Saturday, December 31, 2011

America Without A Middle Class Is Not America, It Is The Kwanstainian People's Collective

UPDATE : It's good to see old Los Angeles get back to basics doing what they do best ... looting, pillage, burning, killing and rapine. Whenever somebody says "diversity" to me, I always detect the phantom smell of charcoal in my nostrils. I'm like Pavlov's dog salivatin' whenever they play "It's a Small World, After All" except I panic thinking there must be a fire raging out of control somewhere and feel a powerful impulse to drop on my stomach to avoid being hit by stray rounds. That's my kneejerk response. Globalism is paid for with rivers of human blood.

The whole point of the United States was that the stable, prosperous middle class was the foundation of the entire nation's ethos and ideological framework.

Without a middle class, you got just another stinking banana republic. All the 'Stain needs now is for Obama to put on some kind of military regalia and begin to wear sunglasses and a beret during his public appearances. UPDATE : Notice that the rule of law has given way to "noblesse oblige" - your security vouchsafed for by the emperor, until he has a bad day.

The middle class was the whole of the United States - a society intended to be classless in the sense of upward mobility for everybody.

People who claim this is a failure of human freedom are proof that Constitutional government ended a long, long time ago in the United States. Sometimes I like listening to people try to explain what principles they think the U.S. was founded upon. It is always prima facie evidence they are simply not worthy to live there. A nation of morons could have the most elegant and successful system of government ever created (it did) and it would decline into a third world hellhole within a single decade. (It did.)

Devil's Night Comes To Los Angeles

France burns like this year round. It's all part of the enrichmentation process.

Watch next year for an escalation just as it began in France in the 1990's. Within ten years it will be a tradition and half the city will burn down on a semi-annual basis. This is an integral component in the diversity march to a better world. A burnt-out cinder is far better than the Jetsons glittering retro wonder world that was Los Angeles in the 1950's.

What Happens When The Population Has Lower Native Intelligence?

Like all primitive and intellectually inferior people, they lose the ability to correctly identify the sources of their problems. Earthquakes are caused by fracking instead of massive solar flares. Climate change is caused by decomposing baby nappies and farting cows instead of grand cyclic seasons of the entire solar system.

If you can't identify what is really causing the problem, you cannot possibly solve the problem. Your solution will be an attempt to ameliorate or change conditions that have nothing to do with what is actually causing the problem.

The average human being is scared of the big universe out there. Fracking is something much closer to home. It involves loud clanky machines and a big water pump. This is miniaturized down to what the ordinary human brain feels it can cope with.

Vast changes on the sun and magnetic reversals mean you should be working on an underground vault, not arguing with your fellow primate over how many gallons of water we will run through the brine pump each day. The common man is skeered of such things and wants to scale reality down to a size he can manage with his pea-sized Sapiens brain.

Kwanstain Begins Institutional Discrimination Against People Of Neanderthal Heritage

It's funny how otherwise discrimination is illegal for any trait except the one that is most important according to over a century of statistical data. Guess we can expect cops to be too dumb to even know what the law is like all people of average intelligence.

Ron Paul Has Won The Ideological Argument Already

That's nolo contendere for humans with IQs above room temperature. There aren't as many of those around as there used to be.

Got the Photo Links Working Again Under "R&D"

Nothing new posted yet, I thought I better get the photo site links working again so I can show off some of the new developments here at Vault-Co:

1. Completion of Quonset
2. War on the Black Mold and complete overhaul and refitting of the main shelter
3. New Underground Hydroponics Lab project
4. New version of Vault-OS installation and operation

... next photos of Bravo will look like sets out of science fiction flick, guaranteed. I have totally replaced all infrastructure and am currently preparing for a limewash alkaline coating of the interior that will deliver the death blow to the black mold forever.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Working on the Hydro Lab for VOS

Got some parts left over from my last attempt and was cutting them to fit today. Found most of the racking metal I need to put this one together. I need to buy some thick rustcoat paint to slather on it when it is finished to keep it from rusting.

Some of these pieces had been part of the original rig installed inside the shelter in 2006 so I had left them to bake in the sun for a week or so to make sure they didn't bring any of the dreaded black mold with them.

One bit of good news is that when I was down there to retrieve them the shelter was completely, utterly odorless with just the faintest trace of ozone. Otherwise smelled really fresh and hygienic. Note that even when the odor is gone, the black mold spores can still be dangerous when cleaning the shelter out so always wear breathing apparatus and decon gloves around this stuff.

I plan to make this subject a book in it's own right so I am documenting every stage of the construction of this mini hydroponics plant with photos.

MSNBC Tries To Spin Worldwide Volcanism and Island Creation As A Ho-Hum Event

Nothing to see here folks. You've all seen these before - in science textbooks as events that occur once in a while every few million years or so. Four new islands created during a single one month period on distant parts of the planet is nothing to get yourself in a tizzy over. Go back to earning tax revenues. We need the money to finish off the comfort camp barracks in our own underground shelters.

Let's pray the worst we have to worry about is an economic collapse. That's the rose-colored glasses optimistic upbeat feelgood bubblegum family sleeper hit of the summer.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Go Green - Burn To Death In Your Sleep

What will the government regulate next in the name of the environment? A requirement to smoke in bed? Only purchase appliances without UL stickers? Keep damp dynamite stored alongside gasoline in the garage? Put rat poison into bottles with baby food labels? You couldn't make this stuff up. They're "protecting the environment" by eliminating humans. Your tax dollars pay for this crap. Is government supposed to be our security against anarchy? I think anarchy is starting to look safer for pets and children, to be honest. How is it we ended up funding our own extermination?

If you want to prosper, do the opposite of what experts tell you in this world. You'll live longer. Always assume that "experts" are deliberately lying, you'll find you are rarely proved wrong.

The Media Is Privately Owned

Privately owned. It costs a lot of money to control what people think and to tell them who they can and cannot vote for.

Subcontractor Posts Classified FEMA Documents To Public Web Site

Interesting. All that conspiracy nut stuff is in it. Except of course it's printed in black and white by the Federal Government itself.

Manboons are not a learning animal.

The Last Election, Really

The last meaningful one, in any event. After this there will only be darkness and chaos, disputed results and illegitimate tallies by corrupt private parties. These are the sorts of ambiguous circumstances that surround the deaths of all empires. Faint rumors of a coup, breakway republics, fractioned factions and mutual hostility everywhere you look. The ending is always very diverse. One man will rise there and claim he is the new executive or emperor, he will war against someone who claims he is the rightful successor here. Historians will do the best they can to document all this riot but it eludes description in many cases.

This is why the final days of Rome we only know in fragments.

Former SNL Writer Chooses Death Over 'Stainia

I can't say I blame him but I would advise anyone who thinks that is an answer to anything is wrong. Everything his ancestors and their ancestors wanted for the United States has all been made a mockery of. The sacrifices in the nation's history are now all in vain. That doesn't mean you have to drink anti-freeze. It means you have to start calling it Kwanstainia the same way I do so you have no emotional investment in it anymore.

A man is pathetic when he can't have a deathbed conversion and go out with some dignity. Pathetic. What does he embrace but the void? Think of embracing God, even if he is only imaginary ... and finding something to live for instead of die for? What an alternative. Speaking as a former atheist, I gotta tell you they are a wretched lot. Wretched lot. Faking it all the time. They still give advice to others even though they themselves have not gathered any wisdom at all during their lives.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mount Lokon Suddenly Erupts In Indonesia

Another one spontaneously goes off on the same faultlines that have been restlessly active for the past year. This isn't slowing down.

Tonga and Vanuatu on the Ring of Fire show sizeable quake activity on the same day.

The Planet Will Do A Faceplant In 2012

Once you know the facts, grasp the size of the debts involved and know what happens to fiat currencies under pressure you will understand there is absolutely nothing that can save the Kwanstain at this stage.

Nothing. Last person out of that bongo party massacre turn out the lights.

What Europe is going to look like with it's current mix of strangers and houseguests probably defies the wildest predictions that Vault-Co has come up with in the past. The only way that Europeans will survive in europe is by forming up gated communities similar to the encamped fortresses of the Dark Ages. This time, the moats should be filled with burning pitch and the gates welded shut from the inside to resist the zombie-like hordes who will want to get at the people within. Kiss any semblance of law and order outside these islands goodbye.

The rest of the planet will see individuals and small groups survive but lots of governments and many of the trappings of civilization may just fade away for lack of interest.

Monday, December 26, 2011

A Universe Awash In A Broth Of Life

When I was going to college I wrote a paper in support of Fred Hoyle and I used the Murchison Meteorite as evidence the entire universe was swarming with organic compounds. This was in 1987 when such ideas were considered on par with Bigfoot sightings and UFO abduction studies.

The problem was that I had written a paper for another teacher across the hall arguing that abortion was murder because the fetus had an endpoint that was a human being, therefore interfering with the development of a fetus or aborting it was equivalent to manslaughter where another person dies because of a reckless action committed by someone else. I used fragments of my other paper to demonstrate that life was organically bound up in the nature of existence and that it was to be regarded as a miracle because we could not produce our own in the lab without using existing lifeforms as building blocks.

