed pretty far with the help and consent of so many useful idiots. I predict soon that the right to die with dignity will simply be shortened to the right to die, period. Many will be Kevorkian'ed whether they signed the paperwork or not.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ron Paul Concedes Failure Of The Ballot Box

The American voting system is corrupted. It's that simple.

When we told you that you were never going to vote your way out of this mess, we weren't kidding.

The idea that a third party corporation can count the votes in secret without public oversight is so absurd it sounds like something out of Mike Judge's IDIOCRACY. Such a thing would be impossible if the citizenry could even walk and chew gum at the same time. A credible populace would never tolerate the situation.

Mystery Booms Spread

Heard in Ontario, Canada.

Popping and cracking in the earth's crust, plain and simple.

Shabbas Goy Needs A Good Washup

The all-night firing squad has its work cut out for it.

AIPAC must be perpetually disappointed at this sorry lineup of substandard goyim it has to work with to achieve its policy ends. It must be like cleaning up the cages in a zoo, having to come up with apologists for its roster of kosher ass-puppets. They're a pathetic column of sexual deviants, depraved liars and impulse driven manbeasts. They have to work with what is available and these idiots constitute the best of the gentiles they can find to employ as their tools.

Remember, AIPAC would have no capacity to manipulate politics at all unless other stupid goy voted for these idiots or else avoided voting altogether.

No, Wait ... Seriously? Wow, I Never Saw That Coming. Completely Out Of Left Field

So world government is in fact connected to this "climate change" thingy?

Holy cow. This is so unexpected. Whooda thunkit.

Hey, wait a second. Wasn't there that communist guy Antonio Gramsci who wrote about generating a fake environmental crisis that would require an all-powerful world government to protect us from it so that communists could take over the planet by stealth? I think he called it the perfect ruse since communism had so failed as an economic theory.

This rag should change its name to SCIENMAJISTIC KWANSTAINIAN.

Groupthink Is For Those Who Can't Think, Period

Groupthink is a mythology like druidism or witchcraft that rushes in to fill the vacuum between the ears of people who are incapable of thinking.

They sit alone.

Nothing seems to happen. They start to get bored. The silence in their mind is deafening. This instrument without external stimulus begins to rapidly unravel. They have no internal dialogue. They squint and sweat. Nothing seems to be happening.

They give up and call a meeting. Now people are socializing and talking. That's even better than thinking, Sapiens feels.

Homo Sapiens thinks this is where the civilization he sees all around him came from. People on committees passing resolutions.

Subtract the Neanderthal and you have a bunch of monkeys in manpants sitting in the dust eating turd sandwiches and arguing over who gets to be alpha male. For hundreds of thousands of years without change.

Sapiens can't think. It's the Neanderthal with the rich dreamscape inside. The endless internal dialogue, more fascinating than a hundred channels on cable. Questioning. Arguing the viewpoint of his opposition. Counterarguing. Moving through a field of dreams, memories and ideas. It never ends and yes, sometimes you want to turn the volume down. You can't. The inside of your head is another universe.

Neanderthals are like this.

Sapiens is just a flat stare at the horizon and so much quiet in his cerebral tissue you could hear a pin drop. No dreamscape in there.

See why Sapiens could never amount to anything? He's a gregarious, highly social extroverted animal who gives the appearance of a variety of activities. In reality, he is no brighter than a shiny red button. Jacob without Esau would sit on his haunches, eat his meat raw, know no law but tooth and claw. He enjoys his beer, likes spectator sports (cathartic substitute for tribal combats) and sometimes dreams up little social schemes. Other than that, he is a terribly empty creature who simulates a real human being ... but is only a shell that mimics a man.

Without Neanderthal to hate in the past, the present and in the future, he would not even have any genuine rivalry. No passions, no love, no hates, no anything.

Just the terrible oblivion where his soul is supposed to go. The emptiness. The emptiness. At his core is a collapsed black hole from which not even light can escape.

Terminators May Be Human Piloted

Of course. Think of the joy the ponerology feels at turning murder into a video game. It's win-win for everybody except the poor rubes doing the dying.

If anybody is left alive, hit'em with this laser from orbit. Serves'em right for not having their own laser.

Is Frankincense Effective Against Cancer?

Notice the reason the studies leaked out is that the pharmaceuticals (as always) were only interested in isolating it as a unique derived compound they could patent. They could care less how many people die of cancer, they are only interested in telling the world when they have a patent on it and can sell it to people as an extortion racket to milk them dry for everything they have.

If they did not have hearts of stone, why would they resent people using it who may be desperately in search of something effective?

Drop Below Poverty Line = Death Sentence

I think the Bolshevists enacted similar laws in the Ukraine forbidding anyone to feed starving women and children or orphans. It was regarded as stealing resources from the State which knew best how they should be allocated.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mysterious Booming Noises Worldwide Continue

Future historians will write that people had plenty of warning that something very unusual was happening. They just didn't bide the signs.

