Friday, September 23, 2011

Your Immune System Protects You Against Illness

Not a vaccine.

At the risk of repeating myself, a company I worked at recently had 3 floors of employees who lost what amounted to years of man-hours at work due to a flu epidemic. I sat by sipping my herbal tea watching while entire floors called in sick and the whole company was depopulated for weeks at a time. Nearly every single employee was out for a week or more, setting the company back months and months in many of their projects.

I had people sneezing right in my face, sneezing in the kitchen, coughing violently a meter away, coughing on my lunch, coughing on their desks. I never did get sick.

The only thing I could find in common with a buddy of mine who sat on the same floor in this huge empty office was that neither one of us had taken advantage of the free flu vaccination offered to all staff for this firm.

After a couple months watching this, I began to develop a feeling of near invulnerability. I had actually gained 14 kilos of muscle (age 48, no steroids) during this time. One night at the gym, realizing I had forgotten to bring my belt, I did ass-to-calves squats followed by hack squat with well over a metric ton on the stack. Ha, I thought. I don't need no steenkin' belt. My ginormous superhuman neanderthal muscles laugh at belts and other puny human tools to shore up their feeble physiques. As if my superhuman frame and bone structure needed support from a tiny piece of leather to go around my waist.

I threw my back out so badly I have been bedridden for more than three weeks and had to take enough painkillers to put a draft horse down at a veterinarial clinic. I was unable to sleep much for the first week and only lately has it begun to settle down.

Success breeds failure because it leads to hubris and arrogance. Tex is a little less vulnerable to this kind of foolishness than most but after all, I am only human. You'll never see superman lying in bed moaning and asking his wife to help him get his socks on.


Anonymous said...

Eugenics and the environmental cult make a strong comeback.

Anonymous said...

You probably don't need to be told about this, but be careful about not aggravating the injury when it begins to feel better but isn't quite fixed yet. That always happens to me (dodgy sapiens joints and mentality).

I hope you'll heal up and be able get back to lifting soon Tex.

The Monstertruck Villain said...

If I'd known earlier I'd have been right around with a hot wheat pack and some chicken soup.

Anonymous said...

I spent years off and on going to the chiro after planting my face into the hood of a car that pulled out in front of my bike (my face left a dent in the hood and the lady took off as soon as she could) - it took a year for me to find out how badly I wrcked my neck and back. That was 20 years ago and I have been going to the chiro ever since.

Two years ago I bought a bunch of fix your back gizmos from Amazon - I figured when the crash came there was not going to be any chiros around and I needed to find a way to fix that. Didnt want to spend the next 10 years alive but in agonizing pain.

This one - the cheapest and easiest - did the trick. Got to the point where I barely need to use it any more. No more back problems at all.

Best $12 I EVER spent in my whole life. Doing the breathing part and the relxation is the key to getting this to work.

search Miracle Ball Amazon if link does not work.

- kochevnik

Anonymous said...

Get well soon, Tex. Try to take it easy physically. Sometimes these humbling moments are more valuable than anything else if we learn the lesson. At least you get to limp away from this one to recover for another day. Not too high a price for it.

Anonymous said...

Seen your iron figures and Tex I dont care how strong you are you were asking for it if you were doing 740 kilo hack squat for 8 reps without proper form and belt. I knew a feller who crippled himself for life doing about 1/10the of that kind of weight. You may feels strong mate but never forget youre still flesh and blood and that stuff can break/bruise.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable: bullet-proof skin

Anonymous said...

I'm calling bullshit. You know which parts!