The two teachers got together (quite unprofessionally) and decided that I must be something of a right-wing goyish troublemaker. They held a counseling session for me after hours where they offered me the chance to recant my views and demonstrate correct doubleplusgood-think. I spent the entire session repeatedly asking them what it was I had done wrong and why they had felt this warranted a counseling session. They kept sneering and waving me off like I was digressing by inquiring into what the charge was precisely. They kept repeating the requirement that I be less "closeminded" in the future and refrain from inserting political beliefs into biology classes. I reminded them the point of my paper on abortion was to show that this was a scientific concern, not a political one.

They were both so unreasonably derogatory with me it left me feeling badly wounded when it was over, in particular because they could not specifically say what it was I had written they had found so unacceptable. No matter what indifference they feigned you could feel the contempt and disgust radiating from them and it was very, very ugly. Over these two papers I had written. I couldn't figure it out. I was young and still thought the world works the way people claim it does even after having been in the military.

In less than a month I had a row in psychology about the differences between men and women being genetic, not cultural. I was asked if I would attend gender sensitivity training classes. I dropped out, walked off campus, never came back. I did continue using my campus pass for a while to sneak in and use the college gym. This was at a time in my life I was increasingly conflicted and trying so hard to understand why I was so immeasurably different from everybody else. I say "conflicted," but I mean something that was so hard on me inside emotionally it was like running a low-grade fever or being ill some of the time.

The instinct to hate myself for being so different and so "wrong" was really strong and I ignored it, I needed to believe that different as I was, that someday I would find out the truth about who I was and how I got that way. I always believed it would turn out to be something utterly incredible and probably beyond the grasp of ordinary humans. I was right about that. It was more incredible than anything I could have imagined. I'm still discovering more every single day and I doubt if I have really done anything more than break the surface of what is there.

I didn't know it back then at the time but that terrible pain I was feeling which seemed like an awful burden to me was doing a lot more elsewhere. That emotional feeling of alienation kills the majority of people with "Asperger's Syndrome" (I only use the term in deference to the limitations of regular humans) like flies. What I thought was really hard and tough to live with, was causing the other 95% born like me to leap off bridges and hang themselves. People with only a fraction of the condition found it almost impossible to breach their 25th birthday without committing suicide. I didn't know about any of this at the time, I thought I was the only person in the world like me.

The Enkidu are tough critters. Resilient. I suspect their weakness may have been certain kinds of emotional pain and living conditions that scarcely trouble Homo Sapiens much at all. They had a special kind of Kryptonite that is difficult to explain if you are not a member of the tribe. As luck would have it, those conditions to trigger that instinct are perfectly produced by raising Neanderthals with Homo Sapiens. With Neanderthals, if you are shunned by your tribe powerful instincts kick in to make your caloric requirements zero from then on. Powerful hormones are released that make you hate yourself. The thing is, these sorts of emotional wounds are a perfectly normal part of growing up for Homo Sapiens. They are a fickle, arbitrary shifting set of allegiances that changes from one day to the next. When you meet somebody better, you trade up and discard the other person(s) as no longer necessary. The Homo Sapiens doesn't dry up and blow away because he gets hurt or rejected, he has no ultimate allegiances to anyone so he'll just go looking for another social group to get into. Not so for the Neanderthal. The Neanderthal is reacting to rejections by ghosts and withering on the vine because of perceived insults by people who aren't even there. The Neanderthal thinks he has been judged unworthy by the females and will have no mate. With Sapiens, they just shelve one bitch and look for another. Nobody takes anything seriously and your best friend can be your enemy tomorrow depending on which way the wind is blowing. With Sapiens you are expected to simply spin the wheel and try again. Nobody means anything they say to each other and nobody expects to be taken seriously by anybody else, it's all just a big game called society. Their ideals come from Neanderthals but the reality is in no way related. I love you to a Neanderthal means permanently. I will never betray you or abandon you, ever. Homo Sapiens girls consider this kind of earnestness a sign of weakness in a man and despise commitments that are binding. She might meet a man with a bigger bank account tomorrow and need to get out of this thing to switch to the new male. The last thing he/she wants is for anybody to think this lasts any longer than it needs to.

TV Guide 1954

Bask in the warm glow of a sane America in 1954. What a nice place to live. If only these people knew about the offensive that was being planned against them at this time. It hit like the blitz after they shot John F. Kennedy. These people were so shell-shocked it was ten years before they could even mount a counter-offensive.

Wouldn't you like a lovely 1956 Christmas? Remember the spending capital your parents had on a single salary? The tree was so packed with gifts underneath it when I was little that we were still opening packages in the afternoon. Everything was so cheap it didn't take credit cards to make your kids happy on Christmas morning. We lived like kings but we didn't know it at the time. It was simply America. The table at evening was crammed with a month's worth of food and it all cost less than an IPhone cover does nowadays. This was before we went off the gold standard.

Newt Gingrich is Such a Klown He Can't Even Manage His Own Presidential Campaign, Much Less The Presidency of the United States

Newt is the candidate of choice if you've had enough and decided you just want the 'Stain to die now. Gingrich will lock it in for you for certain. He's the man the Zionists want to see in there to shut out Paul.

The Definition of Hubris

No comment. If you understand what this article is saying you will laugh so hard you have tears in your eyes.

There is brazen. Then there is insane. Then this.

The United States has paid for all of the research and development of military technology that will be used to kill all of them in World War III. It's that simple.

We Will Be Safe When Only The Police Are Permitted To Have Guns

It's just common sense Oprah-style, people. I don't understand how anyone could think we can be safe as long as even a single gun stays in private hands. Edjamafacashunal people will protect us with their imagickal powers of authority.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Michael Mann's Hot Tub Buddy Bails On Him

Notice these guys feel free to talk privately about points they ridicule publicly.

Another impression one gets from reading these papers is that these guys are really, really slow. I'm only a layman and I feel like I could run intellectual circles around these idiots. They are only beginning to dabble in the study of the medieval warming period, it appears from this letter. That's appalling incompetence on their part. They're way behind the power curve on subjects like these.

Pineapples Beat Chemotherapy In Multiple Peer Reviewed, Triple Blind Studies

Christopher Hitchens worshipped the State and it's ugly stepson modern medicine. He was already suffering from throat cancer and then he really got sick when he allowed the butchers to go to work on him with their "advanced edjumafacashun" treatments.

Prostate cancer statistics show one of the worst things that can possibly happen to you is to be diagnosed with prostate cancer. That means the doctors are coming to help you, after they strip you of every dime and then bump you off.

Praise God for the truth. The truth will set you free. We get the truth because of the internet. Thirty years ago this report was wheeled in a box into that big warehouse you see at the end of RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK.

Naked Psyops By CNN Against Ron Paul

CNN is a nest of pro-Israeli "internationalist" vipers like Wolf Blitzer doing their wide-eyed innocent doe act. Ron Paul stormed off the interview. Sure he did. See what really happened and then watch how these bastards lie. It's hardly a wonder a nation like this is in the state it is in with this kind of deathgrip on the mass media. It is a license to libel and slander without repercussions. Where is the right of rebuttal? What media watchdog will impose penalties on CNN for this kind of fraud?

Watch for the white flash to conceal the gap at the end to make it look like Paul is reacting to the question by leaving.

If you're always doing bad, terrible things, you want to control what people talk about so they can't discuss the horrible, incomprehensible things that you are doing because if they found out they might cut your line of credit off at the least.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas From Vault-Co

Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings.

Christianity is the greatest civilizing force the world has ever known. It is the greatest domesticator of men and governments that the planet has ever seen. There is no other religious idea that even comes close to the powerful effect it has had on every single race of people it has touched. We celebrate the birth of Christ today for a weird array of reasons that have nothing to do with Christ and yet somehow this holiday ends up being one week of the year when men in the West at least make the effort to appear humane and kind towards one another. When one realizes how little Christianity has altered basic human conduct we dread to think what would happen if we ever abandoned this sweet delusion.

You've frequently heard Christ described as a crutch. That's an error by people who don't understand human character. Jesus Christ is a stretcher. It's a litter pulled by trained pekinese that you are strapped to. You can't even limp into heaven on your own power. In order to gain entry into heaven you would need some spectacular miracle equivalent to splitting the Red Sea. That's what the sacrifice of Christ accomplished for every single one of the children of God. Through no merit of your own, in spite of yourself, you can receive grace.

God bless you and watch over you in the coming year and help you in everything that you do. Remember that the evil that is on the earth does not persist forever but passes away but the good that is on it comes from God. Keep good cheer and do not give into despair. We only tarry a while here and then our redeemer will come and wipe away every tear. Until that day we struggle with whatever tools we have to be salt and light.