These are clearly tectonic and originating from changes taking place in the crust of the planet everywhere you look.

This Is The Reason No Decent Man Is Interested, Girls - You Sound, Act and Look Like A Man

There is nothing worse than a woman cursing this way in public. It is so repulsive it makes her seem like some kind of moist gray larval worm wriggling around in the open. I would be stunned that any man who valued a woman for anything other than 3 minutes of mattress time would be attracted to such a female.

Scientists Confirm With Research What Vault-Co Has Said For Years

The idea that all people should have the right to vote is insane, especially in a country where a large portion of the population survive off government largesse. Obviously, such people will simply vote to tax those who have more, in order to increase their own profit at the expense of those who actually have day jobs.

As for the idea that people with IQs hovering around 95 can make intelligent choices for their leadership, that notion is just plain self-destructive. It is national suicide to believe such things.

This is how the West got into this mess. One vote from the hoi polloi at a time and no opposition to ridiculous concepts that only the most feebleminded would entrust in.

Bolshevist Coup II Now Complete

For the past 80 years Americans have chastised the Germans and Russians as cowards who did nothing to stop tyrants from seizing power in their countries. Of course, this simply isn't true. The White Army in Russia fought tooth-and-nail against the Bolshevists to the last bullet. Many germans died for their opposition to Hitler.

In comparison, the complete Bolshevist takeover of the United States and the effective destruction of the rule of law has happened so silently and so absent of any opposing voices that the Kwanstain has to be regarded as the most cowardly, doltish race of submissive sheep that historians will ever have the misfortune to record in their books. A nation of 300 million people put under the jackboot with the stroke of a pen and nary a single elected representative has even raised his voice.

The 'Stain is a sad, contemptible sumphole full of slack-jawed halfwits which has now come to a very bad, very dismal conclusion. Not with a bang, but a whimper. In the end, every country gets the government at last that they deserve.

The putrid 'Stain is now disbanded and assigned as yet another turpid colony plantation for the NWO, to serve up their sons and tax revenues to world government. Note that where the Constitution has been overriden to say the tyrants no longer need consult Congress to declare war, at the same time diplomacy has been forbidden without "consulting Congress" ... the strangest inversion of values since the United States was founded.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Diatonic Scale For Music Invented By Neanderthals

I've known about this since the 1990's.

Which of course makes perfect sense because they domesticated every single major animal species in use today and were herders from about 300,000 years onwards. The Neanderthals domesticated the horse over a quarter million years ago and were likely using them in herding for ten times the length of the entire history of Homo Sapiens. Herding peoples start by using flutes and whistles to call their flocks and soon thereafter discover the possibilities of music in such devices.

Note that the diatonic scale implies a long standing structure of songs and music that were transmitted from generation to generation, or else why develop structured sound waves based on a scale most pleasing to the human ear.

Abel was a herder. His brother Cain murdered him because he resented the fact his brother's offering was acceptable to God but he was rejected. Scripture tells us that Cain then pretended he did not know what had happened to his brother when asked. "He must have failed to adapt," he said to God. "He must have committed suicide because his brow stuck out too far. At least according to my skull reconstruction it did."

The Planet Is Shaking and Quaking

7.6 in Mexico at same time a big one was rocking on the other side. Clearly there is planetwide readjustment going on in the core all the time now. How soon before supervolcano blows and blots out the sun for the next ten years? Would have to be right around the corner.

Daily from around the globe there are reports of strange shrieking, loud booms, horrible groaning and eerie grinding roars. The geological centers change but the phenomenon remains the same.

Why Did Jefferson Purchase Scoped Rifles In France For His Own Personal Use?

Jefferson decided that rifles with scopes were way too expensive to stock for the Revolutionary Army but he still purchased a couple for himself and took them home to Monticello after visiting arms manufacturers in France. He knew the reason that the right to bear arms must not be abridged.

When a man gives himself the right to kill anyone at any time without due process he has moved himself outside of the law and the Constitution. As a self-declared tyrant he himself has lost right to due process.

The Presidency is not an emperor's chair. It's an executive office within a framework of carefully codified law. Barack has earned himself an impeachment many times over during the lunacy of the first four years of his term. Barry Soetoro is nothing but a modern Nero, monstrous and bloody with his record of vicious crimes and despotic corruption. A fit chieftain for a miserable Kenyan hellhole and qualified for nothing else.

The Real Enemy of Human Survival

... is the government itself.

Governments killed at least 300 million people in the last century alone.

People still revere anyone who acts like an authority figure and has some token of official capacity, even if that person is leading them up a slaughterhouse ramp. Without this incredible stupidity present in 90% of the human race, this death toll would have been impossible.

