Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pan-American Tectonic Activity Begins

These are the old, old ranges that have lain dormant a long time. They become active when the planet enters a new cycle of change and they are capable of doing as much or more damage than the best of them.

All it takes is one super-volcano to blow to inaugurate babies, the other white meat. Just one. Hundreds have become active in the last few years alone.

Newt Gingrich, Anointed President For 2012

The people who make the real decisions about who will be in this season's puppet theatre have made up their minds. Good ole' Newt has been rolled out again, farting dust and recently converted to the Official Church of Satan, an apt match for this airhead.

They were running out of mannequins and it became necessary to draw on old stock from the backroom to gin up a new chief executive of the Kwanstain.

Newt has said on a dozen occasions he believes the 'Stain and it's population are anachronisms to be dealt with through a Stalin-style purge. He has played official opposition in the past but nowadays he is not even bothering. The sheeple in the Kwa are too dumb to suspect anything at all.

Newt will be point man for the rush to the new world government, it appears.

Vault-Co Was Right Ten Years Ago About China

It was so obvious, anybody who could read and assimilate stories from the popular press could have deduced it independently. If you did not underestimate Chinese intelligence you would not even need a military background to have figured it out.

I want to bet high, Monty. Vault-Co says that counting both long range and tactical nuclear weapons, China has over 12,000+ nuclear weapons mostly in the form of cruise missiles with supersonic plasma nosecones, many of them sea-to-air. This is not a country that anybody in their right mind would mess with but looks like Kwanstainia is not in their right mind.

I guess the best way to find out for sure is at zero hour.

UPDATE : Thermonuclear Train Wreck Coming

UPDATE : Only an absolute lunatic would pick a fight with these guys. Provoking a war with China is a guaranteed fast-track to getting your ass kicked. Challenging them over anything in the Pacific or the Middle East is tantamount to national suicide for the Kwanstain.

A country that could not organize a credible disaster response to a little ole hurricane like Katrina would not stand a ghost of a chance of surviving a nuclear war with China. Even a limited strike that lasted one hour would cream them right from the pages of history.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's Magnetic Reversals, Stupid

All real scientific advances start this way.

In the beginning, eccentrics and uncredited fringe cranks present an idea which is so counter-intuitive to the prevailing orthodoxy it is branded as insane. The traditional priesthood is so threatened by the idea they pretend it is irrational and completely without merit, not even warranting consideration.

Then other outsiders get on board. Some people closer to the mainstream concede reluctantly there may be something useful here without actually admitting the new notion is plausible and solves a lot of problems.

After that, your really good academics and intellectuals, the ones who themselves are usually on the outside even in the best of times, chime in and declare there is definitely something here. The usual suspects continue to act as though this heresy is ridiculous and attack everybody associated with it, starting with the original radical thinkers who came up with it.

Within a very short time following this ugly purge and pogrom, it will start to become so obvious that even the dullest laymen will know in their hearts this new paradigm has totally demolished the old one.

Nevertheless, for a long time into the future the orthodoxy will view it with irregular skepticism which is commonly only relieved when they die and are replaced by a new generation who have grown accustomed to it and can discuss it without feeling overwhelming bitterness and hatred towards it no matter how true it might be.

Magnetic reversal is about lighting a candle in the darkness that is called the sum of human knowledge. It is the beginning of honest inquiry into what is going on upon this planet, how we got here and what we have been through. Instead of resorting to UFOs and spirits from another world, we can start to explain things with far greater confidence that there is a foundation of evidence that supports our assertions.

For example ... why are people so amnesiac about the past? Why do they forget what has happened so easily? Perhaps these qualities are necessary on a planet subject to regular catastrophic change. Maybe it is a survival quality in men to get on with it without dwelling too much or too long on your experiences. Can you imagine situations where the capacity for deep self-reflection might not be advantageous to preserving life? I'm sure if you use your imagination a little you can see how that could have happened to mankind. The next time you look into their faces and are wondering how come the lights are on but nobody's home, remember that it is possible that is what has resulted from natural selection. This doesn't mean it is a superior trait. Evolution is not about "superior" traits in the way that most people think. Neanderthals had plenty of "superior" traits and look, the poor bastards are extinct.

P.S. Watch the video at the link and take note ... once again, the oral tradition that white western eggheads are always sneering at is not only the one type of knowledge retrieval that survived - it is to this day proving to be more accurate than the scientific orthodoxy! If I were a career scientist I would do nothing but study ancient myths and then try to discover their basis in fact. I'd have Nobel Prizes stacked to the ceiling in my garage if science worked this way. Unfortunately, it doesn't.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Kwanstainia Will Be Destroyed In A Single Day

The Russians have always known it would come to this. They were right. Luckily for them, the 'stain is nigh defenseless excepting their formidable orbital weaponry.

Putin warns 'Stain not to try to interfere in their elections. Russia is not demockrassic enough for the Kwanstainians. Still too much choice for the sheeple. They even pick their own leaders. It's a travesty.

There can be only one. The 'Stain will not be the victor.

Therefore shall evil come upon thee; thou shalt not know from whence it riseth: and mischief shall fall upon thee; thou shalt not be able to put it off: and desolation shall come upon thee suddenly, which thou shalt not know.
- Isaiah 47:11

Europe : Going, Going, Gone

Globalism is stupid and doesn't work. Before it is so obvious even the peasants can figure it out, there will be martial law.

Remember, whatever it is and no matter how bad it is, it's all for your own good and the ends justify the means.

The destruction part they have down. It's the creation part I am skeptical about. I don't think the elites do that. Ever.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sapiens Brain Size - Shrinking For 20,000+ Years

This isn't what you'd call a real conundrum, a dire puzzler or unsolvable enigma.

If you understand exponential math, you will know how this foundational base of descendants from one individual can express itself in the millions within a few hundred years given correct conditions. Nigh perfect conditions exist under socialism as practiced in Britain and Australia.

By contrast, far better genes may fade away or be lost within a mere generation. People like my wife and I who go the socially approved and encouraged route of two children for replacement rate are essentially the suckers funding this whole dysgenic ponzi scheme. We're on the receiving end of a horrible dystopian punchline.

The next time you see those blank, staring, inarticulate faces on television trying to express even a simple idea without squeezing their crotches, you should be able to figure out where they came from. Do the math.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

WW3 = China & Russia Vs. Kwa

The idea that a transition could ever be peaceful between two world empires is so naive and childlike it beggars description. The required ignorance of history is staggering to contemplate.

This is not the way Homo Sapiens works. People who think Homo Sapiens changes don't understand Homo Sapiens. Sapiens solves his problems by killing people who contradict him. He has a dearth of problem-solving skills and the only reliable resource he has is a resort to violence. When the only tool in your box is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail sooner or later.

A nation with an average IQ of 97 was never going to transition gracefully into retirement as a former superpower with a pleasant and tranquil dotage. They were always going to go out in a dance of thermonuclear fire amidst a terrible ragnarok.

Vault-Co was not "prophetic" to have foreseen this more than a decade ago. We could walk and chew gum at the same time. That was all that was needed.

Homo Sapiens was never meek. The Neanderthal always was. The first bones of Neanderthals ever found were inside a cave.

Instead of funding his enemies from the ground up, seduced by bizarre globalism into dismantling his own nation from the inside and shipping it to his future foe, the Neanderthals would have preached separation and isolationism. You know it's true. They would have believed in separate but equal. They would have told the Chinese, you stay on that side of the fence and we will stay on this one. They would have built a civil defense program like that of Switzerland and tunneled out half the United States. The Neanderthal would have done everything the opposite of Homo Sapiens because in his heart he was meek, not fierce and expansionary. Herein lies the extinction cycle that is the natural rhythmn of Sapiens since he first appeared. Sapiens is a boom-bust creature. Neanderthals, the children of Esau, are the definition of steady state conservative. Homo Sapiens and nuclear weapons were always a really, really bad mix.

Pakistan and Kwanstain Finally Stop Pretending To Be Friends

You knew it was coming.

Incompatible interests nationally, militarily, culturally, globally. It was always a marriage of convenience.

As predicted on Vault-Co long ago, Pakistan will drift towards China and North Korea. They have to for the sake of their national survival.

Really, It's Like ... I'm The Victim Here ... If You Think About It

Puff piece to run defense for the speed rapist of room 2806.

With the sociopath/psychopath it's the other person who gets raped/murdered/beaten/ripped off and the "issue is always complex" and "there are two sides to every story," and "there are many different shades of truth."

"I slipped and then my penis flew at her open mouth. It was all out of our control."

"Hey man, she came onto me first."

Tens of thousands of years can pass and the sociopathic personality never changes. When they are on top, they are iron-fisted tyrants and demigods above challenge. If they lose the upper hand, they whine like puppies with sprained limbs. They're just trying to get by and "the man" is making a scapegoat out of them.

Massaging the message is the mission, to paraphrase brain-tumor afflicted Marshall McLuhan.

Vault-OS : Progress Report

Just a teaser to let you know it is working. This screenshot is running two daemons in the background - one to read the built-in I2C temperature in the laptop and the other feeding outgoing text to the "Annunciator" (Speech synthesizer) which you see is treated like any other device.

This is a submenu in the SSL password protected admin section, the menu at left is just the context-sensitive selections relevant to this screen.