On this blog we tell you about the bad all year round the way one speaks to soldiers because we sense you are one of those strong people that the Lord made in his wisdom to hear the worst. One day of the year you should remember all the good things in the world we never mentioned because it is those things that demonstrate the existence of God. If there is anything good, anything true and anything beautiful in the world you should think on these things often to remind yourself of just how much there is worth living for.

Friday, December 23, 2011

If Voting Ever Achieved Anything It Would Be Banned Outright #2

As Stalin said, it doesn't matter who casts the votes. All that matters is who counts the votes.

Control over the ballot boxes comes none too soon.

None too soon with Ron Paul polling on top even after spinning, twisting and forcing the polls.

None too soon for warmthinkery with the Chinese ridiculing it as guǐlǎo gibberish which they have understood for some time violates the laws of physics.

None too soon with banks grasping at more bailout money to protect them from their own mistakes.

None too soon when your world of lies is crumbling apart around your ears for the elites. None too soon.

The Canary Died. The Fat Lady Is Singing.

Louisiana has been run like a prison camp since Katrina and now as a test it looks like the Federal Government is getting ready to declare martial law and put the entire region under military control. This will be a good gauge of the sheeple to see if they react or not. Once it is established in one "rough" area, you just change the definition of "rough" and move your tanks into another area.

Gradualism is the key when you are dealing with morons. These frogs can never tell when the water is too hot.

All blatantly illegal of course under the Constitution and Posse Comitatus. That doesn't seem to be a limitation anymore. Now you know why Al Gore and the rest of the elites started to refer to it as a "living document" a while back. If it's alive you can just kill it and step over it.

Christchurch Hit By New Quake Swarm

This area has not really settled down since it got hit last.

It is simply becoming an uninhabitable area, creating refugees who will probably want to relocate to Australia. Get used to this, it is going be half the planet trying to come here before you know it.

Next Up - Mardi Gras Style Veteran Parades?

All such nations receive the same wages for their sins. The end is an act of mercy by the Lord, relieving his depraved creation of the terrible burden of their evil.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ron Paul Castigated For Telling The Truth And Being Sane, Both Unacceptable

The Wall Street Journal has run a vicious, bizarre hit piece claiming Ron Paul seems to be able to see the obvious.

What next? "Ron Paul seen walking about with an umbrella, claims overcast sky may indicate rain coming? Congressional leaders discuss censure."

You couldn't make this stuff up.

Do you really have freedom of speech when all media is controlled by conglomerates administered by people whose political opinions are virtually identical and who have no integrity in what they publish other than it supports those political ideologies? I don't think you do.

Nothing About Barack Obama Is Real

Starting with his citizenship.

A Military Roadmap To World War III

Michael Chossudovsky on why the elites would like you better if you were dead.

All wars lead to the next war and World War II was no different. The human race doesn't learn from history. They don't learn, period.

Kwanstainia A Sinkbed Of Chaos & Corruption

Everybody is looting for whatever they can get. The termites are finishing off what little wood there is in the house. It's a free-for-all mob scene.

Everybody Saying There Is Nothing To Be Worried About Is Usually Running With A Suitcase

Looks like the mother swarm of subductions is approaching and the long dormant parts of the United States may be the heaviest hit of all - particular the New Madrid Faultline.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

(H)Ellison Bleeding Money At His Parasite Farm

Larry bought Oracle off some real programmers about 20 years ago and has progressively marketed it to suckers in government and industry as a big end database. Whereas it is true it can handle pretty big datasets, it is nearly impossible to use after Larry's shammers have piled crap onto the API in such volume no man in his lifetime could ever hope to learn how to make an SQL call without years of study. Compare with ADO in Windows, takes five seconds. You can see why they have nowhere to go but down.

All across the Western world you have these people who are billionaires "just because." They never did anything for anybody, added anything innovative to the world or contributed to total human progress. They just knit a web and sit there waiting for rubes to wander in and get tangled. Then they suck them dry and toss their wrinkled husks onto a heap nearby.

The poor saps who got on the Oracle bandwagon ten years ago now face astronomical costs for migration if they want to get off this shortbus. Some of them are apparently deciding that rather than wait any longer they need to dump this 90's circa technology before Larry's team of idiots add any more to the API.

Bolshevism II Needs Enforcers

Standing armies on U.S. soil, complete militarization of law enforcement. Even one of the tiniest elements of this program is a violation of Posse Comitatus and in many cases violates at least one, sometimes many fundamental prohibitions in the Constitution on State power.

It always happens this way and there is always the placid surrender by the populace in the name of "safety."

A nation cannot be ignorant and free. The Kwa was doomed decades ago.

Liars Like Their Father The Devil

"Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it"
- (John 8:44)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Scienmajistics Falling To Pieces Everywhere

The story goes on and on about the skeletons and what a significant find this is.

It barely mentions the discovery of horses over 1,100 years old along with dogs, which completely blows apart the longstanding fallacy that horses came over with Europeans.

When was in high school I remember asking my teacher in history class how come the North American indians had cave paintings of people on horseback, if horses came over from Europe. My history teacher was a gefilte fisher teaching at a high school called Midlothian High School in Virginia and not teaching very well, of course - he just sneered as if my question did not even merit an answer. The other teens quickly picked up on his subverbal example and they all took to guffawing and snorting in response whenever I said anything. A couple more questions in this vein and the history teacher was foremost in teasing and bullying me in class, cooporating with the other kids to play a wide variety of practical jokes on me. Nowadays your parents would sue the school but back in those days, a child like me with a single mother parent was a chandala, untouchable and without any rights at all. Aging at half the rate of human beings, I was biologically around 9 years old at this time, while all around me young adult Homo Sapiens were completing their adolescence turning 18. They were as big and as strong as they were ever going to get at that point. I was like a young kindergardner sitting in an adult college. Except of course, a young kindergardner completing the Western classics and with a working vocabulary nearly ten times that of an ordinary human.

I remember asking him once after class about something he had just taught us and he was giggling uncontrollably and just waved me off. I learned a couple minutes later it was because somebody had put a strip of yellow tape on the back of my shirt while I sat taking notes listening to him. Teacherwitzim are a class act all the way.

If Voting Mattered They Would Make It Illegal

For those of you who think you know your own nation, I'll make you a bet.

I'll bet you that if the entire United States, all 300 million people voted unanimously for Ron Paul, not only would he never be permitted to get near the Presidency, he would never be permitted to get near the GOP nomination.

The people who run that cesspool don't give a damn about your little vote ballot. They'd steer them into an incinerator when you dropped them into the box if it was easy to organize.

By supporting Ron Paul you are sentencing him to death. If he wins in Iowa, he will be terminated shortly thereafter.

Note that after ignoring Ron Paul this entire time, they are now engaged in a vigorous campaign to convince sheeple his victory in this caucus will mean nothing. You couldn't make this stuff up. This is the same man who has essentially been the subject of a media blackout and in those inconvenient situations where his name has floated up, they have leapt forward to denounce him as a clown and a basket case only an idiot would vote for. These people are not even trying hard to disguise their contempt for you, Kwanzan. They have realized that the peasants do not know when somebody is pissing down on them and telling them it is raining.

Of course, we all know that 100% of the country will never vote for Ron Paul, they're too stupid to know who to vote for.

The reason we call it Kwanzania is that it is a hollow shell of the nation once known as America. The merest outer layer of the institutions is maintained to give the illusion that this country has anything to do with the one set up by the Founding Fathers. The Neocons continue to need patriotards to wave their little rag flags made in China and cheer on a nation that ceased to exist forty years ago. They need their cooporation until they can finish altering the legal system until cooporation is no longer optional in any regard. This is the second Bolshevism, due to be much uglier and more horrible than the first one in the Soviet Union.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Classic Junk Science Press Release

Need to make tenure, trying to impress Dean that your department doesn't just sit around sipping cappuccino and looking at high quality streaming internet porn all day long, etc. etc. etc.

Somebody should build an online generator for random junk science astrophysics releases ... "ANTI-QUARK MAY SUCK ON PLUTO WITHIN NEXT TEN YEARS," "MARS FIRES BLAST OF METHANE FROM URANUS," "COSMIC ANOMALY CREATES DARK MATTER STREAM INTO NEBULA ZERO."

I could probably write one of these in ten minutes if I had a web server set up.

P.S. Notice how with modern scienmajists, the less evidence and observable facts you have to support your hypothesis, the more likely it is true. This is the exact opposite of science. The fact that the "giant black hole" at the galactic center exhibits no evidence it is there (it's a patch of space that looks like any other) proves it is a particularly big and powerful black hole. You couldn't make this stuff up. It's like an incredible Lewis Carroll story and Carroll smoked dope to write a lot of his stuff. Tex Arcane has a powerful and revolutionary theory of his own to offer ... the reason we don't see anything unusual at all through a telescope when we look in this direction is that there isn't anything there. I should have a lock on the Nobel this year.