Nowadays you don't know who is dumber - the government or the people who invest them with so much credibility they have never earned and in fact demonstrated they will never have. Government in the second half of a society is a magnet for psychopaths and sociopaths, who are a kind of people who excel at nothing other than getting people killed. They can't build anything. They can't fix anything. They don't have any solutions, they are capable only of breaking whatever is there now. They are a corrosive influence on everything they come into contact with.

The rage of the psychopath and sociopath comes from constant exposure to the irrefutable evidence they are sh*tty, horrible barren destroyers coupled with a deep narcissistic feeling they are "entitled" to rule. The more that reality hammers in their worthlessness, the harder they fight back against the feeling that they are corruption incarnate.

This is what causes the cyclic nature of civilization. Neanderthals contributed the innovators, thinkers and problem solvers ... Homo Sapiens contributed the killers, more killers, rascals and homicidal maniacs, lunatic rapists, killers, rabid bloodthirsty madmen, killers and bastards. No civilization lasts longer than the time it takes for the "normal people" (psychopaths and sociopaths) to get their boots on (about a hundred years in) and start doing what they do best. Wrack, ruin, rape and destroy. Other stuff, not so good. Sapiens is good at tearing it all down after Neanderthal has built it up.

Their real hope is that they will kill off enough witnesses that they will then get to write the history books. Of course, these books will be all about how wonderful they were with little mention of their rivers of blood and the skies of fire that characterized their regimes. Oliver Cromwell and Napoleon are two examples of men who were sanitized by their biographers after they had exterminated sufficient numbers of people to suppress any contradiction.

Shoot The Messenger

Japan is a poisoned country of the walking dead which is trying to forbid anyone from using a Geiger Counter to discover how much radiation exposure they are getting. I wish I were dreaming this except it is the truth. Ten years ago this would have sounded too outrageous to even consider, nowadays it is pretty standard fare ... just plain crazy.

Watch for an amazing spike in radiation induced illnesses including cancers in coming years. When it has run it's course it is likely that Japan will be a deserted ghost town.

Forty 'Stain Facts That Cannot Be Unseen

Kind of like a third world country with a wide assortment of bizarre practices that even National Geographic is afraid to put into print. The Kwanstain has gone from LEAVE IT TO BEAVER to David Lynch's FIRE WALK WITH ME : THE LAST DAYS OF LAURA PALMER in just sixty years. It's a creepy place full of disturbingly macabre characters who only make sense in reverse-speech.

You Couldn't Make This Stuff Up

Notice that Barry Soetoro was told from a young age that he was being groomed for the Presidency. This nobody was recruited at random and chosen to be a puppet for the regime that was being planned many years ago. He was probably the bastard of one of the many men who used his mom as a public mattress in the Communist Party.

The Ayers were well connected to the Illuminati and Freemasons long before their son was a convicted terrorist. They were literally stabling and feeding the down-low brother for the express purpose of producing a Manchurian Candidate.

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Road To The Third World War

There's a huge difference between what the little sheeple are told on their televitzing device and then there's all that stuff going on out in the real world. Russia uses the language of the nutty neocons in the 'Stain and describes them as "anti-terror" troops. Everybody is out there fighting those obscure, ambiguous "terrorists" ... you know those guys who called their mysterious organization "The Toilet" in arabic. It only looks like they are in conflict with one another. They are shadowboxing in a closet together. I think sooner or later they are going to accidentally punch each other if they continue to swing at phantoms.

Guardian confirms what Vault-Co has been saying for years - we're in a brand new arms race and this time everybody is playing, not just America and Russia.

The 'Stain is making preparations for something very, very big. It's wrong to call it as "big as WW2." World War II was fought and has been over for seventy years. This would be World War III coming up, which is a whole different ballgame.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Vault-Co Soars Through Half-Million Mark

I've never promoted this site, asked anyone else to link to it or even tried to make any money off it. It's just a blog I started back in 2003 to give me somewhere to vent my village idiocy that would not get me arrested for creating a public disturbance. I didn't really think anybody was listening, over the years I've just posted whatever took my fancy that day without any regard for what was appropriate or most advantageous. The only thing guiding my subject selection was a consideration for what might be most beneficial to someone in preparing for an uncertain future.

More than anything else, I wanted Vault-Co to be a place I could say what I really think out loud. Everybody should have such a place. Bad, good, in-between, on Vault-Co I have tried to post the truth, no matter how bizarre or disturbing that truth might be.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Drilled Holes For Hydroponics Pipe

Holes drilled in PVC
Took me about 15 minutes to drill the holes, then another hour to sand them all down and get rid of the plastic chaff.

The PVC has to be scrubbed clean and have some hydrated lime run through it to off-gas the surface and make it safe for growing food in. Will be getting to this next day or so.

Hedging A Losing Bet Called WW3

The 'Stain is one stupid country to be getting involved in this. They've started six wars they don't know how to finish, are busted broke and have to disarm their own troops just so their superiors can talk to them. This would have to be the dumbest thing you could possibly do, piling up forces in the Gulf for no other reason than to trigger a provocation excuse. I smell a false flag brewing.