This entire program is a self-contained executable of 328K running on Windows 7 32 bit, no additional files necessary, no configuration necessary. It runs the HTTP service on port 8080 like any web server. The browser shot came from Internet Explorer but I've surfed it with the Arachne Browser for DOS, Mosaic for DOS under Desqview, K-Meleon Browser and it looks the same on all three of them. I have at least ten thin clients with built in versions of IE5-6 at bootup that I would like to test for compatibility as well. If the database does not exist at startup, it is created from scratch and populated intelligently for you in the background.

The idea is you run one server in your shelter, you can add as many terminals as you want, as cheap as you want, from any other place in the shelter and obtain all the same functionality as the browser I am using right on the desktop. I am still adhering to the philosophy of the "thin client" with the exception I am no longer planning any dependency on Citrix or even RDP. Just a socket and a browser is all it takes. Every client can also run as a server if it has the capacity, every server can run a client.

There is primitive Inventory, Personnel, Medical and Rostering done right now with Create/Edit/Update/Delete functionality and some limited filters for views. Total honesty, I need to keep working but I have solved nearly all the primary hardware problems across the architecture really well.

I ran this copy on Windows NT workstation on a PC/104 board with only 32 MBs RAM and 320MB flash drive and it ran at the exact same speed with no problems of any kind.

This version has stopped compiling successfully to DOS and Linux but I have no doubt I will be able to get both working again within a few hours after I complete version 1.0 of this application for Windows-32 OS.

P.S. I used to have a lot of hacked crap on the info bar and status bar, I am currently overhauling these two so they show nothing. This was a result of trying to provide both AJAX real-time updating of this information as well as HTML 3.2 using page refresh value. I'm getting that sorted out, however. Once I learn how to do this correctly (degrade to browser capabilities) I think getting SVG custom interface working will be fairly easy.

Friday, November 25, 2011

How Can You Be Leadership Material and the Most Poorly Informed At The Same Time?

Sometimes you think these people must be living under a rock without a television or radio.

It reminds me of the time that George Bush Sr. went out with the press to a grocery store for photographs and was shocked to see a laser barcode scanner in operation. Where the hootenanny did these things come from and how long had they been around? His staff had been doing his shopping for twenty years and he had scarcely gone outdoors during this time, apparently.

Obviously, with these guys, you create a world in the mass media and it becomes real for them, since they have no experience with the real world at all.

For those of you just joining us like George Bush Sr., the high altitude EMP burst is the first tactical step in any modern nuclear war. Just like moving your first pawn in a chess game. It's a no-brainer coming out of the gates. Any nation not assuming the first part of the attack will be the high altitude EMP pulse will be unprepared for much of anything that follows.

As my son pointed out the other night when we were watching JERICHO, it is a fantastic early warning device for civilians, assuming they have somewhere to take shelter in. Despite the siren program being long dead, if you see this blast in high-altitude space it is a sure sign that diplomacy has failed. The first attack wave may be a minute or hours away but it still serves the function of alerting you to the fact that hostilities have formally commenced. Your neighbours will probably just consider it an odd celestial spectacle without being aware of its significance.

Short leads or optical fiber only, breakers and magnetic dampers plus lightning absorbers and grounds on all extended lines within the shelter. This will all be in the first Vault-OS book.

Pyramid Builders Worldwide Long Before Egypt

Once you begin to realize the evidence is that the Egyptians in most cases merely renovated or restored the original buildings and structures that were already there, you have started to push the origins of civilization farther back than any modern archaeologist is willing to concede.

That means you're moving into melonhead territory and once you start to see these ancient civilizations as a hierarchy of masters ruling over their slaves, everything else makes sense.

When they find all these human sacrifices you will naturally find yourself repelled at how cheaply they regarded the lives of their servants. How could humans treat other humans with such little respect as if living, breathing people were nothing but possessions to be gutted or slain purely for ritual purposes?

Well, what if they didn't view them as their fellow human beings? What if melonheads regarded them as an artificially manufactured beasts and livestock made in the same shape as they were and nothing more? This explains how they could simply give an order and have a hundred of them buried alive to commemorate a ceremonial date.

What if neither the children of Esau or Jacob are original creations, rather the descendants of slave classes who survived the deaths of their masters?

Certainly, all of us living today are the results of certain kinds of breeding programs involving geographically isolated populations reproducing within their own kin groups. What if our origins were themselves not accidental but intentional and not being originals our lives were treated very cheaply by our masters when they lived?

The Enkidu were an accident from a batch intended for slavery who refused to heel. Was Homo Sapiens another special product customized to exterminate the Enkidu?

Most importantly, since the world seems to be in the grip of a new generation of creatures who look, sound and act like melonheads ... is it possible they remain with us even now? As always, our lives are meaningless to them because they do not regard us as human. Seriously, looking at people sometimes, can you blame them? Most people act like they aren't really human, rather a kind of zombie who is a form of human simulacra. Believing that most people are "human beings" is an act of faith. The evidence is lacking. The truth is they act like beasts on two legs. Can you blame the elite for treating them accordingly?

The Iron Fist Of Bolshevism II Is Coming

Bolshevism in the U.S.S.A. is much, much worse than anything ever dreamed of in the U.S.S.R. in it's heyday. The Soviets passing legislation giving them ultimate power over all human lives on the planet? Would have never happened. This is like really bad space opera. No people ignorant have ever remained free and none will ever be.

I love that old guy in Fallout 3 who is telling you for most of the game about how great the Enclave is and how they're going to get the country back ... then you see him at Enclave headquarters locked in a torture detention cell begging for somebody to help him. Hilarious bit. I foresee a similar end for most of the Kwanstainians who have been visiting this site for the past ten years and making apologetics for the government.

Deportation To Antarctica for All Druids Worldwide

They shouldn't mind, after all it is warming up there, right? It should be a tropical paradise by the time they arrive. That's why every recent expedition there has required an emergency rescue from the cold.

Largest criminal conspiracy that we know of in mankind's history. You are talking about trillions of dollars of tax revenues worldwide paid to people who knowingly defrauded the public of their money. The idea we would put a man in jail for stealing a car and allow one of these scoundrels to enjoy a single day of freedom ever again as long as he lives renders the rule of law utterly meaningless.

Hard time in zebra stripes breaking rocks for every damned one of these scumbags for the rest of their adult lives without possibility of parole, starting with that human tapeworm Michael Mann.

P.S. I read some of the responses by Mann over at the RealClimate site to these emails. I kid you not, this creature has voided his lease on this planet. Now that the people who ran defense for him at Penn State have been revealed to be baby rapists and child buggering psychotics, it is time that Mann was stripped of all credentials and turned out into the street. No institution with any desire to maintain any credibility would continue to certify this crank for another 24 hours.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Nothing To See Here, People, Keep Moving Along

Sheeple preparing to bolt soon. The seething air of eminent neurotic collapse is just around the corner.

Vault-Co predicts : Vault-Co predictions have been too tame.

Druids Sacrificing 180+ Elderly A Day In Britain

There are going to be many more lost lives to lies before it is over. The British government should have started to prepare for this cooling cycle twenty years ago. Coal should have been stockpiled and subsidized to make certain their own citizens did not freeze to death.

More Leaked Emails On The Biggest Scientific Fraud In Human History

Prison sentences for all scientists involved, without exception. Use their own communications to one another to convict them with.

What Happened To Boxing?

A lot of people have wondered why the sport of boxing seemed to peak in coverage in the 1990's after the reign of Tyson and then literally, fell off the radar for over twenty years.

That's easy.

Europeans have dominated the sport for over 20 years. Around the time the Russians began their rise the sport became taboo and forbidden to broadcast or report on all over the world. The media blackout was so complete it was as if the Ministry of Truth had declared it a crime against the state to even mention it ever again. After numerous Russian athletes were revealed to be nearly unbeatable in the ring, the entire sport was flushed down the memory hole. Officially, boxing no longer exists as a sport and never did.

Science With Two Standards Isn't Science

You can read here the peculiar, complex, politically charged nature of what is supposed to be objective science.

1. When we find fully developed modern dogs everywhere in Neanderthal camps, they're just scavenging wild runts hanging around the fringe hoping to steal food. In Homo Sapien/Cro-Magnon camps, they are proof that it was Cro-Magnons who domesticated and used dogs in hunting ... not Neanderthals 200,000 years earlier.

2. When we find multicolored complex crayons all over Neanderthal caves, that's just apes playing with naturally occurring pigments. The absence of them in Homo Sapien/Cro-Magnon life proves that they outgrew such childish things and concentrated on what was important in life - killing people and having sex.

3. Ornate, elaborate burials of Neanderthal dead with evidence they had been nursed to health and cared for by others most of their old age is just primitive crude pagan acts. The absence of much formal ritual in the burial of Cro-Magnons is because they didn't foolishly waste resources on dead people and usually ate them where they dropped.

4. Bone flutes and possible lyres were simply adjuncts to primitive animal calls for hunting in Neanderthals. In Sapiens they were highly advanced musical instruments.

5. When we find bones scraped and cleaned in Neanderthal camps, that's proof they were cannibals. In Sapiens it is proof of secondary burial practices, in spite of the fact they are found with teeth marks and in expedient barbecues.