Krisschannidy Ditched By Former Believers Along With Pet Rocks, Piano Ties and The Noid

Fact is, the second the Bible was modified by Cyrus Scofield to make it into the ultimate cheerleader's manual for the secular state of Israel, everybody began to assume that Jesus Christ was the only jew they didn't need to be afraid of. It emasculated Christianity to turn it into the goy outreach support branch of Swindler Central. That's not the way religion works and any religion that works that way will soon find its pews empty.

People celebrate their own existence through a religion and it is part of their identity to see themselves through this lens. If your religion makes you into an extra standing in the back row with no dialogue who is simply tasked to swoon when called upon to do so, you will find your collection basket is empty and people stop showing up for the Sunday social. Any faith that has only this to offer has nothing to offer to its congregation and it is spiritually dead.

To be called upon to live a righteous life and practice the Christian virtues while Yoshi builds the world's largest sex slave emporium a block away from the Wailing Wall on your dime is insane and people know it even if they are afraid to say it out loud. It. Doesn't. Make. Any. Sense.

Earth Is An Intergalactic Insane Asylum

Nothing can even shock me any more. I'm too jaded.

This may serve as a cover story for another false flag to be staged soon.

Diebold Preparing To Stage A Database Modification Using A False Flag

If Ron Paul wins, this serves as a cover story when they go in and deliberately modify the results. After the recount it will be revealed the mysterious "hackers" skewed the vote in Ron Paul's favor giving the impression he had won. I know because this is the exact cover story I would put out before the election if I was intent on assuring that not even one caucus was won by Ron Paul.

Of course, in a nation that is not a huge joke, you'd have open source software and complete transparency in an electronic voting system. The idea that any vote would be valid in a closed proprietary system managed by a private sector company is ridiculous and only a lunatic would regard the outcomes as legitimate. See previous blog post below.

Crude Scienmajist Barely Covers Conclusions That I Reached Independently, Without A Degree, Over Twenty Years Ago

He's essentially solving many of his own "mysteries," as he talks. He is oblivious to what he is actually saying.

The invasion of the longheads was neither a myth nor fallacy. It is a fact that became politically unacceptable. The Normans brought most intelligence to the British Isles. Their brains were bigger.

Go here to see his ambiguous drivel about "increased efficiency" shot down. Do these creatures seem more efficient to you? Here? Here? Vegetables. Flat-lined. Comatose. Less than zero. Not really human any more, something less.

If you can't answer this question correctly, just how big is your own brain?


Finished reading this book. Was very impressed. Not a utopian ideology at all. Very modest ambition not to try to go back but to go forward to something as good as what we have lost.

Posits a non-violent revolution that I think could be very likely following the resorting of society likely to come about as a result of the coming collapse.

A lot of men of the West never realize it's not actually necessary to fight 90% of the battles they allow themselves to be talked into. It's not efficient, amongst other things. If they could simply stop cooporating with their own destroyers they would be absolutely astonished at what they could accomplish. The problem at present of course is how to get rid of the current totalitarian state in order to express the freedom to withhold one's support. At present the right to freedom of association, freedom of speech and freedom of expression is denied throughout the entire Western world. Nobody is permitted to walk away anywhere.

I know I sound like a broken record but a good old fashioned nuclear war would be the fastest route to dismantling the current nightmare. It would unravel a very tangled skein by force overnight. Those who live by the sword could die by the sword instantly, leaving the meek to build something in their ashes that might otherwise be impossible. A limited nuclear war would be a problem because it would be used as a justification for further excesses and erosion of what little remains of Western civilization.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

All Homo Sapiens, Male or Female, Are The Unholy Children of Cain

Notice how no matter who they are or where they come from, the solution to every problem that Homo Sapiens encounters in life involves murder at some point. If all you have in your brain is a hammer, then the problem must be a nail.

Don't get along with so-and-so? Kill him.

People in some far-off country part of another ethnic group that doesn't like you? Kill them all on their own soil.

Somebody disagrees with you? Kill them and their children.

Kill-kill-kill. That's all these idiots seem to be able to come up with.

Why, if you didn't know better, you'd think it was their customized purpose in life. Funny how they appear to lack almost all the natural instincts needed to survive independently and as a group their strongest instinct is to kill other groups. Weird. You could start to see a pattern here after a while if you had lived as long as I have.

Homo Sapiens "Jeopardy" is a game where the correct answer to every question is "Kill'em!" Everybody is a winner with Homo Sapiens! They can't lose! These women at the link claim males are crazed, dangerous killers! So they are plotting how to exterminate them all! Even the Sapiens females are nuts.

Cain was a carb-eater. He killed his brother Abel the herder. God liked the sacrifice of Abel but he rejected Cain. Hey, thought Cain, this would be a good time to kill my brother. I envy him. So I'll ambush him and hit him on the head with a club. Isn't that the sensible thing to do? What else would you do? Like ... just get over it the way Esau did with his brother Jacob? Then you wouldn't have to live with the horror, shame and remorse of having murdered your own brother. Too far-out, say the children of Cain. Don't be ridiculous. You're talking crazy now. The shortest distance between two points is to kill everything. Anybody knows that. It's common sense to us carb-eaters.

There Is No "End of the World"

Don't be afraid. Soldier up. There's no such thing. It's not the end of the world. It's just the end of you ... at worst. With a little luck, other outcomes are possible. The remnant are painted all over the world on temple walls wherever you look. They're always the little group of humans in the lower right corner of the painting who escape to fight another day. They're the meek. They persevere by retiring. They stay out of the fray and they make it. Scientists have a name for them in the laboratory. They're called Omegas. They're the last rats in the cage that emerge after all the carnage is over. They have an uncanny ability to not only survive but thrive in the most impossible of situations.

It's like Tommy Lee Jones says to his understudy in MIB :

Kay: "We do not discharge our weapons in view of the public!"

Jay: "Man, we ain't got time for this cover-up bullshit! I don't know whether or not you've forgotten, but there's an Arquillian Battle Cruiser that's about to... "

Kay: "There's always an Arquillian Battle Cruiser, or a Corillian Death Ray, or an intergalactic plague that is about to wipe out all life on this miserable little planet, and the only way these people can get on with their happy lives is that they DO NOT KNOW ABOUT IT!"

So don't let it get you down because you know about it. You're already ahead of the game right there.

Watch for the Pope to be replaced when he dies by a black man. That will be very significant if that happens. If you see a black pope, we'll be on Vault-Co time from thereon.

Newt Gingrich Is A Futurist Hoser

These guys are part of the secular humanist movement that is always claiming they are the spiritual successors of Jefferson, preparing to replace his system with a "superior" one of their own design that is part of a world government.

In fact, they are mental midgets incapable of running a lemonade stand without burning down half the neighborhood.

If the heroic Renaissance man they claim to be the heirs of were alive today, he'd be stalking them in camo paint strapped with fragmentation grenades and a sniper rifle. I've read almost everything Thomas Jefferson ever wrote including all the Federalist Papers ... Tom Jefferson was always warning people that these clowns would arrive some day and it would be the end of the Republic.

There is little improving on the U.S. Constitution if it is still a government intended for human beings. If it were targeting bees or termites or long snout shrews that would be a different matter. If we are talking about people, there is very little improvement possible on the Constitution and we should suspect that people who are trying to lay their hands on it are the usual mediocrities and power hungry sociopathic failures. Of course they'd want to change it and claim it has problems - it permits them to avoid confronting the ugly possibility they simply do not deserve to live under it.

These people are scum. They know they are scum. They try to deny it but methinks the lady protest too much. They know they are scum. Scum. Bottom of the barrel. Damaged goods. Botched and bungled. Inherently rotten. The reason their hunger for control and power never ends is that they want to prevent any other human being from saying the obvious out loud. They're scum.

Sendoff For Hitchens

I can't tell you how lucky I am God sent me grace. It was something I didn't deserve or earn. Frankly, I would never let people like me into heaven. God is so long suffering, so merciful and so charitable they even let some shabby old genetic leftover like me, a miserable son of Esau, every reason to be accursed forever, into Heaven.

I thought myself wise for 16 years as an atheist. God cared enough about me to lift the scales off my eyes and see myself as I really was. I can never repay that, it's too much.

Scripture says all you have to do is hold out that fond hope. Can you imagine? It's that easy. If you know what you have, keep the commandments to prove it. God is going to let you in on such lousy criteria you would not believe it. All the things people have told you are lies. There isn't anything you could do to deserve it. All men are filthy rags before God.

All you need is that fond hope of Christ fulfilling his promise to you when your repentance is genuine. Just a wisp of hope to carry you through your days. When the darkness comes it will be frightening but you will never know the terror that these wretched creatures endured. Let'em find you smiling, it will keep'em all guessing when you're gone. What did he know?

They'll say of you that he had some fond hope, it was given to him from the outside. He was still a man but somewhere in his heart he retained something of the child. That's all you need. Some foolish faith you clung to, against all hope.

Reinventing The Same Old Baloney

It never ends.

I have recently felt that there has been a shift in strategy behind the scenes but I couldn't quite articulate what it was. Somebody posted an interesting link on the ding-dong-dead Hitchens thread.