The State Was Running A Baby-Kidnapping Scheme Under The Cover Of The "Law"

Think about how horrific that is.

It's worse than being preyed upon by ordinary criminals. It is being preyed upon in the most naked way by criminals adorned in the trappings of the government.

This was simply a baby kidnapping ring using pseudo-psychiatry to nab children from out of the arms of their parents.

Horrifying, brutish and barbaric practices. All by people pretending to be officials.

See why limited government is the only way to structure it correctly? Without limitations there is no limit to abuses to be suffered under such a government.

The West is run by madmen. Real, clinically nuts lunatics. They have absolute confidence in what they are doing. The kind of confidence only a madman displays.

One bullet, one Kwanstainian policy at DHS

JP Morgan Manipulating Silver and Gold?

A whistleblower has come forward to make the claim that JP Morgan is trying to conceal the cascading derivatives default by shorting silver and gold to make fake profits. Pretty serious allegation that reveals much deeper problems economically than anyone is willing to admit to.

Ordinary Minds Always Believe They've Had A Major Breakthrough When They Draw A Conclusion I Had Reached By The Time I Was Nine Years Old

They really do. They think these things represent an increase in understanding. They could have asked me when I was nine years old, I could have told them early on about the discoveries they would make over the next thirty years.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kwanstainia Has No Way Out Left But WW3

If you think the 'Stain is going to retire peacefully from the world stage and slip into irrelevancy as it retards to a third world standard of living, you don't know human history.

The reigning hegemon always goes out in a blaze of meaningless wars fought for no other reason than there is no future left for anybody in the country. Homo Sapiens is a monkey in manpants with one tool and one tool only. When he gets in trouble, he tries to use that one tool because it is the only thing he has to make him feel like he has control over his destiny.

When all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

Everything You Think About The World Around You Is Likely Wrong

Nuclear proliferation, space-based nukes and tactical nuclear research are absolutely out of control worldwide in every country you see. It has never been worse and exceeds the most paranoid dread about the future that prevailed in 1963, the year I was born.

Greece Leads The Way To ITZ

Basic health services normally taken for granted becoming a rare commodity.

Nothing left to do but riot and kill, no future looking forward to.

Globalism is grand. It keeps up with the improvamentation. I dread the ugly old days when we had flush toilets and clean drinking water.

Imagine a world where soap becomes a highly desirable barter good. Now stop making fun of all those survivalists telling you it is a good thing to know how to make. They're right.

Creepy, Impossible Dearth of Sunspot Activity

3rd straight month of dropping sunspot numbers supposedly headed into a solar max, accompanied by bizarre explosions of solar wind through coronal holes as if the sun was a sputtering engine running out of fuel.

The best thing about all of this is that it heralds an apocalyptic drop in solar activity, a circumstance that will be impossible to marshal in an orderly fashion for the nations. Supranational government is only constructable on top of a stable local government.

Turns out the biggest joker of them all (see recent blog post below) may be the natural world itself.

UPDATE : David Archibald says it is obvious we are entering a sharp cooling phase

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Without Neanderthal, Mankind Would Be Nothing

Sapiens is loud, outspoken and chattering ... and unfortunately, has said nothing of value in the past 250,000 years.

Without the rape of the Neanderthal women, men would live in mud huts, eat their meat raw and rub dung in their hair to keep the bugs off.

Keep Believin' Rube

Blind faith in the altruism of your rulers is what keeps them in power.

Amazingly Brilliant Insight Into Civilization

Somebody linked to this in the comments. I read it and was astonished. I have had almost all these ideas before but did not know how to express them in such a simple metaphor. Very relevant to what is happening right now. Defectors are running the whole show.

When you realize the sheeple are being culled by super-predators, what do you think the long-term outcome will be? Increased cooporation and solidarity amongst the in-group to counter the out-group. It is inevitable if that group does not run out of sacrificial offerings and cease to exist first. This is how the beany babies got that way.

The actions of a parasite are almost doing the host species a favor, gradually refining it until it is either extinct or acquires immunity to said parasite. Right now, obviously, there is a lot of refining going on. You may have guys on the sidelines like me marveling at how easy it is to kill them off but perhaps that very ease is proof they were not very well adapted to the problem of survival first. Any animal that cannot protect it's own offspring and fight invasion from competing groups is not really viable. It is practically putting them out of their misery. For all the caterwauling you may hear from my sort, there is a kind of good to be found in all of this. There are a lot of people gone completely soft in the head in the Western world. These kinds of people were never going to split the atom and in fact a surfeit of them was contributing to suppression of far healthier types. Once they had critical mass they were lowering standards in all walks of life.

Looked at from this perspective, it is a part of the preconditions of existence. Hard to absorb and a bitter pill but nonetheless.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Is Duckweed The Secret Weapon In Permaculture?