6. The fact that aurochs were almost completely domesticated during the Neanderthal reign is due to the fact that the cows voluntarily shrunk themselves by 75% and decided they would throw themselves at humans in hamburger form is no evidence that Neanderthals were herders. The lactose gene in the human gut may be from the Neanderthals but that's just a fortuitous mutation that occurred to the Neanderthals and waited 200,000 years to be put to good use when Sapiens domesticated cattle.

7. When Neanderthals scribbled elaborate abstract designs for the pure joy of it, that was just chimps having a random go at a surface without any particular aim in mind. When Sapiens did it with far more primitive designs he was a jeenious Picasso.

8. Since individuation with jewelry implies a complex notion of the self and a complex language to express it, it is possible that Neanderthals may even have been capable of speech, but it is highly theoretical and we would be shocked if that turned out to be the case. They apparently coordinated 80 meter wide murals with consistent themes on the walls of caves by using hand gestures and grunting to supervise more than 10 people at a time.

9. The fact that only a small handful of Neanderthals have been found at very early dates with the pronounced brow and cheekbones of people suffering from severe rickets does not mean these people had rickets and all the more recent Mousterians/Amuds found who looked like completely modern people does not mean that Neanderthals did not look like caricatured squat apes. The evidence is confusing and will take hundreds of years to analyze, despite people walking into the British Natural Museum of History over a hundred years ago and saying "That bow legged chap looks like he had severe rickets. 'Ee looks as if he'd barely be able to walk much less run. We have chaps like that down at the factory, they look nearly identical. I guess they must be Neanderthals instead of suffering from rickets."



You ain't seen nothing yet. Nothing.

When the gulf between what humans tell one another the world is and what it really is grows great enough, men set themselves up for a hammering that will beat them to their knees. They set themselves up to be humbled.

Oprah Winfrey reality is gone. Now real reality is coming. It won't be pretty.

The world isn't the place you think it is. What is happening is not what you believe is happening. Despite their vanity, television has so fundamentally warped the common man's ability to understand the real world around him that he has essentially been cut from the tether. He has lost the ability to understand or solve any of his problems as a human being because he can no longer grasp the real world.

Here's an M. Night Shymalayan twist for you. Our ancestors knew what they were doing. Our ancestors were the people we should have respected. It's you who doesn't know what the hell is going on. Our ancestors were the ones with their heads screwed on straight. You are the hipster doofus. You are the guys hoisted by their own petard, who take the massive pratfall into a pile of cowpies and future generations come gather around to laugh at you and despise you for it. The guy who doesn't have any idea of what in the hell is going on is you. Not those "other people" that Oprah was always telling you that "our" generation had so improved upon. Oprah loved making you laugh at your ancestors and ridicule those who had come before you, getting you to reject their wisdom and replace it instead with her foolish, mindless prattle.

Commandment #5 in Scripture for this reason reads :

Honor thy father and mother. (Respect your ancestors.)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Running Defense For A Manwhore

The mass media would out any "conservative" member of Congress who was involved in something like this in ten seconds. Obama is a down-low brother who gets a free pass because his politics are correct - globalist and marxist. Could Newt Gingrich get a male companion who logged in each night and slept over while his wife was in another country most of the time, often seen with arms linked together, locked in embraces and giving an endless series of gifts and taxpayer-paid vacations and trips, sleeping in the same hotel rooms with DO NOT DISTURB signs on the door?

No way. No way. The MSM provides these kinds of privileges to internationalist traitors only. They can do literally anything and the mass media will spin it to sound harmless.

If I was Reggie, I'd be a little scared. Obama's previous boy-toys have had a nasty way of turning up dead when the chief crackhead in charge was done with them. I would not take up skydiving or fly in single engine planes if I was Reggie. When Obama announced his candidacy, half the sopranos in Reverend Wright's choir were beaten to death. They were stacking up queers like cordwood. They had dead homos piled up in the streets. Reggie, homes, watch your back. And I don't mean your backside, either, bro. That's probably ruined by now anyway.

How Quickly It All Unravels

Cie La Vie to all arms control, thank you very much. Keep watching AMERICA'S GOT TALENT.

Ay Caramba, sounds like a secret arms race is going on

This is getting more interesting by the second.

If you want your ass kicked properly, get both nations to doubleteam you

Nothing like a down-low crackhead as chief executive going into WW3

Anyway, what's the worst that could happen? All-out Klausewitzian Global Nuclear War.

We have been talking about change at Vault-Co long before Barack used the word.

All I've heard for ten years is how crazy I am Yada Yada Yada what happened to me in childhood was I molested is there a history of mental illness in my family what gave me paranoia blah blah blah. While all these people were analyzing me, the entire world and geopolitical situation was changing all around them without them noticing a thing.

You Homo Saps should look around you instead of always focusing on other humans to the exclusion of the rest of the universe. There's plenty of stuff in the real world for you to think about sometime, some of it relevant to your continued survival.

Entire Landmass of Europe Set To Declare Chapter 11 In Early 2012

So here we are. This is where the European Union was taking everyone. They've arrived but they still have not seen fit to blame the idiot driving the bus for running them off a cliff.

Vault-Co says sometime early next year, all the individual nations sucked into this massive ponzi scheme are going to wake up. They're going to wake up and do what humans normally do when they wake up from the deep anaesthesia they call living and they are going to go stark raving mad. They're going to burn everything in sight and they're going to give up on the rule of law and it's going to be every man for himself. People do that when they have nothing left to lose ... and the rubes are nearly there.

Of course, the 'Stain will leave the biggest crater of them all.

Kwanstain Gets A Look At The Old America

The dead people took one look at the current nation and begged for somebody to flood the dam so they could be submerged again.

Ron Paul Blows Media Hookworm Out His Sphincter

Bob Schieffer is like a man with all the courage, character, brains, self-respect and human dignity stripped away to create a lightweight anal puppet suitable for performing agitprop. Schieffer betrayed his nation for thirty pieces of silver to internationalists fifty years ago and has never looked back.

Schieffer was in a key position to tell the American people that Oswald had not acted alone. He wisely decided to keep his mouth shut and this mediocrity was welcomed for betraying his king with a longstanding job in the mainstream media. He's been part of the leprositic surface rot for four decades eating away at the 'Stain.

Old horses like these get sent to the glue factory when their masters have used them. He's trying to get a kick in at a giant before the rendering truck arrives to pick him up.

Newt Gingrich couldn't run a bath, much less a nation. Another 'Stainian failure.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sheeple Logic : Kill All The Smart People

Then, we'll be safe. After that we should burn the observatory and tear down all the pedestrian walk signs.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Homo Sapiens Discovers His True Calling

C'mon mon, we be habbin' de happiness time.

I just don't see these critters in Von Braun conceptual paintings harvesting asteroids for rare metals and floating around in their pajamas like Captain Kirk firing their phasers.

They'll definitely be floating around, though. That's about as close to the moon as these manboons will ever get again.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Daily Briefing 80,000 B.C.

Melonhead : "What do we do with the Enkidu when we find them?"

Huge Throng of Homo Sapiens : "Exterminate them, your excellence! The only good Enkidu is a dead Enkidu!"

Melonhead : "That is correct. Who do we kill? We kill the men, we kill the women, we kill the children. None of the rodeo clowns is to be left alive, is that understood?"

Tiny Voice in Back of Throng : "... except for the hot babes ..."

Melonhead : "What was that? What did one of you say?!?"

Tiny Voice in Back of Throng : "We kill them all ... unless there is a really hot girl ..."

Melonhead : (Enraged) "NO, NO and NO again! How many times do we have to go over this? All of the Enkidu must die, including the females! We just had a Powerpoint presentation on this yesterday! I thought I made myself clear!! This is a final solution to the Enkidu, none must be spared!"

Tiny Voice : "They must all die!"

Melonhead : "Yes! All of them! Without exception! Enki's mistake must be rectified!"

Huge Throng of Homo Sapiens : " ... except ... unless they are hot babes!"

(Melonhead is visibly stressed, starts to turn red and develops nervous tic beneath eye whilst fuming with rage)

Assistant To Melonhead : "My lord, you must be patient with them. They were mixed heavily with rhesus monkeys and several other primates for conformity when they were manufactured. I am sure another briefing or two and we will train this misunderstanding out of them. They get the gist, that is what is important."

European Union : Water Isn't Wet

Central government can govern your life so much better from a great distance than you can locally.

New Ice Age Is Here

The new Ice Age is here, now. You may have misunderstandings about how Ice Ages start, how glaciation begins, how it ends and what conditions prevail in an Ice Age. Trust us. It's here. It isn't going away for a long time. You can dream about migrating to Australia but it is probably too late at this stage. We're using a pole to push'em off the edges of this lifeboat and it is unlikely we will be taking on any climate refugees if we put Tony Abbott in office.

CERN : "Einstein a Womanizing Fraud And Complete Charlatan"

Tip of the iceberg. Watch in coming months for this idiot's ideas to get quietly dismantled.

Nobody this century has contributed more to holding back the progress of real science. It has taken fifty years to unravel his complex web of lies and sophistry. For a long time nobody dared assail the orthodoxy created by this moron.

Synchronized with the downfall of Penn State, a den of the sons of the devil, the big promoter of the global warmthinkery coverup with Michael Mann and too many wicked deeds to even number. If you build a life for yourself on lies, your world can fall apart pretty quickly underneath you, as Bernie Madoff could tell you.

