Thursday, September 22, 2011

You Are Free To Think And Believe What Everyone Else Does, Which Is The Diametric Opposite Of Everything Your Own Judgement And Reasoning Tell You

The Vedantic scrolls say "they are tyrants without limitation of conduct and can exercise no restraint of passions." That was written at some point over 8000+ years ago, perhaps even 12,000+ years ago at the start of the Holocene. Think about what a sublime insight that is into their innermost character, even in translation of Sanskrit it comes across vividly despite the barrier of language, culture and time.

A few stanzas later, the "breath" metaphors begin, a total of seven metaphors to describe how their "breath" affects things around them. "Their breath issues out an unclean spirit that suppresses the rightful expression of law which is a function of the mouth."

Pay attention to the incredible parallels between this following stanza which is remarkably like passages in the Old Testament. "An unclean spirit is breathed from them that is like the paralyzing venom of serpents to excite confusion."

The Vedantics were scholars who had survived the apocalypse described in the Mahabarata and has set themselves the task of analyzing and comprehending why their civilization had been destroyed. They were trying to warn people in the future about these things in the hope what wisdom they could distill from experience would be transmitted to the next generation. One theme that occupied the Vedantics is insidiousness, that is to say, how the worst things come on as a series of gradual abuses that do not seem catastrophic at the time but eventually add up to the "fire mushrooms" that destroyed the Indo-Aryan civilization. Academics will tell you they are "obscure" for a reason. Academics don't want you learning anything from your ancestors - they essentially want to insert themselves between you and your forefathers so they can't tell you anything or pass anything to you that you could use to avoid the evils they describe. For this reason, the Vedantic scrolls of ancient India remain some of the most politically incorrect literature of all time, second only to the Dead Sea scrolls themselves.


Anonymous said...

Very few people can actually learn from history. You can spell out and lay out history for.the lsymsn but it doesnt mean anything unless they actually experience it.

We are witnessing the destruction of the white european character.of the first world. There wont be a first world anymore as the people who built it are replaced by third worlders.

Sodomy has taken over because of a.whining vocal minority and televitz propaganda. At some point people got tired and just gave up.fighting against the nation destroyers. Better to mind your own private gardens. Vote for the insane tea party to express ones nihilism and lack of caring about society.

Typing this from a smart phone. So spelling and punctuation will not be accurate.

Anonymous said...

Google didn't have any results for Vedantic Scrolls. Link?

Anonymous said...

Could you give us some pointers on particular books or commentaries to read?

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:58 try "veda" or "the vedas," ancient sanskrit writings westerners would probably qualify as stories and poetry.

Texas Arcane said...

Like the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Veda are so sensitive they can rarely be found with a search of the internet. I first read the english translations in the New York Public Library back in 1989 after deliberately doing a search for a book written before World War II. They are very difficult to access and like the Dead Sea Scrolls, most people who mention them will give you an ambiguous or misleading account of their contents.

Texas Arcane said...

Example to show you why they are so forbidden:

There are passages in the Vedantic stanzas that say the princes in their sexual excesses broke caste and fathered bastards of lower birth who had no wisdom or understanding and did not know how to organize the affairs of the empire, allowing it to fall into a sloth it could not arise from. They also said these bastards were effeminized and did not keep the habits of martial honor and thus the military became ineffectual encouraging attacks. (Don't ask don't tell)

Anonymous said...

Apparently a museum has put the Dead Sea Scrolls online...but you have to click on passages for translations:

(no direct link, just in case it brings trouble)

Texas Arcane said...

Yes, they were put "online" right after every previous translator had been fired, discredited and lost tenure for translating them correctly.

You can expect any translation of the Dead Sea scrolls done nowadays will be the exact opposite of what they actually say.

The previous professor was receiving death threats from certain interests for years because he dared to print what they said in plain words. They finally got him canned and replaced his entire team with the best fake translators that money can buy.