I'm beginning to believe it is so.

Apparently, a diet of nothing but duckweed and earthworms is enough to grow tilapia at enormous speeds to full size. I have been thinking about Kurt Saxon's "maggot farms" to replace or complement the earthworms. It seems earthworms can be pretty susceptible to colony dieoffs and other ailments but flies only need a hot bulb and some you-know-what. There's always plenty of that to go around in an underground setting. Sounds like this would be an incredibly low energy system, the sort you could power off a solar panel or two and keep it out of sight.

A garbage bag broke on me the other day and a tumble of maggots poured out. I was looking at them and thinking, man, that would be good fish food.

I reckon if I could put the fish in a bathtub inside my hydroponics rack and make everything work together inside Vault-OS I'd have a winner.

The End Of Protest and Peaceful Dissent

Widely demonstrated in the media. They are letting you know it will be used on you, serf. While you were sleeping, the planet got taken over by supranational government.

It is distressing for the champagne sippers to have their relaxation time disturbed by loud peasants crying for redress of grievances. Now they won't have to listen to that claptrap. The purpose of the serfs is to work until they are dead and pass their debts on to their children, following a short liquifaction ceremony and wake that ends with them flushed down the sewer pipes.

I believe this was described by Huxley in BRAVE NEW WORLD at one point, it could be another book. Loud sonics were used in SOYLENT GREEN to disperse the hoi-polloi.

The left hand will be modifying your response while the right hand modifies your behaviour. Independent thought will be stigmatized as a crime against the "environment." Lunatics and commonplace psychotics control the Western world from top to bottom.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Funcube Dongle Software Defined Radio

This is seriously one of the most interesting PC-enabled communication radios I have ever, ever seen.

I have a VHF, CB, Shortwave and AM-FM that are all power hungry amp eaters in the shelter. What if you could replace all those radios with a single USB dongle? Imagine the possibilities! What about a software controlled USB Dongle?!?!? Buy two and keep one as a backup!!!

I am going to get one of these, hell I may integrate a special purpose daemon for one of these into Vault-OS if it has an API.

Brief Demo Here On Youtube

You Are Nothing But Gullible Children To Them

Recorded live in Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War. As genuine as all news from CNN.

Jaco the Jagoff threatens the blogosphere for revealing he was never in Saudi Arabia.

I agree with the comment at the end of that article. This is such a lousy fake it looks like children's television on Saturday morning.

Wags the Dog. Does the tail wag the dog in the United States? Of course it does.

Marcus Aurelius and The Myth Of One Good Man

People who think one good man (like say, Ron Paul) can turn a civilization around singlehandedly when it has reached the end of it's life do not have sufficient understanding of the problem.

Civilizations don't rise or fall because of one good or bad leader. Civilizations are simply an expression of the genetics of the people who live in them. Casting about for some superman to save you near the end is futile - superman could not save you at this stage.

Marcus Aurelius would have to be one of the best damn men that ever walked the planet in the secular arena, full of virtue and steeped in good judgement, excellent character, honesty and integrity. He took the job of emperor of Rome at a time it was such a crappy job no decent human being would want to do it. He spent his entire life trying to recapture and secure the borders of Rome until the day he died, attempting to restore some civil order and practice sound monetary policy.

It didn't work. When Aurelius died the Roman Empire went right back to the greased sluice downhill.

This is why I think people hoping for a Ron Paul victory underestimate the size of the problem. It's too much for any one man to handle. Even if Ron Paul got in and had two terms, he would have to fight every politician in the country and every single reform he tried to install would be resisted at every turn. Sooner or later he'd be out of office and the country would return to the dismal tide it tracks now.

There are exceptional men and great leaders born in this world, I hope sent by God to test men's judgement and see if they have the sense to elect them.

In most cases they don't. In fact, in declining civilizations it is the good men who stand the least chance of changing anything. This is why they tend to retreat to their own private gardens.

UPDATE : Amerikwa needs independent observers to give their elections any legitimacy.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

New Terminator Models, The Better To Exterminate You With Rube

Since we first predicted it in 2003, these 'bots have just gotten better and better. Anybody who thinks the best use of these will be found in fighting ship fires has got it backwards. It is the humans who will be doing the menial tasks to make sure these robots stay fighting fit for combat. Get yourself a hose boy and spray some water on that fire, we ain't risking our premium combat droids for a job like that.

Freedom of Religion

Notice how increasingly, the supranational bodies pretend to be coming to the aid of the locals against that evil old bad cop, the local government. We will protect you. We know it is unbearable. Surely you should vote to give us your sovereignty so we can protect you full-time with a revenue stream to enforce our decisions. Or, alternatively, you will fund your own extinction.

Kwanzanians Morons Get Owned By China

I guarantee you this would be impossible if any attention to national security of any kind was important in government for cracking down on anybody but law-abiding citizens. This is disgusting malfeasance and incompetency at NASA.