Awesome Vault Review For 2012

Must read. Watch the video, as well. Really spectacular stuff.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Of Interest To C++ Programmers

Boost is bloated crapware and the only reason anyone uses it is because it has Regex and the superb Asio library inside of it. That's the reason I switched to CodeBlocks, so I could compile Boost and get at Asio.

What if it were possible to just get the Asio lib by itself and scrap the other 200 megs of the Boost garbage barge? Incredibly, I found it as a standalone lib on it's own. If you're still programming in C++ you may find this useful.

Spinning Slowly Around To A Little Bit Of Truth

Notice here in their genteel scenario the Neanderthals simply fade away through interbreeding. It's a nice theory. I considered it several years back before I had collected more information. Pity the science and facts don't support this conclusion at all. It's hard when you have to pretend to be a scienmajist but in fact must answer to politically correct ideologies when you go to publish.

1. If you found one set of male Neanderthal bones in the ashes of a fire in a Homo Sapiens camp, it would be an anomaly signifying nothing. A pathological Homo Sapiens like Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer could be responsible. That would say nothing about a larger pattern in history in terms of the relationship between the two species. If you found more than 40+ campfires in Europe with Neanderthal bones, you're talking about a readily available conclusion. When Sapiens was hungry, they all acted like Jeffrey Dahmer. Scienmajistic types have a lot of trouble understanding M. Night Shymalayan style twist endings if they are the protagonists, it appears. Remember Gary Sinise in the movie IMPOSTER? "Well, if that's the real human, then that means ..." (explodes in nuclear blast)

2. Almost all the DNA is female mitochondrial which means it was introduced by female Neanderthals. The density of the samples around the era they died off (38,000 yrs prior) means that for a short period of several thousand years, Homo Sapiens males were virtually neglecting their own females altogether to do nothing but father children by their female Neanderthals, who we might assume are war captives since their males have vanished from the gene pool at this time and seem to only appear as bones in their barbeque pits. If the women looked like those lemurs in the article, why on Earth would they do this? Did Neo girls have some kind of voodoo that cast a spell over the Sapiens male that made them look like Raquel Welch through their eyes? Or is there a simpler explanation - they looked like Raquel Welch and Sapiens girls looked like toads with hair?

3. Almost all of the hard yards in animal domestication, plant domestication and the foundations of civilization were laid at least a hundred thousand years before any Homo Sapiens appears in the historical record as a distinct type. Since then, Homo Sapiens has done close to nothing other than use these existing strains to fuel his progress. Homo Sapiens did not supplant Neanderthal. He killed him, took everything he had created over the past quarter million years and then even stole his incredible brainpower by gangraping his women en masse. Sapiens is a bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad dude. Bad. See why I would hardly accept I could share much in common with him? I own a televitz. I know what Homo Sapiens is. Last night there was a movie on cable that just looked like blood spurting everywhere for 90 minutes. This is what Homo Sapiens calls his "entertainment."

Jacob in Hebrew means "Swindler." It means "someone who survives on the coat tails of another." Jacob is a person who "took the blessing meant for another." Jacob is someone who "represents himself as something he isn't."

Esau means "man of action." "Problem solver." "Solid man." "Doer of deeds." "Down to earth." It also means "Red haired and strong." Any of this sounding familiar to you? The Bible knew there were a lot of redheads amongst the Neanderthal thousands of years before scientists were able to figure it out by looking at DNA and analyzing gene pairs.

Think this is irrelevant?

My friend, this is key to understanding everything. Until you start to absorb these ideas, you don't actually know what is going on around you.

I always think of those murder-rape suspects they bring in and what happens when they start to break down under questioning. "Hey man, she came onto me first."

The real irony here is that Homo Sapiens in the West is about to meet with a very similar fate to Neanderthal. So similar, in fact, you have to wonder about the poetic justice. He will shortly know what it is to be completely surrounded and fighting a battle he cannot win against mindless killers who are inured to appeals for mercy. What goes around, appears to come around.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

ITZ Home Delivery Goes Public

Yes, a wonderful era of peace and prosperity with dancing elves and fairies with Smurfs riding rainbow ponies through a land of milk and honey. That's where globalism was taking us all, you see, despite the haters and their denial. It's all about edjumafacashun.

Tra-la-la-la-la-la (skipping round mayberry pole trailing silk ribbon and sipping diet coke/commercial rat poison/fluoride)

Vault-OS : Update 18/11/2011

It happened like this :

1. My handler code for form POSTs was getting ridiculously complicated. I started to think, with about 70% of forms still barely implemented, I needed an easier way to do server side pages of web app without turning to some massive unfriendly OS specific code that would turn my tiny program into a 4 gigabyte install.

2. I decided to use the Boost::Asio network library to do automatic dispatching of GET and POST request through a templated tag system.

3. I tried for a week or so to get Boost::Asio to compile with Watcom 1.9. Close but no cigar.

4. I tried compiling under MinGW in Code:Blocks. Ten seconds later, it was like 7 warnings and one error. Fixed the error and compiled it straightaway.

5. Decided to ditch Open Watcom, bit of a problem doing the DOS 16-32 bit compile now. Will probably port over to DJGPP which is GCC compliant code 100% for MinGW. Meanwhile, working on the Win-32 version anyway. OpenWatcom was great but not worth some of the headaches it creates by being so incompatible even with ANSI standard C code. I was having to write more and more boilerplate code which is not Vault-OS, just basic support routines for HTTP web server app. I am aware that others have already done a lot of this work and I don't want to reinvent the wheel for everything.

6. Gaped in horror as I knocked out pages of my C code with a couple lines of C++ overloads. Same pages as before running on a much tinier fraction of code that is very readable and maintainable.

7. Now that I was using C++ again, found that the standard SQLite wrapper was way better than my C code in hiding the complexity, allowing me to do things like multitable form editing using foreign keys.

So two weeks detour, seem to be back on track. Using MinGW Code:Blocks package which is supposedly easily compiled under Linux as well. I would bet that this code will compile pretty easily to DOS using SoftSystems packet driver library for TCP-IP. Primary goal is Win-32 first, then everything else.

Classic Illuminati Good Cop-Bad Cop-Agitprop

Don't drink the koolaid, people.

They always seize the opposition before it can get off the ground and massage it into a different message. Go back to sleeple, sheeple.

Bill Cooper, a man who recanted his own writings after twenty years warned us - if they introduce UFOs it's a human busy box for little minds. It's not the aliens who are relevant, people, it's the guy standing behind you with his hand in your pocket stealing your wallet. The time-tested trick to run on the rubes is to tell them their only hope is the space people will save them. Keep looking up at the empty sky for answers. Ignore the fact I just ripped the shirt off your back and I'm a flesh-and-blood human like you are. Keep watching the skies.

You'd think that no hominid would be stupid enough to fall for this scam but it works every time like a charm.

We don't need space aliens to give us the secret of limitless, cheap energy. Ordinary human brains solved that problem a long time ago. It's called Thorium.

The Penn State Cabal

If you wonder why there is all this nervous mumbling about what happened at Penn State, it's the usual gang of suspects about to get their rock flipped over. The Penn State scandal appears to be connected to a much more elaborate network of high profile elites who operate in a strange gray zone where baby rape is not a capital crime. This coach was the low hanging fruit and chances are they will try to bag him, tag him and lock him away before the thread starts to unravel. This very thing happened in the Franklin affair. The evidence pointed directly to a pedophile ring operating out of the White House, so the principals were swiftly convicted and slammed behind bars before any real investigation took place. These fall guys are always low level functionaries taking a bullet for the big names you would recognize immediately.

The same lure of power brings all this scum out of the woodwork. They were never going to found Microsoft or invent the Segway. They are sociopaths and psychopaths who enjoy pounding baby ass. They are interested in politics because it gives them diplomatic immunity to prosecution for their countless crimes if they pay their dues and get into the inner circle. People desirous of titles and accreditations are like that for a reason. They want the physical tokens of status and power to try to put themselves above examination because they know perfectly well they are natural born sons of the devil.

In software development, nobody is more suspect than the guy who is trying to show you all his referrals, testimonials and accreditations and certificates and letters of recommendation. "This piece of paper with this wax seal proves I am a worthy person." It is virtual proof they are incompetent. It's no different in politics.

None Dare Call It Treason

... if treason succeeds.

Problems Don't Solve Themselves - Brace For The New Wave of ITZ

Excellent analysis of the current doomwatch.

The legions of the undead are a lost generation. Things will never go back to the way they were ten years ago for Britain or the Kwanstain.

Ultimate Sapiens : Lowering Maintenance and Incidental Costs for Manboonbots

Just when you thought they couldn't get any cheaper, they're looking to snip out that pesky conscience, self-awareness and any vestigial mammalian traits. The perfect troop to load up the FEMA boxcars without pity. Soldier on, whatever you are.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

While Kwanstainia Was Sleeping, It Died

If all their bridges and infrastructure were destroyed, they could be rebuilt and recovered within ten years. If all their buildings were reduced to rubble, it would take only a matter of months to reconstruct them all just as they had been. There is no physical damage that could be done to the United States that could reduce it from a first world to a third world country. Third world countries are not like that because they lack money, resources or opportunity. They are like that because they lack brains and strong character. You could give a trillion dollars a second to Africa and if all of it was lost to graft and corruption, not a single penny would ever be set aside to actually improve the conditions there an iota. The profits from the natural resources alone in Africa would have paid for a highway system a thousand times superior to anything on the planet many times over. Yet, it is difficult to even find a road that is drivable and passable during the best weather in most parts of that country.