This is the new wave strategy coming to start the merry-go-round up again. Of course, it will require some new provocation to put some wind under it's sails because it is essentially the same old wine in new bottles.

We've been watching JERICHO again from the beginning and I realized why they took this show off the air. They could not very well permit a fictional series on television to depict the false flag that was being planned to justify a new militarism and restructuring of the United States.

Being a Neocon apparently means never having to say you're sorry, long after your crimes have eclipsed Hitler, Stalin and Mao. It's all for a good cause, you see. American needs to spread the love, preferably with daisycutters on downtown metropolitan areas all over the world.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Scienmajists Warn About The Dangers Of D

It's terrible stuff. Doctors and scienmajistical types have been issuing stringent warnings about the deadly threat of sunlight, milk and Vitamin D for over sixty years since the end of World War II.

WARNING! If you are overexposed to toxic levels of this Vitamin D, you could develop the following symptoms and should consult your physician immediately:

1. Health and reproductive capabilities
2. Feelings of well being
3. Strength in muscles and bones
4. Alertness and mental acuity
5. Good emotional balance, hope and resilience to pain
6. Old Age & Absence of Cancer

Doctors : Oy Vey! An emergency, itz! Tell the coroner I sent you, he'll give you the group discount!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Daily Mail : Britons Prepping For ITZ

Brilliant article, notice how at the very end they lapse back into schizophrenia and have to insert some crazy dig at "capitalism," which of course they blame for everything in the world because they have tenure at a university and have never had to get a day job. With any luck, these sorts will be the first ones onto the barbecue at the hands of hungry enrichmentators like those who recently gave their host nation the traditional burn'n'loot.

"An absurd fantasy? Perhaps so, but in an increasingly uncertain world, such a scenario can no longer be dismissed out of hand. And strange as it may seem, it’s one that many believe is worth preparing for."
The mandatory appeal to the consensus at the end of the quote. If lots of people are doing it, this may mean it is no longer insane. Maybe. They'll have to wait and see how many more people join up. No mention of the real world, like it is a far off place they have only seen in photographs in National Geographic. If people vote it down, the real world won't give us any trouble. We'll get a consensus against it. The referendum has determined there will be no economic retraction. That's settled.

There's a member of the Hitchens family who can actually write - but he wasn't singing the correct tune so he got no supper. Peter Hitchens has been demonstrated to be quite clairvoyant whereas his sibling was never vindicated by anything outside of the media itself. Remember - if you support the existing order and resist revolutionary and destructive politics driven by foreign interests, you are evil and you have no talent. If you can scribble some drivel promoting this madness, you are going straight to the head of the queue for a book advance. Actual acumen has no bearing in these matters. I would like to see H.L. Mencken, Samuel Clemens or Ambrose Bierce get a book published in America today. It would never happen and if it did accidentally occur all the books would be recalled, mulched and dumped in a landfill as quickly as possible.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Warmongering Neoconservative Drunkard Turns To The Wall And Curses God

UPDATE: The media blitzim and televitzim are going mad over this alcoholic poof, comparing him to actual writers everywhere you look. He apparently thought he was a peer to Thomas Jefferson at one point. Jefferson would have kneecapped this fat retard on sight with a double barrelled musket and left him squealing to bleed out. It is impossible to imagine two people more different than Christopher Hitchens and Thomas Jefferson. The idea that the Founding Fathers would've done anything but despised such human garbage is insipid. Hitchens would've hung quicker than Benedict Arnold during the revolutionary war, left dangling like a bloated pig for children to poke with sticks.

The Hitcher has hitched his last ride on the coat tails of power. Like all the neoconservative chickenhawks, he never served a day in his life in the military and supported any bombing campaign on anyone worldwide as long as it wasn't Israel. The sound of screaming children and thermobaric fuel bombs going off in kindergartens was like music to the ears of this miserable idiot. Having no children or family of his own, he exhibited the vile, deplorable hatred of all living things that is synonymous with the love that dare not speak it's name. His every waking thought was devoted to carnage, bloodshed and atrocity, as long as it was committed against people who committed the sin of moving while muslim. He celebrated every success of the Zionist war machine, practically bathing in human blood on the front pages of the world's newspapers who printed his rubbish with such earnestness you would've thought this bastard a peer to Hemingway instead of a largely illiterate, incoherent and rambling alcoholic halfwit.

This man was an ass-puppet's ass-puppet and he got an ass-puppet's eulogy by his masters. You'd think this idiot cured cancer instead of dying from it. I'm not even going to try to plant a zinger about a man who talked sh*t for sixty years getting throat cancer, that would be be a cheap shot. For those of you who are not aware of it, homosexual men have a rate of throat cancer more than 240% higher than the general population and twice the general rate of cancer of the entire population. Tonsil pounding with hundreds of anonymous drug users each year carries a risk, whooda thunkit? The man was a hellish, riotous offense against the human genome and the majesty of God's creation.

Explain to me what kind of punk candy-ass mangoo smoothie guzzling coward would write a column called FIGHTING WORDS who has never so much as raised his voice against another man to his face but advocated war on civilians, assassination and random killing all over the planet, describing children as a "desirable casualty." He was a gutless, wretched coward and God is convicting him with his own words right now at the judgement.

The really shocking nature of his corruption was obvious and in plain view - he was never sober when I saw his talking head rectangle show up during the news hour. He always appeared to have staggered out after just power chugging Everclear in the shadows right out of the bottle. No matter what he was asked by syncophants with leading questions, ("Christopher, is it fair to say that 'we' have a divine right to kill anyone 'we' want in the world anytime 'we' want if they oppose our regime, etc.?") he would always launch into the same slurring, incomprehensible nerd rage bar stool tirade against the entire cosmos back to the day he was born. Nothing this guy said ever made any semantic sense, he was like a PONTYPOOL reverse-speech zombie squawking on helium. People would nod, thank him for appearing and then cut to somebody who wasn't embarrassing himself. The only person on this planet with less appeal to anybody anywhere is Dennis Miller on Fox and he occasionally says something that is almost funny.

Christopher Hitchens has been on camera for the past decade for three reasons:

1. He was hideously, unspeakably evil. A natural born child of Satan himself.
2. He was an international booster and spokesperson for Zionist political objectives.
3. He hated everything, everywhere, forever, to the ends of the universe.

He could've done the humane thing and swallowed his rattle in the cradle to go straight to his consignment in hell ... but instead was a curse on the surface of this planet for 62 years before he had the good grace to die screaming. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Hitchens once said he "liked to stay in the middle of the heat wherever it was," using the lexicon of the soldier as always, despite having never been one. Rest assured he's in the middle of the heat now, you betcha. I wish I could have snuck into the hospital and basted this bastard on both sides with Crisco before they buried him to make certain he cooks up good when he gets his final reward.

P.S. A lot of commenters, clearly skimming the net to try to troll blogs and "reform" his memory, have been found coming from places in the Middle East. These posters were deleted since they are clearly racists, motivated purely by ethnic identity to try to stick up for their fellow scumbag Hitchens. Don't be fooled by the doubletalk and spin, Hitchens was 100% crypto zionist who often played the official opposition in public against the official curmudgeons like Chomsky. There is no question whatsoever that his loyalties were solidly outside those of the nation he was a citizen of whatever his passport read at the time. He traded countries like hats and was treasonous to all of them.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

There Is No Higgs-Boson - Time For The Past Fifty Years Of "Nobel" Winners To Return The Prize Money

UPDATE PRIME : People are actually commenting on this thread that they believe that CERN announced they have "come close to discovering the Higgs Boson." Imagine what kind of minds we are talking about. This press release announces in ambiguous language that CERN has utterly failed to find any evidence of any kind for the Higgs Boson on all the frequencies originally postulated for it to exist. They are claiming this is some kind of victory. Our educational system has not just failed. It is much worse than that.

UPDATE : Some of you may not have the patience to meticulously read all these links and I don't blame you, your time is worth something. This fellow wades through acres of doubletalk to get to the point here. "95%" means "I have a mortgage to pay, please have mercy, don't form a lynch mob and kill us all" in scienmajistical doublespeak.

UPDATE #2 : Within 24 Hours, the spin is in. It's not that we didn't find it, you see, it's that we found the places it isn't and therefore we know for a fact now it doesn't seem to be anywhere. Thanks fellow travelers in the mass media.

"I think we are getting very close," said Vivek Sharma, a physicist at the University of California, San Diego, and the leader of the Higgs search at LHC's CMS experiment. "We may be getting the first tantalizing hints, but it's a whiff, it's a smell, it's not quite the whole thing."

Not quite anything, actually. This is incredible! I was getting a whiff of something myself. Strong and pungent, as a matter of fact. Like I stepped in something so bad I'm going to have to throw away these shoes.

The money it cost to build the Hadron collider should be refunded to the taxpayers and the entire place would best be converted into a roller skating rink.

It is not necessary to build a structure of this size unless you're a fraud stalling for time. "If only we could build a bigger collider, you see, my incredible ideas could be tested."