I'll bet they got access so easily it even surprised them.

Joseph Kony : Official Villain of the Hour

Next week it will be somebody else.

Vault-Co Weekend Update

I worked like a dog all weekend, Saturday pouring concrete and Sunday cleaning out the shelter and replacing the ozone generator bulbs. I brought up all sensitive electronics down there pursuant to completely detoxing the interior and cleaning up the remains of the black mold.

I was planning on Sunday night to drill a bunch of wide holes in the hydroponics lab for planters but I was so exhausted I just collapsed in front of the television and could not get up again.

It has taken me seven years to come to this decision but I am convinced now that a shelter of my design (taken from Oak Ridge laboratories plans released under FOIA) has to have exhaust valves on both the primary and alternate entrances that continuously pump the hot air that rises up these shafts to the exterior. Otherwise long term inhabitability is just an impossibility. From reading the original documents carefully I know now that this style of shelter was tested under live nuclear blasts in Nevada but may have never been tested for long term inhabitation. Luckily I purchased cheap blast valves years ago with this very modification in mind. If you look at the shelter layout it becomes obvious that however superb it might be at surviving an air burst, it is going to suck at habitability without serious changes introduced into the ventilation scheme like I have described. Otherwise after I complete this cleanup I am going to have the same problems all over again. I believe when not inhabited you could get by on passive air turbines to draw the air out but once it goes live it would need power fan exhausts running.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Kwanstainian Madhouse

This is so over the top it reads like satire. Except it isn't. It's real.

Call a cop for help in the multikult, you might get sodomized. Single women have truly been liberated by marxist feminism. They've been liberated of everything, in fact, including their human dignity.

Another article on the same site about the savage Kwans and their bizarre pagan existence on the brink of lunacy. Yeah, that secularism has about worked out the way I expected. Good luck with all that.

Why Don't We Find More Melonhead Remains?

I have a theory about this, you may find it interesting.

If we excavated a barnyard a thousand years after it was buried in silt and we knew nothing about the planet, say we were archaeologists from the far flung future, we might make quite a few mistakes about the organization of the place.

Our future fossil diggers might conclude that the farm was run by cows, chickens, dogs and pigs. After all, we would find their skeletons there.

We wouldn't find the farmer's skeleton, however. We might not know that is because when the humans who ran the barnyard died, they were conveyed away to be buried in a special place far away from the barnyard. The animals were buried there because they were beasts of burden but the farmer is regarded as special. He gets a special ceremony, a special suit of clothing, he is buried as part of a complex ritual to put him in his final resting place. Nobody buries the farmer on the other side of the fence as the animals are buried. The farmer is special.

I have a theory that when melonheads died throughout the ancient past, they were conveyed away from whatever place they perished in and buried in tombs specially constructed for them. Sometimes we find these places but they are very, very rare to discover compared to the far more common remains of their slaves.

Perhaps there are tombs beneath the ice in Antarctica that stretch for miles underground where the melonheads were buried, when this region was a tropical paradise that housed the melonhead capital. Maybe they are now submerged on the ocean floor miles down.

I think when a melonhead died, it was considered a "human" and due special respect and treatment as well as an elite resting place. Slaves and various worker species were not regarded as deserving of much beyond an expedient burial and therefore are far more common - we find them used in the dedication of tombs and monoliths, often buried alive simply as a token gesture to commemorate completion. I think the melonhead command structure was obsessed with seeing to it that no melonhead was ever buried alongside these primitive creatures and they went to great lengths to always spirit the body away to these special "other" places.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Coming War In High Orbit

High orbit is where the action is. Once you claim the high ground, you can drop ugly stuff on all of us useless eaters down here. Formerly unthinkable, now the worst horror stories of World War III by pundits in the '80s are all set to become reality.

China ain't no tomato can. The U.S. is going to get themselves a fight and Vault-Co wants to go on the record as having predicted a Chinese victory in WW3 that will be one for the history books. Nobody is going to cry over the Kwanstain when it becomes a colossal 3000 mile wide charcoal birdbath that glows at night. It is not about what people would like to happen, it is about what is going to happen.

Bolshevist Coup II

This time it isn't just Czarist Russia.

It's the planet.

Some are fighting back but it is weak at best.

Diebold decides the law now.

The Reason That Babies Are Going To Be The Other White Meat

There is no way that agriculture can produce enough food in this climate to feed 7 billion mouths worldwide without a massive raft of innovation which is never going to happen. That means that people will be fighting in the streets over food.

If you study hydroponics and permaculture for even a little while you will start to grasp that nearly all the needs of a family can be produced in a very small area with minimal energy inputs, at a fraction of the costs that large agribusiness operates. This is why you will never see hydroponics promoted in the public sphere because it would mean the death of the big corporate food chain. Globalism and multikult are intimately tied up with the ideological framework that keeps these guys in the money year round. Once you have a cartel of supply outlets like the grocery store monopolies they have established in recent years you are essentially charging humans to go on living and they have no recourse but to pay you. Permaculture spins this whole process around and inverts it, putting you back in the drivers seat. This is why they are introducing the Codex Alimentarium worldwide now.