If a nation loses the good stock of it's citizens, the best and the brightest, there is no force in the universe that can restore it to it's past glory. If they lost their quality people, no government legislation or program could delay the inevitable for so much as a day. A nation is the sum total of the quality of the people who live in it and if it looks and smells like sh*t, it is because the people who live there are content with things that way. This applies to most of North America right now. It could be said of large parts of the Western world that until recently most people did not see anything wrong. They didn't notice any decline in the quality of their surroundings because the quality of their internals had declined so sharply they weren't registering subtle changes anymore. It wasn't until they started to have trouble breathing and began to fear for their lives after nightfall that they began to realize something had gone terribly awry.

There is no cheating Mother Nature, sir. If you drive her out with a pitchfork you will find she will return again and again.

I believe this decline is always a result of the shift of expression from the Neanderthal side of our gene pool to the Sapiens side. Whenever you see increasing disorder, chaos, conflict, decay and degeneracy in European countries, you are seeing the Neanderthal (the good side) slip away and retreat before the expression of the ugliest and basest side, which is the Sapiens. Neanderthal is the origin of conservative instincts. Sapiens is the origin of unraveling, disintegration and decay.

You know when you see'em start to make fun of Wally and the Cleaver, they lack the imagination to conceive of the alternative possibilities. They don't know just what kind of horror is waiting on the other side of the domestication, self-control and restraint that is the Mousterian legacy. Once you start to go Sapiens, you can't go back. If your people forget the virtues of restraint and management of the passions for the greater good, they will be dead before they can recover these graces.

Nietzsche's great genius was in describing the interplay of these Apollonian and Dionysian instincts in men over two hundred years before we came to understand their actual basis in our genome. There's an instinct towards order, serenity and introversion we get from the Neanderthal. On the other side there is a mad, orgiastic, lunatic celebration of all change and conflict, even the kind that leads us to destruction, from the crazed killer that is Sapiens. Guess which aspect of man's nature is being expressed in the Western world right now.

100 Years of Cooling

Note that even if guys like me turn out to be wrong about this being the slope end of a much bigger drop, the result is the same. The average temperature will plunge over the next thirty years to levels comparable to the Little Ice Age in Europe.

If you could see that chart imposed over a larger cycle of Grand Minima, it would immediately be obvious to you why I don't think this cooling cycle will end in 30 years and is going to last much longer. I derived my conclusions by looking at Robert Felix's graphs which cover longer term ranges of climate change.

When Warfare Passes Its Use-By Date

I watched CENTURION on cable tonight while I was working and was delighted to see a bit of Carl Von Klausewitz as a meme in the mass media. These are actually the kinds of historical dramas I enjoy when they convey a strong message about the present.

The Romans were fighting a war they couldn't win in the Teutoberg Forest against a new paradigm that was nothing like the one they had used to conquer the world.

I could write a thirty paragraph post but instead I'll just be concise and ask you to think about one question.

Does it really make any sense to have nuclear weapons in your arsenal without a civil defense program? I don't think it does. I think it is utterly crazy.

If you have nuclear weapons, you have to have civil defense for your population. Otherwise, it's better to surrender now. If your opponent has nuclear weapons and also has a civil defense program, you have already lost the upcoming battle. The conflict itself is a mere formality. If you choose to have no civil defense program, it is a good idea to rid yourself of your nukes and negotiate the terms of your surrender now and save the lives of countless millions in advance by subjugating your nation completely to your opponent.

Having a nuclear arsenal without a nuclear defense strategy is insane. It is a contradiction of basic military strategic thinking. If you spend $1.00 on a nuclear weapon, you better spend .10 cents on corresponding civil defense. Civil defense is the guerilla solution to the problem of retaliation in a nuclear war. If there is no civil defense, concentrating all your expense on the other side of the equation is just throwing it away.

As the geopolitical environment changes very rapidly now, it will become painfully obvious that America has been living in a dreamworld for the past thirty years, wasting her money on crap that had nothing to do with her survival as a nation.

It may require the perspective of time after the third world war before most people realize what in the hell I was talking about.

Monday, November 14, 2011

China Prepping For WW3 For Certain

Almost certainly calibrating space based weapons. Those are fractals and I've used them in my own shape detection code in C++ to see if my algorithm can recognize all the angles used. This is critical for an orbital platform that uses street maps to identify precision targets like the White House or an airstrip somewhere.

This means that the Chinese are advancing at leaps and bounds far faster than anybody predicted. The real question is how far have they gotten with true doomsday weapons like "rods from god" or red mercury cluster bomblets. Research in the 1960's studied the possibility of ravaging whole grids on the map with the equivalent of nuclear napalm from orbit, using dirty payloads of plutonium or cobalt to maximize the radioactive residue after the deed. I have PDFs of declassified documents from the Rand Corporation that studied these tactics the same way they talked about artillery fire or simple manpacked nukes.

It's important to point out that surviving inside a shelter underground with proper entrances and ventilation baffles is still very possible even if you were beneath a swath of nuclear napalm. It is survival aboveground in a small basement or concrete building with minimal protection that would be impossible in a target zone. Correctly constructed Vaults survive the worst science-fiction horror you could imagine aboveground and the research conducted with live nuclear weapons proves it.

P.S. I have a good friend in the Air Force who told me twenty years ago that the espionage that resulted in the loss of red mercury was worse than the leakage of the secret of the hydrogen bomb - he told me the U.S. government has been trying to recover gracefully ever since it got out and they planted a comprehensive cover story that it was all a "hoax" they used to trap terrorists with. He told me the stuff permits nuclear reactions in devices the size of golf balls and it was one of the deadliest weapons ever stolen from Los Alamos lab research.

Check here for a sampling of Vault-Co's greatest hits on this and related subjects

While the sheeple watch AMERICA'S GOT TALENT, above them in the skies orbit military weapons of enormous destructive power and unbelievable capacity for mass annihilation. The U.S. government claims to be worried about goatherders in bungistan with crap like this outside of international law above the population of the planet as they sleep each night. Imagine the gall.

First ten minutes of World War III, the entire planet is going to get a very rude shock when they discover the world they thought they were living in never existed.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sodom Begins To Worry About Rumors Of Justice Riding Hell For Leather

Best selling real estate in the U.S. right now is doomsday shelters. They are booming like crazy. Even the slowest of the sheeple knows something is wrong. They will never be bright enough to fully understand what is happening. They just know something isn't right. This would be expected of those with a pulse.

If you've ever worked on a farm, the cattle get restless when a slaughterhouse truck is coming to pick them up. They fidget and begin to bolt around, in a futile attempt to cope unsuccessfully with what is about to happen. They don't know what it is only that it is something bad.

A dark storm is gathering strength, everywhere you look. I don't even feel like telling you I told you so. I told you so.

Stop Coming Here

We're not selling anything, this isn't a sheeple forum and it isn't for anybody other than the hardest of the hardcore survivalists. If you don't like anything here the best way to solve that problem is to stop coming.

Vault-Co is not an advocacy site. We're not proselytizing, trying to convince others to accept our ideology or promoting membership in some group or club. We preach to the converted here and nobody else. We are not fishing for followers or trying to build a religion.

Vault-Co has never promoted itself, booked itself elsewhere or tried to get other sites to link to us. We're that rare one-in-a-million blog that is not running any kind of social engineering scheme.

Despite deliberately cultivating anonymity, somehow the site has been getting an average of 2000-4000 hits a day for years without ever trying to accommodate anyone anywhere. The hardcore know how to find this site. Everybody else should stay away.

If you don't like me, my ideas or much care for my writing style, this is the internet you are on. It's pull, not push technology. All you have to do is stop typing in this URL and you will never suffer again. To be frank, there's no need to tell me what you think. I own a television at home. I already know what you think. Why would you go to the trouble of commenting up here to simply repeat back televitz and mass media memes to me? I can get your ideas straight from the source with no relay required.

Blah blah blah my group thinks XYZ and people like you are just motivated by blah blah blah. I've heard it all before. You've never heard anyone like me before because people like me don't grow on trees. If I have done anything to offend you, why not shove off? I'm missing you already.

This is especially relevant for visitors from you-know-where. I didn't need you to follow me to my blog. You've got your own forum where you can talk to your own kind. I don't blame you for being bored over there. It's a boring place and the people there are extremely boring. Don't try to emigrate. It's the best place for you and you can be with others of your own sad, demented calibre. The immigration policy is very tight here at Vault-Co and you fail to meet the minimum criteria we have in place to issue you a temporary visa. I'm afraid I have to ask you to return to your port of origin and apply for admission from outside of Vault-Co and wait patiently for your application to be reviewed and approved. I wouldn't hold my breath, we've got a case backlog and we'll get to you ... someday.

It's not the disagreeing with me that bugs me. It's simply typing in some other ideology you have adopted in lieu of being able to think for yourself. It's a drag. It was old the first hundred couple of times and contrary to what you might think I am well acquainted with your ideas and could probably argue your position better than you can.