We built it, fellas. You're full of sh*t and the idiots who gave you tenure to begin with all need to be fired, starting from the top. Deciding you'd like to have a career in science despite the fact you have no aptitude, no brains and no scientific discipline disqualifies you from a career in science.

Modern "physics" is a huge and shocking scam, just like Neanderthal skeletons and globowarmthinkery. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me ten thousand times, shame on me for giving you so much as a dime.

I second Martin Luther - these men need to be put at hard labor behind a plow. It would do them a world of good to work for a living and earn money through an honest trade. The thought of these fakes living off welfare for intellectuals sipping coffee at a university cafeteria makes me sick. Most of these people built this tower of lies on the backs of real scientists they drove out of the field altogether.

Keep stalling until your retirement pension comes through, poseurs. Last fake out of the bloated overpriced pork barrel project cyclotron remember to turn out the lights.

POSTSCRIPT : Think how wonderfully open ended the field of science must be to contemplate the size of this fraud. There is the huge vista of an undiscovered universe beckoning, a golden age of scientific progress, a vast untapped horizon of fantastic knowledge and real mastery of the cosmos. You take the first step by realizing this generation of charlatans have got it about as wrong as humanly possible. After that, the sky is the limit. The real adventure is ahead of us, not behind us. To go forward, we have to leave these manboons behind.

Monday, December 12, 2011

First Use of Military Drone Against Citizens

Read the article carefully. Family arrested. Say what now? Why would you arrest an entire family? Wait, let me guess ... did they try to take shelter in their compound?!? (Two story farmhouse with picket fence)

The sheriff entered private land without a warrant or first requesting the owner's permission to "look for missing cows." This excuse has been used by cattle rustlers and horse thieves for centuries, now the police apparently think it is good enough to use on Kwanstainians. This sheriff was asked to leave and come back when he had a warrant, since under the rule of law nobody has the right to trespass on private land and look/inspect/search wherever they feel like it.

The article claims the sheriff had a search warrant, strangely enough just as in the case of Bill Cooper nobody has been able to produce this document. This is a detail added after the arrests were made, which no evidence exists for.

They then used a military drone over this private airspace within the continental U.S. to look for the man who had been defending private land against unwarranted intrusion without a warrant. You couldn't make this stuff up.

The bell tolls for thee, 'Stainians.

How long before law enforcement asserts the "right" to quarter under your roof at night where they determine they require a dwelling and ask for your daughter or wife to attend their bed in the evening, as did the redcoats of the British armies?

Obama Bin Laden Prepares To Throw Open The Gates Of The City To Total Invasion

Honor system for mexican border crossing. You couldn't make this stuff up. A simple way to remove all controls on crossing altogether. Millions will pour in here and at many other planned points of surrender. The Obama bolshevists will be spending money in mexico to tell the inhabitants where and how to cross.

The only thing worse than throwing open the border to a massive invasion of criminals would be arming them. You know, by actually stocking your invader army with military grade weapons so they would ... oh, wait. They caught them doing that, too.

Antichrist 2012

Down-low brother getting the lowdown on the down-low, 666 style. The toughest top in the business, likes to keep his socks on when his body man is working that booty. Mission accomplished, bro. Kenya homey is a playa who played the pimp who got played. His fellow playa masta pimp Eric Holder got played by his own play.

Let's all look forward to his replacement. This guy makes Barack look mentally stable.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

World War III Will Be A Resource War

Like Vault-Co said ten years ago.

Get Ready For Your "Civil Internment," 'Stainians

That scene in Fallout 3 where the guy who has been defending the Enclave ends up in the Enclave's dungeons is priceless. "Get me outta here! These guys are crazy!" I laughed so hard I had to save my game and come back to it a day later.

Carl Levin Reveals On Senate Floor On Live Television Who Authored The "Special Provisions" of the American Gestapo Bill

It was Barack Obama himself!

If Levin lied about this, don't you think the President's office would immediately create a press release denying it emphatically?

The public has been told it was Levin and Cain who added these provisions. It turns out they were added at the express request of the "President" of the United States, who threatened to veto the bill without the provisions being added.

Barack Obama is a foreign-born, internal subversive Manchurian Candidate working for the NWO as their hegemon, preparing the 'Stain for the second Bolshevist Revolution. This one will be ten times as monstrous as the last one.

I am sure we can all breathe a sign of relief if he is replaced by this nut.

Vault-Co Says Boycott Lowes Worldwide

Internal fifth column of rabid nationalists posing as citizens of your country, wherever you are. They are racist, intolerant, bigoted haters who want to dehumanize their "enemies" (check the clock, that can change by the hour) and portray peoples of all other faiths and ethnic backgrounds as subhuman and undeserving of any empathy. They refuse to countenance or respect any presentation of any other point of view, which makes them completely incompatible with parliamentary or republican democracy.

These people make the Nazis look like badly behaved boy scouts.

Here's the Nation That Didn't Exist Before 1948

Remarkably beautiful city and people. Notice how harmonious and prosperous this country was before it got enriched and improvamented.

Today of course, all the places in these pictures are rubble-strewn plains of post-apocalyptic wasteland watched over by the tireless eyes of automated rail mounted robot guns perched atop colossal concrete walls.

Large portions of this once verdant land are now poisoned by industrial toxins and wastes dumped there by Swindler central, meaning even if they left tomorrow it might take a thousand years to restore the agricultural system to its former glory.

Of course, the ever present stench of badly managed sewage infrastructure is always found in these valleys if the wind blows in the traditional direction. Zionists regard basic sanitation as a concern to be shorted whenever the opportunity presents itself.

These stories were first ripped off the Hyksos, a race of freed slaves to whom this story had happened, who in turn had brought their religion from Aryan India where it may have been part of a continuous faith going back over a hundred thousand years before any Homo Sapiens can reliably be identified in the historical record. These stories are part of a successful plagiarism that was altered to chronicle the thief, not the victim. The poor Hyksos were forgotten and their epic story was now someone else's narrative, the thieves being unable to create any literature of equal quality on their own. This is why the Bible is a strange mix of so much brilliance with so much mere ritualism. Imagine then this thrice-told story being seized upon by the Khazars to fuel their never-ending ambitions for war and conquest and being formally adapted by Cyrus Scofield, convicted forger, wife deserter and adulterer.

European Union : Empire of Fail

We like ... lost all the money. Can the government give us some more?

Yes, of course, that's how economies work, right? Privately owned enterprises fail and so then the government pays them some more money to fail with. What's wrong with this model?

Succeeding is teh hard.

Sheeple Will Kill If Told It Is For The Common Good

Like the need to "avoid carbon emissions" or some such other preposterous gibberish.

"It keeps the death bears away," or "Otherwise the hornets will mutate and kill babies."

See if you can invent your own incredibly outrageous bullsh*t excuses in which it is okay to kill people because, like, otherwise bad stuff could result and what have you. So then when the government has to do it that means they were forced to.

Another one. "We have to mulch up the elderly in order to protect toddlers from the fumes given off by incontinence pants." Etc.

Just make up your own crazy stuff. Remember, real sophistry excludes reality altogether so there is nothing that exists to actually compare it to. The more removed from reality, the better the excuse to just kill strangers to save the future, yada yada yada, etc.

Planetary Level Rocking Going On Now

Big one on a big plate. That's big trouble.

Storing Food Will Soon Be A Crime In The 'Stain

This is part of Codex Alimentarius being pushed by the U.N. in every Western country, administered by their human ass puppets like Julia Gilliard, Barack Obama, John Keys, et al.

You control food, you control human beings. No food, no opposition. No food, no freedom. Once you control who eats and who doesn't, you just slam-dunked all of mankind. 99.9% of people, forced to choose between maintaining any personal freedom and eating, will surrender their personal freedoms.

Kwanstain Bongo Party Rape Machine

Any man who would allow the U.S. military to take his daughter away from him to this kind of environment is no man, in my book. With only a little extrapolation you could see how any man who would allow this filthy nest of sodomites to take his son would not be much of a man, either.

As a veteran, I say unequivocably that no decent human being would serve in the U.S. military today. Few decent people do and they are all suckers, each and every one of them.

NWO Whiners Squeal About Cameron's Choice

If a nation tied to an anchor is drowning and it cuts itself free in order to avoid hitting the ocean floor, that's not "an isolationist policy." That's called wanting to live.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

I Love Putin

Imagine how great this guy must be that all leftist scum on Earth is united against him.

It's funny how all the subversives who used to be inside Russia working against it from the inside are now outside working against it from the outside. You couldn't make this stuff up.

The usual suspects and the NWO hate this guy. He must be doing something right.

Question : Do you really believe Putin could be doubleteaming with the Illuminati when they mount this kind of campaign against him? I think not. Go, Vlad! KGB for the win, the last proponents of freedom on Earth. The irony is mindboggling.

Mystery Tremors In Northeast U.S.

I felt something the other night.

The average human being can't feel anything below a 4.0 most of the time. Some people like me can detect movements as low as 1.0 very easily.