Kwanstainia, The Skidmark In God's Underwear

Without question the most depraved, vile, inhuman and degenerate race of men the world has ever known inhabit this foul excuse for a nation. Everything about them emanates an unwholesomeness that is so solid you can taste it in the air. This is the fruit of the wicked tree that is their collective soul.

There would be a similar feeling in the streets of Sodom the day before the good Lord in his wisdom decided to convert it into a glassed-over desert parking lot with salt sculptures and none too soon in my estimation.

Third world standard of living comes to the 'Stain. Around the same time they got all those third world people. A coincidence to be sure. This is quality parenting for 'Stainians.

Toxins In Everything, But It Is All An Accident

Found another toxic, lethal compound in something everybody eats or uses? It's an accident, we'll remove it we promise ... just as we are introducing another one over here at the same time. Good luck finding that one in ten years or so.

All accidental, sorry. Pity all accountability and standards were destroyed by globalist overrides on sovereignty, a shame really.

An Epidemic of Volcanos Worldwide

Nothing to see here folks, move along. Well, maybe an extinction event approaching but other than that, nothing to see here.

Remember only a crackpot prepares for anything at all, ever.

Good At Getting Their Asses Kicked

Whatever they are calling themselves this century, be it Khazars, Mongols or Israelis, they have a history of getting the living crap kicked out of them in anything like a fair fight that goes back for more than a millennium. Statues all over Europe in villages show the pentagram of the Khazar shield trampled by the hooves of knights defending their villages from a group of people who just could never learn to stay in their own backyard. Every time they came out of Khazaria and tried to attack somebody, they got the serious beat down.

Compare with the Sephardic Hebrews of Palestine, people with no armies and no weapons who seem to have no record of pogrom after 2000+ years of continuous inhabitation there. According to zionist theory, the fact that the Hebrews were different, exclusive and a religious minority meant that they should have been attacked by angry mobs every 40 years or thereabouts as it was in Europe. Yet, the historical record going back to the time of Christ shows that Arabs held their jewish friends and neighbors in Palestine in the very highest regard and we cannot locate a single instance where there was any kind of violence there until the British occupation and the Balfour Declaration. With their superior financial reserves, what remained for the Hebrews but a love of children to someday passively assimilate their entire area as far as the Nile, as long as they had boots on the ground to live in the houses and lands of those they would displace only through the gentle means of assumption? The prophecy for Abraham would have come to pass through simple consolidation of the population there. If the jews of Europe had wanted to join them, why would they have a need to do anything other than purchase a house and live in enclaves wheresoever they wished? Who would've been able to stop them? It is not as if anyone's permission was required. To this day, the problem with Israel is that nobody jewish wants to live there.

The problem with all these arguments I have made is that they make way too much sense.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

X-5 Knocks The Dust Off

Most powerful flare yet of this cycle. Notice the creepy, eerie periods of quiescence and virtual quiet suddenly interrupted by massive blasts with little warning? That's the solar engine shutting down for the Grand Minimum. Is it any wonder that magnetic reversals are most likely to occur during these periods of transition to and from Ice Ages? Is it any wonder these are periods of increased volcanism and tectonic movement?

Long before war breaks out, people will be fighting in the streets for food.

Unless they build the Vault-Co hydroponics lab and keep it in their closet. Otherwise, they'll be fighting in the streets for food.

A Heart Surgeon Tells The Truth About Medicine

Doctors KILL.

Read that again. Repeat it slowly.




If you're bored of living, SEE A DOCTOR. THEY CAN HELP. BY KILLING YOU.

Modern medicine is a very efficient method to KILL LOTS OF PEOPLE WITHOUT BEING PROSECUTED FOR MURDER.

Vault-OS : Update On 8-03-2012

I have been working intensively on my IPhone game for the past two weeks, had to concentrate on finishing it before Vault-OS in order to get it up on the store. The ASP.NET standalone version of Vault-OS compiled together with it's own web server is looking good. Solved quite a few problems with the real-time thread processing messages over JSON both local and remote.

I worked some more on my hydroponics rack and am going to be drilling a lot more holes over the weekend.

As soon as I get the IPhone/Android game completed I will resume with Vault-OS. Sorry it was not up at the end of February but I just have a lot on my plate and have to work on this stuff after hours.

Hey, we will be breaking a half million hits here pretty soon, just since 2007.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Seesaw Instability To Doomed Enterprise

They'll never talk this market up. It has gone past that point.

There are just too many bears on the horizon, no amount of tambourine and cymbal marching is going to suck any more rubes in. There is a limit to dumb itself.