Please, stop coming here. You know who you are. Thanks.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kwanstainian Cornholio

Scenario #1 : Kwa ceases to exist.
Scenario #2 : Kwa ceases to exist.
Scenario #3 : Kwa ceases to exist.
Scenario #4 : Kwa ceases to exist.
Scenario #5 : Kwa ceases to exist.
Scenario #6 : Kwa ceases to exist.
Scenario #7 : Kwa ceases to exist.
Scenario #8 : Kwa ceases to exist.
Scenario #9 : Kwa ceases to exist.

... etc.

Keep moving those chess pieces to see how it plays out. Try every position possible. It's always a checkmate. You can trust me on this.

Australia Is A Nuclear Target In WW3

For the past twenty years I have always had Australians chuckling at me. "That yank thinks he has to fear atomic weapons in Australia. Can you believe that? Clearly the poor bloke doesn't know we are a neutral nation like Switzerland protected by our isolation."

Yes, I'm really off with the fairies. I just don't know what the hell is going on. Pass me another beer, she'll be right, mate.

Vault-Co prediction : The Chinese will be particularly brutal on a nation that does not have a deterrent, specifically using ugly weapons on us that they might think twice about deploying on the West Coast of the United States, including dirty salted weapons and neutron bombs. They'd love to surgically remove the locals with intense penetrating radiation and claim the continent after the third world war ends. The poor lads here think they're going to fight WW2 all over again at worst. When they see the sky filled with supersonic nuclear-tipped tactical cruise missiles blotting out the sun, they may experience a shock of sorts. Welcome to the 21st century, Aussie.

This has been seen in every previous world conflict, this amazing disconnect when the battle begins. In World War One, Frenchmen on horseback charged German machinegun nests in full regalia, galloping right down the barbed wire gauntlets to the trench gunners at the end. When they were a couple meters away and riddled with a couple hundred slugs, they must have suspected that they needed another strategy back at the stables before they even mounted up. Manboons need much incentive to force them to think hard about anything and even then they can't keep it up for long. The reason warfare brings out the best in the chimpmanzees is that it provides the requisite terror needed to boot up their feeble minds to some degree.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Why The Neanderthal Gained In Value As He Got Older During Ice Ages

At sixty degrees below zero, when your brain is a 2000cc supercomputer, your worth to the tribe and to others goes up and up as you age. How do we know this for certain? As Neanderthals got older they did not suffer from pattern baldness and cultivated a head full of curly locks in an attempt to look younger, which indicates they remained in sexual competition inside an exogamous matriarchy.

This indicates they were a vital part of tribal social life and were doubtless frequently consulted on the contents of that colossal associative database inside their heads which had been soaking up information like a sponge for many decades. A young neanderthal would go to his father or older men for answers to his questions and value their knowledge greatly because his own mind was capable of absorbing it through communication. This made people more and more valuable as they got older, with both boys and girls fighting for their attention in order to steal data from them. I imagine the elderly mentored students who were the most promising, which explains readily the "little professor" lectures that people with "Aspergers Syndrome" display at any prompting. They are trying to demonstrate their retention and grasp in order to attract mentoring which is a limited resource and therefore subject to competitive bidding in terms of biological game theory. That young Esau gave quite a lecture the other day on freshwater fishing, clearly he merits a little of my time so I can tell him about every good location I have discovered over the past 100 years in fishing. He has earned it by demonstrating his capacity to grasp this subject.

Homo Sapiens loses his hair at a very young age because he is as brainless as all the rest of his species and is already being sized up for cannibalism as soon as it is apparent he is growing too weak to defend himself. His worth after the age of 25 is zero to those around him. Currently the focus on youth in our society is vintage Sapiens, a culture that is engineered to always fail. A creature incapable of learning will not respect those older than he is or place any intrinsic worth on their counsel.

Our impulse to respect and revere the elderly is purely a result of our Neanderthal genetics and heritage. Those without Neanderthal genes can never evince what they never had to begin with. Projecting qualities onto them they don't have is guaranteed to end in tears for those who err in this regard.

Just Make Up Crazy Sh*t Off The Top Of Your Head

Anything. Claim the Iranians are getting alien technology from Islamics from Venus. Just freeform gibberish pulled out of thin air will do. The Kwanstainian is too stupid to know that brawndo doesn't have what plants crave. Make up anything. If you say it on televitz, that proves it is true because it is on televitz.

Vault-Co means it. The entire planet has gone mad. Absolutely off the reservation, stark raving bonkers. I guess the transition the Mayans were told to record on their calendars was actually the end for a whole lot of human beings. Whatever it is, I don't think we come out of it with as many people as we had going into it.

Who built the Pyramids?

Increasingly, there is widespread recognition that nobody knows. The people who live there now are like pigeons that nest under your rainwater gutters. They're just there. The people who actually built them are long gone and they may have done it over 30,000 years ago, not in the past five millennia.

Why do we cover information like this on Vault-Co? Simple.

As we've told you a hundred times, this isn't the first atomic war approaching and it won't be the last. I have a sneaking suspicion that nuclear wars are an extremely common event on this planet and that there have been so many of them you could not number them on your fingers and toes.

EDIT : To reply to a question in a comment posted here, why dwell on this stuff when this blog is about surviving such events? That's easy. The proposition is that these kinds of events are always survivable, have been survived many times in the past and so will always be survived in the future. This is cause for hope and is strong proof that man's efforts to do so are never in vain.

Most Blatant Political Imprisonment in History Of The United States

What do you expect of a government that kills it's own citizens without trial with robotic drones?

Steele had just announced he was going into politics. After a lifetime without a single crime ever committed, he decided this was a good time to bump off his wife and have a government informant do it. Does anybody really believe Edgar Steele was dumb enough to do such a thing? You'll notice they took him out of commission right before the presidential campaigns started.

The tragic thing about Kwanzanians is that they are doing the most visible threats first. They're getting to you, Kwanzan, you can be sure of it. Instead of a big media smear campaign and railroad trial with faked evidence, you warrant only a boxcar with a hundred other whiners in the middle of the night. You should hope you would merit Steele's frameup. You will go quietly at midnight to your camp without even so much as a Miranda. Steele was important enough to qualify as an enemy but it is an anonymous mass grave for most of the sheeple.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Getcha Place In Line For That Flu Vaccine

Right up front. Shove and push so they do you first.

"Severe adverse reactions?" What does that mean when the vaccine is already implicated in all kinds of chronic disabling conditions? I would guess it means "may cause severe case of death if you draw a short straw."

Laws in most Western nations give vaccine manufacturers complete legal immunity to prosecution. They could drop their pants and crap directly into the vat when they are being prepared and you couldn't sue them for a nickel. In that case, why even bother to make it effective or subject it to any standards at all? You could just fill it with vinegar and rubbing alcohol and who would be the wiser? Everyone who get a flu shot gets the flu anyway and gets it bad.

Dead people who get flu shots are considered "reaction" statistics by the pharmaceuticals, not a cause for anything outside compilation. If it began to kill enough people soon enough they might worry they were reducing their customers to one season only patrons. That might prompt them to make some changes ... but I doubt it.

What really amazes me is the companies in the 'Stain that take out a life insurance policy on their peasants and then use it as an excuse to require them to get the flu shot each year over a certain age. When the injection kills their elderly rube, they get paid big time. I think it was outlawed in the Roman empire to treat slaves in this fashion and profit from their murder.

The Devil's Handmaidens

Satan has a church of his own on earth and anyone who does not have scales on their eyes could see it. I would guess at random that Lucifer's church would specialize in infant buggery and publishing satanic doctrine and theology.

They dress in black so you will know they are the bad guys. The good guys also do not wear cones on their head and carry magic staffs.

You know them by their fruits. Forbidding to marry and claiming that men can accept confession and bestow grace. Compare with scripture and you be the judge.

Kwanzanians Counterfeiting Their Own Currency, Say The World's Experts

If you go beyond desperation into a strange gray twilight world of omnipresent panic and hysteria at the far flung border of madness, you get a nation reduced to making fake copies of it's own money.

Remember, this was just a fringe conspiracy nut theory a few years ago. Now the world's best say it is obvious. North Korea simply does not have the brains or resources to accomplish this. Only the holders of the original plates could do it.

The 'Stain makes the Nazis look like badly behaved boy scouts. If they do not bring Americans to trial at the Hague for war crimes then they need to pay out damages and issue a formal apology to their victims at Nuremberg.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Kwanstain Soldiers Disposed Of As Medical Waste In Government Landfills

Good riddance. Dumb enough to serve, dumb enough to get dumped when the time comes. If you're a minion for James Bond style supervillains like the neoconservatives, don't cry because they feed you to their piranhas after Austin Powers shoots you dead firing from the hip. You are a tool and when that tool has served it's purpose it is tossed into the rubbish bin.

Feel it is unfair? Unjust? Imagine you're an Iraqi boy whose mother has told him to go and fetch a pail of water from the well outside. Before you can lower the bucket into the well, an American pilot flies over and drops a cocktail of cluster bombs and white phosphorus shells that vaporize you, your mother and your entire village. They, like the Nazis before them, are only following orders. They are manbots that respond to commands. Being less than human, nobody bothers to give them a burial like a human being when they reach their use-by date or are damaged in the performance of their duties. Zionist tools are discarded like garbage when they are finished because their masters regard them as garbage and because they treated other races of men like garbage.

Isn't it great when the Holy Spirit begins to withdraw from men? See how they come to regard one another? They can all fall back on their better angels to tell them what is right and wrong, like Obama advocates.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

2012 Kwanstainian Bongo Party A'Gogo

Baby eating cannibal savages filling the raging flaming streets armed with machetes and crowbars. There's also a downside.