Shake, quake, rattle and roll.

I've frequently stopped during the workday, feeling a tremor with all of my colleagues sensing nothing, then gone to the seismic real-time tables on the net and found my knees are better than high quality geosensors.

Once about two years ago I could feel a distinct rocking like we were on the deck of a ship it was so pronounced and others in the office with me felt nothing. Checked shortly thereafter and of course was spot-on, it was a 3.2 at that time in northern Australia.

I get these feelings more and more often nowadays. Often at night when I am sitting quietly.

The Founding Fathers Would Lynch This Foreign-Born Marxist Traitor

It's not freedom that doesn't work, Obamanation. It's you that has never worked, ever. You've never held a day job. You dismiss two thousand years of experience and thought of which you are not even capable like you come from a country that knows what success feels like.

Kenya is a failed nation of failed people. Obama's mother was a failure. His father was a failure. Everyone he has ever known is a failure and he has failed to even so much as learn to mop floors.

It makes my blood boil to think of this functionally illiterate halfwit lecturing us on our errors in the past two centuries. You are not actually bright enough to participate in this conversation, Barack. You would do well to simply sit still and listen. It is like Oprah Winfrey lecturing the American people on children, families and relationships for two decades - a woman who has never had children, married or been in a relationship. If these people were not born on American soil, right now they would be sitting in a mud hut coating their hair with dung and trying to make soup with beetle husks. They don't even have the brains necessary to reproduce a medieval standard of living without help from the outside.

How did we end up with our genetic runts of the litter lecturing to us?

U.N. Fumbles, Makes Naked Grab For World Government Tax

Bad timing and poor context. Shows they are not so perfect after all. I could think of a lot better time to try to introduce a stealth tax to fund their wickedness and this isn't it.

Fumbling. Starting to barrel roll now, tail fins not responding. NWO is actually a bunch of lazy, spoiled wealthy people who are not very bright, got more cunning than real brains. Have been faking it so long that when called upon to demonstrate genuine craft they are coming up short.

This is actually sort of pathetic and cringe-inducing, proof they are no longer good at gauging the market reception of their ideas. General impression of the U.N. is that they are shut-ins who have fallen twenty years behind and barely get outdoors much.

The NWO will succeed at destroying the existing order. They will fail at introducing a new one. Destruction working from the inside on trust = easy. Creation - not their forte. Fractures appearing quickly in their tyranny as the money train shuts down.

John Keys - What is it? Appears from nowhere, nobody ever heard of this guy, suddenly he's prime minister. Like with Julia Gilliard and Barack Obama, doesn't really have a past. Just teleports in from another dimension and bam, they are leading nations of millions.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Pity The 'Stain

I feel the most pathetic wretches are the people who think there is still "time to turn it all around." These are people who literally waited until the wolves were baying at the door before they would even concede there was a problem. Now they think if we just get organized and form a political action committee we can "do something about all this." My own family in the U.S. is like this. They have only recently become aware there was anything to worry about.

You're twenty years too late to do anything at all. The time to notice there was a problem and implement radical reform was decades ago. You are dealing with people who are much, much smarter than you are. You have waited until you are down to a pawn, a King and a rook to realize you are about to be checkmated. There is no movement you can join at this time that will not be co-opted and completely compromised within 24 hours by the Koch Brothers. Any straw man opposition group you append yourself to is owned and operated by your enemy, who controls it for the explicit purpose of assuring there is no opposition other than purely theatrical. Ma and Pa holding up placards and complaining about "the guffamint" is a spectacle for them to chortle about and tip glasses of champagne to from their plush office chairs.

Imagine me, except with no conscience and multiplied by a million. Trust me, you would not have a prayer. You would have zero chance of doing anything that would be meaningful. They would think circles around you and make you think their every command was your idea. They do it now and when we tell you about it on Vault-Co you're still sitting on the fence. "Tex may have a point ... but I'm sure it is not quite as bad a picture as he paints." You're right. It's much, much worse. I sugarcoat it and add humor because I don't want you getting depressed.

Luckily for you, there are forces at work at the same time they can't control. With a little help from the natural world and the geopolitical situation, their plans may not proceed quite as elegantly as they had hoped. In particular, when the money spigots get turned off and people are forced to fall back on their own natural resources to survive, it's a whole different ballgame and advantage could shift to ordinary humans again. Many a tyrant in history has been destroyed by natural forces where the population utterly failed to provide any meaningful opposition.

The worship of the State ends when the money train ends. That is now. Once people see what a really useless bunch of no-hopers the State is when the emperor's clothes come off, that is a guidestone to recovering some human freedoms back from them.

Don't be fooled into relocating to the skidmark in God's underwear called New Zealand. You wouldn't think this little peninsula could support a jackbooted gestapo that would shock Trotsky but there it is.

Pakistan Has Gone As Far As It Can Pretending To Be Kwanstainia's Friend

Now it is time for it to become another enemy. Notice how the longer the neocons stay in charge, the fewer friends we have and the more enemies? Hell, these people can make more enemies out of strangers in a fortnight than I could do given a lifetime.

Of course, they'll tell you that "we're" all in this together, which means the enemies they create are now your enemies, which means you and him will have to fight in the name of freedom. No, unfortunately, you won't be getting any bailout money although "we" are all in this together. It's just you that will be doing the fighting and dying along with your offspring and loved ones. We brave few of the First Israeli Typing Corps will stay in the rearguard action and keep the women warm while we sell war bonds. It is a dirty job but somebody has to do it.

Here's your candy bar and defective body armor, hook up to the drop line we're coming over Baghdad. Your mission is to parachute in and get killed. It's a team effort.

"Lying Has To Do With Your State of Mind" Says Eric Holder

No, it has to do with lying, Eric. Classic sociopath response.

Next they'll try to determine the "meanings" of words like Bill Clinton. What do we mean by the word "the?" What about the word "did?" It's such a brain teaser. While your brain is getting teased, your anus is getting plundered. So keep figgerin' while they keep ripping you off of everything good you have ever had going back for centuries to the start of civilization. Tell us when you decide what frame of mind you are in. We can make sure you have nothing left we can steal that way. It's all about the edjamafacashun.

Seriously, though, you couldn't make this sh*t up.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Corzine Caught With Raccoon Mask In Bank Vault With Welding Torch, Doesn't Know How He Got There

This IDIOCRACY crap gets worse by the week in the 'Stain.

It used to be called embezzlement. You went away for life.

Nowadays, you just shrug.

"I don't know what happened to the two trillion." (Dov Zackheim)

"We don't know who was paid 14 trillion in the bailout. It just isn't there anymore."

"I don't know what happened to the 1.2 Billion dollars in my investment firm."

In what crazed world did this become a defense? It's insane. It is called embezzlement.

I bet I know where that money is. It is where it always ends up.

This is open season mob looting of the Kwanstain before it dies. People can't even be bothered to make an effort to conceal their crimes any longer. "I don't know why I took receipt of one billion dollars and now it has vanished. It's a mystery to me as well." So then, we'll see you in tent city with a shopping cart soon, right? Or not. I imagine you'll mysteriously continue to fly first class and have three summer homes. It's a mystery. We don't know why all these things happen. It's a real brain teaser.

One of the big problems now is that it is being used in nearly every single case as a defense and it is working. Just shrug. To return to the rule of law we'd need to have a 24 hour firing squad working in continuous shifts for years on end.

As Chris Rock says, " You didn't see sh*t cuz you was doing sh*t, that's why!"

Calico Dig In California

Ignored because it cannot exist. Much like the bishops who refused to look through Galileo's telescope.

Evidence here of fully domesticated horses, complex architecture, advanced mining techniques and kilns for ceramic pottery. All at least 200,000 years old in the Americas.

Is this your first time hearing about the Calico Dig? I read about it back in 1991 after I found an obscure text on it in the book collection of an estate that was sold to me for a few dollars when I lived in New York City. Did you know the Calico Dig has been a secret for so long that Louis Leakey the man himself weighed in on the debate? Kind of like the Neanderthal skeleton in the British Museum, you probably didn't know there was an angry conflict raging over it for 150 years, did you? Do you know that a lot of wealthy people in New York city traffic freely in documents and ideas that you peasants are never even allowed to become aware of? They figure there is one truth for you, another for them. You believe we live in a society that permits freedom of speech and we do, if you're a very wealthy elitist who wants to discuss certain subjects behind closed doors. The sheeple have their televitzing device to tell them what they can and can't think about.

We carry this stuff on Vault-Co because we aren't kidding. We think many complex civilizations have come and gone on this planet, many times over millions of years. We have believed this for at least two decades and only in the past few years have we been willing to talk about it. Blogs didn't exist twenty years ago and that made it a lot easier to keep places like the Calico Dig secret for long, long periods of time.

"Senator" Barbara Boxer Issues Desperate Cry For A Safe Environment (For Herself, Preferably With Padded Walls)

It says volumes about California that they continue to restore what amounts to a glorified bag lady to public office again and again. Is there any honest vote counting left in that state that is not handled by Diebold?