Oz Turns Into Hellish Sci-Fi Dystopia

Tell me about how bad those Nazis were again. Right.

A brief survey conducted at lunch revealed to me that my son and I may be the only people on Australian soil who have read Orwell or Huxley.

Seriously, how can somebody think they have earned a college degree without reading any Orwell? What are these creatures? Animal, mineral or vegetable? They are so vacuous there is nothing left there to be angry at.

Gilliard is a bad spirit from gehenna. I would bet you dollars to donuts you will find that depraved, sallow bony barren creature creeping in the shadows behind this legislation, her frizzy greasy red hair spiking like a bridge troll. Stop her, Australia, it can't get much worse than this.

Black Swan 2012

With this house of cards, it doesn't take much. In fact, it takes almost nothing.

When the stability of the economy is this precarious, it doesn't really matter what triggers the panic. Something is bound to do it soon.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Dead Hand, In Operation For Forty Years

People don't understand why the Soviet Union built this thing if they don't know who the real aggressor has been the past seventy years.

The Kwa has been putting forces on their borders and trying to triangulate them inside a grid of missiles for decades. You probably heard about the one time that Russia did the exact same thing to them - it was called the Cuban missile crisis.

People who say one standard for thee, another for me, sooner or later get served universal justice. Dead Hand is that justice and I have been convinced since 1998 that it was going to be used, sooner or later. Nowadays, I expect sooner.

This is the reason I designed my shelter the way I did, in the configuration I did.

Don't kid yourself about World War Three. It is going to be nothing like World War Two.

Lunatic Gilliard Introducing A Police State In Australia To Stifle All Criticism

It is true. Gingers have no souls.

This barren, toxic witch is so poisonous that every chair she sits in has to be fumigated immediately afterwards. She is the antithesis of life itself, an existential black hole which leeches off the organic energy of every other living thing around her. An abominable hag wrapped in a skin bag to disguise it as a human.

Australians must end this monster at the next election and she must be compelled to call the election soon. She has long outlived even the trappings of any democratic consent to her offices.

Clearly the witch is taking direct instruction from Cass Sunstein, the new Commissar of the Kwanstain, who recently decided that all protest around government officials will be banned effective immediately.

Tell me again why we fought the Nazis in World War II? The Nazis were like badly behaved boy scouts compared to these tyrants. More and more people are silently coming to the conclusion that America fought on the wrong side in the second world war. Nobody is telling them to reach this conclusion, it is happening a thousand times a day independently all over the West by people simply considering the evidence for themselves.

Magnetic Field Cracking Open?!?

It should be, because the Sun is entering a Grand Minima.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Political Correctness/Postmodernism Does A Massive Faceplant And Leaves A Crater Behind

After decades of being on the fringe, you would think this moves me inside the sanity circle now. But you'd be wrong.

I believe in an even more radical theory - that the Solutreans/Clovis people were Neanderthals escaping genocide in Europe. This means that Neanderthals had survived long after historians believed they had perished.

You will hear anthropologists discuss the "remarkable robustness" of the Clovis people, including their thick bones and powerful ligaments ... but they cannot admit they were Neanderthals when it is so obvious they were. Amongst other things they were slightly taller than modern people which is forbidden to associate with Neanderthals because it might then lead one to learn about the Amud.

Obviously, Europeans have dominated the planet for at least 50,000+ years. They are not the "newcomers" anywhere. It is everybody else who is kind of a spinoff of varying degrees, not the other way around.

Incidentally, before the culture wars started shortly after Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, this theory was called "diffusion" and it had been widely held for over 200 years or more. This was also the year I was born. It became politically forbidden to speak of shortly thereafter like the bulk of all serious science and inquiry.

China and Russia Prepare To Tag Team Kwa

They don't like each other. They just work together.

When it is over, they will have their own differences to settle.

First priority is to turn the Kwanstain into a 3000 mile wide charcoal birdbath that glows green at night.

John Titor Was Right? Start of Civil War II

Good on Virginia. Home of Thomas Jefferson, the brightest man who ever stood on U.S. soil.

Step down, you Kenyan marxist bastard. Step down.

Outrageous Naked Vote Fraud

It is so obvious even the dumbest sheeple should suspect something is wrong.

Unlimited Power Is Unlimited Corruption

Anyone who supports arbitrary "signature" warrants created in secret is too stupid to live in any country that has more than a subsistence standard of living.

Think about the corruption and incompetency you see in everyday life. Now imagine that lunacy empowered by "legal" sanction to just make up stuff and order people to undergo rendition to secret camps and be executed there. It is much worse than the last days of the Roman Empire when emperors need only gesture to have someone killed.

Preview of Life In The Kwanstain In 10 Years

Really good read. See what it looks like when it's every man for himself and nobody believes in any universal principles of right and wrong. This is the natural condition of mankind plus modern technology to complement his madness.