2012 : Sun Beginning To Show Strange Changes

After an incredibly long time dormant, so quiescent that NASA lost the ability to predict any activity reliably from it, the sun appears to be starting up again. I would guess that an abnormally long time without spots is followed by a fairly brisk traffic in flares and eruptions for solar max in 2012.

Russia & China Warn U.S. That Itz Coming, Soon

Powderkeg. If Kwanstainia tries to throw it's candy-ass has-been weight around in this region it is going to realize that it is fifty pounds of crap stuffed into a five pound bag. They are like an old boxer pulling an intravenous drip bag and a dialysis machine around picking fights with nurses and orderlies. They don't even know what they don't know.

I've been working on an IPhone game called ATOMIC WAR and I was originally planning to design the game mechanics so that whenever you picked the United States, you would always lose in the first round no matter how much money you spent.

Obama's Regime Will Tax Christmas Trees

This is really ironic. Just the other day I was telling someone we needed to find a good strong tree for Obama. (cymbal hit)

Julia Gillard - An Outside Contractor

The Labor party just barely held onto power in the last election on a promise by Gillard of no carbon tax. Of course if you trust a liar as your leader you can't cry when it turns out she was lying to you all along.

Eventually, people tend to get the kind of government they deserve, but in this instance they almost certainly had it arbitrarily imposed on them from the outside, offshore, through clever subterfuge beginning with the deposing of Rudd. At some point any pretense of democracy under these conditions becomes a sham. We live under the iron jackboots of marxists masquerading as environmentalists, according to the original plans of Antonio Gramsci.

Why 2012 Is Going To Be A Barrel of Monkeys


There's going to be plenty of laughs.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Rehabilitation Of Abramoff Began Today

This guy is a really fascinating character for a variety of reasons, I like to discuss him because it is all very relevant to understanding how cleverly the Western nations have been subjugated.

The amazing thing about Amerikwans is that you can commit the most horrific and naked treason in the country, get caught red-handed and exposed to the extent that the death penalty is almost a given ... and within a few short years later you can be making the talk show circuit, profiting from your book deal and back in the mainstream with the movers and shakers in Washington, D.C. presiding over the destruction of American society.

First of all, his appearance is key to understanding the Abramoff machine.

He is classic Amud in features. It is difficult to place him as Jewish. This enabled him to swim freely in almost any circle with complete anonymity. Because he has the classic features of the Amud Neanderthal, his gentile dupes would've felt innately superior to him and relaxed in his company. You notice the standard dip in the eyebrows, the pained look of surrender, the impression he is being hounded by somebody, of being born into bondage and natural submission. In person he is quite congenial and tends to be somewhat boyish in demeanour, which caused his gentile marks to regard him as clearly a member of "that race," (which race? They can never say, they know subconsciously) and they did not react with the kind of suspiciousness they would apply to say, Alan Dershowitz sitting in front of him. For this reason, Abramoff was the perfect front man. He got away with it every time.

If there is one thing both Jews and Gentiles could reach an agreement on, it would be that "those people" are always to be regarded as beneath our contempt. They don't know why they feel this way. They just do. A clever son of Esau could use this to his advantage. That said, selection of Abramoff as a Faustian front man for Israeli political interests is just another example of the incredible genius that drives their self-interest. It was brilliant and deeply insightful into gentile weaknesses, most of which are found between their ears. Picking a human cloaking device to run all their subversive undercurrents tells you they possess a profound capacity to analyze weaknesses in a structure and capitalize on them.

Beneath his gosh-gee demeanour lurked a powerful superhuman physique with bone density and physical capabilities so far beyond those of any ordinary human being he constituted a different species in his own right. People said during his prime he could bend steel in his bare hands and lift cars like they were styrofoam props, all the while giving the impression of being non-threatening, adolescent and even fragile.

He could run circles mentally around his marks, cajoling them easily into one scam after another and giving them the impression the whole thing had been their idea. He passed like a shadow through the corridors of power and was often forgotten as soon as he was out of sight.

For this reason, it is strongly desired by many insiders that the greatest asset they ever had should not be decommissioned. I have no doubt that in a short while this man will be back to what he does best and the average Amerikwan will have forgotten nearly everything he was accused of even sooner.

When you understand these things in their entirety, you will see why the Kwa is doomed. Absolutely doomed.

Is it Satire?

Tragically, it is not really standard Onion fare at all. It's too close to the truth.

So is this.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

"Ultimate" Flu Shot In The Works

Oh, it's going to cure the flu alright. That's not all it is going to cure. It is going to cure you of all your earthly concerns and worries. It is ingenious - it works by bringing the body to room temperature and keeping it there, for good. It's quite clever in that it solves all the problems of overpopulation, overcrowding and unemployment. It solves crime, teenage pregnancy and overdue library books. Forever. No saving throw.

IT's "THE CURE," John P. Holdren style.

You probably think that sane people are running the Western nations right now. That's a fatal error that is going to cost you your life if you get this vaccine when it is ready. They're going to make you an offer you can't refuse and you are finally going to have to make up your mind about who is telling you the truth and who is trying to kill you. If you take the easy way out, you'll hold still for the auto-injector and then smirk at all those nuts out there who question authority figures. It will be you who flatlines afterwards, not those "nuts."

Listen to George Carlin. He got it right.

Cain Confesses He Is A Koch Brothers Anal Puppet

Like half the other candidates. You can choose any of the following candidates, but you must choose one. That's why it's a demockrassy. We have freedoms yes many! All with the same policies and positions.

This is why mysteriously, no matter how many people vote for him, Ron Paul will never be permitted within a stone's throw of the White House. He is not approved by the demockrassy. Electing Ron Paul to office would set the Illuminati back fifty years in their push for a one-world government, after spending uncountable trillions to achieve that goal. Or they could pick from their stable of groomed "lone gunmen" and spend 70 cents on a bullet to put in his hand. Which do you think will happen to Ron Paul? I believe supporting Ron Paul is akin to signing his death warrant and I don't want to see this wonderful man die in the street like President Kennedy on behalf of a nation that is no longer worth saving. This is why I donated money to Ron Paul in the last election cycle but refuse to do it again. I want him to drop out of a race he will never be permitted to win.

This barbaric, doomed nation of the damned is not worth one fingernail of Ron Paul's hand and does not need any more good men to struggle to preserve it, when it has lost the right to exist. Nature must be allowed to take it's course for the Kwanstain.

Sheeple Neighbors Are Our Misfortune

Too true. It's the people who live around you who are too dumb to live and too dumb to lay down to die who will give you the most trouble. People like this are barely functional in the best of times and in the worst of times they are a ball & chain around the necks of whoever is unwise enough to indulge them. I can assure you their limpid-eyed devotion to the State as their god will be easily transferred to you the second you give them a bowl of rice. It's like feeding stray cats, you'll only suffer for it later on.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Earth Changes : Oklahoma

5.6 Mag, Largest Ever Recorded For Oklahoma

Miraculously, not a single injury reported as of yet, despite documentable damage to foundations and buildings

A series of aftershocks left residents baffled and terrified

Was felt in many surrounding states and comes on the heels of a bizarre snowstorm in October that has left many states without power. Whither next for the Kwa? Will they all be knife-edge miraculous near-misses into the indefinite future? Or this really just the beginning?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Experts State The Obvious

Waiting until the planet is deep in ice-age snow and after half the planet has been ravaged by remarkable climate catastrophes, the experts are warning us that we may be seeing some climate changes in the future. Thanks for the heads-up.

It's so simple, even Sapiens could figure it out

I'm just warning you. Going into a new Ice Age with a 1200cc brain about the size of a tangerine and a firm belief that professional wrestling is a real sport does not bode well for Homo Sapiens. This isn't a little dip between Holocenes, either. We're talking a cliff on the temperature graphs if the past two million years of ice cores can be trusted. A brudda be chillin', big time.

The first thing to go will be the elderly, followed by countless millions of people who enjoy careers as fake smart people during the good times. When the sun is out in the middle of summer, all the grasshoppers pretend to be intellectuals at leisure. Then the winter comes and the ants use the frozen bodies of grasshoppers to build windbreaks. The ant is smart. The grasshopper is a solar excess product.

The Machine That Enki Built

Initially I opposed the humanoid bot design program. I told Enki and the other overseers it was a waste of resources to try to produce a biological machine that would look like us but otherwise serve us as our auto-programmable slave. Well, deployment in the field has proved me wrong. These monkeys in manpants are the greatest labor saving device the world has ever known. A feature I really love about them is their custom rhesus monkey genes module which enables you to give one of these droids a command phrase and watch it echo throughout the ranks, each of them repeating the slogan like a zombie until it saturates their consciousness as a new prime directive. They look so human-like it is eerie sometimes but lack souls or real volition. The only real accident in the program has been the freakish Enkidu, a small price to pay for your own personal army of self-replicating autobots.

Try to collect one of each color and build a full set. Someday they are bound to be worth something. I like to march them around in groups and set them up on battlefields in front of dioramas to fight one another, it's thrilling.