Check out this woman on YouTube. We're talking hardcore nut, fall-of-the-Roman-Empire stuff. What this woman knows about anything at all I could write on the back of a table napkin.

Very similar to bag ladies in that you can't shut her up. She only pauses for breath before starting again. These committees she sits on supposedly intended to "investigate" issues end up six hours of her talking non-stop and cutting off anybody that has been invited. She's a really offensive moron and it tell you what kind of nation that the Kwanstain is that somebody like her sits in a leadership position. Like a female Nero.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Train Wreck Planet Roundup

Female Serf Saves Money For Future Bailouts Of Banking System

China getting ready for ITZ to HITZ

North Korea Wants To Be Included In ITZ when it HITZ

Contact between Globowarmthinkists and children should be legally forbidden

Newt "Addlebrained" Gingrich is an unstable man unfit for a leadership role because he is an adulterous, war-mongering, dope-smoking, faux Krisschan, draft dodging, treacherous neocon bag of sh*t stuffed in a cheap suit.

Extended productivity for peasants in global plantation is discovered.

Kwanstainian think tank says the greatest threat in the future is peaceful intentions.

Man-goo smoothie guzzler Lindsay Graham celebrates the elimination of all rights for mere slaves and servants. Up to the mid-1960's, homosexuality and sociopathy were considered one and the same psychological disorder. There was no distinction made between the two conditions. In both, the rabid desire to dominate and control others was assumed to be a universal predictor of behaviour in this easily recognized personality type.

Celente : Economic 9-11 Approaching

Killing and Smearing Whistleblowers

Tracy Lawrence flatlined the second that Ron Paul subpoenaed her to testify

You can tell a nation has descended into total, absolute corruption when anybody who says the truth about anything is a fool sacrificing themselves for nothing.

Dakota Meyer pronounced a madman and drunkard

All citizens are on the chopping block now

Abdication of the Constitution by absolute tyranny

Kwanstainians are like crushed slaves groveling before royalty, stammering incoherent morons who lack the vocabulary to even voice their grievances. Has there existed a creature previously on the earth as wretched and pathetic as the 'Stainian? How quickly the mighty have fallen.

P.S. You have to see this wretched slave caste. Once they were the sons and daughters of the grandest and most independent Christian people the world has ever known, armed and dangerous freemen who kept the government on a very tight leash. Look at 'em now. Groveling like dogs. People appeal to pity when they have lost all power in life and have no other options remaining. The reason that wisdom begins with the fear of God is that it liberates you from the fear of men.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Thieves Be Thievin' Sho'Nuff

Homo Sapiens would steal the smell off stink and sell it back to you as perfume. Sapiens would steal a wheelchair from a cripple and sell the wheels back to him one at a time as replacement parts. In baseball if you're caught stealing you're out. If Sapiens is caught stealing he gets a promotion and a raise. What do you call two Homo Sapiens and a plasma television on a loading dock? Robbery in progress. What can you leave around Homo Sapiens that won't get stolen? The employment section of the newspaper.

Rich, poor, middle-class, left, right, the universal constant that describes Homo Sapiens is that these creatures steal sh*t whenever they think they can get away with it. They steal from babies, they steal from the elderly, they steal from the government, the government steals from them, they steal and steal and steal some more. They got thief in their blood, they'll steal anything that is not tied down. The more there are of them, the more likely they are just to start taking stuff from other groups of men by force and calling it even.

Steal $20, go to jail. Steal 16 Trillion, get called a "free market success story."

ITZ COMING - Signs All Around Us

We have always held at Vault-Co that somehow the cultural and political seasons are tied into the seasons of climate and planetary change. We know it sounds crazy if you don't have enough information.

Somehow, these things are connected by biology. Changes in the magnetic field produce peculiar changes in all organic life and to think men are somehow isolated from all this is ridiculous and borders on magical thinking.

Somehow, all this stuff is connected at the atomic level, especially the atomic arrangements we call the stuff of life. The innermost workings of biological critters at the cellular level undergo profound shifts with the magnetic plasma that envelopes us. Sorry I can't be more specific. Someday somebody will know more about how all of this works and interacts as a whole.

If you sometimes feel people are losing their minds and acting progressively crazier/more impulsive/more confused ... maybe they are. Weird things are happening inside the Sun.

D.S. Allan & J.B. Delair wrote as early as 1995: “Significantly, a drop in Earth’s entire magnetic field appears to have occurred sometime between 13,750 and 12,350 years ago. This was attended by various important changes, including earthquakes, volcanism, water table fluctuations and large-scale climatic variations.”

Sandusky Will Die Mysteriously Soon

I think this guy is tied into a pedophile network so colossal it spans most of the continental United States. If he is allowed to live by the others they will be risking much wider exposure.

It is very similar to the beginning of the Franklin Savings and Loan scandal, where it looked like a huge web of perverts and demonic degenerates was going to be exposed initially. Suddenly, people started dropping dead everywhere you looked. Key witnesses who had claimed that President George Bush had been in attendance at some of these "parties" decided to commit suicide with astonishing convenience.

Sandusky is a confused, deranged old rock spider and he will take a while to get around to a plea bargain in exchange for testifying against the rest of these sons of the Devil. Expect him to turn up dead right afterwards. It is cheaper than the risk of being exposed by a squealer.

Penn State is plugged into the global warming hoax and the same people who protected Sandusky all these years after eyewitnesses saw him forcibly sodomizing orphans in the showers were also running defense for that accursed assclown, Michael Mann. They were the ones who "cleared" Mann of all charges of scientific fraud like they "cleared" Sandusky of all charges of pedophilia following their "investigation." Michael Mann's private emails indicated they needed to work on their formulas to "hide the decline" in world temperatures for the past decade and "fix the historical graph" of temperature to "make it conform" to the hockey stick.

Katla Eruption Next Major Natural Disaster?

Looking very likely and long overdue. Changed the planet's climate and brought on world famines many times in the past. Killed one in five Icelanders and half the country's livestock in 1783.

This one could blow in a major supereruption that would rival Krakatoa in the 1800's and cause far wider damage. Bread could go to $150.00 a loaf by the end of 2012.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Rad Pro Calculator - Download Now!

Superb for converting between different metrics and computing radiation rates in a variety of contexts. Full Installation adds all needed libraries. Note there is a legacy version that runs on Windows 98 and NT with the required dependencies as well.

I am planning to put some functionality like this into Vault-OS.

The Blitzkreig

I was just trying to turn the television to a channel for background noise while I worked tonight, I could not find a channel that did not feature a gay marriage ceremony.

On one channel, a man was asking a father for his son's hand in interracial gay marriage. I felt queasy so I just hit the remote to skip to the next channel. Within a minute, a gay couple was conducting an angry diatribe against religion and nations everywhere because they would not sanction their marriage.

I skipped again. Something on public television about anxiety in modern life. Sounded harmless, I left it there. Within thirty seconds they were featuring a gay couple and talking about the stress they experienced because they could not get their relationship documented for insurance purposes as a legal marriage.

You couldn't make this stuff up. On four channels at 11:30 PM at night, all at the same time. All coincidental, of course. Earlier in the evening my children had asked if we could change the channel when similar fare came on in a completely irrelevant context. All coincidental, to be sure.

I opened an old twilight episode in YouTube and let it play in the corner while I worked, after turning the sound off altogether and switching the television to a 24 hour weather channel. It had a simple scrolling marquee and satellite maps but I kept glancing up occasionally to see if they decided to put a call for legalizing gay marriage on the marquee or else replaced the satellite image with hardcore gay porn. It went for nearly fifteen minutes without either, a huge relief. I guess it may be the last safe channel on the air.

Vault-OS : Another Teaser Screen

I spent a bit of time trying to get multipart form data uploading correctly and right about the time it started to look like it was going into the database correctly, I realized this is not a feature that VOS even needs.

If the user wants his diagrams, item images and personnel images used by the system he has to put them into the upload directory manually. When the server boots it will load any data it needs to into the cache. I thought, why introduce the potential to foul up things from the outside by loading 2 GIG pngs, etc.? That kind of data is safer as static files deliberately copied over by the admin through the file system.

At one point I was running an FTP server alongside the HTTP sockets, I can still enable this for the first version. It represents a cleaner mechanism for transfer of files between workstations than mucking about with file uploads.

Many bugs fixed, things are looking good. Parts of it running perfectly. Scheduler is simple and elegant at present, permits calendars many years into the future to be viewed and edited in advance. Big part of scheduling is automated maintenance tasks on flexible date schedules, like "first Monday of the month twice a year" to be entered as an arbitrary pattern for scheduling jobs.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

There Is No Al-Qaeda

Vault-Co oldie but goodie.

If it existed, it would be nothing but trouble for the governments that use it as alibi to do nearly anything they want, anytime they want, anyway they want. What is great about it for their purposes is that there is no such thing.

Carlin on Rats and Squealers