P.S. Central stock management has found this herd needs to be weeded down a bit. Their individual market sale price has declined and they are not going for what they used to at auction. For this reason we have begun to control their numbers by dismantling the nuclear family unit and encouraging them to waste their time with non-breeding activities not related to child rearing or child nurturing, just seeing broadway shows and going on cruises to expend their excess capital. I've heard rumors from the head office they are planning to phase out several whole breeds of these stocks and this is the first step in bringing their herds down to manageable numbers.

Vault-Co Got It Right. Everybody Else, Wrong.

We told you.

The timelines are always fuzzy for us. I can't actually tell you when to look out your window to see inbound contrails.

All I can tell you for sure is that


If You Didn't Pack It Like We Told You Ten Years Ago, You're Going To Have To Eat Frankencorn

Double-blind reproducible research done by three different firms, including Monsanto itself, show that animals begin to demonstrate irreversible organ damage within three months of eating this monster lab garbage. Many people consider the pollens from this corn a prime suspect in the bee die-off.

In a few short months this poison is going to be crammed into the food supply the same way aspartame was, despite an overwhelming scientific consensus it will make you die in record time. Some rats showed holes and ragged flaps all the way through their guts that literally leaked their food into their body cavities along with their stomach acids. Death came as a mercy.

Think you can escape by avoiding corn? High fructose corn syrup is in everything across the spectrum of processed foods. It would be like trying to avoid breathing any air for a while.

I've watched them getting this stuff ready for market for the past ten years. I think it was one of the first articles I ran on TEXAS ARCANE'S SURVIVAL REPORT back in 1998.

They've known this entire time this crap is rotgut that will kill sheeple dead like high grade roach powder.

They're going to put it into your food anyway. Sheeple check into the NWO. But they don't check out.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Scienmajistical Types Take Thirty-Five Years To Reach Conclusion That Another Man Reached In Thirty-Five Seconds

Their super edajamafacational group-mindthink amplification powers failed to work at some point. These powers apparently give a bunch of mediocre people who cannot remember to wash their hands coming out of the lavatory greater intelligence than an actual genius if they push their foreheads together and make a humming noise.

Thirty-Five Years this theory spent in fortean literature and supermarket tabloids ("Pre-Columbian civilizations in North America?!?!?") before these idiots just came out and said "Well ... yeah. Of course. Nix all that other stuff we've said for the past thirty-five years." This is like Fred Hoyle. All of a sudden it's "Well ... yeah. Of course. I mean, it's self-evident."

Mainstream science is not just getting egg on their face, they've got a four hundred pound naked clown with a red nose and frizzy wig with bondage gear forcing them to tongue out a dwarf's asshole wearing a dog collar.

Is all this part of the "awakening" the Mayans described as happening as we approached 2012? It is almost as if a veil is being ripped away. For me, it's like seeing a low lying fog blow black and giving you your first look in your life at your own feet. The scales are being lifted from people's eyes.

Do you know what I think on this subject? I believe the Clovis peoples were the very last generation of Neanderthals and that they escaped Europe across the Bering Straits because they were driven out by Homo Sapiens, trying to make a life for themselves all over again in the new world. There were many others when they got here, but it looked initially as though they were the most promising newcomers of 12,000 .B.C. when they first arrived. Then, with the very definition of bad luck, something really terrible happened and it hit North America particularly hard. The black ash. The burning sky. Diamonds from the troposphere. Bucky balls an inch deep of perfect carbon driven with hypersonic force into the bones of big mammals. The Clovis people, demonstrating the uncanny true grit of the Neanderthal race, survived this event, incredible as it seems. They emerged into a world transformed, where iron oxides falling from the sky turned every single freshwater drinking source into a deadly green algae cyanotic poison. Never ones to say die, they dug freshwater wells beside the poisoned lakes to try to filter the water through clay and soil in a desperate attempt to obtain drinking water. It didn't work. They died there piled beside these wells, their bones stained blue-green with toxins, laying there for 12,000 years to be dug up by our archeologists in the far future. These archeologists were so stunned to find Neanderthal bones in the new world they decided to call them "Clovis people" instead and pretend they could not identify their origins. You couldn't mistake those bones for anyone else but Neanderthals. The joints and caps make it obvious these men could have played hacky-sack with Volkswagons.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fun In Oslo

I had an artist working for me in Oslo that I had an email exchange with about ten years ago.

I told him wait ten years and we'd talk again. He told me he didn't know where I got my ideas from, he said it was the safest city in the world and he said it always would be. He told me I probably needed to have my head examined if I thought Oslo was ever going to be like Los Angeles with drive-by shootings. He told me you must be visiting some extremist sites that have caused you to lose touch with reality.

Really? I asked him. Yes, he said, really. Reactionary people like you are always afraid of things that don't even exist and besides the globalist utopia was approaching and soon we would all be eating magical bottomless fairy soup and riding our rainbow ponies around and he told me we would live in perfect joy and prosperity for a thousand years and wouldn't I feel silly when I looked back and regretted all the paranoid predictions I had made about Norway?

I said, let's have this conversation again in ten years. Then you tell me about how I am crazy again. I have never heard back from him and here we are ten years later.

I have had identical exchanges with British pen pals some ten years ago. Some of these guys I had exchanges with are now desperately seeking to emigrate out of Britain and into Australia.

Just A Snippet Of The Garbage That's Out There

There is such a wealth of rubbish coming out of the mouth now of every idiot academic who can lip-read a search engine result that it is like a tsunami.

It honestly looks like every single academic who has lost his global warming grant has now turned to the field of Neanderthal research. Seriously.

As Winston Churchill pointed out, the lie is halfway around the world before the truth has got it's boots on. It would take an army of Tex Arcanes twenty years just to debunk the gibberish that has come out in the past week about Neanderthals.

It is almost as if the establishment has panicked so badly over it's frauds being exposed for the past 150 years on this hominid they are now desperately trying to generate enough lies that it will take another 150 years to unravel them all.

I want you to ask yourself a question. You don't need to have a degree in anthropology to answer it. You just need to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time.

Let's imagine we have two species.

One of these species could be compared to an arctic tree sloth. It is a funny creature, very strong, thick and hairy. It mates for life, breeds quite slowly, lives in extreme cold weather climates for more than a half million years and is a polyphasic sleeper who goes through long extended hibernation periods that may last up to a decade, during which time it is strangely afflicted by melancholy that vastly reduces it's energy requirements in the cold, enabling it to survive long periods of scarcity in such a way it burns the least amount of calories. It is dreamy and reflective, very contemplative and introverted, a depressive and meditative sort of troll tightly bound up into xenophobic little groups that often sit quietly in dark caves while an ice age roars outside, painting the rock walls by dim candlelight for what is sometimes months with intense devotion, the way a submarine crew might work on a gigantic crossword puzzle to wile away the time in a very tight confined space that does not permit much variety in the way of entertainment. They are a people given to certain elements of deference to insure group cohesion, so much so that anthropologists are fond of calling them "sadomasochistic" somehow. Although they defend their territory with enormous ferocity when threatened, every cell of their body seems devoted to managing their internal states with the maximum amount of efficiency to squeeze every possible unit of life out of the very worst situations. We might almost describe them as a sort of mammalian mushroom. In some cases their bones clearly indicate they spent countless years underground, living off cave fish and freshwater mussels, perhaps not seeing the sun except for brief springs every few decades. Everything they did, particularly having children, would have had to occur slowly so as not to overburden themselves with mouths they could not feed. They would be slow to anger, slow to change in social structure. They survive off protein and require time to digest it, harder teeth to chew it, slower metabolic rates to burn it.

... now there is the other species, which comes from warmer climates somewhere in the south. They breed like locusts, extroverted pragmatic creatures of the sun who make war compulsively, conquering a piece of land and then growing mass yield agricultural crops until the inevitable crunch comes from their rapid expansion and they have to go to war again to conquer more land to plant more carbohydrates to feed more children that are produced by their rampant promiscuity. They are polygamous, very prolific and grow so quickly they can be ready to fight in tribal combat by the age of 8 or even earlier. Wherever they settle, the ground there is soon soaked with blood and filled with the bones of the dead of all ages. There is no discrimination whatsoever. In their endless warfare they kill the young, the old, the crippled, the women, the babies. Their replacement rates would have to be very rapid to have kept their numbers high for their nonstop, vicious intertribal war which emphasized raw aggression, frontal assaults, mad charges and hails of spears and projectile weapons. Any race that gets in their way looks like it was run down by a bulldozer it is so rapidly driven away from these rabid, mindless, violent creatures. There is no area they are found in which did not quickly become too small for them, demanding they conquer new lands and attain more real estate by bloody raw conquest. It appears that at no time has this race gone without a new war or massacre at least once every few years over the past hundred thousand years. Peace is such an anomaly amongst their kind that there exists no documentation for it whatsoever.

... knowing just a few of the details I have given you, which of these races do you think grew slowly, reached maturity later and lived longer, producing fewer children and generally maintaining very static slow growth in population? The 28 DAYS LATER race of rage zombies, or the slow moving cold weather roly-poly cave-dwelling rodeo clowns?

You reach your own conclusions and then ask yourself if the author of the article linked to above really believed the crap he was writing or literally just yanked it out of thin air.

This is the tip of the iceberg, literally. They are generating volumes of monographs of junk on this subject and releasing them to the press before they have been peer-reviewed, apparently using tabloids as the new vetting mechanism for scientific theory. The days where all the scientists were given a look at a hypothesis before it was mailed out as a press release are long gone.